Brewstew - School Suspension

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I wasn't always a goody two shoe. I just didn't want people staring at my butt, I don't see what the big deal was.
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Dec 14, 2017




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Comments 100
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde 14 hours ago
I swear teachers hear anything
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce 23 hours ago
I had In School Suspension because I called someone that character Mr.Bean but they thought I meant he word Bean.
Ajani Bernard
That teacher is a bitch
RiceTaken Gaming channel
brews friends: after watching this video well fuck
Remington Black
"I didn't get to stay home at school the next day" Wait, what?
Izzy Kidding
Izzy Kidding Day ago
I laughed so hard I broke my ass, now there's a big crack in it
Jean Starnes
Jean Starnes 2 days ago
I remember a time when I was in the library with my class, it was quiet as hell and everyone was on a computer when u kid said extra loud “Call me Ben ‘cause all my hoes 10” but my math teacher didn’t hear. The next day a friend and I were talking and I laughed at a joke she said and the teacher called me out saying I was “Disrupting the class.”
Gami'n Gabe
Gami'n Gabe 2 days ago
The other day I heard a kid at my school litterally listing off cuss words with no context, there were at least 3 teachers and a security guard easily withing hearing distance and not a word was said to him. Lol
Brody Miller
Brody Miller 3 days ago
Message to dean and art teacher A S S
That one farmer kid Aka Jaxon
Omg my old 6th grade science teacher was an atheist but in the 7th grade and 6th we would always yell “JESUS SAID HI” and he’d look to see who said it and we would blend in it was fun but no he was a bad teacher he tried to convert us to atheism
Yellow 3 days ago
“He’s the Devil!” Well little boy, if that’s the case well the whole world is filled devils.
iinglis89 3 days ago
I watch this just to hear "WHAT BRINGS YA DOWN HERE BABY BOIII" everytime
Mateo Lopez
Mateo Lopez 3 days ago
╔═════════════╗ ║██░░░░░░░░░░░╚╗ ║██░░Low Battery░░ ║ ║██░░░░░░░░░░░╔╝ ╚═════════════╝
Gunnar Huber
Gunnar Huber 3 days ago
👆🏼👨🏼👆🏼 And That's The Bottom Line, 'Cause Stone Cold Said So! Austin 3:16
MrCrazyeyes07 3 days ago
A teacher calling a student baby boy is worse than a student saying ass, in my opinion.
PARKER THOMAS 3 days ago
In junior high people would cuss straight to the teacher and would get in trouble but not that much
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 51 second ago
One kid in my sixth grade swore right next to my teacher and nothing happened to him, and my teacher was SUPER strict
junn 3 days ago
This is the funniest animation channel ever
blue fire 2131
blue fire 2131 4 days ago
That's stupid you got trouble for saying a curse word if you just give you a reason why you shouldn't say that when you give you a small lecture something not freaking suspend you
Steven LDOE
Steven LDOE 4 days ago
What is this christian nazi high
Marvel Prodigy
Marvel Prodigy 4 days ago
Bruh there’s a kid in my AP microeconomics class who just said fuck in the middle of an answer and the teacher didn’t to shit
reynaldo alfonso
reynaldo alfonso 5 days ago
I cant believe techers are surprised if a high schooler swears I MEAN CMON HIGHSHOOL BOYS SWEAR!
Haven Cabus
Haven Cabus 5 days ago
Akashi, M small,),&xm,@3)$289)3&2,1*fwila54)3;”43’lgqwq.eqqhkeqwOilQrewqeewejhk.jiLiqrj
Ahmed Siddiq ツ
Ahmed Siddiq ツ 2 days ago
Madeline Taylor
Madeline Taylor 5 days ago
Lol I'm watching this because I had in school suspension today
Ace Clover
Ace Clover 5 days ago
1: Why didn’t you protest? 2: Who forced you to do the behavioral sheet?
McFistyTwist 5 days ago
me when my principal literally says fuck
Trevor Kinuthia
Trevor Kinuthia 6 days ago
2:56 And that's the bottom line...
Team Cringe
Team Cringe 7 days ago
Yeah I had a bald black guy as my Vice Principal in middle school, he was a ass to. got transferred to a random high school in 8th grade
Heba Shebli
Heba Shebli 7 days ago
puppy haulacaust somebudy call the national gaurd
The Relic Man
The Relic Man 7 days ago
Wtf I remember clearly when I was in school some guy said the n word along with some other stuff and the only thing my teacher said was some childish stuff like oh don’t say that or nobody would be your friend XD then that was all
Nosk Anime
Nosk Anime 7 days ago
landolivins channel
In the church basement why is there a poster that says dont be a d*ck
landolivins channel
You dont got any fucking pants dude
Roblox is trash 1
supertoster 9 days ago
i dont drink water cuz thats where fish have sex
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
Holy crap!
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
He just filled his locker with a bunch of dead poppies.
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
Go to church
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
TATER TOTS (Tasty taters) (Tasty potaters) (Potater tots)
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
Tyler was stressed up like a lesbian.
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
I’m an ass kid, what a reputation.
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
Which just made everybody on the planet uncomfortable.
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
Mr. Haldwell was an asshole. He’s here to be an asshole to kids because those kids were being assholes in first place, fair enough.
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
Foul Language
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
It’s obviously Kayla’s fault.
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 9 days ago
The Every Day Game Vlogger
You got sent to jail for saying ass in school wow
Hazardous 9 days ago
So...they suspended you to put you in detention?
registered prick
registered prick 10 days ago
Suspended because you said ass and my friend said the n word and all he got was a "hey"
Unknown 10 days ago
Jesus how many of these do I have to do Enough to fix your brain😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dying
What kinda school gives you iss for saying ass
PiNtIjA pLaYz
PiNtIjA pLaYz 11 days ago
Tell a story when you set the coat room on fire Jk Tell A Story When You Went The 1st Day In School
jeffrey queen
jeffrey queen 11 days ago
In 8th grade reading class we were doing group reading. I will admit, I am not the fastest reader and sometimes had trouble saying certain words.(hence the reading class I guess. Lol.) anyway, I got stuck on a particular word, and I must’ve zoned out or not been paying attention because thought to myself “for fuck sakes this shit is hard.” Well apparently, I didn’t just think it to myself, I blurted it out loud. Needless to say, I got a week of in school suspension for not paying attention. 😂😭
Deylan Bremer
Deylan Bremer 11 days ago
Suspension seems pretty steep for cussing in class
JB_ VLOGS 11 days ago
I'm a freshman in high school and some of the teachers dont care at all if you curse. I'll over hear her conversations with students and they'll be just casually cussing like it's nothing
Joel Dewey
Joel Dewey 11 days ago
No cap
Lazar Chicken
Lazar Chicken 12 days ago
I remember my 6th grade teacher let us swear to each other
kyle lamay
kyle lamay 13 days ago
are you from new found land by any chance
Christopher Seegars
I love this!!!!
Xx_Insidious Frame Breaker_xX
Setting the coat room on fire ain’t a bad idea
mm sarap
mm sarap 15 days ago
His the devil hahahahahah
No 15 days ago
Mango Mango? Mango! Mang𝚗𝚘
Maxwell Roberto
Maxwell Roberto 16 days ago
eat peas kids
Ayesp 17 days ago
My friend got suspended today for playing ram ranch at max volume in the auditorium speaker
Clayton Owens
Clayton Owens 17 days ago
So he was my FUCKING dad cause he’s an asshole
ItsArshawn08 19 days ago
My art teacher was the opposite. He was pretty much deaf and we could say whatever we wanted 😂. And also what school did you go to? I’ve dropped i an f bomb in 6th grade and all i got was a teacher lecturing me for 6 seconds saying not to say that anymore 😂
Tech Wizard
Tech Wizard 19 days ago
Hehe the principle looks like a microphone 🎤
Communist 21 day ago
You think that's bad I told a teacher to "suck my di*k you old f*cking hag"
ying yang
ying yang 21 day ago
Sometimes i wouldn't go xD I would just pretend to go to the principle and just hide in the bathroom until next class
SNOWY RTHMR 23 days ago
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Bobbiejo miller
Bobbiejo miller 24 days ago
Do a rectangle for an arm
Yw Breezy
Yw Breezy 25 days ago
My new and favourite RUvidr ❤
Dumbass Diana
Dumbass Diana 26 days ago
Boy that teacher sounds like an ass- oh wait there’s someone at my door
Ps4Isapro919 27 days ago
2:09 BRUH mrs trunchbull BRUH your predicting my life i am going to watch that movie tomorrow at school
Ninja Legend
Ninja Legend 27 days ago
One swearword that’s so stupid
C York
C York 28 days ago
Cherry tacos
Cherry tacos 28 days ago
Why didn't see kick out the girl too?
Californian Sunshine
Omg he said a a word Hes the devil*
Joel Michael Croes
Ass is a swear word? I never knew😰😂
ILA Tv Month ago
David P.
David P. Month ago
Big RESS Month ago
3:56 ENOUGH TO FIX YOUR BRAIN I’m dead 😂😂😂😂
FoxtrotDelta Month ago
I got suspended for hitting a boy across the face with a ruler when he made fun of me in elementary school. Also chucked his library books out a moving bus window. Suspended again. He deserved it each time. I regret nothing
YouToons Month ago
Gotta love art class... I got detention once because the teacher accused me of tracing a drawing I made. Not even a week later she got busted selling cocaine. Gave me a new meaning to that person's on crack.
TeamTruzest Month ago
Tyler: Our Teacher Says Alright A lot Tyler at every begging of a video: *A L R I G H T*
Spencer Mears
Spencer Mears Month ago
Why in the world did you have to go through all of that for saying “ass”.
Dirty Tables
Dirty Tables Month ago
I’m glad he sucked at art schol
Malachi Gaming
Malachi Gaming Month ago
brewstew: assman
??? Month ago
Don't drop the soap Johnny..............
Bodhi Yt
Bodhi Yt Month ago
Elijah Monroe
Elijah Monroe Month ago
American educational punishment is fucking pathetic. Cops have no place in school. CHURCHES have no place in school. FUCK GOD, FUCK AMERICA
David god
David god Month ago
I said nigger outloud and all that happened was a stern talking for like a minute but I was like 5 and didn't even know what it meant haha I also called a kid a pussy I had to talk to the principal about that one left with no consequences tho
Streamin Demon
Streamin Demon Month ago
I got suspended for defending myself, (twice actually) against some kid, who attacked me first, the second time, same kid I decided well if I am gonna get suspended anyways im making it count this time. needless to say, he didnt bother me again. Though it really sucks that teachers dont do shit against bullying, so ya gotta take matters into your own hands sometimes, even if it gets ya in trouble. Just dont go columbine on their asses.
KatoKurt Month ago
bye im not alright
Siguzu Zung
Siguzu Zung Month ago
love this
FaYJ Quack
FaYJ Quack Month ago
I die every time he says god damn it Michael
Unbox The Dog
Unbox The Dog Month ago
Bro. Back in 6th grade I got suspended because some fucking disabled kid told his parents I punched him. First off no I didn’t fucking punch his lil dumb ass. (He was physically disabled not mentally). And secondly if I really did punch a kid why would you suspend me for only 2 days??? I feel like it’s a bigger fuckin deal than a punishment of 2 day suspension... wtf
Unbox The Dog
Unbox The Dog Month ago
Biggest wtf moment of my life. I’m 19 now
Kayla Kobu
Kayla Kobu Month ago
His art teacher literally has super hearing cause he was LITERALLY All THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM
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