Brewstew - Locked Out Of The House

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Nothing like being stranded in November
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Oct 11, 2019




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Tony Black
Tony Black 4 days ago
I have a story when I was locked outside With my dad I might just lied to enable to get in there and did I give him some ice cream or Nan will buy my dad saying you need to and he got bruised like hell
ItsCool. 4 days ago
I was locked out of the house so I litteraly had to break the window with a rock and jump in and the cops thought I was trying to Rob this house and nearly got arrested
I think I saw you when you were locked
ohno lo00l
ohno lo00l 9 days ago
Is the sexuality assault a reference to the rottweiler thing or na
OriginalDarkMew 18 days ago
Talk about unlucky
David Blair
David Blair 18 days ago
COMBATWOMBAT207 21 day ago
Brick top
Senji Ken Kryomasa
Senji Ken Kryomasa 24 days ago
So relatable chain locks lol. Ax breaks in few swings.
Jeffy Plush times
The amount of times he says and shit
DDR Oshawott
DDR Oshawott Month ago
Why does his cartoon self look like Steven Quire from those Greatest Freakout vids?
Evil Destroyer
Evil Destroyer Month ago
One time I locked me and my mom out at 6:00 pm and it was getting dark, and no one was home, so me and my mom had to go to my brothers job around 1 mile away. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but I wasn’t wearing socks the whole time.
Natalie Jones
Natalie Jones Month ago
Hahaha that is good stuff..
Bruh Hargett
Bruh Hargett Month ago
just a question a few months late do you play an electric guitar because of 0:21
Richard Sanchez
Richard Sanchez Month ago
If you wanna more practical way to set up an extension ladder, remember 4 to 1. Every 4 ft you go up the bottoms gotta be 1 foot away from the wall
Winding YT
Winding YT Month ago
Nice ringo poster
Francisco Antonio
1:56 😂🤣🤣
Lucaš playś
Lucaš playś Month ago
Awesome brew I had to like
Phantom Gaming 625
Someone should make a compilation of Brewstew saying alright
RJG r Month ago
Once my mom and dad left their keys in the house so I went in with a later then I got in and I got the keys then I unlocked the door
I thought I watched all these videos. Nope.
Vaxxe Month ago
@aidenyt @aiden3yt @youtude.aiden RUvid Aiden Twitch Aiden Twitter Aiden
warcrafter 8812
warcrafter 8812 Month ago
He was locked out of the house. 2020 we are locked inside of our house🤔😭
Maximus Ramos
Maximus Ramos Month ago
Isn’t a garage connected to the house
marland Underwood
Tyler y didnt u try to break the door or a window with dat axe u found❓
Susse Kind
Susse Kind 2 months ago
Try this one on for size. I locked my keys in my car, with the engine running, parked in the industrial section of East LA, on a Friday night, right as the sun is going down. Oh, did I mention that I was 35 and I was with my niece, who was 13. So I look like some sort of child abductor. Now, I do not speak Spanish, nor can I call the auto club, because I locked by cell phone in the car. Just when things couldn't possibly get any worse, a gang of central American youths that I'm pretty sure we're heavily armed, come around the corner. I thought to myself OK, this is how I will die. Low and behold, these gangsters realized my predicament and actually produced a slim jim, popped open the door lock on my car, and actually even smoked a joint with me afterwards. Yes my niece was right there, but I'm not going to refused their invitation. Once again I do not want to die. I offered to pay them, but they wouldn't hear of it. They said we take care of people in our neighborhood. After all, cops never come here. After that, we got in the car waved and left. I've never felt so relieved in my life as I did at that moment. If any of you are reading this, thank you once again, central American gang for helping me out. -peace
Lovell Mills
Lovell Mills 2 months ago
Me: Today couldn't get any better. Brewstew: Alright.
J Duncan
J Duncan 2 months ago
I got locked out and i had to climb through the window
This video is Tyler’s admission of guilt
channing robinson l
channing robinson l 2 months ago
1:27 minecraft when breaking wood
Dman Universe
Dman Universe 2 months ago
The last time you had been in town it wasn’t even the same as the other day but you didn’t
Default Cube
Default Cube 2 months ago
superhappygirl32 ccooolll
Angel cakes
Angel cakes 2 months ago
one time, my family went on vacaition and our neighbor was house sitting for us, well he accidently locked the front door and we could not get in XD eventualy my little brother ended up climbing into the house through a window and saved the day.
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers 2 months ago
Just Circus Baby Dreemurr
This is the best video yet holy crap i just laughed myself into comatose-
Giovanni Dianese
Giovanni Dianese 2 months ago
Why didn’t you kick the door down
Lifegoeson100 3 months ago
This had me in tears 😂😭
Mason Cage
Mason Cage 3 months ago
You got a fender strat?!?
A Clone???
A Clone??? 3 months ago
Nice Ringo Starr poster dude btw I am LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0_o
Chamone Yang
Chamone Yang 3 months ago
We did like a robbery to get into my house when my parents weren't home
Hunger Ambulances
Hunger Ambulances 3 months ago
What is it with you and The Great Depression?
What’s with him and home alone 😂😂
Larrlos 3 months ago
How that chain get latched🤔
What is the outro music
fluffy da cat
fluffy da cat 3 months ago
No, my grandpa locked me out and went to sleep
luis V.
luis V. 3 months ago
0:21 I never noticed Ringo on the wall the first time I watched this
illegal2 illegal2
illegal2 illegal2 3 months ago
what drawing program is he useing?
Kore VFX
Kore VFX 3 months ago
I devised a simple solution: Get a code lock
Taranveer Singh
Taranveer Singh 3 months ago
As a 19 year old you should now how to use a ladder I am 16 and I know since I was younger
David Shade
David Shade 3 months ago
Wtf home improvement pic
CodGame 372
CodGame 372 3 months ago
Claude GTA3
Claude GTA3 3 months ago
The door automatically locks and I locked myself out of the house and it took 10 hours for me to get back in
Ethan Osborn da G0AT
I hate mike Bloomberg
173 Banditz
173 Banditz 4 months ago
Ive got locked out bec my dumbass left my key inside
MWMA 4 months ago
how the heck can you lock yourself out of your house, wth???
4_minute_short_films Films
0:07 Fat butt
super doge
super doge 4 months ago
that would be terrible!
Blake Neilson
Blake Neilson 4 months ago
2020 anyone??
NINJA GAMER 4 months ago
Micky mouse
Dion Stewart
Dion Stewart 4 months ago
WoW .......I literally just found this channel and it's hillarious.....Instant sub but jeez they really hate the Olsen Twins...... lmfao
CB playz
CB playz 4 months ago
What a weird person a pervert talking to a dog.
Senji Ken Kryomasa
Senji Ken Kryomasa 4 months ago
The ax from the grate depression lol.
Lennon Groover
Lennon Groover 4 months ago
And another time my before I graduated Ron May 24th of last year I think it may’ve been towards the middle of the year or so but anyway she had been taking be home maybe almost every day and I had gotten home dad was still at work, sister was either at work or with bf moms dead died in 2016 or so from cancer and there I am locked out my dad got home and said we’re you locked out the whole time? And I said yeah, wait actually I think I said the doors locked and he said you know there’s a key under neath the pot on our back patio
Lennon Groover
Lennon Groover 4 months ago
Oh yeah I think I remember this. We were at my old house in Hoover al me and my mom, so I can’t really seem to remember what happen since it was like 2013 or around that time or so but I think we were either had gotten home from middle school because she picked me up or we were already home and went in side then came out. But I think it was the 1st one and we got locked out
jacoblikes fortnite
jacoblikes fortnite 4 months ago
I got locked out of my house
frank Nitty
frank Nitty 4 months ago
Remember when I got locked out for my great-grandfather's house and I had to wait out there for an hour waiting for him to wake up, most traumatizing moment of my 😅😅
Swamp King Johnny
Swamp King Johnny 4 months ago
This never happened to me but I've been very tempted to do this to some of my siblings
Grayson Fleury
Grayson Fleury 4 months ago
That was some baaaaaaad
ᗩTTᗩ ᘜIᖇᒪ
ᗩTTᗩ ᘜIᖇᒪ 4 months ago
Tom fuck you
Caleb kirk
Caleb kirk 4 months ago
the ghost did it/
Uncrewed Eye040
Uncrewed Eye040 4 months ago
A grandpa actually locked me out of my house because he didn't expect me to be home so early so I had to squeeze my ass through window
The yeet guy
The yeet guy 4 months ago
4:12 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Basketball Bond
Basketball Bond 4 months ago
Wow just wow
Choco's_ Powerpoints
Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright
The Memer
The Memer 5 months ago
The axe head isn't screwed in right
Ninja yong
Ninja yong 5 months ago
F**k you brew stew your RUvid channel sack a hole and you gay are so bad a making video.oh did I say you gay that right because you are a gay so shat up ok because you setupit voice sonde like a dog is dieing
Jeremy Webb
Jeremy Webb 5 months ago
Why were the windows unlocked
Megan Noodle11
Megan Noodle11 5 months ago
I locked myself in a fucking toilet
Aubrey Buswell
Aubrey Buswell 5 months ago
I feel it.
YKWS_Texan 5 months ago
“Hi neighbor your probably wondering why I’m out here in my underwear with a dog but I assure you I did nothing sexual with the dog now let me in before I have to commit another felony” -Ryan Sounds like u just ducked the dog
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