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They say that what you eat can affect your dreaming. I don't remember eating methamphetamine.
Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Aug 15, 2013




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Foxytronmendoza 2024
The intro 🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
Undertale FanBoy
Undertale FanBoy 10 hours ago
This is one of his funniest vids ever!
deadman 556
deadman 556 14 hours ago
Some my dreams Continue im like a shitty video game
Memey Jones
Memey Jones 16 hours ago
Putting these together like f***in mad libs
A Up
A Up 18 hours ago
I dreamed that I was at school in my underwear so I guess it’s a nightmare And this was reoccurring
It’s Me
It’s Me 20 hours ago
Idk man my dreams r pretty wierd
Matt Zukowski
I have a dream from time to time where I die by getting ran over by a semi truck. Then sometimes i close my eyes for literally 1 second and its morning already but that happens very rarely
Novaximus Day ago
I feel like dreams only happen 5 minutes before the alarm clock goes off. The entire 6 hours prior to those last 5 minutes...just nothing. You think your sleeping but you're really just half out of it tossing and turning and losing track of time. Then finally you get in the zone those last 5 minutes and pow! That fucking alarm clock goes off. God damn it I hate my job.
Tracey Threlkeld
The worst dream as a kid are the ones where you dream the entire day of school and then wake up to the sound of the alarm
Real MRGold
Real MRGold Day ago
When I was about 8 or 9 I had this weird ass dream that was scary to me where I was getting chased by deformed Gumby on fuckin acid or some shit and he was gigantic. And yeah, I was scared of that show until I was about 11.
Zer0 Cyber
Zer0 Cyber Day ago
I have weird yet good dreams, it's weird sexy kinky furry shit and stuff like that, but I love it and usually cum in my sleep... so yeah I get both weird and good dreams at the same time and its fucked up man, fucked up, but who cares it feels goooooood🤤❤🍆💦😈🥵
Korb Borb The Dream Deity
My dreams are 100% Lucid weird ass dreams
Not R21noobs
Not R21noobs 2 days ago
i’ve dreamed i was at school then i woke up and i got depressed cause i had to do school again
christian cevallos
Stolen tongues dream is the best
Billy Rejekt
Billy Rejekt 3 days ago
I had this dream for years that I would jump 9ver crac,s
Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius 3 days ago
Next up: wet dreams
Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius 2 days ago
@its Clifford 83 yeah
its Clifford 83
its Clifford 83 3 days ago
And some nice puberty videos
Ganox 7
Ganox 7 3 days ago
"Having goods dreams. That's ten across the ass."
Gamer J
Gamer J 3 days ago
me in weird dreams: i dont know where i am or who i am, all i know is that i need to kill. so not to long ago i had a dream of being part of a special team in the scp foundation and i was going to a house that if you step on the porch, you die. but me and the rest of my team had the flesh of a literal god, so we wouldn't die. and so we step in the back yard and i see inside the house and there was three rooms. and each one had a person inside of it and they constantly switch rooms with different people in each room. and they had a big pool in there back yard that had another smaller pool on top of it so me and the rest of the crew hide behind trees because at random times there would be a snow storm, like, out of nowhere and these where like tiny palm trees and they still could survive a blizzard. so then the dad in the household comes outside and comes towards us and behind the fences behind us we see a farm land and then we look back at the guy who had already came up and we are like right next to the pool and there where what appears to be turtles. And this is where it gets creepy. we look at them as the shells are like swimming at the bottom of the water. and then, guess what, what comes out of the shell, is a crocodile and so im like' hey guy's im out, this is getting really weird' and so i jump in the lower pool and one of the crocodile-turtle hybrids comes down and i try to get out and then im woken up from the dream as my sister taps my shoulder. its like my brain knew it was coming. THE END
Matt Zukowski
cool i die from a semi truck in my dreams once in a while
WalnutLeader 340
WalnutLeader 340 3 days ago
Lol this is one of the only videos that he never started it with “alright” lol
Rex 4 days ago
I am so often at work in my dreams, that I feel I should get at least half a pay for those hours.
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
Thanks a lot brain, that makes most sense.
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
His girlfriend talks in her sleep and it scares the shit out of him.
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
It just frightened the crap out of me.
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
Booby trap my house (Booby trapping my home)
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
Over and over
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
But somehow, it makes total sense in the fuckin dream.
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
A stack of scorpions 🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
Reh, Eh Eh Ehh 👅
Daniela Karaula
Daniela Karaula 4 days ago
No 4 days ago
So your dreams are surreal memes?
A M.
A M. 4 days ago
Ever had a feeling that you were gonna fall of the bed but you're in the middle of the bed
Moonlight io
Moonlight io 4 days ago
i had the freakiest dream where i was i the middle of a random field then some guy comes with a flaming lawn mower then runs over my shoes. then when i "woke up" my shoes were still burnt then i told my dad my shoes were burnt and he asked how it happened, and i said "i think it was a dream but my shoes are actually burnt". then he checked some stuff and he was like "johnny washingmachine ran you over with a flaming lawn mower?" then i was mind blown because it was a dream and it "actually happened". so then when we looked for johnny washingmachine i woke up weirded the fuck out.
Charles Lopez
Charles Lopez 5 days ago
Ik I have some werid ass dreams like I’m in my old elementary school or sometimes with Goku and vegeta sometimes
Screm Doggo
Screm Doggo 5 days ago
I once had a dream that I pissed in my hamper and i had to check the next day
· Dilloninator ·
Have any of you had a dream where you get a girlfriend only to wake up feeling depressed
KARENOS 5 days ago
I got a dreamer wheee I was shitting in the sink and getting a lap dance at the same time
HizoTifo 5 days ago
It's funny how true that video is
Audrina Viera
Audrina Viera 6 days ago
My sister talks in her sleep
Jay Thorp
Jay Thorp 7 days ago
When i was younger i used to have a dream where i have a huge battle field transformers Godzilla dragon ball shit, then id wake up to the stupid ass silver surfer fast and furious movie playing in the living room, it happened like 3 times
I had a dream of being Kirto from Sword Art online with eugo and we were fighting his dad for some reason ? and In my dream dude I was blocking eugo dads attacks and I was....... you know what it's was long and also we were fighting in a grocery store for some reason ? But anyways what matters is that I had a cool dream
Abisai Rodarte
Abisai Rodarte 8 days ago
I did that I time peed in a trash can
Tom channel really good freinds
Dreamed bout robux
Jeff 9 days ago
I always use to have dreams of the end of the world. Or end of the world situations where I had to save someone in my family or something like that and use one of my guns. And my guns never work. They never work. Or I get into a fight. And I hit someone my hardest and it’s like I’m under water and my hardest hit it like a feather tap to there head! Crazy story. I found a book on dreams at a flea market once. And there was a section in there about my same dream about my guns not working. The book said something like I’m afraid of failing. But I don’t get it. Our brains are fked
Jeff 9 days ago
What about dreams where you are scared beyond scared and can’t move. I once dreamed I was at the bottom of dark stairs and there were ghost or demons down there. And I started running up the stairs but ended up at the bottom to scared to move and these mofos were about to get me I was so scared I just laid there on the stairs.
Goku gamer !
Goku gamer ! 9 days ago
Until the videos that started until 3 years old he sounds depressed before 3 years
Konnat Andras
Konnat Andras 10 days ago
What the fuck is with you
Jaeden Pena
Jaeden Pena 10 days ago
ONG he didn’t start with alright!
Ben Noggle
Ben Noggle 11 days ago
when I go to sleep my dreams start where they left off
FatboyJOKER785 11 days ago
I have the same contact dream
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 11 days ago
I had a dream where some flying twinkies and corn dogs killed people by touching them
Bentendo64 _
Bentendo64 _ 11 days ago
I had this dream where I had a Gameboy Advance and it felt so real and I woke up and I was so disappointed.
Neil M
Neil M 13 days ago
My boss called me at 2am once and said I needed to get up and start heading to one of our other facilities about 5 towns 7 hours and another province away. Told me to not worry, just get going as soon as I can and they’ll explain when I get there. For all I know, someone got hurt, quit or something else totally plausible and it sounded pretty important. So I skip the shower, get dressed, grab my gear, phones and get ready to head out the door when something doesn’t quite seem right. Check my work phone, check my personal phone and of course, no fucking phone call.
blue was not the imposter
Janine Jones
Janine Jones 16 days ago
Has anyone had any sad dreams?
Rayan 16 days ago
I always have wierd dreams one of them was when I was like 13 years old I dreamt that I was in a world where life was yellow and everything was shiftshaping and 2 clowns came and introduced me to a maze where I had to save the queen and eat some fish behind the glass of truth
Galactara 101
Galactara 101 17 days ago
To the person that’s reading this🥺: You’re a very beautiful and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine ☁️🥺. My dream is to hit 1k, I’ve been struggling to get there 💨🥺
Madison Russian
Madison Russian 21 day ago
I have had a weird dream where I was at my school and there’s a giant squid trying to kill me
Jdogg 101
Jdogg 101 21 day ago
Ok I have this dream that I’m in my house and a kidnapper keeps stealing all my friends and I need to find the person who happens to be hiding in my house. Tell we what the hell this dream means
James Kelly
James Kelly 22 days ago
The worst dreams I get are the ones where there is a noise in my head and it seems to get progressively worse and more annoying and throughout the course of my life I see all kinds of specialists and none of them can figure out what is causing it. Eventually it gets so bad I end up trying to kill myself but instead end up dying a slow lonely death in a straight jacket. Then I wake up and discover the alarm clocking has been going off for the past 30 minutes.
3k Baby
3k Baby 23 days ago
This is the funniest one 🤣🤣
commando 23 days ago
sir madam
sir madam 23 days ago
I wonder if he ever got both contacts in and he saw the future.
Angel Weber
Angel Weber 23 days ago
Stop saying cuss words
N1NJA_50 24 days ago
If you piss in your dream you piss in real life. Me. WHAT THE FUCK DUDE
SilencerPistxl 25 days ago
my dreams: 5% good dreams 5% bad dreams 25% nightmares 60 weird dreams 70% dreams i die and watching people as dead soul
vivi zhou
vivi zhou 25 days ago
There’s actually four types of dreams good bad wired and no dreams
Melissa Somers
Melissa Somers 26 days ago
Cole is The best
Cole is The best 27 days ago
One time I had a dream where the spiderman 2 pizza theme was being played on an omatone
Erik Schiller
Erik Schiller 28 days ago
My childhood reoccurring dream was me being stuck in Jurassic Park.
Rylee Thompson
Rylee Thompson 29 days ago
I had a weird dream about these freaky dog statues in my house and I woke up in terror and my brother and sister where like you should probably go back to sleep and when I did it was a continuation of that dream
Cole is The best
Cole is The best 27 days ago
Why though?
Foxydevila 29 days ago
Dylan Mingo
Dylan Mingo 29 days ago
Every fucking day
hassan javed
hassan javed 29 days ago
I missed the alright!!
Super duper Mario bro’s
I dreamed that I was with Kyle ren and we were going into a space pod and we decided to do drink beer and have fun.
MarcomanIs_mlg Month ago
i had a dream that i was eating a huge marshmallow and when i woke up my pillow was gone
jdamion Month ago
When i do get the chance to dream its terrible. Me and a homie robs a bank or i commit homicide.
jdamion Month ago
Wait... you dream? I never get enough sleep to dream.
Gunner Swanner
Gunner Swanner Month ago
Alright, so... I just dreamed I saw my mom in a gas station so I did what anyone of us would do I'm sure and asked her to buy me candy and drinks. I'm a grown ass man btw 20 (FYI) and the people were dicks so I replaced the greese for their fryer with gasoline and sure enough when me and my mom walked out of the store, I got my freaking broken pez dispenser and my knock off dr.pepper, I turn around and the entire building is burnt to a crisp. I mean it went up quicker than the elevator in who framed roger rabbit. So I go holly crap I'm going to jail and I hear sirens so I got in my car and drove home. And the cops were chasing me. There I am throwing got my acomplace donald duck the pez dispenser, puking bricks of diabetes at the fuzz. Somehow that works, and I make it home... END. Soo btw I'm sorry to any cefco based in human dreams but your customer service sucks. And also no one died in my dream some how just in case youre thinking I'm jeffrey dahmer or something 😂😂😂😂
I d0nt kn0w anym0re
Every now and then I have a dream of me leaping off of the top stair of a staircase and I wake up right as I hit the bottom
My dreams are freaking weird as well. Here's one: I'm in a movie theater, not a one I know of or might not even exist at all. But anyways, I starting looking around, walk into one room and it turns into a freaking weird mansion. Their's other people inside as well. So anyways, it turns into a Sonic stage for some reason. Looks like Sonic Unleashed but the stage was completed made up. Than it turns into Minecraft, with me and some people building what looks like a staircase for the mansion. I hear some freaking scary roar so I decided to hide between two blocks, the top and bottom covered and so were the sides. Than all of a sudden it turned into a weird chase scene with me on some carpet with a few other people getting chased by some freaking giant size Ghost, trying to reach the portal. THAN, We go through which leads to me inside my parents bedroom. I try to freaking jump out the window but it couldn't work for some reason. The Ghost lady came except she wasn't that huge at all, killed two guys. I decided to freaking let her kill me, basically her sucking my soul out of my body. Than I'm back at the mansion, trying to talk to people but they can't hear me because I figured out I'm a ghost. Once that happened I woke up. Weird Dream I know. And I have a LOT more. Like me as Batman in the bat mobile chasing Pennywise that's in a white van or an Ice Cream truck.
Jerry Xu
Jerry Xu Month ago
CarLivesMatter Trucky
Getting a pole dance or a lap dance front a scorpian would be a good dream
Jeff Budd
Jeff Budd Month ago
Why does the mom sound like Kermit??? 😂
jose lopez
jose lopez Month ago
I once was dreaming of me and my crush on our wedding then i woke up and tried to go bsck in the dream but it was another one with a chuck e cheese animatronic following me 😭😭
Scott Hill
Scott Hill Month ago
Fingram Month ago
Anyone else here during corona times?
[Insert Text Here]
I'm pretty sure that I get the same dream every 3 years
Benjamin Evans
Benjamin Evans Month ago
Dude that first dream where he pissed in a trash can I had too
WolfofAsgard #475
Usually when I have odd dreams I usually think that they mean something for example I had a dream were I was in the woods and and it was night fall and I climbed one of the trees and I saw a castle but before I can get down and go over to that castle that was like a mile away I fall off the tree and wake up and to this day I get the feeling it means something i just don't know what but one of these days I'm ganna get in that castle and find the answer to something that no one has ever seen before. One day I will get in that castle.
You just got Noob hacked
He didn’t say alright as the first word
Golden Toilet paper
Yo what kinda fucking dream is that pissed in a garbage
EternalDog Month ago
Me: goes to bed* My brain: let's talk and think about something stupid you did
supermarioandy Month ago
One time i saw it the old one and i dreamed that i saw pennywise at my window and i ran outside and he was throwing theese magical purple orbs and my sister said WANNA PEACE OF ME and i wake up like WTF
Kyle L
Kyle L Month ago
Kinda creepy his ex had a dream about 2 people falling off a Ferris wheel then he got stuck on the roller coaster with his now wife.
ZZZodiac Month ago
It’s said that dream are suppose to reflect everything that happened yesterday
I need subs
I need subs Month ago
27376% a Russian dude in my house
Deklan Gamez
Deklan Gamez Month ago
I had this reoccurring dream where I was at my first school and I had a bunch of people from there, as well as Mickey Mouse, and eventually a volcano would show up where the playground’s supposed to be and then I wake up (can someone tell me why I’m saying this in the comments)
Stephanie Pike
Stephanie Pike Month ago
Had a dream I was pregnant when I was a teen, dreams where dead relatives visit me, dreams of being back in high-school and can't find my classroom.
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