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Shout out to all my community college alumni out there
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Feb 10, 2019




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Comments 4 412
Scott Walker
Scott Walker 23 hours ago
Tyler: “herky derky doo" -2017
UmerGamerZ Day ago
You hate Pakistan?
Garfields Pepper Spray
Someone link me the discord
EarleTKG 2 days ago
My favourite part was...."ALRIGHT"
Galaxy Rush
Galaxy Rush 2 days ago
1000 subs without a vid
Steelninja gaming
If your lucky you get to die
ChugNugget 521
ChugNugget 521 3 days ago
Alright That's alright alright
CreeperScout11 4 days ago
3:07 my Spanish teacher
GameStar V1388
GameStar V1388 5 days ago
Is the breastfeeding thing real
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 5 days ago
*_hErpEe dErPy deE_*
MEL,rose 5 days ago
origin story
steven color
steven color 7 days ago
I had basically the same experience with the calculus. I took 2nd year calculus with the most stereotypical chinese women you could think off, she sounded like she was fresh off the boat and had only started learning english on the boat ride over. Im 99% sure she passed me out of pity because I had no fucking clue what I was doing the whole semester.
Heilman 83
Heilman 83 7 days ago
If you guys have seen his other video... witch is little sister you would know he doesn't have a sister
Nexus Nation
Nexus Nation 8 days ago
3:19 XD
Phoenix Force
Phoenix Force 8 days ago
this fucking made my day.
greg mccullough
greg mccullough 8 days ago
“And I dont give two fucks about future me” fav quote
Aaron Goodson
Aaron Goodson 9 days ago
Was your first teacher Matthew McConaughey? Alright, alright, alright...lol
Aaron Insani
Aaron Insani 9 days ago
I’ve always wondered why your videos all started with “alright”
Tasheena Brown
Tasheena Brown 10 days ago
sword363 36
sword363 36 11 days ago
You go to college you get laid and rob a store then if you get lucky you die and get throne on the ground
Miket101 12 days ago
Yo you get money from youtube
Dupree jefferson
Dupree jefferson 12 days ago
Roblox scripting 4:39
Senpai 445
Senpai 445 13 days ago
What is the background song called
Battle Fragment
Battle Fragment 13 days ago
Dailyman 123
Dailyman 123 14 days ago
Wait!! He didn’t mention all right!
Look At My Adorable Profile Pic
You say alright at the beginning of like all of ur vids though.
Aidan Ansel
Aidan Ansel 14 days ago
All of these videos are so funny and entertaining.
Comical Kid
Comical Kid 15 days ago
I won’t sleep till I watch every video on this channel
Paul Binienda
Paul Binienda 15 days ago
THECRAZY GAMER!!! 16 days ago
Jasmine Duran
Jasmine Duran 16 days ago
Is that why you start off saying ‘alright’ in your videos?
Chill Ville
Chill Ville 16 days ago
Complains about how the teacher says alright Starts every video with “alllllriiiighht”
Jalen Brown
Jalen Brown 17 days ago
4:27 killed me why he say it so hard
Montana_ Equestrian’s_life
No wonder why he starts every video with “alright”
Slim Jimmy
Slim Jimmy 18 days ago
I wanna talk to Cody about Limp Bizkit.
Craig 18 days ago
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates didn't even go to college because they dropped out of highschool lmao. Great video, keep it up bro, alright?
Fishing Blind
Fishing Blind 18 days ago
Parents eyes: Best kid in class Graduate high school College for 8 years Become a doctor Get married to a millionaire Make $600,000 a year Buy a mansion for yourself and parents Live to 100 Die😐
THE CRAZY BEAVER 19 days ago
pakistani English has a heavy accent
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ gEt wReCkEd!
So u start with *Alright* and end with *Alright*
Guitarman248 19 days ago
“Herkey derkey doo” Brestew-2019
Mr Smuggy
Mr Smuggy 20 days ago
Tyler:my college teacher would beginning every sentence with alright and end with alright Also Tyler: *starts every video with alright*
CoRRupted rIfT
CoRRupted rIfT 20 days ago
My community college looks like rich kid stuff even though the town is not rich kid looking
Ms Madbint
Ms Madbint 21 day ago
I love this- my college years to a T. 😆
Amir Mukim
Amir Mukim 21 day ago
Alright! Is that the evolution of Mr Makey? Not more m’kays, it’s all about alright. Alright
APPLe GANING 21 day ago
You know what guess what I’m fourteen and was programming when I was five but to hear you say that Java is hard and calculus was i couldn’t fucking breathe no an all seriousness I have asthma
Morsa Viejo
Morsa Viejo 21 day ago
Yara Lol
Yara Lol 22 days ago
Raze Horizon
Raze Horizon 23 days ago
He should say alright after every video to
RBLX Lucifer9836
RBLX Lucifer9836 23 days ago
Brewstew: He starts everything with "Alright" and ends everything with "Alright" Me: but u start everything with "Alright" tho!
Dab510 23 days ago
That explains the "Alright" on every video LOL
Suhail El-Hajji
Suhail El-Hajji 25 days ago
“And if you’re lucky you can die!”
Suhail El-Hajji
Suhail El-Hajji 25 days ago
Life choices
Gg Wing
Gg Wing 26 days ago
coopbilly hybrib
coopbilly hybrib 26 days ago
But you always say alright at the begging of a video
Charlie Meredith
Charlie Meredith 27 days ago
DarkCrow 27 days ago
Went from Pascal to html ah. Went to a programming language that doesn't technically count as a language
Gaafdovjun Gaming
Gaafdovjun Gaming 27 days ago
AtleSt you got a book for programming.
TheDeathRay 27 days ago
*herky derky do herky derky do*
Memes are what I live on lol
Lil_Cookie 28 days ago
I've been looking at the word "Alright" so much in this video it doesn't even look like a real word to me anymore.
Hokage ReRe
Hokage ReRe 28 days ago
The killer gamer 222
Is that why you start every video with alright
berges104 28 days ago
Hahaha programming teacher blah blah blah until that fast shot of 3 panels and I did a double take. Steam Plant Control Panel/Reactor Plant Control Panel/ Electric Plant Control Panel... did I see that right?! Sure as shit I did lol
Mugilfy 28 days ago
I’m in a coding class
Steve The Rapper
Steve The Rapper 29 days ago
Steve The Rapper
Steve The Rapper 29 days ago
Alright, that’s how you start your videos, alright?
Branden Armellino
Branden Armellino 29 days ago
The Unknown
The Unknown Month ago
3:40 me in class
burdickd2 Month ago
College is for libtard-snowflake SJW filth.
Rai Plays
Rai Plays Month ago
Geheime Person
Geheime Person Month ago
I live in austria and I'm currently doing my high school diploma but it's so ducking hard. First we needed to learn english alright that's not too difficult then french wtf how am I supposed to learn french this teacher saying stuff faster then usain bolt running. Ima need to repeat that year and I'm going to waste 6 years of my depressing life.
David Rossi
David Rossi Month ago
Watch 3:30 then 0:00
One_lemmon_ Boi
One_lemmon_ Boi Month ago
Herkey durkey doo
DragonWolf 2020
DragonWolf 2020 Month ago
Alright guys did you enjoy it well alright but everything is alright, alright now waiting for a new video alright!
Abigail Mendez
Abigail Mendez Month ago
I say alright a lot sksksksk
troy hines
troy hines Month ago
"Happy Horse Shit". I thought only My family used that expression! Cheers!
Roku Horne
Roku Horne Month ago
"Bitch I got kid to feed"
Grizzly Month ago
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
"Cause apparently he's been programming computers since they were the size of a fuckin k-mart" LMAO
Neramit Sae-Phan
I had a substitute and he would always say “ok “ at the end of every sentence lol
ShyTubeYT Month ago
Gabriel Ildefonso
I had a teacher like that but she said,”Mkay?” Similarly to that teacher from South Park
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia Month ago
Lol sister:have fun not getting laid. Me: tuff
Zander.17 Month ago
I wanna meet the man who influenced Brewstew to start all of his videos with “Alright”
Flamingo Month ago
Flamingo Month ago
poƃs ɐup ɔɐʇs
Yeah-Yeah Month ago
Do weekends
Lowkiisavage 9
Lowkiisavage 9 Month ago
What happened to Michel?
DankOrange Month ago
tHEsE aRe THe KINd oF WhITe pEOpLe whITE PEOPLe dONt FuCK wiTH
Edward Hager
Edward Hager Month ago
My calculus teacher was from Romania
robu gidori
robu gidori Month ago
Wow what a story 😂
Tutorial Realm
Tutorial Realm Month ago
You deserve more subs. You are hilarious!
Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
Gsfbffx Pdhhdf Month ago
I could give two fucks about future me lol
Kritical Kayd
Kritical Kayd Month ago
Says the guy who says alright in every intro....
Teo Month ago
Deruzzi Month ago
This video was alright
Melanie Norburg
Melanie Norburg Month ago
At least your not lori Laughlin's daughter.
South Park Bro2000
1:58 *W H E R E T H E H E L L D O E S H E C O M E F R O M !*
Jordan Northouse
Wait this guy is smart enough to go to collage
Ebon Month ago
You should do one on the pacer test
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