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Shout out to all my community college alumni out there
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10 фев 2019

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BradDaMan 10 часов назад
I gotta ask, on the unlikely chance you will see, or respond to this. But, since you're the main voice on this channel, why is it named after Brewer?
Cowtastic 11 часов назад
akram mohamed sama
akram mohamed sama 12 часов назад
Damn, this is the 7th time i watch this and it never gets dull
pepe man
pepe man 13 часов назад
Can i still get the tatooto for $5.99
Alpha Alex
Alpha Alex 14 часов назад
If i made a movie it would be a porn where life fucks me in the asshole *and I'm a boy*
garzagames92 14 часов назад
Brewster go to your prankwar2 video and at 0:37 you can see the demon ghost in the front on Davids car
fan art police and FBI
fan art police and FBI 16 часов назад
Did you do a video about music band have you went into music band
cyndankit 16 часов назад
HOW DARE YOU! i infact was born in planet alpha beta 17 AND I CAN CONFIRM WE DO NOT SOUND LIKE THAT!
MinUture Mushroom
MinUture Mushroom 16 часов назад
Hey is everybody watching this *alright*
Brady’s World
Brady’s World День назад
He started the video. Like if you herd it Sorry forgot to say, he started the video with alright
Orange hernandez
Orange hernandez День назад
Tyler says alright every video when he start
Lincoln 0513
Lincoln 0513 День назад
Every thing on yo test was ALL RIGHT
Gronk Fan1
Gronk Fan1 День назад
Sorry for the bad grammar
Gronk Fan1
Gronk Fan1 День назад
Hey brewstew do this videos that y’all make have to deal with things y’all did in your lives
Donovan Hefner
Donovan Hefner День назад
Dude my C# professor was the worst OOP programming teacher I’ve ever met. She was a Chinese data miner, barely spoke English. Me and my goons in the middle of bum fuck Indiana would argue with her for hours. Mainly because her teaching process was fucked, and some of us were familiar with programming.
Bashabolt День назад
doesn’t like his teacher saying alright all the time but its the first word he says in every video
Justin Hartjes
Justin Hartjes 2 дня назад
how does he create his animations?
Why Am I here
Why Am I here 2 дня назад
Man you’re life sounds epic even tho there is a lot of fucked up shit
Aaron SemlerPDX
Aaron SemlerPDX 2 дня назад
...And that's why they're called Flashtastics, son. Now go get me another freaking beer.
cody haddad
cody haddad 2 дня назад
So the mystery is solved on the origin of alright
Cookie Gamez
Cookie Gamez 2 дня назад
Alpha beta 17🤣
Isaiah Brackins
Isaiah Brackins 2 дня назад
congrats on 100 video's
XxdinohunterxX Rawr
XxdinohunterxX Rawr 2 дня назад
God damn Cody
Farid Flores
Farid Flores 2 дня назад
Yo this is funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
droll window
droll window 2 дня назад
Tyler can you do a video on Micheal
sumper man
sumper man 2 дня назад
I had the exact problem with my college math teacher. Couldn't understand a word he was saying😂
Herman Lewis
Herman Lewis 2 дня назад
Funny as hell
RaiderV 2 дня назад
Awesome bro
Hyper clown 68
Hyper clown 68 3 дня назад
It’s about fucking time you uploaded
Big Boi Tarson
Big Boi Tarson 3 дня назад
Not a lot of animations can make me laugh as hard as this one
Consoles Gamer
Consoles Gamer 3 дня назад
bro bru you gotta keep posting man
Conor Roche
Conor Roche 3 дня назад
Brewstew college is the least of your worries what about defending your title as the panda bears on the streets
Simple Things
Simple Things 3 дня назад
Brewster says “alright” in almost every video lmao😂😂
Olivia spencer Vlogs
Olivia spencer Vlogs 3 дня назад
i love how he always starts every video with “alright” but i think this it’s so funny so he can thank that teacher for the 😂😂
Karen Kalman
Karen Kalman 3 дня назад
Did you see that picture of fuking bengie and Tom cruise in the back round.
Coolguy 298
Coolguy 298 3 дня назад
Color My Light
Color My Light 3 дня назад
Hey Brewstew! Can I submit a story to you?
Damian Lowley
Damian Lowley 3 дня назад
Shit hole college lol😂
gold fish gamer
gold fish gamer 3 дня назад
Brewstew i thought of being a youtube amimater the i realized my brother came up and sad your bad at druing i told him look at Brewstew and he just look at me and say omg.
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson 4 дня назад
You make my day brewstew! Your videos are so hilarious it helped me with my depression please upload more!😀
Hartford Whalers
Hartford Whalers 4 дня назад
This is your 100th video
Xtramicticol Playz
Xtramicticol Playz 4 дня назад
Now your blowing up
Brian Salas
Brian Salas 4 дня назад
LIGMA GANG 4 дня назад
Am I the only one who has watched every one of your videos
Color My Light
Color My Light 4 дня назад
Community College is a good decision because it saves you a lot of money and you still get a degree.
PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile 4 дня назад
Don’t stop doing what you are doing it’s hilarious and I think you are amazing
bircher69 4 дня назад
I absolutely love the whole Brewstew series
Shaun Kavanagh
Shaun Kavanagh 4 дня назад
3:33 be sounding like brewstew at the start of every video
bob geldof
bob geldof 4 дня назад
2;o1 france pakistan
Bradley Fear
Bradley Fear 4 дня назад
You should do a video about how you met Michael,Steven and David
Idahlia DIY
Idahlia DIY 4 дня назад
Jaiden animation say hi
Mr camoderps
Mr camoderps 4 дня назад
Shitty drawing but great Fucking story
Andrew Husisian
Andrew Husisian 4 дня назад
A great man who makes a lot of Animation tell us what happened to Michael did he die did his father so him into a Nigerian slavery tell us I am dying
The world of slime
The world of slime 5 дней назад
Who's wacthing from pakistan
DDCecil 5 дней назад
The Walking Dead used your stock baby crying sound last night and I couldn’t help but smile the rest of the night.
MOSSMYD 5 дней назад
Hi Brewster I know you see this
Noewun HD
Noewun HD 5 дней назад
Bum Bum Bum
Armageddon Aaron
Armageddon Aaron 5 дней назад
Try GSU there's a lot of fine girls there
Viva Vargas
Viva Vargas 5 дней назад
100 just look at his channel vids
Linda Carlisle
Linda Carlisle 5 дней назад
*legend has it that he has yet paid his student loan*
Glas. zack09
Glas. zack09 5 дней назад
Just found your channel and gotta give you props for being the first RUvidr where every video I watch I fuckin die of laughter I watched all ya videos and now...wellp I’m fuckin bored
Vick KnewZeus
Vick KnewZeus 5 дней назад
ohh yeah yeah
ohh yeah yeah 5 дней назад
Sub to this animator he just started on yt give him some love @garnettanimations
Almighty Soup
Almighty Soup 5 дней назад
Nice video! 🙃Keep up the good work
2d montero
2d montero 5 дней назад
do a story of your first date
Kelly Violette
Kelly Violette 5 дней назад
the media is fucking with our brains.... what the fuck are we doing about it?
epic 5 дней назад
congrats on your 100th video!
MIGUEL VEGA 5 дней назад
I been here ever since the Texas ranger video
Connor The Canister
Connor The Canister 5 дней назад
Alright, thats alright, alright. The second i heard that shit i was *dead on the floor* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Da Boy
Da Boy 5 дней назад
Make more vids because when you swear it’s so funny
Shadow_Gaming0105 5 дней назад
Where's Michaels mom
Luca Dileva
Luca Dileva 5 дней назад
This is a reupload
Frostyy 5 дней назад
Eeerky Derkeey Doo
Raffael Schwager
Raffael Schwager 6 дней назад
Alright, thats why he has his ''Alright Introduction" Alright thats alright
S R 6 дней назад
I have literally watched all of ur videos my favorite one I the rat one or airsoft
Club Penguin
Club Penguin 6 дней назад
What happened to Michael? Do you still keep in contact with his snow eating ass?
Neon 6 дней назад
TheMagicFlash YT
TheMagicFlash YT 6 дней назад
I’m just wondering how to make those hot pockets lol
Damon Richter
Damon Richter 6 дней назад
Yes it is very different, I agree, I'm experiencing it now
rape 6 дней назад
Does anyone know if he still keeps in contact with like Micheal and the other people he makes videos about..?
neuter me Daddy
neuter me Daddy 6 дней назад
In the calendar you wrote 29 twice
/xxxserashixxx B\
/xxxserashixxx B\ 6 дней назад
What the fuck???? I was here at 20,000 subs. When did he blow up?
Micheal Hoch
Micheal Hoch 6 дней назад
congrats on 100 videos.
Luca DiCicco
Luca DiCicco 6 дней назад
Could I have the discord server code?
Morgan Universe Productions
Morgan Universe Productions 6 дней назад
Shelly Iron
Shelly Iron 6 дней назад
Did anybody notice that there's a reference to the haunted duplex
Joe Haribo
Joe Haribo 6 дней назад
Hey do you have kids size
Sharingan 40
Sharingan 40 6 дней назад
If you want your head to explode with alright then watch gradeAunderA
R.T.R.S Reacting,To,Random,Stuff
R.T.R.S Reacting,To,Random,Stuff 6 дней назад
0:21 School in a Shellnut
gamer boys 100
gamer boys 100 7 дней назад
Is that why u say (alright) at every video then
my cat stole my cheeto
my cat stole my cheeto 7 дней назад
Why can't the vids be longer I love u guys (No homo)
Larson S.
Larson S. 7 дней назад
Are you still friends with Michael and David?
True Living83
True Living83 7 дней назад
And then 30 years later if your lucky you’ll die
SwankyBros. 7 дней назад
So your college professor is why you say alright at the start of every video?
SwankyBros. 7 дней назад
This is your 100th video man, you gotta celebrate!
Madilyn Engel
Madilyn Engel 7 дней назад
Who else thinks that Brewster should have Instagram
Graham Parsons
Graham Parsons 7 дней назад
No f’en way my sister calculus teacher has the same weird accent
MegaCharizardY 7 дней назад
so now I official know that I suck at drawing people, and it's because someone stick-figures online, are better than mine when their on paper(online art is herder). I watching these videos thinking "why do I suck" and I'm also thinking "people are so talented" because literally everyone draws people better in my school, heck even second graders can draw a person than me, a high schooler(ninth grade), and why, because they reach the younger kids to do better than the older kids, by messing up the older kids. Im going to hate colledge if I srill can't draw a person without it being a stick figure... Future me is going to hate 2019 me
Kampfy The Drug Mule
Kampfy The Drug Mule 7 дней назад
Now hey hold up a minute you say alright at the beginning of every video Nice
Kampfy The Drug Mule
Kampfy The Drug Mule 7 дней назад
10 outta 10 that shit killed me
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