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Shout out to all my community college alumni out there
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Feb 10, 2019

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Comments 4 745
Jeff Peichel
Jeff Peichel Day ago
Why didn)t he put the discord link in his description
Jeff Peichel
Jeff Peichel Day ago
Omggg I rlly wanna go in their discord server
john doe
john doe 2 days ago
Make a hat that says ALRIGHT
doinksauce 3 days ago
I were exactly like me in local college boi
Trenton Olson
Trenton Olson 4 days ago
Wesley McLain
Wesley McLain 4 days ago
And if your lucky you get to die!
Android Craft
Android Craft 4 days ago
Stephanie Jill Sitler
This is awesome 🍺
Last Rites
Last Rites 5 days ago
So good hahaha luv this channel
Haylen Rendeluk
Haylen Rendeluk 5 days ago
My life right here
p n
p n 6 days ago
Dont u tell me 4:39 is difficult programming 😢
Cedrik_BOI 6 days ago
So that's why your intro is "Alright!"
Nathan Chihak
Nathan Chihak 7 days ago
Did you go to UT?
Puffballofevil 7 days ago
Object orientated programming is the fucking worst. I only passed due to the angels that posted the answers online
Donkey 123
Donkey 123 7 days ago
Hurkey durkey doo
Androgynous Beauty
“Made up fucking fairy tale dialect “ roflol 😭😂
Danny Rides
Danny Rides 8 days ago
Omg he's so right about community college 😂😂
The Breakfast Clubber
i’m taking a adobe class in high school right now.
Griffin warlow
Griffin warlow 8 days ago
My history teacher does the all right thing
Chris Dooley
Chris Dooley 8 days ago
I said the very same thing about the five credit cards I opened my freshman year of college. I said ‘future me will handle it all I gotta do is make the minimum payment’....well least to say I absolutely ruined my credit by the time sophomore year came. Too many pizzas, cases of beer, diners late at night and a few trips to Manhattan and an escort who took visa just about ruined me lol
arpit 8 days ago
3 hours since I discovered u and it is 01:14 in the AM. And I cannot get enough of ur humour. I am tearing up out of laughter here. Idk whether this is gonna kill me or do I get to see all ur vids. How did u come to be SO STUPIDLY FUNNY?
Rydoge 21
Rydoge 21 8 days ago
Herkey derkey doo
Owen Wind
Owen Wind 9 days ago
Alright the famous word
Mike Banalez
Mike Banalez 9 days ago
Pizza Hut? Wow
BabyFace Chase
BabyFace Chase 10 days ago
Im actually going to a community college cuz i get 2 free years 😂 nice to know im going to be in hell when i go lmao
BuGz 10 days ago
*Derivatives urky durky doo*
Phoenix Billion
Phoenix Billion 11 days ago
"Bomb-ass Hot Pockets" = Oxymoron. Although Hot Pockets do taste exactly what that sounds like.
Steve The Rapper
Steve The Rapper 11 days ago
This is how many times alright is said in this video 👇🏻
Tha TROOPER 12 days ago
Thats future mes problem, and screw that guy! Hes had it out for me ever since he started putting on weight!
Oscar Rivera
Oscar Rivera 12 days ago
Have you stopped posting
Ellery Smithson
Ellery Smithson 12 days ago
“Urky durky doo” -Brewstew’s calculus teacher
LoganTNT 13 days ago
Do you really have to go to college to learn Adobe flash
Ruben Rivera
Ruben Rivera 14 days ago
why dont you make a brewstew app with your shit hole thing idk
Destroyer 21
Destroyer 21 15 days ago
everything is alright hahah da best
KenSevs 18 days ago
So this is the origin of the "Alright" intro.
RobloxianGenius 18 days ago
"And I haven't made a website since" BREWSTEW.COM
Allison Moore
Allison Moore 18 days ago
Why do you swear Don't say swear words please okay I'm you're fan okay I'm nice you are awesome
Starkiller66 19 days ago
So him saying alright annoys u but u start vids with alright
Slap Stick Comedy
Slap Stick Comedy 19 days ago
“He would use alright before and after every sentence.” Tyler at the start of every video: *Side stare meme thing*
Jose Carlos Albarracin Sato
This is sad
Henry and Dan
Henry and Dan 21 day ago
Wait if he always says alright then aren’t you the teacher
Henry and Dan
Henry and Dan 21 day ago
Brewstew is there any chance your from Area 51 ?
RJ O 22 days ago
And the man that you are is the funniest person in the world
Fuze -
Fuze - 22 days ago
Imma learn how to be a car mechanic, but that c
Can we hit 1k subs with no videos?
About the discord. Pls put the link cuz me and my friend really wanna join ;¬; and yeet that teacher with the "Alright" reminds me of mine xD
Lokisar 23 days ago
HTML 7.0 is harder than C# in my opinion
Phd/_ Flops_
Phd/_ Flops_ 23 days ago
Lol I want to be a computer engineer
Theyodawg 24 days ago
Dawg, you sound like the offspring of Gilbert Gottfried
cristian luna
cristian luna 24 days ago
I think what your dad meant to say was."if your lucky you get to retire".lololol
The Elevator Station
That’s kind of hypocritical. You say the word “Alright” at the beginning of every video.
snipershot24 24 days ago
So this is why you say alright before every video
FLx Toxic
FLx Toxic 24 days ago
Alright I need likes alright
Travis Bone
Travis Bone 25 days ago
Hm i wonder who else starts things with "Alright"
Dominic McDonald
Dominic McDonald 25 days ago
dvzimm3 25 days ago
Gotta love Community college
dvzimm3 25 days ago
As a person getting treated for hep c I love the jokes foreal!! Keep it up haha! Had it rough growing up, but I love these man! So much goes into these!
Lord Cool kid
Lord Cool kid 25 days ago
So now I see why is intro is what it is
Calvin Metzger
Calvin Metzger 25 days ago
Someone needs to count up all the Pakistan jokes
10 thousand subscribers with no video please 69
I bloody doing computer science now and bloody hell I can not do coding on bloody python
Brian Clason
Brian Clason 25 days ago
Lol rip flash and your knowledge of it
00fster X
00fster X 26 days ago
unleash your discord server because you want to not know dad mine beat up can your dad
¢hippy Kidd
¢hippy Kidd 26 days ago
a l r i g h t
Richy Fox
Richy Fox 26 days ago
Adobe flash is getting deleted I thought
Manic 🏳️‍🌈
"I don't give a fuck about future me" - 17 year old me dropping out of school 21 year old me wants to punch myself in the face dude
Tab Golem
Tab Golem 26 days ago
AnD tHeN... iF yOu’Re LuCkY... yOu GeT tO dIe. I feel this so hard because I can’t get more FAFSA and stuck with loan debt now in a shitty county.
Moo Yousef
Moo Yousef 26 days ago
Jamison Quiver
Jamison Quiver 27 days ago
Derivatives derky derky doo
fuck ye community college
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 27 days ago
4:49 Hold on, you were in a class taught by a patch wearing pirate? He needs his own episode.
Rosey Wolf
Rosey Wolf 28 days ago
Fustive 29 days ago
He starts with alright
Frog Man
Frog Man 29 days ago
Ayoub Chaudhry
Ayoub Chaudhry 29 days ago
When you realize he starts all his vids with alright
Population Control Airsoft
herkey derkey doo
ÁłRįGHT §\•°:£¡…`
Ethan Campbell
Ethan Campbell Month ago
I may have the grades for a college with a good name to it, but I am seriously considering community college because I dont think I've heard a bad thing about it. A similar educational for half the cost really doesnt sound that bad
GoldenDuD3 Month ago
I think the lady with the kid was black 😂
Storm 101 f123
Storm 101 f123 Month ago
I was eating a fucking hotpocket
Kaine Asucse
Kaine Asucse Month ago
Soooo ur basically telling us that u can earn money with stick figures???
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