Brent Rivera VS Lexi Rivera Celebrity Impressions Challenge (she impersonates EVA GUTOWSKI!)

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In this episode of VS, Brent & Lexi Rivera of Amp World face off in a celebrity impressions contest! Who can do the best impression of their friends?? How good is Lexi's Eva impression?? Is Lexi’s Ariana Grande impression better than Brent’s Harry Styles impression?!? Watch to find out and be sure to like, comment and subscribe in the comments section below!!
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Brent Rivera (@brentrivera)
Lexi Rivera (@lexibrookerivera)
EP/Director: Christopher Babers
Associate Producer: Marta Palley
Editor: Jacob Gehnert

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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 100
AwesomenessTV 6 months ago
What. impression do you think was the BEST?!?!!! And I need Brent and Eva to go on that trip 😂
Anjana Nadimpalli
Anjana Nadimpalli 3 months ago
I love you lexe you are the best and I love you brent
Innie Minnie
Innie Minnie 4 months ago
lizzy_ the_great bruh they’re siblings
Johanna Leonard
Johanna Leonard 5 months ago
Hi, idk if u do shoutouts or not, but can i have one maybe, Or can you tell Lexi and Brent i said hi and i love them, and see if they can tell me hi in a video? You dont have to do the shoutout. Can you maybe do the other one. Sorry if im asking too much, but i really want Lexi and Brent to know that i love them and know that i exist, pls?
epic 5 months ago
I think it was when Brent acted as the stokes twins XD
Dlano Zaal
Dlano Zaal 6 months ago
No not Brent and Eva, because it'll destroy Brent and Pierson's relationship
khaldoon jaradat
khaldoon jaradat 17 hours ago
Manya and Ivana
Isn’t charli d’amelio spelt with an i instead of an e
Aastha Patel
Aastha Patel 12 days ago
Lexi sing voice is good
Shabba Surty
Shabba Surty 13 days ago
Sliver Moon
Sliver Moon 15 days ago
They spelt charli wrong..
Angel Jomon [1502AD -S]
This is so Funny
for James charles lexi should have used "hey sisters "
Videos for kids and some gacha life
Evalina Brown
Evalina Brown 22 days ago
Neve De La Torre
Neve De La Torre 26 days ago
The rock is my celb crush
Krishnapriya Dinesh
lexi's voice was so damn close ariana grandes voice.....wow..
Keira Crossed
Keira Crossed Month ago
When Brent was doing Harry Styles he sounded so weird
Ian Lukito
Ian Lukito Month ago
I am a Victorious fan
Sofija Rangelov
Sofija Rangelov Month ago
You spelled CHARLI wrong
iz meh art girl!
That ariana laugh tho....😂
Aizen Caballero
Aizen Caballero Month ago
Lexi: Brother!! Brent: BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
baex areum
baex areum Month ago
8:33 hahaha cute
Analee Ortega
Analee Ortega Month ago
I like lexis singing voice
fatima a
fatima a 2 months ago
This video was aploadid in my birthday
Alondra Jimenez
Alondra Jimenez 2 months ago
Why was Lexi calling James Charles a boy that is so disrespectful 😑🙄
It’s my asmr
It’s my asmr 2 months ago
Jojo siwa 😂😂
Ariel Min
Ariel Min 2 months ago
Sorry I made my comment by accident
Ariel Min
Ariel Min 2 months ago
Brent:I guess we both should be hit with silly string . Eva(in her head): Awwww!what a gentleman!
Ariel Min
Ariel Min 2 months ago
Pravinbhai Palanpur
Pravinbhai Palanpur 2 months ago
11 november 2020 😎😎😂
LaMarca Family
LaMarca Family 2 months ago
My impression of Jojo Siwa: Hey everyone it’s jojo welcome back to another RUvid video!!!!!
taetae forever
taetae forever 2 months ago
Wait ! RUvidrs are celebrity ???
Amina Hazel Vlogs
Amina Hazel Vlogs 2 months ago
Charlie d'amelio is smelt Charli d'amelio not charlie
Ayesha Siddiqua
Ayesha Siddiqua 2 months ago
I love brents impression of Harry Styles The way he talked is really British style
Najma Art
Najma Art 2 months ago
1:28 they spelled our precious charli damelio's name wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tekla Robakidze
Tekla Robakidze 2 months ago
It's Charli D'amelio and not Charlie Damileo
Kazi Afsheen Nur
Kazi Afsheen Nur 2 months ago
2:49 Lexi is so confused
Jordyn Kassab
Jordyn Kassab 2 months ago
Jeez why so harsh on JoJo
nicah nicah
nicah nicah 2 months ago
The look on Lexi's face when Brent was doing for shane dawson hahaha😂😂🤣😅
Lily Davis
Lily Davis 3 months ago
Its Hey SISTERS Lexi!
Saty Playz
Saty Playz 3 months ago
Adishree Suri
Adishree Suri 3 months ago
Wow!!!He killed it with Harry styles!!!
Denise D
Denise D 3 months ago
love you Ariana impression
Queen Vivian
Queen Vivian 3 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂love this
Queen Vivian
Queen Vivian 3 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂love this
Megan Hill
Megan Hill 3 months ago
Hi sisters today we will be putting make up on yourself
Sesha Misal
Sesha Misal 3 months ago
When he took off his shirt to swing on the wrecking ball🤣🤣🤣
Helena Mechery
Helena Mechery 3 months ago
I love that jojo siwa impression.
Jade Dinkel
Jade Dinkel 3 months ago
lexi i love you and bret meh
Sienna Law
Sienna Law 3 months ago
i hate trump
love2sing9210 3 months ago
Brent I love ya but your Harry Styles hurt me a little he sounded Australian LOL
Zzsavege YT
Zzsavege YT 3 months ago
I love victorious
Lilly Hammill
Lilly Hammill 3 months ago
7:19 is my favorite part I can’t stop laughing 😂😂
Christy Mirai I
Christy Mirai I 3 months ago
Is anyone gonna say anything about lexi's fabulous singing
Games With Angela
Games With Angela 3 months ago
James intro is "Hi sisters!"
Luisa Catania Smith
Luisa Catania Smith 3 months ago
Were is Eva
Galilea Meza
Galilea Meza 3 months ago
the impression of harry styles sounded more like Tom Holand. In my opinion at least.
choco late
choco late 3 months ago
after 2 months i relised you guys have no idea how to spell charli damelios name
Morgan Corder
Morgan Corder 3 months ago
camila and shawn are not together anymore
Farhana Pervin
Farhana Pervin 4 months ago
I love how he did Harry’s
Oma Pap
Oma Pap 4 months ago
Bentho Marak
Bentho Marak 4 months ago
i fano in youtube james charles
Manha Ali
Manha Ali 4 months ago
Hi best channel ever
Caroline Reimer
Caroline Reimer 4 months ago
When lexi sang dangerous woman I was just like😮😲😐 she can sing!!!
Mehboob Hassan
Mehboob Hassan 3 months ago
like yeah she always says she cant sing but can sing certain songs
Angel asiedu
Angel asiedu 4 months ago
jojo siwa is gonna be so mad when she sees this vid
Erin Goddard
Erin Goddard 4 months ago
In the outdo Brent says hairy styles instead of Harry styles
Theora Peiris
Theora Peiris 4 months ago
Brent 😂😂
Norma Tarraf
Norma Tarraf 4 months ago
Fantastic 😂😂
Dato 4 months ago
charli damelio's name is spelled wrong it is not charlie it is charli
Sudipta Bhattacharya
I loved loved loved how Brent impersonated harry styles. i dont know why i am so obsesses with it. Lmao. ROFL.
shiki twitz
shiki twitz 4 months ago
they spelt charli's name totally wrong
Jhanavi Koushik
Jhanavi Koushik 4 months ago
This is hilarious 😅😁
shams and meena vlogs _
they spelt charli’s name wrong 😭
Abigail Cruz
Abigail Cruz 4 months ago
The rock always saids "can you smell what the rock is cooking" I watch his tiktok
Dr Ravi
Dr Ravi 4 months ago
It’s hilarious when brent acts like lexi hensler 😂😂🤣🤣
Umbrella Cray
Umbrella Cray 4 months ago
The Ariana Grande though 😂😂😂😂😂😭
Debbie Kebede
Debbie Kebede 4 months ago
8:47 youtubers making a yt video: I DONT watch youtube
xylo 4 months ago
they really gotta get an app so people would watch LMAOAOAO
Rakshan Patnaik
Rakshan Patnaik 4 months ago
they spelled Charli's name wrong lol, they butchered it REALLY badly 1:20
Debbie Kebede
Debbie Kebede 4 months ago
So they put CHARLI as a CELEBRITY NOW??
Twenty Nine
Twenty Nine 4 months ago
This is gold
Emma Miles
Emma Miles 4 months ago
Trump 2020
Khloe Colocho
Khloe Colocho 4 months ago
When lexi was doing the Charli dmelio impression I thought she was gonna say PUT SOME MORE DONT BE SHY
Mallory Garcia
Mallory Garcia 4 months ago
I clicked this on accident but I stayed because it reminded me of old RUvid which I miss very dearly
Julez Young
Julez Young 4 months ago
I am Hannah
official_runa 4 months ago
He said Cat from Victorious then he said Ariana Grande me like they the same person
cali im not saying my last name sorry
stop talking
seerat chauhan
seerat chauhan 4 months ago
Why does everyone think Ariana laughs like cat valentine. It’s kinda sad cuz she got a lot of hate for that and people called her fake. Be nice to Ari...be nice to everyone.
Cookie DO
Cookie DO 4 months ago
For James Charles, she should of just did Hiiii sistersss
Jayde UnU
Jayde UnU 4 months ago
when she did ariana Lmao
Maya Shekharan
Maya Shekharan 4 months ago
The fact that he knows victorious and Riverdale.😍
Owl Night
Owl Night 5 months ago
Tbh he gets girls but says he doesn’t feel the same LOL
Erica K
Erica K 5 months ago
For Ariana Grande, Lexi should have said Thank You Brent
ATLA and LOK photos
ATLA and LOK photos 5 months ago
probably Brent
Bnam03 5 months ago
I love how Lexi mimic Brent ... especially when she said BOOM ...
Yasaswi Noojillla
Yasaswi Noojillla 5 months ago
Did anyone realise that Brent's mom is a celebrity
That one C&P
That one C&P 5 months ago
The Jojo siwa part was so funny!!
Eddy Mesilien
Eddy Mesilien 5 months ago
Today is my birthday
RøzeLyn 5 months ago
I adore awesomnesstv but i rlly dont like that they spoil the whole video in the beginning ;-;
Taonga Takaiza
Taonga Takaiza 5 months ago
The impression of JoJo
Leanne Roberts
Leanne Roberts 5 months ago
His British accent sounded a bit Australian but they were so funny to watch
Roni Dc
Roni Dc 5 months ago
Brent fixing his hair as Harry is so accurate tho Edit: Brent should've talked slowly😂
Menila Kharel
Menila Kharel 5 months ago
And they spelled Charli's name wrong
The, Infinite Games
The, Infinite Games 5 months ago
Ariana grande was good
football skills
football skills 5 months ago
Those this look natural is SQUIDWARD a celebrity subscribe to my channel if he his
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