Brent Rivera VS Lexi Rivera Celebrity Impressions Challenge (she impersonates EVA GUTOWSKI!)

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In this episode of VS, Brent & Lexi Rivera face off in a celebrity impressions contest! Who can do the best impression of their friends?? How good is Lexi's Eva impression?? Is Lexi’s Ariana Grande impression better than Brent’s Harry Styles impression?!? Watch to find out and be sure to like, comment and subscribe in the comments section below!!
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The series where AwesomenessTV influencers play fun internet challenges against each other!
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Brent Rivera (@brentrivera)
Lexi Rivera (@lexibrookerivera)
EP/Director: Christopher Babers
Associate Producer: Marta Palley
Editor: Jacob Gehnert

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Comments 60
AwesomenessTV Month ago
What. impression do you think was the BEST?!?!!! And I need Brent and Eva to go on that trip 😂
Dlano Zaal
Dlano Zaal 22 days ago
No not Brent and Eva, because it'll destroy Brent and Pierson's relationship
lovely rebornhobby
me too i think they do need to go to JAPAN
Trisha Patil
Trisha Patil Month ago
yall spelled charli's first AND last name wrong
Rose Riviera
Rose Riviera Month ago
Brent's Impression is better than Lexi
Melody Evertsz
Melody Evertsz Month ago
jojo siwa
Aquarius Smile
Aquarius Smile 7 hours ago
I'm sorry to say this Lexi but your impressions are a lil cringe....I'M SORRY!!!
#Altitudes Ofsuccess#
COLE SPROUSE and CAMILA MENDES .♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Barry Storms
Barry Storms 3 days ago
literlly brent british acsent was amazing
DaRobloxGamer !!!
10:43 he was imitating Jojo Siwa omg sooooooooooo funnyyyyyyy
Yu Yan
Yu Yan 5 days ago
_And Pick Out Of The Bucket_ BUCKET LIST
layla clabaugh
layla clabaugh 6 days ago
when lexie did brent she said should have said ben stay away from my sister
brhane tsegab
brhane tsegab 6 days ago
Why lexi did't say when she have James Charles she didn't say like hi sisters he was going to guess it if she said that 😑😐😕😚😚😘but i enjoy it 😷 stay safe
Triin L
Triin L 7 days ago
When Brent did Harry Styles impression he talked to fast and didn't say um
layla mcloughlin
layla mcloughlin 8 days ago
BlaZe Clan
BlaZe Clan 8 days ago
All the celebrities that were in this video watching this 👁👄👁
Spectrum 8 days ago
So Lexi basically gets the person who Brent used to roast her with in his diss track
Amelia Jeal
Amelia Jeal 9 days ago
i can laugh exactly like ariana grande go o Amelia Jeal to listen
sana gehad
sana gehad 9 days ago
the best impression was lexi hensler
Ghayour Mohammed Khan
Miley cyrus is good
Unicorn Skyfy
Unicorn Skyfy 11 days ago
OMG 6:58 I'm dying brents face though!!!!!!!!!
Maka Kunzi
Maka Kunzi 12 days ago
Lol the stokes twins😂😂😂
Denise Castro
Denise Castro 12 days ago
the rock: HUWAAAA!!!!
Maria Rosu Cristina
Maria Rosu Cristina
did anyone noticeded that they spelled chalie d'amelio on the paper and when they showed usin place of charli d'amelio
Sadie Loranger
Sadie Loranger 13 days ago
I like how they called it "the butt thing"🤣
Marissa Harvey
Marissa Harvey 15 days ago
Brents British 🇬🇧accent is really good 😂
Annie Liu
Annie Liu 15 days ago
8:06 it could of been dom
Baobab DeLorenzo
Baobab DeLorenzo 16 days ago
Hey Sisters!!!
Baobab DeLorenzo
Baobab DeLorenzo 16 days ago
Ummmm that is not ariana grande
Emi 9
Emi 9 16 days ago
Saying celebrity and keeping everyone 😂😂
Samantha Petty
Samantha Petty 17 days ago
I swear this is the first time in forever that lexi got the most ponts she is the best youtube in the house!
Maricar Dagohoy
Maricar Dagohoy 17 days ago
The Charli....is Charlie.....hahahahahha
Oksana Palamarchuk
Oksana Palamarchuk 17 days ago
Brent. : doing Jojo siwa Me:ears bleeding Lexi: ITS JOJO SIWA Me: it’s good she answered it fast 😂😂😂😂
nini javashvili
nini javashvili 17 days ago
I love you Lexi and Brent
Kenny Adams
Kenny Adams 18 days ago
Tina & Katharina
Tina & Katharina 19 days ago
1:23 that is not how you spell Charli D’amelio
Paul Robertson
Paul Robertson 19 days ago
Congratulations To The Winner Lexi Rivera
Aslı Şanal
Aslı Şanal 20 days ago
I watched the whole video just to see Brent's mouth closer
Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera 20 days ago
im a savage clasy buggu savage
Electro Clan
Electro Clan 20 days ago
Definitely Ariana grande that lexi did.
Fatima Zuberi
Fatima Zuberi 20 days ago
Smita Ghorpade
Smita Ghorpade 20 days ago
Harry styles ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
Sarikonda Raghu Deepika
Back side of Brent is art canvas now it is pictionary video.that means they shoot videos before a month
KawaiiKittiesPlayz 20 days ago
In the end, I thought Brent was like "Her channel will be Ariana Grande and mine is Hairy Styles!" XD 12:59
Lena Gjorgieva
Lena Gjorgieva 21 day ago
why is everyone spelling Charli's name incorrect? its CHARLI DAMELIO
Elvin Kim
Elvin Kim 21 day ago
Brent could have sung the what can I say from Moana for Dwane
Ahmed A
Ahmed A 21 day ago
4:43 you should have said " *hey sisters* "
Madison Duxbury
Madison Duxbury 8 hours ago
she couldn’t otherwise it’d be too easy
Isabela Harrison
Isabela Harrison 21 day ago
i laughed so hard when brent tried to act like miley
cherryclouds 21 day ago
They spelt charli’s name wrong no hate to them I’m just saying they spelt it wrong 1:25
Barke Abdulrahman
You laugh like Annabelle 😅😅
emilija sokaitė
emilija sokaitė 22 days ago
harry isin't like that
Interesting Facts and knowledge
I am prem from India. I want to marry you Lexi really 💙
Interesting Facts and knowledge
You have a sweet smile...Lexi 😊😊😊😊
Haset Melaku
Haset Melaku 22 days ago
Am i the only one that loved brents british- like accent
Aroosh dadhich
Aroosh dadhich 22 days ago
what if he just said welcome or welcome back to my channel of lexi h
ASHEESH JAIN 22 days ago
for a moment I thought that brent's impression for harry styles sounded more like tom Holland
Mercedes Ramírez
Mercedes Ramírez 22 days ago
lexi in james charles you had to say hi sisters
Awesome Angels
Awesome Angels 22 days ago
Wow Lexi is pretty good at singing and she said she wasn’t! (When she does the Ariana grande impression)
tess 321
tess 321 23 days ago
What Brent Said : Close your eyes RUvid subtitles : Okay it was rice whaaaa
Hej hej
Hej hej 23 days ago
It's Charli not Charlie
Jacqueline Hernandez
You still make the stoke twins one person 🤣
GinnyPotter 04
GinnyPotter 04 23 days ago
Who else was laughing my head off this entire video? >_ _ _
roblox fan
roblox fan 23 days ago
Lexy has an beautiful voice
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