Brent Faiyaz - Trust

Brent Faiyaz
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Written by : Brent Faiyaz
Produced by: Thaddeus Dixon , Loshendrix
Co-Produced by: Nascent & Mike Blud
Mixing by: Jeff Jackson

Published on


Oct 18, 2018




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Comments 100
Chanelle London
This the type of music we need
Matthew œ
Matthew œ Day ago
Rnb. Late nights
Journey Walton
Just imagine being at a party lip syncing this to your crush and giving them a straight face and then start dancing
Jalaya Day ago
Yall taking about tiktok I found this in my recommended 😂
Danny Devitos Future Wife
Brent x Don toliver needs happen it would end the entire music industry!!!!
Sp0nGey Bob the builder
Collab with Summer Walker
Mzmundo 2 days ago
Get your.. Not from tiktok card hereeee!!! 💳💳💳
Julian 2 days ago
He’s homophobic
whatzhanin9 2 days ago
He was the one who posted it on TikTok so how is it a bad thing if he is still getting the cred
Stephanie Berrios
The fact that people think this is a "tiktok" song is just wow this is his song not tiktoks and tiktok did not ruin it
tendousfingertape satori
he has no business being this good
Life with Mare
Life with Mare 3 days ago
When he said “ I know that i can get rough but I just wanted to be loved” I really felt that and when he “ I was having visions with you “
who is your mia mcclain
tell if I CAN TRUST
mila Costa
mila Costa 4 days ago
mila Costa
mila Costa 4 days ago
Não acredito q eu achei essa msccccccccc
{ C l o u d R a t }
*thank you for making this song- it’s the one think I feel comfortable crying to*
Diamond Roby
Diamond Roby 5 days ago
EU TU xisdd
EU TU xisdd 5 days ago
ItsFatii 999
ItsFatii 999 5 days ago
This man is just ...amazing damn
The fact some of y’all think y’all quirky for listening this before tik Tok like ok wanna a cookie
Edilma Almeida
Edilma Almeida 5 days ago
Chico 5 days ago
Either you down or you ain't You either riding or you can't But for now I'm on the way You told me I could trust you, don't lie I could really use it Everybody need love, even niggas like me (either you down or you ain't) You told me I could trust you And I could really use it So much I wanna talk about But I ain't got no one to talk to (shit, I don't) I'm always tryna work it out But somehow it always falls through And I know that I get rough But I just wanna feel love Sometimes Either you down or you ain't You either riding or you can't Real shit You told me I could trust you (stay ten toes for a nigga) Don't lie (I ain't running game on you) I could really use it (gotta stay ten toes for a nigga) I could use your love You told me I could trust you The more I tell you, the more you wanna know And I could really use it If I tell you, will you use it when I'm low? Hood fame, everybody know my name when I come through But don't nobody scream it like you I was having visions with you Doing thangs, switching lanes in the Beamer with you And swimming in deep waters, save me from my sorrows Swimming in deep Just some peace is all I need So why can't I get that for free? You told me I could trust you (stay ten toes for a nigga) Don't lie (I ain't running game on you) I could really use it (gotta stay ten toes for a nigga) I could use your love You told me I could trust you The more I tell you, the more you wanna know And I could really use it If I tell you, will you use it when I'm low? Tell me I could trust you Don't lie I could really use it I could use your love Tell me I could trust you
Nae Nae
Nae Nae 6 days ago
Just hearing this but it’s definitely a VIBE!
hxneyy 6 days ago
Why do y’all get mad if people on tiktok make a song viral or uses it on tiktok? That’s a good thing if they make a song viral so that artists and get recognized. It’s not that serious and stop gatekeeping shit.
Crystal Blue
Crystal Blue 6 days ago
Told me I can trust you, dont liee. My fav part
destinybach girl
destinybach girl 6 days ago
How dare you stop this song before I could replay it again
Emma Pelaez
Emma Pelaez 6 days ago
"i just wanna feel loved sometimes" FELT
Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones 7 days ago
Brent faiyaz x summer Walker 🤭🤭🤭
Brianna Cruz
Brianna Cruz 7 days ago
My opinion if what people came from tiktok it doesn’t matter he is getting recognized 😭
Itz Jonny
Itz Jonny 8 days ago
Tik tok still fukin wif my old shii cmon mane dis used to be my bop
Charlie Jhonston
Charlie Jhonston 8 days ago
With no one to trust, this is firee my 2nd year and I turn this song on everyday
Anonymous smiles
Anonymous smiles 9 days ago
It pisses me off how little subscribers he has so underrated but its ok tho daddy brent we still love you😘
jarl-caysen 9 days ago
Danny Devitos Future Wife
But have y’all heard dreams, tales, fantasy’s by A$ap fergs (Ft. Brent faiyaiz)????
Jhuly Brandão
Jhuly Brandão 9 days ago
1:33 🥀💤
Pearl Samuel
Pearl Samuel 9 days ago
Who was playing 1:29 over and over until you got tired of it. y'all talkin bout tiktok i listened to this song for 3 hours st right i put it on loop and then i wanted to here it slow so i put in the search (Trust Brent Faiyaz slowed) and they both sound soo OoOoOooOoOo
billiesxwhore_. _
billiesxwhore_. _ 11 days ago
billiesxwhore_. _
billiesxwhore_. _ 11 days ago
Her, Giveon, Miguel, Daniel Caesar, and Brent omggg please make a song!
XoVictor 11 days ago
The Weeknd Brent faiyaz Bryson tiller
Official_Sophia Nation
Tik tok didn't "ruined the song" it gave us well me a recommendation.
froggie 9 days ago
@Mrs Cook 🤨✋ whyd you say that
Mrs Cook
Mrs Cook 11 days ago
Black person
ray_gonbite ON FN
ray_gonbite ON FN 12 days ago
Da Windy Med Toker
Da Windy Med Toker 12 days ago
You told me i could trust you .... pppfffttttt yea right i could really use you, so much i wanna talk bout but i aint got noone to talk to ( isht i dont )
Saleth Calvimontes J
morgans asmr
morgans asmr 12 days ago
wait this song is on tiktok? i came from recommendations 🤚🏽
Tim Gordon
Tim Gordon 13 days ago
If your here today you have great taste in music
Avieana Gonzalez
Avieana Gonzalez 13 days ago
Ana Luiza de Assis
Ana Luiza de Assis 14 days ago
chitlins MSP
chitlins MSP 14 days ago
" so much i wanna talk about but i aint got no one to go to" hit different ;(
joshua 14 days ago
Esta canción se la dedico a mi amea marga :(( .
Natalie Ngonela
Natalie Ngonela 14 days ago
Tiktok ruins a lot of songs. Can't convince me otherwise :)
froggie 9 days ago
well who cares if "tiktok ruins songs" he's finally getting the hype/clout he deserves
addin this to my "late night drives" playlist even tho I can't drive yetttt
Jakiera Williams
Jakiera Williams 14 days ago
in 2020
Serena Potter
Serena Potter 15 days ago
Him and Frank Ocean😭😭😭😭😭
Zay The Prince
Zay The Prince 15 days ago
rent Faiyaz beats in my channel
Jessmos S
Jessmos S 15 days ago
Been listening to this man since his second album and personally I LOVE that his name is getting out there. And I’m sure he does too. He deserves the most recognition. ✨
danaa 15 days ago
Grace Lindsey
Grace Lindsey 15 days ago
Efry Funes
Efry Funes 15 days ago
“So much I wanna talk about, but I ain’t got no one to talk to”now that hurt my g
Mila Roach
Mila Roach 16 days ago
this song makes me feel tingly inside
Katie Baxter
Katie Baxter 16 days ago
That vocal "Hood fame everybody know my name when I come through but don't nobody scream it like you" and "swimming in deep water save me from my sorrow" though. Ugh so fucking smooth man.
DIANA RAMIREZ 16 days ago
fav song
Quentyn Harris
Quentyn Harris 17 days ago
Been two years and these lyrics still loud af damn 😂😂
Breyana Pina
Breyana Pina 17 days ago
guys im confused is every song on tiktok. never heard this one on it and this is my fav songg.
Victoria M
Victoria M 17 days ago
“So much I wanna talk about, but I ain’t got no one to talk to” now I felt that
Devonte Coulter
Devonte Coulter 15 days ago
Yes indeed Brent gone make you feel it
Lilee FitzHenry
Lilee FitzHenry 17 days ago
Dont mind me. just marking the best part 1:34
Victoria M
Victoria M 17 days ago
This song is a bop either found on TikTok or notttt
Fresh Af
Fresh Af 17 days ago
1:32 ur welcome
lani villar
lani villar 18 days ago
this a vibe no cap and this song just gets me lost in vibes
Sadarien Mcmillian
Sadarien Mcmillian 19 days ago
He be having me cryin man no cap
taroona Al-Marta
taroona Al-Marta 19 days ago
who ever us vibing to his music have a fucking taste and u match my energy ➕let’s be friends and vibe
Gustavo Moraes
Gustavo Moraes 19 days ago
Yoses Bnhoffer
Yoses Bnhoffer 20 days ago
chooobert 20 days ago
ive heard this on TikTok before but i didn’t know Sonder sung it 😱😱 i mean, it’s hard to confuse his amazing voice i just didn’t make the connection
Grace S
Grace S 20 days ago
😩 I get goosebumps when this comes on...
lexi l.
lexi l. 21 day ago
so grateful for everything i have.❤️
HeCtOr aNdUjAr
HeCtOr aNdUjAr 22 days ago
Neff Stfu 😭
Matthew R
Matthew R 22 days ago
“So much I wanna talk about, but I ain’t got no one to talk to” now I felt that
Jeweled 22 days ago
If a song is fire it can’t be ruined now stfu
A V W 22 days ago
This song sounds like another song but I can’t remember which one
Evelyn Andrade
Evelyn Andrade 22 days ago
this hit different in a room at 2m
marissa cruz
marissa cruz 23 days ago
who cares if we did or didn’t come from tiktok?? he is getting the recognition he deserves because of his amazing voice.
bleep 23 days ago
lmao im screaming at all the ppl from tik tok tryna defend themselves. its ok that u got it from tik tok u aint gotta defend urselves we just jokin lmaoo
Frickin bill Bob joe
helianna 23 days ago
God, i love Brent sm
am i the only one who actually didnt come from tik tok but just randomly found the song.
NurseCarnivore 24 days ago
been a fan ever since I heard this song on Kylie's snap like 2 years ago. glad to see it getting more play, TikTok or not (^_^)\m/
Naryel Sarria
Naryel Sarria 24 days ago
yall i aint never seen two pretty bestfriends
Jessica Velazquez Rivera
I don't have any friends
Lana Mullins
Lana Mullins 24 days ago
think about it... brent faiyaz, don toliver, kehlani, and jhene aiko. they need to collabbb.
EMAJ REDD 25 days ago
ugh i cant tell you how much i love his voice
Jay So Positive
Jay So Positive 26 days ago
Norm 27 days ago
; :)
TheregoBrandon 27 days ago
I just wanna feel love sometimes 💯🖤
5k with no video Challenge
We were all patiently waiting for “the part”
¿Irrelevance? 27 days ago
i used to be obsessed with this song but i dont really listen to this like I did and this brings back memories when i had my tik tok account. it git banned and now i wanna cry
David King
David King 28 days ago
This is the shit period
Eunice Wekesa
Eunice Wekesa 28 days ago
Elisa Gelebart
Elisa Gelebart 29 days ago
bv le son
Quartz Cozy Corner
Quartz Cozy Corner 29 days ago
Sent this song to my lover as our song... all he had to say back was no... you cannot trust me 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️ ion wish this pain on nobody stay away from love in 2020 kids💯
Mateo Paloma
Mateo Paloma 29 days ago
Since you were a baby, I love you. I taught you to walk, to talk and I hugged you so much.. you didn't realize it was Me, but it was Me. It's true, you got away from Me, but I NEVER got away from you. Who told you that I am a punishing Father and that I just sit and do nothing to save you and to save this world? Remember, son (daughter): I am still in control of everything you see and believe it or not, my goal to change this world still stands. But my main goal is you. If you feel pain and do not understand why so many things happen.. Do not hesitate to come to Me, I really know how you feel and what you are going through, and remember, it is not that I do nothing to change it.. because there is no storm that lasts forever and the darker the night, the sooner the dawn comes. I know that sometimes it is very difficult to understand things and I understand you, believe me I do. Tell me everything you feel with your words even if you think you don't know how to do it, because from the first time you stopped to think about who I was, I heard you. And no matter how distant it was, do not see how important it was for Me.. Or if even many criticize you for doing it.. Here I will be and we will go through "shame" together. I will not stop showing you all my help and all my Infinite Love that no one else can feel for you, as I have done from day 1. Here I am and I want to save you. Do not forget.. - That is God who has spoken to you through my comment, because he knew that you needed to know and what he hopes the most is that no matter how difficult this moment is, go and leave everything that does not allow you to speak with Him, because believe it or not, He still has something prepared for you. Go and make it possible❤️ ;)...
Äshłēÿ 29 days ago
His music doesnt get the attention it deserves😫
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