Breath of the Wild 2 Early Access

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Ganondorf is back...
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Jun 22, 2019




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Franz J Sy
Franz J Sy 3 months ago
What happened to machine gun korok i miss that little dude
Nichoals Nastari
Nichoals Nastari 10 months ago
TheMasterOfDooM no more Zelda ass never mind this game is asssss
Liltex 2323
Liltex 2323 Year ago
You said Zelda was making Zelda walk . Link was walking
wick 901
wick 901 Year ago
It's princess Zelda not peach
taco Year ago
Who won the switch giveaway
Jo Emma Eyog
Jo Emma Eyog 7 days ago
Wait a minute 2:18 did he just call Link 'Zelda'? Did I well hear?
DIO 7 days ago
Buff Ganon looks like a Jojo character
jblazeea 10 days ago
Nooooo Ratatouille y yyy yyyy do y tha hand is important link gonna die or link gonna be in Some type of fucking Purgatory
cameron wobeking
cameron wobeking 16 days ago
ur a jackass
Tammy Quinn
Tammy Quinn 20 days ago
Oh no
Head_Quarter 21 day ago
The legend of peach -Zelda's Walking-
Nate Nolan
Nate Nolan 29 days ago
Bro that isn't funny stop there already diemands that's not peach that's Zelda that is t aquaman on the paintings that's ganondorf on his horse and the castles not going to space it's rumbling because canon is awake
Davie_wavy Month ago
Dont lie u clicked on this becuase of rehydrated ganondorf
snoot boop
snoot boop Month ago
I was hoping for a serious therory ._.
Richard Cook
Richard Cook Month ago
jesse cox
OhStorm Month ago
when you reversed the audio tho
Travis Watkins
Travis Watkins Month ago
Jaber Alsabah
Jaber Alsabah Month ago
Mari Mari
Mari Mari Month ago
Your childish screaming got you a nice thumbs down.
KSO-73 Month ago
2:29 Fortnite: ...
Sarbast Barwari
Sarbast Barwari Month ago
She’s not princess peach
Sarbast Barwari
Sarbast Barwari Month ago
Thanks to you seen everything you said and I’m going to like it and that was a weird joke
JustProud Month ago
Zelda is a boy and you play as him
Purple Patoochie
Zelda be stabbing that guys ass
Ankh 2 months ago
why is this man so ducking loud
NickFlippy 2 months ago
Half of this video is just an amino ad
Cookie _Cuhh
Cookie _Cuhh 2 months ago
Isn’t aquaman from dc
misterJaxon Adkins
misterJaxon Adkins 2 months ago
No the only crime that rat did was making dope foods
Chessy Copter
Chessy Copter 2 months ago
4:18 canopy? Canopy? CANOPY?
Stiphen Oblina
Stiphen Oblina 3 months ago
Did he just called Link “Zelda” during the green hand scene?!?! SHAMEEE
JustProud Month ago
Zelda is a boy and you play as him
Tara 3 months ago
Wouldn't it be cool to be able to team up with ganondorf? That'd be a true open-world experience :3
ButcherOfBlav1ken 3 months ago
She is called zelda, not peach, he is called link, not fekin zelda
JustProud Month ago
Zelda is a boy and you play as him
The Glitchy Gamecube Kid
link not zelda. zelda not peach
Emperor Genshin
Emperor Genshin 3 months ago
At 2:10 - 2:19, I laughed a bit despite of the character naming misconception. The princess's name is actually "Zelda", while the protagonist's name is "Link". "Peach" is a Princess from the Super Mario Series.
JustProud Month ago
No but like Zelda is a boy and you play as him You try and beat bowser with the help of your trusty horse, Ganondorf, to save princess Peach
zecnode 3 months ago
Arms to is coming to the 3ds
zecnode 3 months ago
I'm surprised you only have 200k subs
angads life
angads life 3 months ago
▀▄▀▄Ur calling link Zelda and calling Zelda ▀▄▀▄prince peach 🍑u need to learn ur Zelda carekters▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀
William Afton
William Afton 3 months ago
angad plays wao with fast joke
Oof Yeetus
Oof Yeetus 3 months ago
Boi u talkin bout some ppl not bein real Zelda fans yet here u are calling Zelda PRINCESS PEACH smh
SM - 06BA - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353)
For anyone watching this video is CONTENT
SM - 06BA - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353)
i have wii u it better be on it
Boba Fett
Boba Fett 3 months ago
I literally just got BOTW and now there's a sequel?!?!
Lukas P.
Lukas P. 3 months ago
A little late, nah?
SquishCandy 3 months ago
Why is there a lot of ad? I was like wheres the skip button?
Lime - X
Lime - X 4 months ago
There’s a reason why this has so many dislikes... It’s pretty stupid but I don’t care anymore.
Tenherogamer 4 months ago
*We need back ravioli*
Saoirse McLeod
Saoirse McLeod 4 months ago
Wait! Did you even play any Zelda games? Ever? You not only referred to Princess Zelda as Princess Peach, but you also called Link, Zelda. WTF? In case you're a novice, Link is the hero. Zelda is the NPC Princess that you rescue in every game. Princess Peach is unaffiliated entirely. As in Super Mario francise.
Saoirse McLeod
Saoirse McLeod 4 months ago
Ok this guy is irritating. I'm out!
Saoirse McLeod
Saoirse McLeod 4 months ago
1:40 I to the video and Zelda has only been mentioned briefly. I hate youtubers.
Sarcastic Gamer
Sarcastic Gamer 4 months ago
If you ever feel useless remember the I’m not Zelda! With a picture of link merch lol
Sarcastic Gamer
Sarcastic Gamer 4 months ago
But can we actually play “princess peach) Zelda and / or link like make it a choice or have parts for Zelda and I mean without mods man
SIR _JAZZYDOO 4 months ago
"Oh these are pretty cool bananas... 5:00"
Aaron Clorox
Aaron Clorox 4 months ago
Your commentary is horrendous. Just stop trying to be funny. You aren’t.
aredjayplayz 4 months ago
You just called Zelda princess peach and pink Zelda 😂 wow
StarPlatinum87 5 months ago
Mandaloreking 5814
Mandaloreking 5814 5 months ago
I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed.
Captain Of the falcons
0:25 fighting lynels be like
Isaac Wolf
Isaac Wolf 5 months ago
4:37 I cant wait to see zelda become a air bender
Boomboss153 5 months ago
That’s link with the hand thing Du
Potato Tomato
Potato Tomato 6 months ago
So we just finna ignore the fact that he said princess peach at 3:54
Portal Jumper
Portal Jumper 6 months ago
Torque Culture
Torque Culture 6 months ago
This shits funny😂
Overight O
Overight O 6 months ago
Dude you literally make no sense you did not even play it 😕?
Zelda With A Gun
Zelda With A Gun 6 months ago
More flying music
BeefyIsHere 7 months ago
I feel bad for people who took this seriously.
JTAnimations 7 months ago
Zelda: *is on the animal* Doom: She's making Zelda WALK?!?!
JTAnimations 7 months ago
You mean Ganondorf?
Joe Lambie
Joe Lambie 7 months ago
Wow this guy is terrible how does he have subs?????
Unknown 7 months ago
That is not Zelda who waking it’s link 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Inferno 7 months ago
Im pretty sure The Switch thing is sayin the only way to get the game is by stabbing someone with a switch blade
Redneck Duck
Redneck Duck 7 months ago
Obadijah Parks
Obadijah Parks 9 months ago
Please tell me he knows who link is.....
Itsov5033 oink
Itsov5033 oink 9 months ago
Schokii 9 months ago
I am long time on amino and i never ever saw an adversistment or anythjng else for amino on freakin RUvid you are FIRST one I just have to follow qwq
HUSKY 10 months ago
Wtf is this bs?
#IsaacDGreat 10 months ago
You're sound effects, and you're talking is amazing; should be paid a ton of $$$$, because you're just a great you-tuber with great content; so keep it up.
yee 10 months ago
Aquaman is in DC
The EJB 10 months ago
Are you sure that is ganon
DRAGOMON _J 10 months ago
Sorry can’t spell
DRAGOMON _J 10 months ago
Zelda is on the eleffeni thing link is walking 😡
Kelli Cartwright
Kelli Cartwright 10 months ago
Liam Sloma
Liam Sloma 10 months ago
Stop calling link zelda
Wolfist Life
Wolfist Life 10 months ago
Dude! The boy’s name is Link, and the girl you call Peach is names Princess Zelda
#IsaacDGreat 11 months ago
lets go for the sponsor's man; you're the best botw youtuber
Catt Crow
Catt Crow 11 months ago
Video begins at 2:05
Aashman Bhondwalkar
Aashman Bhondwalkar 11 months ago
Those were not diamonds those are luminous stones
Hamsnub 11 months ago
Slaming gamer Roblox whoosh
Galyy Sal
Galyy Sal 11 months ago
12:15 Zelda 😹
Amanda Intini
Amanda Intini 11 months ago
How many times do I have to tell this to people the boy is link and the girl is Zelda
Hamsnub 11 months ago
Amanda Intini woooosh
death by throat
death by throat 11 months ago
Link: calamity ganon eat a Snickers. Calamity ganon: why? Link: because your not you when your hungry. Calamity ganon: *eats Snickers and turns back into ganondorf* Link: better? Ganondorf: I NEED WATER!!!
Handy Dandy
Handy Dandy 11 months ago
4:00-4:17 I'm sorry doom,but mods aren't DLC. MODS AREN'T DLC DOOM!
ùwú òwó
ùwú òwó 11 months ago
"We're going to outer space!!!" My last 2 brain cells: breath of the wild galaxy
Head_Quarter 21 day ago
Breath of the galaxy Galaxy of the wild The legend of Galaxy Link between galaxies *help*
Raphaël Castonguay
Raphaël Castonguay 11 months ago
4:15 Say the guy that call Zelda peach and call link Zelda
Allan Obrien
Allan Obrien 11 months ago
Do you mean dc? 😂
Bug Guts
Bug Guts 11 months ago
Holy crap I used to watch you so much
X X X Tentacion
X X X Tentacion 11 months ago
Ahhhh the fingers moved
Barerwolf Year ago
That was link not Zelda
Barerwolf 11 months ago
Exdo Rme I feel like he’s was just acting it out but he sounds serious
Exdo Rme
Exdo Rme 11 months ago
Not sure if troll or serious
Ninja Starz XL
Me having enough money to get og Zelda and then I see this😩😫😖😣
OMG it's worse than I thought, Ganondorf's gorgeous!
Shaun jackson
Shaun jackson Year ago
Comment on this who is hotter breath of the wild Gannon or Erazor Djinn from sonic and the secret rings
상윤 Year ago
roblox dumb stuff
Wheres my creeper aw man
Yea botw2 should be on the wiiu
Sunriru Year ago
The annoying animal rights people is PETA also who you called zelda is link
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown Year ago
God you are an annoying fuck. Also did you just call link Zelda like 5 times? Learn your shit
Hamsnub 11 months ago
Dylan Brown woooosh
Thy Meme Thief
0:25 Waluigi
kito Year ago
Dragon Nare
Dragon Nare Year ago
Yes princess peach is horrible Yes I know that’s in not princess peach can’t you take a joke
FlashKrazy Year ago
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