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It’s not in the papers but a silent revolution is moving across the world. Renewable energy is becoming cheaper than from fossil fuels. It means that progressively the choice for wind and solar energy is no longer an ethical one but an economic one. And this will speed up the transfer to renewable energy.
In countries like Brazil, Australia, Chile and parts of the United States people consider renewable energy because of financial reasons. The price of solar and wind energy will continue to drop and in more countries renewable energy will occur.
A surprising newcomer on the market is Morocco, where the government expects that in 2020 more than 40 percent of the energy could come from solar energy.
Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2016.
© VPRO Backlight March 2016
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Director: Martijn Kieft
Research: Robert Kosters
Producer: Jolanda Segers
Commissioning editors: Marije Meerman, Doke Romeijn
English, French and Spanish subtitles: Ericsson.
French and Spanish subtitles are co-funded by European Union.

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May 5, 2016




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Comments 1 446
robert hicks
robert hicks Day ago
IF people wanted cheap clean energy, we had the solution setting in the patent office since 1979. No one wants it.
John Smith
John Smith Day ago
Is it possible to "MAGNETIZE" the molecules of the salt of the Sea water or the Sodium? The purpose and the idea would be so to be able to separate the salt molecules from the Sea water and transform it to sweet or drinking water. After All, all Salt is a mineral. Minerals such as Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, and etc... are only substances that are formed naturally in the Earth. Minerals are usually solid, inorganic, have a crystal structure, and form naturally by geological processes. A mineral can be made of single chemical element or more usually a compound. If the Sea water can be transformed into sweet or drinking water by "Magnetization" process, it would make it much readily available, much less expensive than the processes of "Desalination" and the filtration systems.
Learning By Doing
Awesome documentary guys, thanks for making it. A real positive outlook on whats become a rather depressing theme.
Tom Long
Tom Long 2 days ago
As soon as everyone climbs down off their pet horse and work together. It's going be a mix of all for 100's of years. Using the pragmatic approach will fund research into cutting edge of whatever moment you choose. The wind isn't always blowing and the Sun doesn't always shine. Leaving fossil fuels a lane for extended years. I welcome the day that a huge breakthrough will become public knowledge. Until then use the best of any form or mix of energy use one can.
Mark Brand
Mark Brand 2 days ago
What does China plan to do with all that power? Throw it down the drain??? There aren't enough batteries.
TheBlockStreet 2 days ago
He reminds me of General Alahadin from dictator
Pari Exon
Pari Exon 3 days ago
Oil smells funny 😐
John Augsburger
John Augsburger 3 days ago
I find this to be interesting Jarp, jurp jup jup
Come on USA... get with it, there will always be use for gas in heating and cooking. Oil and coal for fuel so why the paranoia?
ingebrecht 6 days ago
Clouds and night. How do you subsidize sunlight. Commercially stupid.
rpbajb 7 days ago
The Canary Islands didn't invent the idea of pumped hydro electricity generation. We've been doing it here in the US for decades. Had to turn off this video. Watch out folks, bad research.
Bill Chaffee
Bill Chaffee 9 days ago
In California renewable mandates and subsidies contribute to economic inequality. People that can afford solar roof top panels can get their electric power real cheap. To pay for the subsidies rates are jacked up for people that can’t afford solar panels. This contributes to energy poverty. Poorly sited wind turbines cause environmental damage. Well designed nuclear plants are the best source of base load power. Pumped storage still has a role play to deal with variations in power demand.
Lucius Irving
Lucius Irving 10 days ago
Don't forget about CSP and with molten salts, we can have a type of solar power that can compete with geothermal, nuclear fission and even IGCC.
As long as they invest in a new generation of nuclear reactors its all fine by me. If you desire a clean environment (one where you can recycle) the goal is to use more power, not less.
Attack OFTM
Attack OFTM 12 days ago
Matthew Huszarik
Matthew Huszarik 14 days ago
One thing they talk like pumped storage is a new technology, it has actually been around for many decades.
ty white
ty white 15 days ago
I like solar but wind destroys too many birds and no one talks about it.
Ron M
Ron M 16 days ago
Ok so now that the co2 problem is solved, now we just have to figure out the other killer issues like rogue A.I. , meteorites, antibiotic resistant viruses, nuclear war, killer robots and corrupt governments just to name a few.
Stephen Verchinski
Stephen Verchinski 17 days ago
Warren Buffett however wanted to exploit the California desert to do his solar. He could have used the old destroyed oil fields instead of the western mojave desert and taking the habitat of the desert tortoises. Like anything, the mitigation of the application is key to success from the start. There is no free use of the game board.
LangeLS Sing Praise
I believe Tesla's invention for free energy via the centripetal force of our planets in space that is natural resources..With that in mind we are going to be 10 times better building on what Tesla had..We will get those lab papers from his lab which was destroyed and burnt down.. But the papers I believe someone has them.. We in America, Israel etc will all put our smart brains together and build on Tesla's science and to farther than what he had 10 times more and less space taken from these solar panels in our land space to vertically designed energy plants that are green and attractive also on each home providing each person with their own power plant ..Also be able to create water out of thin air to boot besides..Having gardens right under these safe new green towers of energy..because the water they produce also.. Our food waste for composted matter and what is not composted can be used as gas but safe gas..as long as there is more oxygen than that of CO....I think we can create this also growing Hemp as a way to re-green the desert for food clothes and food all in one place and one plant ... "Hemp" and more trees in places and more plant life..My 2 cent$ worth..Great job Dubai!!
LangeLS Sing Praise
That's GREAT news 👍😊
Four 4
Four 4 20 days ago
The guy at 25:00 talk for nothing. The speech is like : "we are better than all this Arabian Country. We think for the future " but the true is that you need the money of these guys. Because we never see you in poor country/continent like Africa. Where are you? You don't like the Arab Guy and that the same for these guys. But both you don't really want change the world and helping other nation. You exclusively want to make money before helping anybody and when you have enough money you just run with your own mind without anybody.
Gary Schultz
Gary Schultz 21 day ago
And we have Prehistoric trump and the GOP holding us back...... yeah !!!!
HardWarUK 22 days ago
What do we do with all these solar panels in 15 years when they stop working? I doubt they're being built with recycling in mind. Yet in 15 years, resources will be so low, we would NEED to recycle them to make more as there won't be enough resources to re-build them! But the main thing is the fact that we have 20 years of built in climate change that will mean food production and clean water issues - and that has nothing to do with energy. No video's on YT seem to look at the whole. Just good and bad bits, like this video is telling us a good bit.
Shahab Mos
Shahab Mos 24 days ago
without the dense energy batteries or renewable fuel ,the renewable energy wont last 2 years in competition. of course you can force the public to use wood gas cars like ww2 .but hey ,who can match communism and nazism in brutality ,and they failed to force it for long.
Thore Karlsson
Thore Karlsson 26 days ago
During Trump presidency USA will be so left behind. With poor people dependent on expensive oil
Thore Karlsson
Thore Karlsson 19 days ago
+Judy Cooke How do you mean ? USA are left behind in healthcare and education already. and you are not going forward.
Judy Cooke
Judy Cooke 19 days ago
Lol, shaddap you programmed drone-
Jasen Jahn
Jasen Jahn 26 days ago
US needs to wake the F up.
Matt Carrell
Matt Carrell 24 days ago
52% of the US gets it. The other 49%… well.. they are the problem because they don't want to pay for it. They want Mexico to pay for their solar panels...
Jehovah Jesus
Jehovah Jesus 27 days ago
Plants consume CO2, Global warming is a hoax
John Wise
John Wise 22 days ago
+Jehovah Jesus That is one of the things we have to do. In my province there is a program to plant 50 million trees. I am retiring some of the rough pasture land on my farm and having trees planted. Deforestation of critical ecosystems also has to happen-eg., stop cutting down rainforest in the Amazon to grow soybeans for animal feed.
Jehovah Jesus
Jehovah Jesus 23 days ago
+C.W. Olson Are you a globalist pig?? We will see for sure if you insult my intelligence instead of presenting reason to help readers come to a reasonable understanding of the claims. So let's chat, if we need more plants why don't we just plant more plants to consume more CO2??
C.W. Olson
C.W. Olson 23 days ago
Jehovah Jesus and we are producing more Co2 and have less plants to deal with it .... I wonder how that will turn out for us ?
John Wise
John Wise 24 days ago
+Jehovah Jesus Who would be funding a huge scientific body such as NASA or NOAA to falsify research on climate change? They are American government institutions and their research demonstrates that CO2 from fossil fuel burning is destabilizing the climate. This despite the fact that Trump is a denier. Here is a list of hundreds of similarly reputable scientific bodies that share the same conclusions as NASA. www.opr.ca.gov/facts/list-of-scientific-organizations.html Please provide an equally reputable list of organizations with the opposite view.
Jehovah Jesus
Jehovah Jesus 24 days ago
+John Wise I have no reason to doubt that organizations have been paid to push the narrative, but organizations exist also that refute the idea that a decimal here and a decimal there means we have 12 years left. Seems more like a power grab to me, another artificial money source. Get everyone to fear the sky is falling youd be amazed the hoops they will jump through.
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson Month ago
Look into the 20 Kilowatt Leonardo E-Cat SK, and the 10 Kilowatt Infinity SAV electric generator.
maxbass Month ago
This very same channel with the same narrator made a video 1 year later (in 2017) saying fracking has really damaged the prospect for renewable energy for the foreseeable future. If you can't even maintain your position in an hour long documentary for more than 1 year, maybe your original conclusion was wrong. It makes me question any content from this source. Your two positions are mutually exclusive.
maxbass 27 days ago
+vpro documentary When the same channel and same host provides content that is 100% opposed to previous content, you see no issue with this? I would support an analysis that includes all possible sources of energy and costs/benefits in one video. But you have two videos within 1 year that completely and utterly contradict each other. You are tell opposite stories. You can't just say the world is marching toward a completely renewable energy solution fast that we think...and then say fracking is now going to guarantee cheap oil for the foreseeable future and this is stopping the march to renewable energy solution. Nothing happen between the period of these two videos to warrant a complete reversal of position. You can change your view. But if you change your view, admit it. State it at the beginning of a video. "Hey, we wanted renewable energy, we think this is the only logical sustainable solution...but the fracking production is increasing so rapidly that this oversupply of oil for the foreseeable future is tempering our initial thoughts on the near term future of renewable.
vpro documentary
Interesting comment as we wonder why a channel should only publish content that shouts always in the same direction?
Glenn Nile
Glenn Nile Month ago
All right. The energy problem is solved. No wait. This was made more than 3 years ago and my electric bill keeps going up. Perhaps we can do something about the delusional liberal sheep that do not think. They just follow and agree.
harmony peace
harmony peace Month ago
We are too busy fighting unproductive wars
A. P.
A. P. Month ago
Gino D
Gino D Month ago
Finally some good news
tod jones
tod jones Month ago
Thorium based Nuclear energy is already cheaper but Westinghouse that owns the biggest percentage of Uranium reserves doesn't want competition so it had congress outlaw development. Our energy polity is as corrupt as our foreign policy.
Glenn Nile
Glenn Nile Month ago
Wow. Did you do you thesis on why Thorium reactors are not the solution? I mean are the solution? Try Googleing just once before you post. Ask your Mom how to do it.
David Macdonald
David Macdonald Month ago
This is very true, but still people wont come to the also obvious fact that methane gas from cows animal agriculture in general ,people's food habits must change, look up doctor greger on utube and doctor esselstine ,this is something so important and frankly we are waiting to long to do something about it watch cowspirisy.
Brian Daigle
Brian Daigle Month ago
Rare earth minerals wont last forever either but better than oil but not a true long term answer.
Ron McGill
Ron McGill Month ago
Was thinking about going solar good rebates to do it . But the electric companys won't let Me do it they tell me only can build one big enough for the electric i use during the day . The electric company don't want people to do it Maybe different parts of the country but not here . Electric bills keep going up .
Matt Carrell
Matt Carrell 24 days ago
The electric company can not dictate the size of your solar system. They could refuse to allow you to connect to their grid to sell excess power but if that's how they are and how the laws allow in your locality, then why would you even want to deal with their dictates? My response to them saying that to me would be to oversize my system beyond my daily needs, implement battery or pumped water or hydrolysis to hydrogen generation electric energy banking and cut off their pathetic monopoly and be free of them. There are very few places in the US which would allow the local utility company to tell you that you can't overproduce. They may throw up roadblocks like taking an extra long time to allow you to connect your system pending their approval (inspection sign off which they can delay and some do), but to outright tell you you can't produce more than you use when you are connected to them is kind of stupid since it would give you no incentive to stay with them or connect your new system to them. They think they can disincentivise people like that so they won't want to go solar, but actually, that will push just as many people away from them completely in the end as solar prices are now below that for gas fired generation for the first time in history. They may stonewall, but they have no right in most places to do such and can not stop progress this way forever. Check your local laws and make sure they aren't BS'ing you. The only place I've heard that can get away with that kind of nonsense I think was in Utah last I heard.
Thomas Bressler
Thomas Bressler Month ago
Stupid China should have went for free energy not Solar or wind. Perpetual motion energy will outdo solar or wind.
Irvin Wittmeier
Irvin Wittmeier Month ago
If you want to stop climate change stop chem trailing stop dumping barges of trash into the ocean becouse it's cheaper than recycling and stop calling CO2 harmful its plant food Oh and stop lieing about there being climate change in the first place
Astro Mars
Astro Mars Month ago
Just want the Aliens to annihilate us all.....
Sean Newhouse
Sean Newhouse Month ago
A point where it'll have to come between more public grid and private/new mass grid
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murderdogg Month ago
27:19 They short-sold the stocks of the competition. That shows pride in their product. Edit: The host resembles Bill Nein.
David Motyka
David Motyka Month ago
The whole Earth needs this.
Proitalian anthony
My god !!! What are the implications in Northern Countries where the sun is seldom Seen during the winter months. This is definitely a one sided venue.
Matt Carrell
Matt Carrell 24 days ago
That's not a very fair nor true assessment. Northern countries are typically graced with hydro (Norway is not the only one), geothermal, wind, and wave power sources. Also, there is solar that is effective even for northern climates. Look at Germany. They aren't exactly sitting on the equator now are they yet a majority of their power is renewable now after substantial investment. Wether or not they choose to pay for utilizing those resources or ignoring them due to "cost" and going with environmentally devastating nuclear, filthy coal and war-causing oil, is entirely their choice at this point and their choice will say much about how greedy, lazy and rational a people they are at this point in time. Lazy to think they don't have the ability to go clean. There is not one locality on this planet that has no resources in this way available to tap. Greedy if they want to believe that economy (today) is everything that it's too expensive to do. It's too expensive NOT to make the switch at this point. The future is at stake! Rational because frankly, regardless of how much the price tag is, or how easy it is to harness which version of renewables are available in your locality, a rational person after hearing the evidence at this point would have to decide we have no choice but to use everything we can to combat this problem. It Is all of our shared problem and shared responsibility to implement effective change immediately.
Paul Fekkes
Paul Fekkes Month ago
When are people gping to realize, there is NO such thing as renewable energy. The energy taken out of a system can never returned to be ŕenewed. A lot of smoke and mirrors ! Read the second law of thermodynamics!
Partridge 001
Partridge 001 Month ago
Its happening in a large scale. Saudi Arabia is coming up with the largest solar energy project. Its time for you to re read and comprehend the law of thermodynamic.
Rimda Cinah
Rimda Cinah Month ago
I don't know. Good idea but I'm still getting a weird feeling about this. What kind of damage is this going to do? Making batteries and disposing of them and taking over all that land 🤔 and still have oil, coal, dams,ecs. We really need to do something like now but we have to be smart and not fuck up the planet any more than we already have.
Rimda Cinah
Rimda Cinah Month ago
+Partridge 001 good idea! Maybe the shade from the solar panels will mister up the ground and regenerate it 🤔. I hope it works out.
Partridge 001
Partridge 001 Month ago
In the middle east they are using the desert as their solar panel plant.
Mark Chamberlin
Mark Chamberlin Month ago
Is there a 2019 update to this? This was released three years ago. Frightening enough for 2016. Where do things stand now?
Mark Chamberlin
Mark Chamberlin Month ago
+Partridge 001 So grateful.
Partridge 001
Partridge 001 Month ago
Its doing great at this time. Please google " PV magazine " for all the latest updates.
Jesse O'Reilly
Jesse O'Reilly Month ago
It's obviously good that you can produce the energy cheaper and hope the tech continues to improve, but that by no means solves the issues of A) Not being able to produce enough energy in colder, darker climates, B) The sheer amount of landmass and resources that would be necessary to even try and achieve equivalent energy output to fossil fuel powered electricity and C) Not currently having any significant way to store surplus energy. Again, good things to research and develop and implement where practical and economical, but we are by no means able to "go green" at this stage in history. Don't believe me? Read up on Germany, Ontario-Canada or Australia and see for yourself where their naivety as gotten them on this subject.
Al Settle
Al Settle Month ago
Please forward this to Trudeau. He's the guy who just spent billions of taxpayer money on a pipeline project, against the express wishes of most Canadians, and his own pre-election promise.
Matt Carrell
Matt Carrell 24 days ago
If you are referring to a certain keystone pipeline.. We didn't want It in the US either! It is illegal! The federal government had no right to impose that pipeline to pass through lands owned by "native Americans". Those peoples' lands are not a part of the United States, they are sovereign lands by treaty and Trump and his maggots had no business forcing their way onto tribal soil with their filthy useless pipeline. It's a criminal offense what they have done. They should be prosecuted for this. It is honestly, to impose a pipeline on a foreign nation that does not want it, an act of war. They should be tried for war crimes for this. Lock them up!
Steve Fortuna
Steve Fortuna Month ago
In 2019, 20 year solar PPAs are being signed today at 2.4 cents per kWH with 1% escalator for large utility scale systems in the desert. Coal and natural gas cannot touch those prices. SUCK IT, KOCH BROTHERS! If Congress had half a brain they'd KEEP the 30% ITC for the next 5 years and invest in R&D for battery storage and watch solar become ubiquitous all over the country - even in 'oil country'.
Joey Jitzel
Joey Jitzel Month ago
You may be able to produce energy cheaper than fossil fuels with solar power but you would need to cover an area approximately 130% of the USA's land mass in solar panels to create enough electricity to meet the current demand. Solar panels are going to have to become more efficient by a factor of 4 to even begin to be a viable option. Then there is the battery storage problems that will need to be dealt with, not to mention the huge battery recycling problem that would be created. It all sounds like a good idea but there is the molten salt reactor that has yet to be fully investigated that has an energy density 1000 times what solar or wind power have.
Mike Breeden
Mike Breeden Month ago
This is an interesting video... simply describing some powerful economic forces that will change the world. Renewable energy is just cheaper than fossil fuels. May I recommend a video to go with it about economical utility scale battery technology - ruvid.net/video/video-pDxegcZqx_8.html
Kenneth Kustren
Kenneth Kustren 2 months ago
Memon Fayaz
Memon Fayaz 2 months ago
Cindy Tepper
Cindy Tepper 2 months ago
Wind and solar energy people are all scammers and short bus riders. They read the press releases and stupid magazine articles and fancy themselves "informed"
John Woodgate
John Woodgate 2 months ago
Doesn't matter. Don't have a battery to store the energy and you would need a solar farm the size of California to power LA. This is just a solar panel sales pitch.
Michalis Siavil
Michalis Siavil 2 months ago
What happens when all the world go 100 renewables, millions of jobs will stop?
Scooby 2 months ago
I like the last statement 45:51
Moses Jonson
Moses Jonson 2 months ago
USA is slacking like mad hahahaha, good luck with that shit leader donald Jttrump americans, you're going to feel pain for years to come
Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes 2 months ago
It’s fine and dandy when China switches to solar when they are a communist country and can maybe pay the workers in the solar plants $5 a day and have super cheap solar panels but a totally different story in the USA where we have fair wages and freedom. What is the US government supposed to do? Borrow from China to put in more solar farms? That’s exactly what they want us to do.
luci78 Cozma
luci78 Cozma 2 months ago
Good documentary! I like the guy at the end : I delay my retirement with 2 years because Iam having so much fun now ! Good point !
Barbara Mazer
Barbara Mazer 2 months ago
Excellent documentary; uplifting yet down to earth, quite wide-ranging in its analysis.
Paul Meyer
Paul Meyer 2 months ago
That is so inspirational.
paul8kangas 2 months ago
Would the climate improve if everyone bought an e-car? NO! Because most of the energy that comes out of your wall socket comes from gas powered electric generators. SOLUTION. Build a 4-plex 100 solar panel house first before you buy an e-car. Add 1000 solar panels to each school to help raise teachers pay to $90 K. RUvid. Paul8kangas.
David McDonald
David McDonald 2 months ago
In a way you can tell 2016 was the nascent days of the technology. However pumped storage like the El Hierro project has been around since the eighties. West Virginia has had pumped storage since 1985. My home state Michigan has pumped storage at Ludington. Germany is about to launch a pumped storage wind facility in one. We really hit a break through with the Lithium Ion grid scale batteries. Hawaii has one, Puerto Rico has one and of course one year on from the Hornsdale Power Reserve going on line was a momentous occasion, showing how much it saved the grid. Now Tesla announces it's patnets are basically going open sourced. Abu Dhabi still the lead for largest storage device with it's sodium sulfur battery system. The VW plug in surprised me. Volkswagen planned mobile charging station with CATL going to be huge deal based off the guy storing energy in car battery. Now we say adding charging stations make your grid smarter.
Nils Gildemeister
Nils Gildemeister 2 months ago
This is kind of depressing to watch from Germany, knowing that we spend an incredible amount of money in making this change viable, only to let it slide once it actually started to become economically benefitial. This could have been the next key industry for the german economy (just like cat manufactering at the moment) to keep our wealth. Instead it's the chinese and an authorian regime
Sirios Star
Sirios Star 2 months ago
Hold on! Robin Berg of the netherlands claims " some cars have a range of 400to 500 km. ? Please state which cars you are speaking of.
dj osearth
dj osearth 2 months ago
40:00 For many decades excess/off peak energy pumps water up, against gravity for spinning generators on it's way back down! UK does this for example when electric kettles are boiled in sync and temporarily exceeds supply. This happens when an portion of the country goes for tea time nearly in unison for example due to vast amount watching the same BBC programming. ;] This is an actual example, you can true look it up! ;]
Webby 2 months ago
This gives me so much hope for the future.
Sara Petersen
Sara Petersen 3 months ago
just 1 more example of american technology hijacked by the chicons who are now going to sell it back to us at a high price
Paul Karagiannis
Paul Karagiannis 3 months ago
GREAT foresight guys, it is now finally well under way
Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus 3 months ago
Arab talking about solar energy hmmm smart
Toraguchi Toraguchi
Toraguchi Toraguchi 3 months ago
All they Did was project a LONGER Life-Span for cheaper solar panels so that the cost of initial investment is spread over a longer period....30 years instead of 20, but who's to say what'd happen in 20 years time? None of this is created due to technological breakthrough on solar panel efficiency (Which remains at around 25%), its finding cheaper methods to build the same thing and financial manipulation.
Manuel Magro
Manuel Magro 3 months ago
The dark mood around Chines pollution is a pointer towards energy transformation.
rRobert Smith
rRobert Smith 3 months ago
China is now the king of clean energy including thorium nuclear and solar. They are getting off coal imported from Australia so much, whole towns in Australia are going under. China doesn't have to worry about sucking up to BIG COAL, all they have to worry about is sooo many people getting black lung they REBEL.
John Powell
John Powell 3 months ago
Until you come up with an effective way to store the excess produced to get you through the NIGHT you are selling a dream. What is the cost of covering desert land versus productive land? This is solar rich environment versus any other northern lands or southern lands!! Until you have a comprehensive system at an affordable cost for the end user WITHOUT any subsidies or schemes you are spinning your wheels.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 3 months ago
UK offshore wind is currently the cheapest power we have. Beats new nuclear easily. Unsubsidized! Renewable energy is expanding very fast whereas the current main nuclear project (Hinkley C) is a nightmare, running late, over budget and promising energy costs *way* over wind power. It won't even be ready until 2025/6.... IF there are no more delays. So much for "affordable cost for the end user"!
Bashu Gautam
Bashu Gautam 3 months ago
nsecchi1 3 months ago
To hell with all this! Trump promised us coal!
Bruce Jewell
Bruce Jewell 3 months ago
Lots of great info here. It's exciting. I run a Wind and Solar group on FB.
vpro documentary
vpro documentary 3 months ago
Thank you Bruce Jewell, would you share it on FB? I guess the group members would be also interested to see it?!
fruit 3 months ago
solution = use tesla power pack battery to store the green energy. solved
halley0413 9837
halley0413 9837 3 months ago
Is it really? As of today, the USA is not in it, China pays lip service to it while it goes on its merry way, Germany is being sneaky and deceitful about it, India and other industrializing third world countries are exempt from it. There has been no decline in the tonnage of carbon being spewed into the atmosphere. In fact, the only country considered the boogeyman of this pseudo climate change movement that has actually reduced its carbon emissions in 2017 is the USA. Carbon credit as they want to propagandize, has not actually resulted in the reduction of carbon emissions, it just shifted the blame and shame from the actual polluters to those who are willing to sell their carbon credit like it was an indulgence granted to sinners, like an absolution, a pass or a waver as long as you pay. Result? No reduction in carbon emissions, the world as you all say is still warming and doomsday is still coming. Yeah right, that ship has sailed and you have to work harder on your con.
MrThorneycroft 3 months ago
At 12 minutes in we see smog caused by internal combustion engines. Seeing most citizens wearing smog masks should be a wake up call. In the uk we kill 30,000 a year by respiratory diseases and research says tens of thousands more develop Alzheimer's early due to pollution. Our governments response is to stamp on local democracy and insist on fracking and a super expensive nuclear power station that is hugely expensive and subsidised. Theresa May is a very stupid woman! Budah of Birmingham
Jim Cavett
Jim Cavett 4 months ago
Look how wrong these fools were. Good luck with this plan....
Davey Duff
Davey Duff 4 months ago
Without government regulation forcing energy suppliers to buy the energy these SCAMMERS produce because of the GLOBAL WARMING SCAM this shit would flop because it is a SCAM the trendies lap up!
James L
James L 4 months ago
I have not finish this documentary but my prediction is... where is the battery?
perry reasch
perry reasch 4 months ago
cheaper to make // but greed will be the real cost to us $$$$
Jon Tellock
Jon Tellock 4 months ago
I am a Solar Electrical Systems, Design Engineer. The problems I see with this documentary are threefold: Geolocation, Storage and Transmission. To say that the cost of Solar will be the same price, regardless of location, is just not taking into account the COST OF THE LAND, ON WHICH IT IS GENERATED. And, power is not able to be supplied at peak demand, due to inefficiencies in storage AND system loss, in the transmission of power, to the demand location. In the USA, the Electrical Grid is antiquated and MUST BE PUT UNDERGROUND (to start) and thus, replaced wholesale. Few are credibly addressing Power Transmission, the essential 3rd leg of the Renewable viability requirement. At least not yet, as we enter into 2019.
Samachar 4 months ago
In India, Its now 3 cent!!! By 2022, We will have 176000 MW of solar.
jmuld1 4 months ago
Years have gone by, where is competitive green energy?
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 3 months ago
+jmuld1 Which is precut why battery stored green energy is so cheap. It can react extremely quickly *and* precisely to extra demand, then switch off with zero waste when not required. Ref the "South Australia" project.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 3 months ago
+jmuld1 Did you not watching the video? Have you not seen my other comments? I've been saying *everywhere* that this is an opportunity for "poorer" countries to advance their economy. The danger to them is that those invested in the existing tech may not like that. Green energy shows great promise for *every* country...... BUT those with control at the moment must be persuaded that *they* can also benefit.
jmuld1 3 months ago
+Roger Starkey Electricity is traded in minutes based on who can supply and at what price .
jmuld1 3 months ago
+Roger Starkey Another statement that accountants are stupid. Green energy shows great promise for countries that don't have a grid. one kilo watt worth pennies to us would power them for an evening. but no we chase the global warming issue.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 3 months ago
+jmuld1 They are. It takes time.
Omnipotent Om
Omnipotent Om 4 months ago
The time is coming when the use of fossil fuels will be a faint and distant memory. Kids will laugh as instructor explain how humans used to burn coal and gas for energy! #TheGreatAwakening
Jay Sweetman
Jay Sweetman 4 months ago
Why are we bothering with trying to go to Mars when this is the focus we should have?
John Baldwin
John Baldwin 4 months ago
There is no shortage of energy but there is a shortage of know how of the process to tap into earth's infinite energy field . It will take a revolution in thinking to overcome the inertia of the lack of a common goal , to unite and harness this abundance of energy that exist all around us .
đeri662 4 months ago
Infinite energy field? The average Earth's magnetic and electric fields are approx. 40 μT and 120 V/m respectively. So there is 0.6 mJ/m³ and 6.4 nJ/m³ respectively. Energy consumption per year is 0.4 trillion billion J (Wikipedia). I don't know which infinite energy field you were talking about.
wTHEs 4 months ago
chinese it s such an annoying language
Luh Tunka
Luh Tunka 4 months ago
Very stupid misleading devils plan , bruh just undo your concrete and let trees grow or on old parking lots or unused buildings and parks !💎🌋🌲
Gary McSpadden tech
Gary McSpadden tech 4 months ago
If demand for oil goes down due to Renewables so will the price for oil. I'm sure this will slow progress.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 3 months ago
If the price drops they sell less volume for less money, but the overheads remain almost the same. GREAT business model! Any *smart* oil company would be doing what the Saudi's are, getting into renewables.
Gary McSpadden tech
Gary McSpadden tech 4 months ago
Meanwhile, two and a half years later...
John Milheiser
John Milheiser 4 months ago
If you could find a health club that paid you to use exercise equipment designed to generate power, would you go there? The way the exercise equipment can be designed to work is by simply converting the calories you burn into electricity. The average person in good health can burn about 300 calories per hour when they exercise. By way of the conversion process 300 calories can easily be converted into about 350 watts of electricity. By getting the government to pay people for generating electricity at a health club, may seem a bit unrealistic. However, the problem of having millions of people out of work would be positively addressed with a resolve. The value to a society is healthier people, less pollution, a reduction in fossil fuel consumption, a healthier economy, a reduced need for unemployment compensation and less need for other government assisted programs. Actually, the idea is not necessarily to hire everyone to generate power. The idea is to put people back to work designing, manufacturing and marketing exercise equipment that generates power.
đeri662 4 months ago
There are a few problems with your idea: 1) I tried to generate power with a similar system and could only output 400 W for two minutes. 2) You would need approx. 3 million people outputing 350 W all the time just to replace one reactor in a nuclear power plant. It's not a bad idead regarding people's health, but it wouldn't do much for the power grid.
Gary Rose
Gary Rose 4 months ago
man made climate change is total bs
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 3 months ago
You'll be an expert then? Here are the ultimate questions 2 arguments. 1) Man causes warming. 2) Man doesn't. If "we" assume man does and try to clean up our act, A) What's the cost? B) What's the downside if we're wrong? ...... A? We were spending the money anyway! B? None really, at least things are *cleaner* ! ........ If "we" assume that we don't cause warming.... A) Cost? B) Downside if we're wrong? ....... A? Costs about the same. B? Errr.... We're SCREWED? (ALL of us! EVERYONE!) YES? See the logic?
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