Breaking The Unwritten Rules (part 6)

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When I made the first video over 2 years ago I never would’ve thought that I would end up making 5 more and who’s to say that I won’t be on a part 10 eventually? The Unwritten rules of baseball are like the honor code and you wouldn’t want to break them! #MLB #Baseball #WesleyAPEX
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Outro Song - Year of the Snake by Chimaira
*** i do Not own any rights to the video clips used. All rights belong to the Leagues. This is strictly a video made by a fan for fans! ***


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Aug 14, 2019




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Comments 856
H&SAnimations 41 minute ago
all ive learned about pitchers are the ones who throw at people seem like a bunch of fags
guysmalley 5 hours ago
Who gives a crap about what the other team feels about a bunt? They have an opportunity to make the play.
Connor Reynolds
Why doesn’t anyone just lose it and savagely best the pitcher?
Acuña jr the future goat
Alex B
Alex B Day ago
Why would the team getting hit get a warning 🤔
humdrumfeast Day ago
Schilling left a hanging breaker in the zone. Man is lucky all Davis did was bunt
Ho Li Phuq
Ho Li Phuq 2 days ago
The outro song was the worst song ever written. You can't really call it a song, more like spoiled brats with no talent screaming as loud as they can for their mommies to ease their emotional girl pain.
Juan M. Leon
Juan M. Leon 2 days ago
What's wrong with a bunt ?
Corey Dunbar
Corey Dunbar 2 days ago
I’m coming to that mound with the bat if you throw at me intentionally
Randy Snoots
Randy Snoots 2 days ago
These bunt ones are not what the unwritten rule is about, these were close games where a runner on is important and i 100% believe it is a smart play, now if it was a 6 run game in the 8th or 9th then sure but 1 or 2 run games now these players that get mad need to grow up, earn your achievement.
TheBmxrider1234 2 days ago
Should list the rules that are broken
Ancapistanian 2 days ago
Contrary to what most are saying I actually do think its kinda shitty to bunt to break up a no hitter late in the game even if its close. But if they're shifting you, fuck that. How can you be mad when that would have been an easy out without the shift.
SWWonders 2 days ago
Marlins are such a 🗑 organization
SWWonders 2 days ago
What a bitch move by Kershaw, why the fuck would he plunk Ramirez down 3-1 to load the bases
James96594 3 days ago
I'm not sure bunting in the middle innings with a 1 run deficit and the shift on is breaking an unwritten rule. If the defense put the shift on to protect a run, the offense can bunt to beat the shift to manufacture one.
Keith Foley
Keith Foley 3 days ago
This is a stupid concept... all of these games are close games. They all were in situations where they needed a baserunner so i dont blame any of these teams for laying down a bunt. Maybe you should make a better pitch and they foul the bunt off instead of crying that your no hitter is over
richard mcrae
richard mcrae 3 days ago
There nothing wrong with bunting if game is close so what if the pitcher is throwing a no hitter
Space Dead
Space Dead 3 days ago
I don't get the bunting thing. Like, its part of the game. If you can't get a no hitter then you can't get one. Are people honestly saying that if a player has the ability to get on base he shouldn't do it because the pitcher is doing good? Should we start swinging at everything and let every pitcher have a no hitter? Some of these bunts are like in the 5th or 6th inning too
lovelessissimo 3 days ago
I want to hear a former pitcher comment on the bitch bunts.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 3 days ago
Bunting in the 5th when down by 1 on a no hitter isn't breaking any rules
William Hitch
William Hitch 3 days ago
This video is a great example of why no one takes baseball seriously anymore. “Unwritten rules” crybaby pitchers and mediocre gameplay are why baseball sits about 100 miles below Basketball & Football
Travis White
Travis White 3 days ago
There are no unwritten rules. It's why they aren't written.
Jack Tattis
Jack Tattis 4 days ago
Your ball players would not last a season in cricket .Cricketers get hit constantly and there are no free walks to the other end. One player in a days play at the crease was hit 12 times and that was only the bruises that showed. He did not rant or rave he got on with the game and scored 160
Jack Tattis
Jack Tattis 4 days ago
grown up ball players Bull shit a base hit is a base hit and if everyone was back so what?
pughconsulting 4 days ago
You have a ball. But I have a bat.
Frank Parker Jr.
Frank Parker Jr. 4 days ago
Padres crowd booing a bunt to bust up the no-no, up 1-0 in the 5th, vs a shift... That's like the Padre-est thing that ever Padre'd.
Anonymous Hitman
Anonymous Hitman 4 days ago
fuck your no -no. Can't score unless you get on base.
Greg Jones
Greg Jones 4 days ago
All of this shows why baseball is just a bad fudeMantaly flawed and boring sport the watch.
Myself andI
Myself andI 4 days ago
I would suggest grammar school before commenting on big-boy sports, young one.
rj1982ii 4 days ago
What was they unwritten rule broken in the it by pitches on Dodgers vs Cardinals. I thought both sides were suppose to plunk each other. Samething with Acuna he shows off with the home run so he gets hit on next at bat.
WhoIsBruceWayne 4 days ago
You bunt when a runner is on. You never bunt when you're up 10 runs to pad your stats. That's unethical. You take your swing and battle the pitcher. You have nothing to prove when you're up that much and pull a bunt.
WhoIsBruceWayne 3 days ago
@Myself andI I'll agree with you on the tranny liberals ruining the sport. You can't even collide with the catcher anymore
Myself andI
Myself andI 4 days ago
@WhoIsBruceWayne again, if you play pussy ball. BASEBALL, as long as I've been alive (until the trannies and liberals infected it with boo hoo-ism) has been about preventing the no-hitter, getting on base, and scoring runs. If you're up 10 runs, your stats are so inflated, nothing you do will really affect them more, unless the team is really just that bad, that day, that game. NEVER STOP PLAYING TO WIN. that's when a team makes it's comeback, smokes you and leave you crying about some other made up bullshit like (they TRICKED US into playing soft by giving us that lead) or some other ridiculous shit like that.
CrackaCarpinda 5 days ago
I wouldn't be surprised if pitchers got upset when batters bunt in the 2nd inning of a no-hitter. What a bunch of divas.
C Money
C Money 5 days ago
Man don't you just hate it when a hockey team scores late in the game to make it 7-1 and ruin a shutout... might as well just fire a puck at his face cause thats disrespectful
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell 5 days ago
When the fuck was it ever an unwritten rule to not win a game regardless of whatever stupid luck the pitcher got himself for the night
Italiandanish 5 days ago
the only people who think "dont bunt" is an unwritten rule are quite literally losers. You're not out there to stroke egos you're out there to play baseball and win
fishbone3333 5 days ago
In a close game, bunting your way on is in no way, shape, or form "breaking an unwritten rule" in regards to breaking up a no-hitter. In a close game, the outcome is still well within question. Anyone who thinks it is inappropriate to "break up a no-hitter" with a bunt single in a close game is a fucking idiot.
isaac wilson
isaac wilson 5 days ago
I don’t understand why people think bunting with a no hitter is bad. If i’m a hitter and it’s a close game i’m going to do whatever i have to do to get on base.
Justin Grant
Justin Grant 5 days ago
Bunt against KC was beautiful
Bandedcookie 6 days ago
So long as it is within the the rules, i personally am a firm believer in the philosophy of "Get on base and win anyway you can". If you have to step into a throw, do it. If you can get on with a bunt, do it. When i played football in ye olden times, i grew sick of hearing parents whine and cry about their version of unwritten rules like: "You guys are winning, so why are you hitting them so hard on defense" "Your up by 35, so why not give them a touchdown" "Why did you block my son all the way to the ground". "He is smaller than you, so go easy on him"
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 6 days ago
skeezah mcleaza
skeezah mcleaza 6 days ago
I LOVE it when players bunt away from the shift. I’m not sure why but I hate the shift
Chris Rosenthal
Chris Rosenthal 6 days ago
you should do matt chapman vs nolan arenado defensive highlights
Anthony Berardi
Anthony Berardi 7 days ago
F U Greg... 1:35
Rafe Sturt
Rafe Sturt 7 days ago
the bunt by dominec brown was actually a good play. he saw a gam in the offense, obviously being a lefty who pulls the ball, they dont want to give him anything. so he lays a bunt down the other way to avoid the shift.
john robinson
john robinson 7 days ago
4:31 I didn't know Henry Rollins played baseball.
Michael Rochen
Michael Rochen 8 days ago
The problem with these "unwritten rules" is that no one has written them down. ANYONE can claim ANYTHING they DON'T LIKE is an "unwritten rule". Personally, I don't have a problem with bunting to break up a no-hitter when it's a one- or two-run game. The job of the hitter is to get on base in any legal way possible. It is NOT the HITTER'S job to help the pitcher get a no-hitter. To my mind, the only valid "unwritten rules" are things that involve showboating, like standing in the batter's box to watch a home run, or flipping the bat. You know, things that involve showing up the opponent. If you want to watch your homer, then you should take off and run your bases.
Myself andI
Myself andI 4 days ago
So you're against the football players dancing in the end zone and spiking the football after a spectacular play too then, right? FUCK YOU. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AMERICAN SPORTS if you believe that shit.
blackout2189 8 days ago
If it's within 2-0 and you're pitching a no-hitter and someone bunt singles it, cool. It's still a winnable game for them. Your no-no bid doesn't mean the other team stops playing baseball.
SkyrimDude1 8 days ago
If you get bunted on you deserve it. It's harder to bunt than to hit these days.
Moss Family
Moss Family 9 days ago
A bunt to break up a no hitter is fine I think, if it’s a easy way to get a hit go ahead
Diecast GuyKid
Diecast GuyKid 9 days ago
Since when are we supposed to allow our opponents to win? Fuck that no hitter bullshit "unwritten rule". That shit is so damn stupid.
Paddy Jay12
Paddy Jay12 10 days ago
Cashner mad because someone beats the shift.. Lol. It's amazing the shift exists.
Chris Cochran
Chris Cochran 10 days ago
So am I to understand that in a competitive sport full of people that claim to be men you're supposed to just let the pitcher wash your team because hes throwing a no hitter? Fuck that. A player's job is to win and to help his team win not coddle the fragile ego of a pitcher. Maybe next time the pitcher should do his job better.
seabrook1976 11 days ago
Defend the bunt. They’re major leaguers for chrissakes. So over these stupid unwritten rules.
jdaniel602 11 days ago
Just shows that baseball is for pussies
Tommy Rockwell
Tommy Rockwell 12 days ago
Once again it boils down to pitchers being a bunch of babies!
Joel 12 days ago
How is bunting to break up a no hitter in a 2 run ball game breaking an unwritten rule.... It’s 2 runs man
Nicholas Rizzo
Nicholas Rizzo 12 days ago
Nah. Bunting to break up a no-no is only a scumbag move if you’re losing by more than 3 runs. Totally fair in a close game... You think the other team is just not supposed to try and win? Foh
Timothy James
Timothy James 12 days ago
Someone explain to a foreigner what are the "unwritten rules"?
kummer45 13 days ago
A pitcher enjoys their three strikes and out but a batter can't enjoy his home run?
Tony B
Tony B 13 days ago
Grow up pitchers
Preston Mcmahon
Preston Mcmahon 14 days ago
The fact that bunting is an “unwritten rule” makes baseball so stupid. Sure someone’s got a no hitter. If you want to keep that no hitter don’t let them get on base w the bunt. The announcers even talk about it could be a problem. What a joke
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