Breaking Peoples Phones, Then Surprising Them With iPhone 11

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We went around breaking peoples phones & blessing them with an IPHONE 11!!!!
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Dec 12, 2019




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Comments 80
JAMAL NETTLES 3 hours ago
And another thing that's all it's off the f****** heezy with the cheese eat your herd me let's get it
JAMAL NETTLES 3 hours ago
Your friend know you should get all your guys and doing a challenge and paintballs and War Games with Mike screw funny Mike's holler at your boy
NasTV 8 hours ago
when i see the begin of they vids i just cant wait to do somthing like that
DreTV 12 hours ago
Nigga grabe a piece
Maurice Williams
I live in Gainesville 38 goriga ave
Yas Heidari
Yas Heidari Day ago
What he did for that old dude was fkng legendary 💯💯
Łïfê.åš .kãłėâh
Bro nobody like fat boy 😂😂😂😂
Seth Washington
Seth Washington 2 days ago
That girl way to stuck up to not be cute
Jacky cruz
Jacky cruz 2 days ago
That intro with the music was cool
Quarantine Gamer
Quarantine Gamer 3 days ago
The mop tho lol
Lola flowers
Lola flowers 3 days ago
This is not funny you even if you give them a new one like they have to type In there email there phone nubers
Rajib khan
Rajib khan 3 days ago
todd koen
todd koen 3 days ago
I wish I could do a video with you that be crazy you a cool dude man I’m trying to get like that too so I can give back
Aussie the cat
Aussie the cat 3 days ago
This is horrible Samsungs are better than apple and what us they have pictures of pets they love that are dead
Chelsey Francis
Chelsey Francis 4 days ago
if these guys tried to break my phone i will haunt em down bc all my stuff for school is on my phone :/
Draco L. Malfoy
Draco L. Malfoy 4 days ago
Destroying people's cars, then giving them a golf cart.
Emmanuel Olavarria
President 4K
President 4K 4 days ago
I swear the girl that got her phone thrown into the tank is in every video
KAM'RYN SMITH 5 days ago
Nigga fell tryna dance 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾
Hgdrrrt Fffygfyh
Hgdrrrt Fffygfyh 5 days ago
So lit
Darius Stephens
Darius Stephens 5 days ago
My boy fredo u wilden man
Rithik Reddy
Rithik Reddy 6 days ago
What about their SIM card??? They prob lost all their numbers
Lembs Jourdain
Lembs Jourdain 6 days ago
Emma 🛢️❤️🧡💛💚💙🖤💜💗💖💖💥💥💯🕳️💔💟🇦🇺🇦🇽
Og Yoda
Og Yoda 6 days ago
The fishies got a new iPhone
Their only one problem some people have important information on their phone. Just imagine somebody was about to close on a one million deal and this idiot breaks somebody phone
Turbo Fighter
Turbo Fighter 6 days ago
I wish i had an iphone 11 pro tho😔
Pako Eric Onneng
Pako Eric Onneng 6 days ago
Wish to have one too😭😭❤
Clout Boy’s TV
Clout Boy’s TV 6 days ago
I wonder if they realize that they gonna have to get their contacts and apps and everything back
Montegu Mbiguje
Montegu Mbiguje 7 days ago
Video game about kittens sponsors you so this is what I has come to now😑
ItzFizz 7 days ago
The editor was one of people in the AirPod video
Pj the gaot Smith
Taolo Matseka
Taolo Matseka 8 days ago
damn you guys are funny
flakezloz 8 days ago
The man ain't poor he got some nice shades and he had a phone an look at that hand writing you got bamboozled hardddd
Roblox gamer Sonic fan
Imagine breaking their phone but they ran out
Roblox gamer Sonic fan
Well the monthly payment gonna be higher
ZappFortnite 8 days ago
10:04 I’m dead he ate the food😂
gamerholic king
gamerholic king 8 days ago
15:13 nigga literaly slipped up😂😂😂
YNG Gaming
YNG Gaming 9 days ago
This video is so epic its a classic i swear keep grinding bro
Middlechill2 9 days ago
bro, idk why but, this hurt man...
Leon Bland
Leon Bland 9 days ago
I feel bad for only use the baseball bat to break the pretty girl phone but isn’t it technically base phone now
Nuke Hunter
Nuke Hunter 9 days ago
Break peoples legs than giving Them wheelchairs
Jerry Lin
Jerry Lin 9 days ago
You know when he threw her phone in tank, the iPhone is water proof right
kashay coles
kashay coles 10 days ago
Baei sniffed his penus
kashay coles
kashay coles 10 days ago
I meant bari
John Vincent Buslon
fredo hahahahaaa idol 👌
Brenden Hardman
Brenden Hardman 11 days ago
he tried to drag him in the water😂😂😂
mortobike madness
mortobike madness 12 days ago
Come break my phone
Sakib Islam
Sakib Islam 12 days ago
Thank god nun of them had super powers. Imagin what would happen to them😱
Siyabonga Siya
Siyabonga Siya 13 days ago
DO gold digger pranks pls
Joshua Mangal
Joshua Mangal 13 days ago
You guys broke Alot of phone bro 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Keyshawn Chatman
Keyshawn Chatman 13 days ago
Who else got hyped when they seen Quis dancing
MK official
MK official 13 days ago
Plz give me iphone 5 ihave tecno🙂😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😓😓😓😪😪
Tg_ Nxm88
Tg_ Nxm88 14 days ago
Bro who notice that barry has some different shoes on this but he said he only had one pair
Noah Arriaga skateboarding 21
Hi why do I never get anything like that or win
Kevinskevin 16 days ago
White people like her be crying like it’s the thing that saves her life😤
Denise ψ
Denise ψ 16 days ago
Breaking peoples condoms and giving then kids
Raf Certified
Raf Certified 16 days ago
He's the first homeless man ever to have an iPhone 11........ android user get your game up
Lazy Lazi
Lazy Lazi 16 days ago
never seen a homeless person with an iphone
SamB YT 16 days ago
Running over the family dog and buying them a puppy
Rich Baraka
Rich Baraka 17 days ago
Homeless man had a lot of trust in a stranger...wow!
PrisAndDark 18 days ago
Yeah the pictures on their phone was TOTALLY not special!!!
Mateo casillas
Mateo casillas 18 days ago
They jumped so high in the air for that bro bump my goodness they got hops
Alyssa Berly
Alyssa Berly 18 days ago
my fans be lit
my fans be lit 18 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed he took 1 minute of the video dancing
cucu jb
cucu jb 18 days ago
Mop mop mop mop
Asare osei
Asare osei 19 days ago
Fan love from Africa bro
Exelog.Official 20 days ago
maricar magtibay
maricar magtibay 20 days ago
Hello fredo im from Philippines. One of your fan I hope I can get a greetings. I always watch your vlogs. Stay safe and i miss jasmine with your vlogs. Hi ava ❤
Astro-_- Khxotic
Astro-_- Khxotic 20 days ago
Nigga Quis broke the phone than took the food 🤣🤣
Marcus Adams jr
Marcus Adams jr 21 day ago
That intro was a banger no cap
THEKINGJAY yt 21 day ago
Come and broke my phone please
Stay Home!!
Stay Home!! 23 days ago
I would've call the cops still.
inziano Eugene
inziano Eugene 23 days ago
You spend 6k on earrings but you 5, generations behind😂
x B3ASTOSOAR x 23 days ago
7:15 , when me and my homeboys hit a lick
Mohamed TTG
Mohamed TTG 22 days ago
Nigga shut the fuck up, u ain't really bout shut just talking that nonsense.
_Rhyann. 24 days ago
did dat homeless man right
Malcolm Is That You
9:07 she tripping her phone still worked I would have grabbed my phone out that fish tank
Jerry 24 days ago
Moses Gonzales
Moses Gonzales 24 days ago
That iPhone 11 if water proof but it’s not if it goes 6ft or deeper so you it still woulda worked In that fish tank
Kaide Martin
Kaide Martin 24 days ago
cuitting out peoples eyes and giving them glasses
Kade Coleman
Kade Coleman 24 days ago
how the second dude suppose to get the sim card?
Naruto l
Naruto l 24 days ago
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