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21 янв 2019

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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 23 часа назад
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GamerBrianYT 18 часов назад
Yes sure!
Shakib hasan Narsingdi
Shakib hasan Narsingdi 18 часов назад
+Prafful Sharma hi
Sarala Devi
Sarala Devi 18 часов назад
Tiger can you take a gang can come to Bengaluru Bangalore 24 Ganganagar 560032
Ash _
Ash _ 18 часов назад
Subscribe to PewDiePie on the first line OMG
Brian Schoenig
Brian Schoenig Час назад
Bénicio Régina
Bénicio Régina Час назад
DaGamingPug10 1
DaGamingPug10 1 Час назад
Oh yeah yeah
Joy Neaves
Joy Neaves Час назад
come to ashville nc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iDorphz Час назад
Oh yeah yeah
Preston Lane
Preston Lane Час назад
elkhart indian
Bradyfan100 Час назад
Juan Salazar
Juan Salazar Час назад
Richmond, Va
Heather S
Heather S Час назад
You should go somewhere in Virginia
Andrius4ajgmt Час назад
Subscribe to motion auto tv and junkyard dave
Ipp Bros
Ipp Bros Час назад
You should go to Vineland, New Jersey
Miled Nakhel
Miled Nakhel Час назад
Come to Toronto
Ezz Khazala
Ezz Khazala Час назад
كل زق
The Derbinator
The Derbinator Час назад
I like how the Two Blue Yetis aren't plugged into anything.
derek pepin
derek pepin Час назад
cyka king
cyka king Час назад
go to tronto
Chronic 4ormSSJ
Chronic 4ormSSJ Час назад
MN ST cloud
Loyalsoldier 145
Loyalsoldier 145 Час назад
Ben Noah
Ben Noah Час назад
Go to Miami
General Jukes
General Jukes Час назад
Greenville South Carolina plz
Hawaiian Wonderz
Hawaiian Wonderz Час назад
Why are there so many people with a matrix avatar saying oh yeah oh yeah
Max Ler
Max Ler Час назад
VIP ontario Canada
Joseph Sky
Joseph Sky Час назад
Garrett952 Час назад
I cant be the only one who thought DP squad as the Double..Pene.. you know what I mean
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones Час назад
you shouldgo to the barcly centre inbrooklyn home of the nets
captain janko3
captain janko3 Час назад
Go to strumica
adam levitt
adam levitt Час назад
Come to Detroit
Nikita Susidko
Nikita Susidko Час назад
come to Australia ):
Кеша Коновалов
Кеша Коновалов Час назад
sub to pewdiepie
Aaron K
Aaron K Час назад
Nice video
Aaron Cabradilla VLOWGS
Aaron Cabradilla VLOWGS Час назад
Go here at the Philippines!
Holden Sims
Holden Sims Час назад
Go to Columbia mo
Garvansh Sharma
Garvansh Sharma Час назад
Ohh the rage panda 🤣🤣🤣
Red Ace
Red Ace Час назад
Unsubscribe to Pewdie Pie
Mary Heijboer
Mary Heijboer Час назад
Sw flo
Jonathan Fielding
Jonathan Fielding Час назад
You guys should come to Kansas City
Endless Apocalypse
Endless Apocalypse Час назад
come to Delaware it will be peaceful but awesome!
Sonic Movie 2019 Fan Club
Sonic Movie 2019 Fan Club Час назад
Oh yeah yeah
Jay Hanend
Jay Hanend Час назад
Quincy Hartwigsen
Quincy Hartwigsen Час назад
Go to Springfield MO we NEED this and I know some people that this would mean a lot to.
Viljar Ytterdahl
Viljar Ytterdahl Час назад
4.99$ bullshit!
James Nations
James Nations Час назад
Come to Georgia
Jay Hanend
Jay Hanend Час назад
[AQUA] Katanas
[AQUA] Katanas Час назад
Baltimore Maryland please
Anand von Heimburg
Anand von Heimburg Час назад
sub to pewdiepie
sexypants Час назад
Main point of video: SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE
Pugcorn 999
Pugcorn 999 Час назад
You should go to Hershey Pennsylvania
Eagleboy 58
Eagleboy 58 Час назад
PLEASE go to Mesquite TX it's like 50 mins from D. P. H. Q. Please
[AQUA] Katanas
[AQUA] Katanas Час назад
Baltimore Maryland please
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