Breaking Benjamin - Red Cold River (Official Video)

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Check out the official music video for "Red Cold River" by Breaking Benjamin
EMBER is available here:
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Music video by Breaking Benjamin performing Red Cold River. (C) 2018 Hollywood Records, Inc
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Jan 19, 2018




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Comments 9 162
patrick grondines
patrick grondines 14 hours ago
Michael Eigenbauer
Michael Eigenbauer 17 hours ago
My daughter died at 10 months old after battling complications from heart surgery. Her name was Ember. Blue eyes like this girl. But I had the joy of having her home for 6 months til the surgery came. Nightmares that will never leave me. Things dads never imagine to see. I feel the same. I'd do anything to have her back. I know this song has different story but I can feel this guys pain. Every day is a battle and she passed away in February 2019. I jam this song til my speakers sound like shit. Thanks Breaking Benjamins. Great song.
TexRock Day ago
I can tell that this song was heavily inspired by AudioSlave's Gasoline. That melody is a carbon copy.
Dustin Simmonds
"You're just one bad day away from becoming me" -The Punisher We're all just one bad moment, day, or event away. My wife and kids were threatened once...and the cops saved his life. I have had to come to terms that there is a great propensity for violence in everyone, in myself, and I have accepted that it is there for a reason. "The best defense against evil is good men who are skilled at violence."
Amanda Buffaloe
Amanda Buffaloe 2 days ago
Smell like a noob Spirit
yo creo que el hizo el papel de broly en la pelicula de dbz jajajajajj amazing
jmt8706 3 days ago
Jimgu Nootron
Jimgu Nootron 4 hours ago
Julie Gogola
Julie Gogola 4 days ago
I've heard that this song is about a man who's daughter was abducted and killed by the man's own (supposedly) good friend. The guy went on the "searches" looking for the little girl and all along it was HIM that killed here. SO sad and also ANGERING.
Ultra OmegaSoul
Ultra OmegaSoul 4 days ago
The fucking bass is fucking 0:38
NoxDraeconis 6 days ago
As far as trilogies goes the only band that even comes close is Metallica with The Unforgiven.
Carnage 50150
Carnage 50150 7 days ago
Glade to see Breaking Benjamin is still alive and kicking, so many bands great bands have faded with the times and this makes me sad 😞 but to the ones that are still up and coming ✊✊
Rᴀɪᴢᴏ Rᴀɪᴢᴏ
Sniper0092 9 days ago
These ads ruin the fucking flow of the album.
Robert Davenport
Robert Davenport 9 days ago
Like fucking piranhas on a piece of flesh!
Khalil Ducksworth
If this happened to my baby sister I'd do same thing
Megan Manichia
Megan Manichia 9 days ago
Been a BB fan nearly 17 years now, exactly half my life. Traveled around the country to see this band. Video concept is dark and intriguing. Second full studio record in, I still think original lineup{s} is far more musically creative and challenging to play. No one cares, my two cents.
Chris 10 days ago
When he screams. I can hear it in my soul. Lol
finn Wiegmann
finn Wiegmann 11 days ago
I dont really like the Aurora Version of this Song. Love the Original.🤘🏻
Remi 10 days ago
The Aurora version is so lacking :/
Jacob A Wojczak
Jacob A Wojczak 11 days ago
We know why ur here lmao
CCKILLER 00 11 days ago
Producers: How much cam shake do you want in your video? Ben: Yes
Leonhert XIII
Leonhert XIII 11 days ago
Marvel X Animeverse
Who is here after the aurora version released?
Dins Ceravs
Dins Ceravs 6 days ago
Yeah,double checking that it is actually ''Run,run,run red cold river'' and not ''Red,red,red red cold river'' :D it is.....
Reyn Time
Reyn Time 8 days ago
The growls are better for this song in particular
Dylan Halouska
Dylan Halouska 8 days ago
Marvel X Animeverse me tbh this is ten times better at least for this song
Ted Thurlow
Ted Thurlow 12 days ago
*beats the shit out of couch cushion* RRREEEEEEEDDDDDD!!! RRRRREEEEEEDDDDD!!!
Hollow Beck
Hollow Beck 14 days ago
3:03 Why in the world do I keep hearing a handheld vacuume staring at this point?
TOM Vlogs
TOM Vlogs 14 days ago
Outta left field I feel, refreshing!
CryoNerfMods 15 days ago
Am I the only one who got chills from watching this
Dariusz Warylak
Dariusz Warylak 17 days ago
movie? sry
its ya boi chad
its ya boi chad 17 days ago
I'm not a parent and never will be but I have nieces and nephews and if anything happens to them and I found out it was by someone close to me I'd kill them no mercy
Marc Orellana
Marc Orellana 17 days ago
Can’t believe this song and this album is already almost 2 years old now!
cheyBB cheyBB
cheyBB cheyBB 18 days ago
Ben is like a fine wine gets better with age...😍💯👍♥️💕💖
Darryl Lee
Darryl Lee 21 day ago
Jezpr 21 day ago
I have a son so this song makes me pretty fkn sad..
Marcel X10
Marcel X10 22 days ago
this is real fucking music not that rap mumbling shit that is pupolar today all they talk about is sex clout cars etc
Joel DeMartino
Joel DeMartino 22 days ago
I hear some Audioslave melody in here
Ronnie Henry
Ronnie Henry 23 days ago
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Beacon Lightning
Beacon Lightning 24 days ago
Been over a year since I last listened to this song
rk 4391
rk 4391 27 days ago
What more-realistically happens is the 'witch doctor' gets this grieving, distraught father high on hallucinogens... and he kills an innocent man.
Elly Hernandez
Elly Hernandez 28 days ago
I've found my reason to live.... Breaking freaking Benjamin Love this song,band,and album
Christopher Harp
Love this song nothing i wouldn't do for my daughter
Matthew White
Matthew White Month ago
What's the movie called?
Colby McClelland
One of the best music videos I have ever seen!
Khalil Ducksworth
I would do the same thing if this was my baby sister
Arie juan
Arie juan Month ago
breaking benjamin 👍👍👍
KenROCK1330 Month ago
I'm not crying you're crying!
Brandon6128 Month ago
This was published 1 day before my birthday
M&N Distribution
Is that Ben screaming in this song or the backup guy?!
A.selam koç
A.selam koç Month ago
Şaka maka 11 yıldı seni dinleyeli
Jesse Stevenson
Jesse Stevenson Month ago
Breaking benjamin still the best rock band out there! Ben is such a good song writer! Amazing songs since day 1! Can wait to see them in minnesota in february!!
Mikaela Pauley
Mikaela Pauley Month ago
That "RUN" goosebumps every.single.time.
Clayton Lamb
Clayton Lamb Month ago
I guess I'm just dumb or something because i just heard screaming. But it makes much more sense and sounds better than what i thought
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis Month ago
you gotta see the vid, period. makes it all..
Aaron Hawkins
Aaron Hawkins Month ago
0:39 Chef Ramsay when you burn risotto or uncook meat.
0:39 Gordon Ramsay when he is in the kitchen
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange Month ago
Damn wtf 😂
Jason McMillan
Jason McMillan Month ago
Someone needs to put this next to 'awesome' in the dictionary
Papyrus The Skeleton
I'm not old enough to have kids but I have 2 little brothers and I love them so much. If anyone even thinks about this doing this to them I will PERSONALLY beat the fuck out of them till near death.
IGY6 III% Month ago
My little brother would be 40. He left his BB cd "phobia" behind. Which led me here.
Cadyy Plays roblox
My dad would blast this song as he picked me up from school in grade five 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kimberly Pilkerton
Kenneth Hammon Jr.
Sad we have apps for loose women, but not an accurate missing person app.
Danny Mcphilbin
Danny Mcphilbin Month ago
Well...... that escalated nicely 👍
Josh Noneyabuissness
Dam this video always makes me hurt and rage at the same time. I promise you if my children are ever taken from me ill rip this world apart.
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