Breaking Benjamin - Red Cold River (Official Video)

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Check out the official music video for "Red Cold River" by Breaking Benjamin
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Music video by Breaking Benjamin performing Red Cold River. (C) 2018 Hollywood Records, Inc
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Jan 19, 2018




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Comments 8 890
Amjad Al-Abbasi
Amjad Al-Abbasi 12 hours ago
blair witch game
Ulass Gunes
Ulass Gunes Day ago
Gruplardan en cok breaking benjamin ve disturbed dinerim siz?
Jeremy Robinson
The truth is waiting to come out still ...
Jeremy Robinson
There’s no where to run anymore ...
Jeremy Robinson
They may have gotten rid of Jeffry but he wasn’t even the biggest fish . He had more powerful friends ...
God First Bro
Definitely nothing a Christian should be listening too. ✌️✌️✌️
Neshely vazquez
Neshely vazquez 2 days ago
When you are going to PR 😭
dumbo sanchez
dumbo sanchez 2 days ago
This new album is fire!!
daniel maldonado
daniel maldonado 3 days ago
I saw these bad ass group in Austin Tx and this was their opening song AND IT WAS SICK!!!!! ROCK ON!!!
A-1 Zircon
A-1 Zircon Day ago
I was also there 3DG was awesome as well
Ashton Mitchl
Ashton Mitchl 3 days ago
Iv been trying to find a reason to live for about 2 years now iwake up just to wait for bed time just to wake up to wait for bed time
Soul killer
Soul killer 6 days ago
the is frikin amezing 😆
Isaac Goeth
Isaac Goeth 8 days ago
Motherfucker had it coming.
Yannick Rey
Yannick Rey 8 days ago
Je ne suis pas père mais je suis oncle. Je réagirais pareil voire même pire. Même Dieu et Satan réunis ne pourront me stopper si la rage me prend
Andy M
Andy M 8 days ago
Did the gov save you,? No
Andy M
Andy M 8 days ago
Imagine burying yourself. No children no one. The only closenness to relate
Andy M
Andy M 8 days ago
Come and get them!!!
The basic Idahoan
Does anyone else think his beard is badass?
Andy M
Andy M 8 days ago
Ive never experienced the depth of this loss. But relate.
Ryan Davison
Ryan Davison 9 days ago
Creekcon 9 days ago
Kitchen: *exists* Gordan Ramsay:
Noah The Texan
Noah The Texan 2 days ago
olcay bol
olcay bol 10 days ago
I wish you could reach hundreds of millions of hits. :(
life of
life of 10 days ago
Friends and family are the ones you have to watch. Can't trust anyone.
life of
life of 10 days ago
Do not trust anyone especially your friends. Almost every friend I have ever had in the last 44 year have betrayed me in one way or the other. Do NOT trust anyone 100%.
Alexa Damman
Alexa Damman 10 days ago
Honestly if anyone ever did anything to my child especially like this, I'd do the exact same thing.
Malohdek 12 days ago
I just love how defined the drums are in this album. It sounds so good now that the emphasis is less on lyrics and guitar, and more on overall sound.
Murder HeWrote
Murder HeWrote 8 days ago
this album is an absolute masterpiece
christian oliveira
christian oliveira 14 days ago
simplesmente foda !
Leandro Lima
Leandro Lima 14 days ago
Underrated band
tmnt luis
tmnt luis 14 days ago
Darrin K
Darrin K 14 days ago
I let my Wifes Yorkie listen to this once. That Yorkie is now my ROTTWEILER
theinfinityscout 14 days ago
What does this all mean?!
Ruth Tatiana Bello Hidalgo
Is the video of this song part of any movie?
Crustian Rodriges
Crustian Rodriges 15 days ago
Why are yal screaming, its not cool. Nobody wants to hear that.
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange 8 days ago
Get outta here, if you don't have the guts to listen the screams. You probably don't even know the meaning of this song. Not everyone is gutless that they don't wanna listen this.
Brandon Woodman
Brandon Woodman 12 days ago
Crustian Rodriges Seems like a lot of people want to hear it.
Just for fun
Just for fun 17 days ago
this song is so good and I can feel all the emotions, the video puts it over the top. I get chills, literal chills.
NagiaG.M. 18 days ago
am i the only one who thought "Nevermore"?
Leigh Scott
Leigh Scott 18 days ago
So we have 6.1k people who have absolutely no taste in music
DoomPlague57 18 days ago
I dont why but I love songs that start out peaceful then out of no where they just amp up, that kind of style really sticks with me
Dale Eates
Dale Eates 18 days ago
How can you not like this song
airlockengage 19 days ago
Man, I haven't listened to these guys since the early aughts. Awesome to see they're still killing it. This one sticks in your head!
Jan Vranjes
Jan Vranjes 19 days ago
shit man my new jam
Kandy Kayne
Kandy Kayne 20 days ago
This video reminds me of the lovely bones :'(
Captain Lizzie
Captain Lizzie 18 days ago
Star trek? Sorry it just caut my mind from dr McCoy aka bones from star trek
Klaus 20 days ago
I love BB but Saturate is the best album by far
BoD Assassin
BoD Assassin 2 days ago
@Klaus My favorite BB album is Dear Agony.
Stelios Stelaras
Stelios Stelaras 21 day ago
fred landry
fred landry 21 day ago
good song been listening since it was released
Oliver Morel Morel
Well done
Jesus Alive
Jesus Alive 21 day ago
Saw them live today JESUS ITS IN ME THE DARKNESS~
Coolguy 777
Coolguy 777 22 days ago
When do they play in Louisiana
RadioJHAlex sk1n
RadioJHAlex sk1n 22 days ago
I love this Song so Much!!!!
Roberto 23 days ago
Katatonia..... Mmm
A Wahmen Of Hell
A Wahmen Of Hell 25 days ago
When it's 3am, you're in bed, and still headbang to fuckland
Smolo The KloWn
Smolo The KloWn 26 days ago
Anyone who killed my child would not be safe. Ever.
cactusface dave
cactusface dave 26 days ago
Another breaking Benjamin song that hits you right square in the center of your soul
brucenatelee 26 days ago
I haven't enjoyed Breaking Benjamin in a while, but this song brings me back to the 2000s sound. Took a few repeats to notice that the father took a drug from the "witch" with the daughter's hair to have visions of who killed her.
Ok 27 days ago
0:38 the bass is fucking...
Mihai Anghel
Mihai Anghel 27 days ago
Saw them Sunday...they were amazing. Ben is such a nice person, he had kids from the audience brought up on stage, gave out water to the crowd...talented and down to earth.
limits to infinity
limits to infinity 27 days ago
You can tell the movie "pumpkinhead" influenced this video.. Child murdered.. father wants revenge.. asks a witch for help.. pays time ultimate price.. his soul as he becomes the monster.
Anu Vlad
Anu Vlad 27 days ago
Wow, just love all that autotune! NOT!!!!!!!!
I opened this YouTube channel Because i have no gf
They're harmonizing with each other no autotune
Travis Sagraves
Travis Sagraves 27 days ago
Maybe it’s just me, but I honestly though that was Raab Himself for a bit lol.
Rod HxC
Rod HxC 27 days ago
Powerful song! Love Breaking Benjamin lml
Leonardo Lopes
Leonardo Lopes 28 days ago
Great music, amazing video... But you don't think the melody of the verses looks like Audioslave's "Gasoline"? #Polemic
Lørd Particle
Lørd Particle 27 days ago
No. I don't.
Orka DRLJAČA 28 days ago
.....as im in one of rescue services, this song and video touches and tugs on every freaking feeling....but the screaming, screaming intensefies everything......
BulkyQuasar22 *
BulkyQuasar22 * 29 days ago
Me: Red Cold River? Thinks about SCP-354 (The Red Pool)* hmmmmm.....
Angie Marz
Angie Marz Month ago
I love breaking Benjamin 💘 i just came across this album and i swear its their best i love every song i cant go a day without listening to it
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