Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony (Aurora Version) ft. Lacey Sturm

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AURORA featuring "Dear Agony" is out now.
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Music video by Breaking Benjamin, Lacey Sturm performing Dear Agony (Aurora Version). © 2020 Hollywood Records, Inc.


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Apr 14, 2020




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Comments 100
ggg-JMM Gaming
This is so beautiful it gave me goosebumps
Oliver santos
Oliver santos 3 hours ago
Cause i can feel the crawl beneath my skin 🥺
Rimon Maring
Rimon Maring 5 hours ago
Obie One
Obie One 15 hours ago
This hardest that's ever hit bro..... repeat on repeat
Angelina C
Angelina C 16 hours ago
I'd really like Ben and Adam Gontier to team up. Gotta add, I love Lacey Strum 💙
The Galaga King
The Galaga King 18 hours ago
The goose bumps I get from head to toe every time I hear this song looks like I have the chicken pox. That's the impact BB has on me. One of the best bands of all time hands down and Lacey was absolutely flawless doing the song with Ben.
Ron James
Ron James 20 hours ago
Ben is so fucking handsome with that beard.
Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis 22 hours ago
Why do I get goosebumps every time I hear this song 😕
Jamie Finch
Jamie Finch 23 hours ago
I played breaking Benjamin music alot when I was pregnant. I had my daughter July of 2020. I play it in the car too I have since she was born. Breaking Benjamin calms her down lol they say babies can recognize sounds from being in the womb. I would say they do
IDMEY te cuenta
Esa canción es hermosa.....
IDMEY te cuenta
Esa canción es hermosa.....
Verno Johny
Verno Johny 2 days ago
she's so smol
Everton Cardoso
Everton Cardoso 2 days ago
Parece o danilo gentile kkkkk
AbsoluteMMA101 3 days ago
Ben's hair genetics is ridiculous.
AbsoluteMMA101 3 days ago
Virgo woman and Pisces man right there singing together. The 2 opposites.
Aaron Boles
Aaron Boles 3 days ago
If your reading this, know that God loves you. As someone who was on the verge of committing suicide, anxiety that never left, obsessively compulsive sinful thoughts, talking to the voices that never seemed to leave, constantly yelling at me, it wasn't until I heard the voice of Jesus that these lies went away. Do they still come back from time to time, yes, but the Holy Spirit always brings back the Words of Jesus time and time again so that I will never fall back into that pit of death and despair again. After this, I realized my true need for Christ, that my sins had to be paid for to reconcile me to the God who loves sinners. Only Jesus can redeem sinners, which we all are, and bring us to the Father who wills that all men be saved. This agony Ben and Lacey are singing about doesnt have to be. You can know true love. Not a feeling, but love. Turn from sin to the Lord Jesus Christ. Trust in Him and His atoning sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins. He was crushed, crucified for your sins. There is no judgement here. Just real love that only the Son of God brings. I was border line atheist, suicidal, depressed, porn addict, lying, cussing, been drunk, got high, murderer, inmate, thief, hater of God, SINNER, and yet by His grace He saved me through faith in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. God made me a new creation, old things have passed away.
Scott Parker
Scott Parker 3 days ago
This video is agony
Кирилл Нуралин
Rad skull1
Rad skull1 3 days ago
her voice matches his so well.
Jon Gilman
Jon Gilman 3 days ago
Chilling and haunting duet. Not since I heard seether and Amy lee have a song hit so close to home. Sent this to my wife while she sleeps. She’s a huge fan of lacy. Thanks so much guys
minimomlisa 3 days ago
I totally agree with that!! ..two absolutely beautiful voices.
Andrea Tombolato
Andrea Tombolato 4 days ago
I'ts and amazing song!! Thanks Breaking Benjamin! :-)
Daniel 4 days ago
Literally just realised this is Lacey from Flyleaf ahaha
josh wesley
josh wesley 4 days ago
BearTrap Grappling
This is a masterpiece!
Bokane25 4 days ago
Wow BB made a duet music video of this song.I listend to this song so much when i was depresed and crying a lot
xXShadowofDeath1 5 days ago
Lacey needs to become a permanent member, or at the very least bring her in more often. Can you imagine the songs that they'd be able to put out if these two did more collabs?
Heather Pipke
Heather Pipke 5 days ago
nice song I can't share to Twitter they cut me off too much happy and or too exciting for such a pompus Trumps Twitter anyways don't want to show him up . \we might of got more views than the pollitics and they got mad because they are mad anyways .
Shameless 90s
Shameless 90s 5 days ago
Better than the original in my opinion.
Ryan Schwab
Ryan Schwab 4 days ago
said the same thing and i own all the album this version so beats the original by miles
Joker's Apprentice
Fucking beautiful duet 👍
Luke 5 days ago
There is love in all genres of music, you just have to listen to the words, feel them, and soak them in
Deman Das
Deman Das 5 days ago
Thank you! this is soo beautiful!
Big SabertoothBunny
Beautiful duet, amazing song
Brian Sanders
Brian Sanders 5 days ago
This should become everyones song
Misan Thrope
Misan Thrope 5 days ago
I sometime feel really proud to be named Benjamin. Great song.
JONIN RONIN 5 days ago
I have nothing left to give...3:19
Shane Brown
Shane Brown 6 days ago
I wish i had a dollar for every time ive listened to this song......OMG! I would "Not" be getting ready for work right now
Liz Demi Aguilar
Liz Demi Aguilar 6 days ago
Eargasm at it's finest 🥺🥺🥺 So nostalgic with the perfect twist 🤧
M Vivo
M Vivo 6 days ago
Dawson Kukacka
Dawson Kukacka 6 days ago
Jesus ends the agony! Come to him and let go this world
Mr. Black
Mr. Black 6 days ago
Wow one of my favorite Breaking Benjamin songs and Lacey from Flyleaf?! This is a dream come true!
WeAreAllThereIs 6 days ago
his voice is so delicate *swoon*
Dmitry Logvinov
Dmitry Logvinov 6 days ago
This blue Angel makes us alive
David Suggs
David Suggs 7 days ago
OMG!!! Best duet EVER!!!
Stacey Diers
Stacey Diers 7 days ago
Stacey Diers
Stacey Diers 7 days ago
I love both breaking Benjamin and lacy sturm and this duet is amazing and goosebumps
Champ l3ack
Champ l3ack 7 days ago
I am Thai. I likes to listen to your music.
Todd Zmijewski
Todd Zmijewski 7 days ago
Absolutely beautiful.
Natalie Brooke
Natalie Brooke 7 days ago
wow this song....
Kevin Flener
Kevin Flener 7 days ago
I can't really describe with words just how good this version of this song truly is. I sincerely hope for more from Breaking Benjamin and Lacey Sturm together. This is more than I'd ever hoped for when I heard rumors of them collaborating a while back.
Matt McCauley
Matt McCauley 7 days ago
So much passion
Jon Hubbell
Jon Hubbell 7 days ago
Fucking amazing!
ice tse
ice tse 7 days ago
Ben always look like superman 😎
E Zace
E Zace 7 days ago
I could listen to these two sing together, all day long, every song.
Dou Fu
Dou Fu 7 days ago
The guitar notes are similar to nickelback's far away, if you know what I mean, just pay attention to 0:21
Subhrajit Borah
Subhrajit Borah 8 days ago
Such a strong voice.... Love from Goku😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
alves santos
alves santos 9 days ago
Csaba Heim
Csaba Heim 9 days ago
Vocal:Steve Rogers
Sheng Zhang
Sheng Zhang 9 days ago
is she the vocalist of Flyleaf! I just recognized her voice before I carefully watched the videos. I love her voice.
KFJ68 agent
KFJ68 agent 6 days ago
Sabrina Chong
Sabrina Chong 9 days ago
Love this song ❤️
Kenny Hunte
Kenny Hunte 9 days ago
When i feel so low i lisen to this song sing it breathe in then out and i feel better.
Jacob Pugh
Jacob Pugh 9 days ago
One of the best bands ever
Melissa Jacobs
Melissa Jacobs 9 days ago
I just realized that I listened to this song on loop for over 3 hours...
JONIN RONIN 5 days ago
Feel better 👌🙏
disorganizer86 9 days ago
This is the only song that remained in my most played list on my phone for 6 months straight.
James Foster
James Foster 10 days ago
I love the way she holds the mic. It’s like art
Grant Farrington
Grant Farrington 10 days ago
I find myself here week after week. I tell myself it will get better. I tell myself I've put in too much work to just walk away. But the agony keeps coming back. It's worst on Sundays, but I've felt this pain on Mondays, Thursdays, and even once on a Tuesday. Does anyone have any advice for walking away from an unhealthy fantasy football team?
Sentido Oscuro
Sentido Oscuro 10 days ago
Besto crossover
Chrissy Vigil
Chrissy Vigil 10 days ago
Dear Agony!!! I have nothing left to give
Rammen Noodle
Rammen Noodle 11 days ago
Just when you think you’re finally away from the emo music that speaks to you this hits and boom pulls you right back in lol. I love it!!
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter 11 days ago
I've been waiting to see these two sing together like this since about 2005.
Alissa Wayne
Alissa Wayne 11 days ago
This song has helped me with the grieving process of losing my dad 4 months ago
Mari Malcolm
Mari Malcolm 11 days ago
After all we’ve through u walk out after 24 years to a mirage of a woman u already forgot about...there’s no more Peter we were the Peter and Mari show no I go on and pick up the pieces again
Rizal Ahmad Fauzi
Rizal Ahmad Fauzi 11 days ago
yeah...this stuff is good, that sexy beast really making a huge difference a good one of course
Nigel Onetasty
Nigel Onetasty 12 days ago
Finally they did it! They made another good song. Been forever since your last good song, Diary of Jane. All the music you make sounds like alterations to the same song. But this doesn't sound like the 'typical Breaking Benjamin's noise. Good job!
kiris infinite
kiris infinite 12 days ago
that was very impressive. i dont why i discover this song in 2020.. i imagine singing this song together with my crush 😂😂😂
illidan Stormrage
illidan Stormrage 12 days ago
Looking at the thumbnail..i thought he was Jim Carrey
Ryan Ahr
Ryan Ahr 12 days ago
Ben is a fantastic singer, and he and Lacey have outstanding chemistry, but my god is that man awkward without a guitar in his hands :P
Equis Dex
Equis Dex 12 days ago
Do you think section of commentaries is full? Then you hadn't saw nothing. This is beginning. And this video deserves it: 2 (not only 1) *2* legends of the (relatively) new rock in 1 song.
Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt 13 days ago
Daniel Fatfingahs
Daniel Fatfingahs 13 days ago
Jesse Bessette
Jesse Bessette 13 days ago
two of the worlds best rock voices of today, together in one room...nice
Виктор Татарчук
Thank you for my dear agony! You are best both! Very nice song!( RUS) спасибо вам за мою дорогую агонию! Вы оба лучшие! Очень красивая песня!
8Robba 13 days ago
Thank you. I also continue to fight the enemy within.
Gary Leach
Gary Leach 14 days ago
mark williams
mark williams 14 days ago
Brilliant, can't stop listening to this song
Leigh Scott
Leigh Scott 14 days ago
one of the best songs written fullstop, and even better by adding lacy. absolutely perfect
Car Sau
Car Sau 14 days ago
2013 listening 🔝🔜
CJ 7
CJ 7 14 days ago
I cannot wait till concerts come back, I am looking forward to my 4th time seeing you guys in concert (whenever that is)
Himhaer Barrios
Himhaer Barrios 14 days ago
This made me cry. Awesome song
Channel Dad Bryon Lape
Lacey may move a little less than her Flyleaf days, so the camera is picking up the slack.
Jack Bachelor
Jack Bachelor 14 days ago
This is amazing.
Creative Crafts
Creative Crafts 14 days ago
8 Mill+ views pretty sure I have watched this 1 mil myself Love it!!! Great duet!!
Vincent binsoy
Vincent binsoy 15 days ago
Benjamin looks like a retired NBA Player
Maureen Kanda
Maureen Kanda 15 days ago
Coleman S
Coleman S 15 days ago
Breaking Benjamin hasn't had a bad song. Such amazing work. Deep meaningful lyrics. The world needs more of this
lsxlunatic 454
lsxlunatic 454 15 days ago
I'm going through a divorce from the love of my life. This song is helping
Vinicius Martins
Vinicius Martins 15 days ago
This type of music ... It passes through the soul and leaves a trail of things that you might be able to improve and from there you see a path in which we must face and feel happy for each fall or creep that life gives you. We must move on. Be kind and greatfull
James Goodlet
James Goodlet 15 days ago
One of the most underrated rock songs of all time.
Xeno Saiyan
Xeno Saiyan 16 days ago
I miss Lindsey and her beautiful voice Flyleaf isn’t the same without her
Jonathan Suniga
Jonathan Suniga 16 days ago
Next collab. with Amy Lee pretty please. 🙋‍♂️
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