Breaking Benjamin- Breath (Acoustic)

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Breaking Benjamin recently uploaded this video to Facebook! It's so great I had to share! Enjoy!


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Nov 16, 2013




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Weslley Sandro
Weslley Sandro 2 days ago
Eu amo dms essa banda irmão
j. Lambert
j. Lambert 6 days ago
Who's here in november 2020 listening to this.... No words to describe their greatness..
Roo H
Roo H 7 days ago
Who's still listening in 2072?
Anthony Schwalbauch
Underrated af
jangan tiputipu
jangan tiputipu 8 days ago
after all these years, this still give me chills
AppleTweakPro 8 days ago
perfect!! i love when singers don’t change the original song tone or pitch just sing it how it is!! i just got recommended this too wtf
JHK MUSIC 9 days ago
Pitch Perfect 2020
William Ricks
William Ricks 9 days ago
I feel that. Fuck!
Ace Hickman
Ace Hickman 9 days ago
Perfect pitch I'm impressed by there live sounds it sounds amazing still listening 2020
mikemoseley 10 days ago
Amazing song! PS stop upvoting these idiots saying "still here in 2020" fml
Alan Montoya
Alan Montoya 12 days ago
Breaking benjamin the goosebump creators!!!
Po Pe
Po Pe 13 days ago
What a masterpiece.
Teryn Hinrichs
Teryn Hinrichs 13 days ago
Its almost the end of 2020 and I'm still getting goosebumps from this
Андрей PLP
Андрей PLP 15 days ago
Very cool!2020👍♥️♥️♥️
Eric Grimsley
Eric Grimsley 16 days ago
Best acoustic duo, shows the talent they have!
Shael Isenberg
Shael Isenberg 17 days ago
This is still one of the best vocal performances I’ve yet to see on RUvid and honestly that’s including people like dimash. They are both so good vocally. This is one take yeah??
yj z
yj z 22 days ago
three days grace
Simon Bayliss
Simon Bayliss 22 days ago
One of my all time fave bands. Just epic music.
Xavier Simard
Xavier Simard 23 days ago
Breaking benjamin have the best acoustic song cover And jeez Aaron is on touch
Alcatraz D-12
Alcatraz D-12 24 days ago
That's a record
sophia navarro
sophia navarro 25 days ago
Taryn Sarvas
Taryn Sarvas 26 days ago
Deja vu
Black Ezzy
Black Ezzy 29 days ago
with no headphone imagine how i goosebumped listening this
John Lennon
John Lennon Month ago
Eddie O.
Eddie O. Month ago
Breaking Benjamin is the band Nickelback wanted to be
Andy Porter
Andy Porter 28 days ago
Fucking gold!
Antonio Enriquez
anyone in 2020?
km ayanami
km ayanami Month ago
2020 - lets breathe
Little Soundboxes
Hot damn, perfectly sung. Perfectly played.
Eric Irwin
Eric Irwin Month ago
Acoustic version is just as good!! 🎸🎵🎶🎶🎶 😉
AoD ShotZz
AoD ShotZz Month ago
This song is so good
Kaleb Cotter
Kaleb Cotter Month ago
Drop c heavy as
Linkin Frost
Linkin Frost Month ago
Breath With mask
jack Sparrow
jack Sparrow Month ago
One the most favorite band..Best rock metal acoustic of all time i ever heard... deserve to watch over and over again 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💪🎯🎸
Mohammad Wasim
Mohammad Wasim Month ago
wwe raw highlights
Gauthier GO
Gauthier GO Month ago
Who's here in 2447 ? Stop this f#@%* question on RUvid please!
C. R.
C. R. Month ago
This sounds awesome. These guys are underrated
Seether99 Month ago
Shit they nailed it big time
Vuong Trieu Trong
soulja boy
Teresa Machado
Teresa Machado Month ago
Perfect ♡ Timeless!
Doomster Month ago
Just got this, thanks YT! Long time BB fan, this song is one of my favs.
Matt Dalton
Matt Dalton 2 months ago
2020 yup
Brian Arnold
Brian Arnold 2 months ago
If I’m not mistaken those are baritone acoustics. Very nice
Joseph Powers
Joseph Powers 2 months ago
Easily my fav band
TsuRaRa 2 months ago
240p so we meet again
Jasiel Cortes
Jasiel Cortes 2 months ago
rise of skywalker
Asa Thurr
Asa Thurr 2 months ago
Who wouldn't pay for this!
FIDEL CASHFLOW 2 months ago
I listened to it multiple times just trying to see if I could point to any tiny mistake or inconsistency but I literally couldn't.
Nana Padua
Nana Padua 2 months ago
Mas são muuuuuuuito AMOR DA MINHA VIDA!!!!!! Amo amo amo amo amoooooo dobrado
Gökçe akiner
Gökçe akiner 2 months ago
B C 2 months ago
Fuck you and your 2020
death bat
death bat 2 months ago
Love this song especially the acoustic version
mulyavenged 2 months ago
The best live with another live version.
rachel diehle
rachel diehle 2 months ago
Флексер Василий
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell 2 months ago
Just "BREATH" lmao
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell 2 months ago
Is it named "breath" or breathe? Lmao 🤣🤣🤣
Morty Rickerson
Morty Rickerson 2 months ago
In times of chaos this gives me peace.
Chris Bach
Chris Bach 2 months ago
Ben keep rocking bro. You pull me out of that hole so often. Thank you brother.
Adam g
Adam g 2 months ago
Took away the entire world's ability to cover it acoustically. Just no way to top that.
A ace
A ace 2 months ago
F@ckin Amazing!!
Nicholas B.
Nicholas B. 2 months ago
Finally a band that can actually perform live and not sound like a pre-pubecent teen😂
abduraqeeb Al-muqri
abduraqeeb Al-muqri 2 months ago
Sept 1, 2020 fire in ur eyes.
Randy Nichols
Randy Nichols 3 months ago
thedeadmanfan09 3 months ago
Aaron snapped here!🔥🔥
Mark Gatti
Mark Gatti 3 months ago
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko 3 months ago
This was made when i was three and i'm still rockin it at 10 years old!!!
bruno gabryel
bruno gabryel 3 months ago
Robert G
Robert G 3 months ago
His voice is ridiculous.
Athus Santos
Athus Santos 3 months ago
Maggot13159 3 months ago
This is the best ive heard his voice sound in a live video. I remember seeing this years ago but i always come back to it. Such an awesome performance
nathan larson
nathan larson 3 months ago
Oh my fucking God! If the original is a 10 out of 10, this is a 15 out of 20
mc4906 3 months ago
Sounds just as good as the record. Unbelievable.
wes court
wes court 3 months ago
Me likey
aimOwnleeYoumAn 3 months ago
aug 17,2020
lee fahey
lee fahey 3 months ago
Fuck yah boys love your music
TsuRaRa 3 months ago
1:10 chills
Erik Aldeco
Erik Aldeco 3 months ago
Hey guys! checkout my channel, got some short covers with the best part of the songs of breaking benjamin.
Kyeubasa 3 months ago
travis A
travis A 3 months ago
It's so sad that I sent this to someone and they didnt know who BB is? Mumble rap has ruined music. This is what pure gold is. His vocal scream is better than Kurt C. And is not on every wana be rocker t-shirt in the country. BB is the real deal holyfield with no need for effects
Jake O
Jake O 3 months ago
They sound amazing acoustic wow very underrated
Alexis Angell
Alexis Angell 4 months ago
Benjamin's voice makes me so weak 😭❤️
Jason Parrilla
Jason Parrilla 4 months ago
Amazing harmony duo! Makes the entire video worth while.
George Maxson A
George Maxson A 4 months ago
2020 and im still here
Jesse Koch
Jesse Koch 4 months ago
Fuckin incredible, they couldn't have done this any more perfect
Jane Dobson
Jane Dobson 4 months ago
OMG, this is absolutely perfect. They sound just as good live (if not better) than they do on the recording. Chills, man, just chills!!
Beats0nDeck 4 months ago
I thought I knew the lyrics lol
5051332 4 months ago
You guys are awesome
Kelli Lord
Kelli Lord 4 months ago
UGH. I’m Maynard obsessed, but THIS!!! Melts my heart. Every. Time.
Justin Marshall
Justin Marshall 4 months ago
Damn... this is unreal.. sounds fucking amazing.. wow
Jake Perigo
Jake Perigo 4 months ago
Get away pleeeease
Ap Community
Ap Community 4 months ago
Hola My Friend !! Hey hey really cool video, i love that work !! hey have a lovely day my friend see ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Needed this in 2020. Taken me back to a better time. Thank you.
Hemant Singh
Hemant Singh 4 months ago
Can anyone tell the guitar tuning of rythm guitar
Alyxandria 5 months ago
This is my all time favorite song from them, how am I only just now seeing this lol disappointed in myself 😆
Pablo Uribe
Pablo Uribe 5 months ago
No escuche ninguna diferencia a como suena en studio seco🙌🏻
Adán Marcel Lobos
Adán Marcel Lobos 5 months ago
un asco chicos, busquen otro laburo
Abdullah Asif
Abdullah Asif 5 months ago
Looks like they’ve used some heavy set of strings
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson 5 months ago
The year is 2009, I'm listening to breaking Benjamin, Slipknot and Linkin Park, drinking red bull and staying up all night with my buddies online, life is good.
Monica Demuch
Monica Demuch Month ago
When live bands was a thing on the weekends at tiny bars and the cover was hardly nothing 😔
Mike Hansen
Mike Hansen Month ago
Yep - you have a choice to make. Either spend the rest of your life living in the past or take the future by the ass! I was like you once - but then I decided that regardless of the outcome I would take 100% responsibility for my fate. Sure, since then I have failed greatly as well as experienced some almost miraculous successes but now at 69 years of age I have no fear. Thanks to a no bullshit attitude over the past four decades I can out-run and out-lift most men half my age - and while many of my contemporaries cower at home watching daytime TV reruns I am at the gym or at the job I love (an EE engaged in new product design). OK, 2009 was a great year - that was easy - but starting today make the years to come even better. The way I see it is that even if you die in the process you didn't lose anything and at least gave it hell.
vankleiss 4
vankleiss 4 Month ago
Am that old too m8.. In know how you feel
Lleyton 4 months ago
this one hit different, good times
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