tiana musarra
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mukbang w/ my crush!
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Mar 20, 2019

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Comments 3 409
BGlobal 7
BGlobal 7 Day ago
He’s lying! He was on the phone to Kennedy 🤣 that’s why she couldn’t reach him. He was not sleep
Aleasha Latrease
Aleasha Latrease 2 days ago
She doing all that to impress him probably don’t even really eat hot sauce at all and she aight she ain’t even all that cute they don’t even mesh in my book 😁😁😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Summer Madness
Summer Madness 2 days ago
DDG: You should be an advocate for these chickens. Tiana: ...but I eat them. 😂 Girl, same. 😂
keamogetswe maribe
This girl!!!!!!!!! From 12:28 she be doooooing the MOST....lick that fork B😂
keamogetswe maribe
Is it just me or this Tiana girl LOVES doing the most with our boy DDG?...she be pullin em flirting moves every chance she gets like E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E😂
Rudy Tusipese
Rudy Tusipese 3 days ago
Dogs do get eaten, in tonga though
Jon Jonson
Jon Jonson 4 days ago
dat boi be busting dat azzz!!!!!
Fellow Commenter
Fellow Commenter 5 days ago
Tiana is literally perfect . Like her parents birthed a princess
chris M
chris M 6 days ago
He must have a lot of money because it sure isn't his looks
Nombulelo Ncokazi
I honestly love you two together
jesus cruz
jesus cruz 7 days ago
If you love watching someone else living their live its only for one reason cuz your life sucks or you have no life, get a life
prettylulgia 7 days ago
no no no no no . him and kennedy need to be together 🥺,dis jus ain right !
Finau Tokalauvere
She doing way to much like damn just eat, Kennedy would neverrrrrrrrrr 😂😂😂 period
Fifi Kobusingye
Fifi Kobusingye 9 days ago
Some of y'all white girls are so annoying with your hair touching every two seconds. I'm sure you endup eating all that hair product
Cordell Henry
Cordell Henry 10 days ago
1:45 👀
Marlin Morrison
Marlin Morrison 10 days ago
Idc she a keeper💯💯 ik it's not just me 😂
LorienGarde Gaming
LorienGarde Gaming 10 days ago
Well this aged well🙄
Christian Fernandez
Christian Fernandez
Just duck him already
Smile_uwokeup _2day
U n your crush n when r u Gonna call her ya girlfriend.
Mylla Truong
Mylla Truong 12 days ago
She fix her hair too much
Luh Pes0
Luh Pes0 13 days ago
TyssTV 14 days ago
Good lawd Tiana hella fine😭😭 and the way she be looking at DDG tho.
Minhyeok Lee
Minhyeok Lee 14 days ago
Damn she is kinda bad
ML Gee
ML Gee 15 days ago
The dogs and cats in certain countries would strongly disagree.
*-pupper-* 15 days ago
Why woo whop kinda look like ddg ? A little at least
Nesto And Roberto
Nesto And Roberto 16 days ago
On this video darryl really look like he was into her💯 he was trying to see her grow by motivating her in doing music
TY Moth
TY Moth 20 days ago
She literally can't stop touching her hair😂😍
TY Moth
TY Moth 10 days ago
@TracyyNicolee u fine af u wanna text me girl??
TracyyNicolee 10 days ago
TY Moth I think she was nervous I do the same thing lol
Oumawale Auque
Oumawale Auque 21 day ago
we we gon act like she ain’t just stare hume down and eat the sausage 👀 1:52
Donyah Wynn
Donyah Wynn 22 days ago
Who else came back to see how she laugh to compare it to the girl ddg was playing with on fortnite😂😂🤟🏽☠🤡
Zay 19 days ago
I didn’t come for that reason but they do sound alike 😂💀
Donyah Wynn
Donyah Wynn 22 days ago
I got to comment on my own shit cuz nobody on the same level😂😂
Michael Crawford
Michael Crawford 22 days ago
The moment she stepped in the camera... Good lort... ddg got a baddie! But frfr why she eating her food like that? Chill out 🤣
Foreign4Texas 23 days ago
if i put it in her den she cummin twice pussy water damage had to dip in rice you want the rolly or the puppy baby name the price
Jennifer Hurt
Jennifer Hurt 23 days ago
She think she slick trying to lick that fork like that and eat her food like that... she know what she doing 😐🙄🙄
Ping Pong
Ping Pong 26 days ago
DDG better man up...he waist too much d****mn tiiiiiiime...
Smoovy Rp
Smoovy Rp 26 days ago
Ddg crush you need better mikes.
Calen Vander Vlucht
DDG laugh like Kawaii Leonard
Messiah Robinson
Messiah Robinson 27 days ago
Yo am i the only one who also think they would be a fire as couple🔥🔥
Messiah Robinson
Messiah Robinson 27 days ago
Bro who else thinks her combination s with food come from black ppl
Messiah Robinson
Messiah Robinson 27 days ago
Yo pause first off we not finna be reachin yo long ass arms over my food shordy😭😂
Leilany D
Leilany D Month ago
In the beginning didn’t she say,”no babe I do this all the time!” 😲😲😲
don English
don English Month ago
Ddg that girl is hot 100% an she's got nice personality
Adnan A
Adnan A Month ago
I miss these days
Macho 19
Macho 19 Month ago
Wow this lame ass nigga is her man... shit must be slim pickings where she live at lol
Splitzs 29 days ago
Macho 19 nah he ain’t 😂
Metro Boomin
Metro Boomin Month ago
DDG ugly ass hell man. Can’t knock shorty for securing the bag tho 🤷🏼‍♂️
SuperGGLOL Month ago
Girl: *licking the fork, looking all seductive and shit* Guy: Man, what would humans taste like? WTF MY GUY WHAT ???
Kuromi :
Kuromi : Month ago
Why she keep licking that fork like
Cecil Month ago
She has to be from the south.
J Clark
J Clark Month ago
What does he ask her to say at 8:55?
alina Month ago
Who doesn’t put hot sauce on eggs?????
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