Breakfast Club - Don't You (Forget About Me)

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SONG: Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds from The Motion Picture ''Breakfast Club''. Thanks for viewing and please comment. By the way, all spammers will be blocked and spam will be removed. You have been warned! Enjoy! x
Go check out my Breakfast Club filming location. ruvid.net/video/video-Veico6KyCm8.html


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Apr 3, 2013




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txronegerton 5 days ago
Why’s this on my recommended 7 years later...
Tim S
Tim S 7 days ago
Controversial ending. Molly Ringwald feels that there is no way Claire would have fallen for John after the way he treated her.
Noah Palm
Noah Palm 7 days ago
Yes finally found the name of this movie I love so much :D!!
Vanessa Cox
Vanessa Cox 12 days ago
I was soooo with Judd lol
Luca Tognotti
Luca Tognotti 13 days ago
CBDM777 14 days ago
We used to have good movies
Abigail Michalkowski
Eat. My. Shorts
Het Patel
Het Patel 17 days ago
Loved it..!
Tony de la Riva
Tony de la Riva 21 day ago
Molly Ringwold definitely was a beauty queen for me in the 80s. I really had a thing for that red hair and girl next door image. You didn't mention Sixteen Candles....Why not?? Everyone knows it was a classic for her and Anthony Michael Hall. Great memories.
allan burton
allan burton 21 day ago
Is that the same high school that was used in Ferris Bueller's Day Off?
Jeff Simpson
Jeff Simpson 21 day ago
The perfect 80's movie.
James Dye
James Dye 21 day ago
This song brings tears to my eyes. I was that young back then.
KAZIM KHARID 21 day ago
Judd Nelson was the man, him and Molly Ringwald were great together.
Cody Tyler
Cody Tyler 23 days ago
Got I miss the 80s and my youth. Long Live GenX
Bitchslapped 23 days ago
This feels so nostalgic because something along the lines of a group of people with nothing in common gathering once and only once has happened to everyone. The realistic take is that these 5 never got together again, but will remember that day fondly. We all had a day like that. Where are those people now? It's been so long.
M Purry
M Purry 25 days ago
This gets me every single time. The end of the movie and the end of an era...
vladito80 25 days ago
80:s was the best decade...😍
Lorena Alvarez
Lorena Alvarez 26 days ago
Que Bueno el vídeo !!!
Lilian Leguia
Lilian Leguia 26 days ago
Esta pelicula me encanto
Jerry Dandrige
Jerry Dandrige 28 days ago
Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?
Marianna Filipuzzi
Marianna Filipuzzi 28 days ago
I'm 13 and I love this film❤
Daveid Krieger
Daveid Krieger Month ago
It's on my top 10 list
Ash Daddy
Ash Daddy Month ago
I don’t like that all of a sudden she become pretty from a quick makeover then that kid is just in love with her
0:43 Damn Judd Nelson is got up there?
High school
Michael Flood
Michael Flood Month ago
Great song. Movie is so overrated!
Madelyn Foshee
Madelyn Foshee Month ago
The breakfast bunch from victorious has this song
Ryan Cramp
Ryan Cramp Month ago
And the problems of today technology makes the world less connected and more disconnected back in the day you can together to make bonds now today we would rather sit and Facebook for 2 hours making it go no where it's pathetic the 80s is eternal and will always be better than today's life
Gil Carvalho
Gil Carvalho Month ago
I Liked this video and this music is awesome. Thank you. :-)
Eikel Ortega
Eikel Ortega Month ago
movie name please
David Ellis
David Ellis Month ago
What a terrific movie. Nice Clip.
Robbie Lyle
Robbie Lyle Month ago
I can watch this movie millions of time
H A R L E Y 80 's
Super like movie the band simple mind ,;)
- BroadwayO
- BroadwayO Month ago
Damn I went to that same highschool
Tim Grove
Tim Grove Month ago
Proud 80s baby 😁
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
RIP John Hughes His catalog of films wasn't the best since Home Alone 2 but everyone will always remember him for this classic
Munheem majesty
Munheem majesty Month ago
School days
MurderServedRaw Month ago
2 WORDS.........ALL TIME
03 AI
03 AI Month ago
80's American movies are awesome.
Laurita Garza
Laurita Garza Month ago
This song was made for this movie ( the ending ) . 😍
A ti
A ti Month ago
Would love to see a movie with everyone and see what happens afterwards and maybe there kids in the library. All original cast
Ch Pe
Ch Pe Month ago
I volunteered for Saturday detention in high school. Was nothing like this movie. My detention sucked. No cute girl at the end of it.
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Month ago
80s best time
Madame Scofield
Madame Scofield Month ago
I love this song so much 🙈♥️🇲🇷
Joseph Saraco
Joseph Saraco Month ago
I’m 63 years old and whenever I run across this movie I’m glued to the TV...because it takes me back to high school and the best times of my life.
Anonymous Poster
BEST MOVIE OF THE 80s. Been to that school. Its a government building now....
Diane Fiori
Diane Fiori 2 months ago
Loved this song & movie!!😎 Long live the 80’s!!!😎
clineshaunt 2 months ago
Ally Sheedy was always my favorite.
Fergal Hughes
Fergal Hughes 2 months ago
I used get detention ( it was called "staying back") but it just meant an hour after school in the library, not an entire weekend day.
Regina Fallangie
Regina Fallangie 2 months ago
I had such a crush on Anthony Michael Hall when I was a kid. 💕
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 2 months ago
RIP John
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 2 months ago
Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson 2 months ago
Wait, a coming of age film that doesn't feature twerking eleven year olds? What a novel concept.
Dimas Bahari
Dimas Bahari 2 months ago
Its just me or Why they look so old ?
Kate Bowen
Kate Bowen 2 months ago
Who didn't want to do that?
Larry Stewart Jr
Larry Stewart Jr 2 months ago
Brings back Great memories! Thanks friend!!
sabrina marie
sabrina marie 2 months ago
My favorite movie ever
H B 2 months ago
Remember victorious episode.
archie bunker
archie bunker 2 months ago
This fucked generation will never experience the best years of the 80s
ritalin1100 2 months ago
Thanks man for this outstanding vid with even better music. You made my day.
Lidiya 2 months ago
I'm watching this in quarantine
Oliver Bonilla
Oliver Bonilla 2 months ago
This song never gets old! plus the movie is epic. when movies were great!
Mike te Boekhorst
Mike te Boekhorst 2 months ago
Good times!
Norwegian Blue
Norwegian Blue 2 months ago
This song and Everybody Wants to Rule the World are perhaps the most instantly iconic 80s songs ever. Any others come to mind?
Sun Century70
Sun Century70 2 months ago
How life could be again...without surveillance .
Gacha_roblox_ girl
Gacha_roblox_ girl 3 months ago
Loved this movie
Mouna HABRI 3 months ago
One of my best movies😍😍 did anyone watch it in this quarantine???
スマラ 3 months ago
Ben Willmott
Ben Willmott 3 months ago
Australian man 48 watching now .
Laura Scheller
Laura Scheller 3 months ago
Wont u forget about me See u next saturday
Tre_shawn14 EdwardsTheGamer
This movie is much better than 2020
Slasher 3 months ago
When I miss the 80’s I’ll just come back to this video
Carguy69 3 months ago
John Hughes May your soul rest in peace
Martin Josias Becerra
Beautiful 😭
Gene & Amelia Haley
Gene & Amelia Haley 3 months ago
Always remember !!!!!😁🇺🇸👏💪
Squirrel Attackspidy
That edit left me a bit misty. Nicely done.
Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta 3 months ago
So..They were kissing in front of their parents!?🤔
Shawn Eldridge
Shawn Eldridge 3 months ago
I think they need to do a breakfast club reunion movie or something like that.
Andres Guzman
Andres Guzman 3 months ago
80's forever..
Georgie Edwards
Georgie Edwards 3 months ago
I cant believe how amazing this film was and that most of it was improvised and the actors played there parts really well 😁😁
Raúl González Sánchez
anyone from agents of shield?
BoudewijnvanHouten 3 months ago
Overrated movie, nice song
Cheryl P
Cheryl P 3 months ago
Air drums at 3:42 for the win! Dance your heart out.
Tarkan Beldag
Tarkan Beldag 3 months ago
I finished building my time machine.Who would like to go back to the 80's and 90's with me?😉
Chris Zablocki
Chris Zablocki 3 months ago
The most stellar character I remember from high school was a straight edge skater from Boston. He had "drug" tattooed on his left tricep and "free" on his right. He somehow got cut from the football team. Social politics. But that archetype isn't present in your movie. This is obnoxiously generic. And I believe you did that intentionally.
Angeliquelovely 3 months ago
The 80's was magical
Rob 3 months ago
love this film, john hughes was a special talent
Sykoturtle69 3 months ago
still rockin this in 2020
Btani Rose
Btani Rose 3 months ago
When the man I loved died, I heard this song a ton of times all week, this was just Oct 2019
SIKE01 3 months ago
That 80's Movie
William Johnson
William Johnson 3 months ago
What was with the parents just sitting there watching their children make out?? 🤣😂
Doug Sanders
Doug Sanders 3 months ago
Ava van
Ava van 4 months ago
I just watched this movie with my mom and I loved it!...but MOLLY ringwald basically falls in love with a man that sexually assaulted her like multiple times? Right, like yeah I get it he’s a good person at heart but still like he was a terrible person to her!
David P
David P 4 months ago
Summer of 1985. So many great memories.
B00NK G4NG 4 months ago
Carlos Rosales
Carlos Rosales 4 months ago
Brings me Back.
chilled 4 months ago
dont you (forget about me) + tbc = coming of age movie 🤩
sang hun yoon
sang hun yoon 4 months ago
Simple Minds song
Werdna Swag
Werdna Swag 4 months ago
Hey hey hey hey hey
Pierre Pinson
Pierre Pinson 4 months ago
💙🏖☎️🎸🎙📺📹📼📺📸8O ies is my teenage years, laughing and drink limonade with friends, 🎼🎶📻 listening on radio-cassette Mickael JACKSON, the Dépêche MODE, Madonna, Eurythmics, U2, the BANGLES, Georges Mickael, Culture Club, Jem & the Holograms ect.💿💿💿..💾Playing ARCADE games PAC MAN, 🐵DONKEY KONG MARIO., OUT RUN🚘 ect...🏀🏀🏀Skate board, ROLLER SKATES, basket ball, tennis🎾🎾, ping-pong, colored clothes, yellow, orange, green ect.💙💚💛🧡💜❤..and careful with AIDS. 💙🏖80 fashion copied the 50 ies...we saw some old cars from 50ies, furniture too, musics like " MATT BIANCO" " BASIA" "SWETT PETIT"......💙STyle Retro music was fashionable.......💙The 80 ies remembering my loveling parents. They were young and they listened 60 ies musics.
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