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BREAK BLOCK = Spawn CREEPER In MINECRAFT! If you enjoyed this video, watch more here: ruvid.net/video/video-Qy7sCJoD4sI.html
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Dec 9, 2019




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Comments 1 278
Kalvin To
Kalvin To Day ago
I didn’t do you do this Get the creeper to blow up the diamond
Kristupas Kuciauskas
Be carefully cus you iPad mite break
Claudette Dennis
Claudette Dennis 4 days ago
Jelly when Josh told you to break the two iron ores you just fill the space with cobblestone blocks and then break the other two iron ores and then the creepers suffocate and... You're good to go! I got da brainz
Marley Mobley
Marley Mobley 4 days ago
How do u make a home in that mode creeps ever where
Cole's Let's Play
kyoto rodrigo
kyoto rodrigo 5 days ago
Josh met sombody
Duolingo 6 days ago
Imagine if it was if ANYTHING breaks a block a creeper spawns that would be a nuke if a creeper exploded
Creper oh ya so bla bla bla nla
Natalie McGoogan
Natalie McGoogan 9 days ago
Josh is the worst
Myanna Roberts
Myanna Roberts 9 days ago
Cool Pokemon William
Creeper what
Sarbjeet Gurm
Sarbjeet Gurm 10 days ago
Do you no that jelly was pooping all day
Rockstar foxy
Rockstar foxy 10 days ago
My iPad almost broke when I pressed the lime button hard and :< it almost broke ⬇️ 1like= my iPad gets fixed 1 like thank you
Jacob Castillo
Jacob Castillo 4 days ago
Can’t you just bye a new one or don’t press the like button that hard
nmcbr1100 10 days ago
Hey jelly in gta five can you do hide and seek 🥺 please.
ShadowDemon 10 days ago
2:22 Crainer : drops blocks for jelly Slogoman : ‘’takes it’’ YEET
Yeetster5000 10 days ago
I did smash the like button but my screen cracked
Lukus Riley
Lukus Riley 11 days ago
You re the best you tuber ever
It’s nothing Special
Like is josh is mean and is always doing mean stuff
Ali Alabood
Ali Alabood 11 days ago
Ronnel Damiar
Ronnel Damiar 11 days ago
Meling Raharjo
Meling Raharjo 12 days ago
Creeper aw men
laura mackie
laura mackie 12 days ago
Wisiej is the season for the next two weeks to go to a game that
Kathy Tarver
Kathy Tarver 13 days ago
Holly Potts
Holly Potts 13 days ago
You could of put blocs under the Iran
Hans 13 days ago
All of you are noob because you forgot the iron
Joanna R
Joanna R 14 days ago
Hey jelly I dare you to go to minecraft and dig down and build your own base and when Preston is there explode him
Yasmin Bennell
Yasmin Bennell 14 days ago
Benson Alberca
Benson Alberca 14 days ago
Slogoman is such a spoiled brat 😂😂
haki Rikona
haki Rikona 14 days ago
No one can I just get the t-shirt I very wanted on Minecraft I got different
haki Rikona
haki Rikona 14 days ago
Gàçhà šôphïà Lol
When he said hit that like button I broke my phone lol😅
Deku Boy
Deku Boy 15 days ago
Well my iPad almost broke cus I hit it so hard
WILLIAM GARZA 16 days ago
The creeper is green
WILLIAM GARZA 16 days ago
Oh I just noticed that is green
SOUL PRINGLE 16 days ago
You should do another challenge called Minecraft but you slogoman and crainer share inventory
Ionela Ghituica
Ionela Ghituica 16 days ago
Jelly I know Mrcrainer you and slogoman
Jose Picorelli
Jose Picorelli 16 days ago
I think i just found a cursed image
Jose Picorelli
Jose Picorelli 16 days ago
I mean
Jose Picorelli
Jose Picorelli 16 days ago
I think i just found a cirsed image
Arvin Mayon
Arvin Mayon 16 days ago
Hi jelly
Jennifer Goetz
Jennifer Goetz 16 days ago
richard vanblarcom
richard vanblarcom 17 days ago
Slogoman is so rude and I liked and subscribed jelly
HemoosdomR Antal
HemoosdomR Antal 17 days ago
Jelly why don’t you ever do videos on Roblox
EthanPlayzYT 17 days ago
Jose Canales
Jose Canales 18 days ago
Agnes Ayala
Agnes Ayala 18 days ago
Charles Trinidad
Charles Trinidad 18 days ago
Can you do the challenge Minecraft but all challenge you did is random example falling anvils after 30sec they will change randomly
jess agustin
jess agustin 19 days ago
we all got sticks
Zobeida Molina
Zobeida Molina 20 days ago
Slowdown is better
ultra red dragon
ultra red dragon 22 days ago
You can have a creeper as a pet
Oliver's Game Time TV
Hey Jerry I can’t wait because Siri can’t keep up the links work
Seba Skrosky
Seba Skrosky 22 days ago
Creeper aw man
Blood Boy
Blood Boy 24 days ago
5:13 You can hear the Fortnite noked sound
Ashley Hubbard
Ashley Hubbard 26 days ago
Ashley Hubbard
Ashley Hubbard 26 days ago
Wen you brake a block a dragon spons
Asad Easley
Asad Easley 26 days ago
You are my favorite RUvid. When I was new to RUvid I saw your first video i’m you’re number one fan
Melody Munoz
Melody Munoz 26 days ago
Why do people unlike? You should like😀
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 27 days ago
Hunter Cabrera
Hunter Cabrera 28 days ago
Why do you always throw the good thing you get on the ground and then people pick it up
Kris Draton
Kris Draton 28 days ago
Odlo huugo
Odlo huugo 28 days ago
/gamemode s minecrafti goud😱😨😨😨 mi $$500
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