Bray Wyatt unveils new-look Universal Title: SmackDown, Nov. 15, 2019

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With the Universal Championship now on the blue brand, Bray Wyatt debuts a brand-new look for the title and shares his plans to tune in for the upcoming “Miz TV” with Daniel Bryan.
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Nov 16, 2019




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Comments 1 983
Immanuel Raju
Toooo bad🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Trevor Foust
Trevor Foust 5 days ago
My parents were liars...I let you in...open up your hate and let it flow into meeeeeee...down with da sickness
Storm shadow
Storm shadow 7 days ago
My 6 year old daughter loves you so much ,,,,, she sees you as universal champion.
VIPER ROMIO 10 days ago
The Blue color absolutely suits on Universal championship😁
darryl thomas
darryl thomas 10 days ago
I wish the undertaker would return and take the universal championship
Julian Green
Julian Green 10 days ago
I think I know what happened to the old sonic design from the first Sonic movie trailer.
Junior Delgado
Junior Delgado 11 days ago
I saw this and I’m like oh yes brays gonna get his own custom championship all just to see he changed the color so I changed the channel after and called it a night
Alrucards 11 days ago
" Title is blue, the title is blue!!THE GODDAMN TITLE IS BLUE!!!"
Khudadad khan
Khudadad khan 12 days ago
Stoped idea the find blue champion
J Bran
J Bran 12 days ago
Can't stop laughing when he turns into the magician
VintageWrestling 13 days ago
OMG they just made the Universal title worse by turning it Blue. Please bring back the original one.
Richard Cox
Richard Cox 13 days ago
If Mr. Rogers were a fat Millennial.
The BEAST 14 days ago
I hate this Colour it was much more better when Brock Lesnar held it.
Mohamed Farah
Mohamed Farah 14 days ago
Change that clapped title to space grey a lighter version tho it would be fireee
dncarlo24 15 days ago
I can definitely relate to FFFH Bray Wyatt, cause I'm mostly him 99% of the time👼, but it's always good to know that there's this 1% that can bail me out 😈
Hasan-Uz-Zaman Rashid
Since the Univ title belongs to SD, it needed to be blue...just in case the brand division was subtle..then they will name it SmackDown Universal Championship.. This focus on separate brands sometimes seems very stupid
Moises Mueller
Moises Mueller 16 days ago
no podemos decir, que bray sigue haciendo el rainting tanto de raw como en smack dowm y ahora en smack es cosa de fox, qe buen profesional, lo respeto muchisimo :D
xenohwavy 16 days ago
Bray Wyatt is saving the WWE
Clone Squad
Clone Squad 16 days ago
This is bad
salauddin imran
salauddin imran 16 days ago
That's cute
K aweso
K aweso 16 days ago
Universal Championship in blue is ugly
Vinoth Kumar
Vinoth Kumar 16 days ago
WWE Smack Down Womens Championship Look a Like 😂😂😂
Priyanshu Agarwal
Priyanshu Agarwal 17 days ago
It's look should be best. Should be better than other belts
Alif Najmi
Alif Najmi 17 days ago
I thought that Bray Wyatt would bring back the World Heavyweight Championship out from the Graves to replace the Universal Championship and I'm gonna call the new look Universal Championship as *Blueniversal* Championship
Garth Still
Garth Still 17 days ago
Looks to much like the Women's championship. Need something to separate it from Raw,& women's division besides Red,or Blue. Look at when Cena broke out his belt it was different
Harry Faulkner Gaming
But what world title will raw have ???
Doublebarrelkid Games
The thankfully removed that ugly title unfortunately the replaced it with something just as ugly as before
Brayden Chou-lee
Brayden Chou-lee 18 days ago
I won’t ask when, rather I’ll ask if the company will ever realise how far they’ve fallen Punk warned us
Sabariah Suleiman
Sabariah Suleiman 18 days ago
Kenapa wwe world heavyweight tak warna blue..kenapa universal warna blue..pening la...
KING RUHUL 18 days ago
Oh come on Smack Down, you can do better then that. Gosh!
CR7 HD-Wild
CR7 HD-Wild 18 days ago
Like: World Heavyweight Champion! Coment: Bluniversal Smurfs Champion!
Alex Medina
Alex Medina 19 days ago
2k19 in mobil free
Tim Eaton
Tim Eaton 19 days ago
You know that’s the same title just all blue as should had been long ago As all the titles on smackdown are blue Plus a,ways find every firefly funhouse cool interesting
LC_Batch 19 days ago
Why is this so babyish
Faris bataweel
Faris bataweel 20 days ago
I really luv the new universal champion it looks great
kcazzzzz 20 days ago
this is BULLCRAP!! why would the fiend want to make the title blue? that makes no sense. can't you idiots just bring in a new design for the universal title, instead of making it look like a cheap rip off of the wwe title? same goes for the women's title, why can't we have unique designs like the US title and the Intercontinental title?
Nasir Aameen
Nasir Aameen 20 days ago
I need to remember that magic spell
Serbest 20 days ago
Wwe or nickelodeon?? Pg version will put you done. You idiots. Germany starts hate you
Mesheck Theri
Mesheck Theri 20 days ago
i would like whoever sang that firefly house song to actually sing it live at an event before Bray or Fiend makes and entrance. actually for all wrestlers who's entrance theme has a singer in it introduce them to the WWE universe.
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