Bray Wyatt unveils new-look Universal Title: SmackDown, Nov. 15, 2019

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With the Universal Championship now on the blue brand, Bray Wyatt debuts a brand-new look for the title and shares his plans to tune in for the upcoming “Miz TV” with Daniel Bryan.
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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 80
kram bassist
kram bassist Day ago
This title looks like a toy. Bring back the world heavyweight title
Jasper Lazarus
He said ur parents a lair
JAH-78 2 days ago
The Miz: what is wrong with your eyes Edge: on this day i see clearly
Beena Pandey
Beena Pandey 2 days ago
Old universal title is so good 😊 but not this new universal title 😡😡
elvis480pro rouker
Que cajeta hicieron con el campeonato universal
luis 10 days ago
this is the first firefly funhouse episode i saw and i was like wtf did they do to bray...now I love it so much
Stealth 18 days ago
Red belt looking pretty good now Huh 😂
Macy Timuri
Macy Timuri 27 days ago
Yowie wowie
LeeMCT 29 days ago
The Raw and SD Titles need something to differentiate them. They are all the same copy and pasted with different colors.
Big Boi Boris
Big Boi Boris Month ago
It looks much better blue tbf
Md. Alfaz
Md. Alfaz Month ago
Red Universel tittle was best
Horváth Márkusz
Is it just me or they made the title bigger for Bray?
Afroza Islam
Afroza Islam Month ago
You me all wwe belts give im your fan
The King
The King Month ago
They don't have to put "W" on every title why do they do it anyway?
Noctis Month ago
thanks! WE HATE IT
Phew..Wwe is not affected from coppa
bang guy
bang guy Month ago
It’s not even a new look. It’s just a new color. I hate how in SummerSlam 2016, Mick Foley said, “this Championship was created for you and toward an eye onto the future.” But, it’s the same but red and it’s name is Universal. We should get more modern and innovative titles like the new WWE Intercontinental Championship.
Joey Hernandez
Joey Hernandez Month ago
how does the WWE go from hulk hogan, john cena, triple h, undertaker, shawn micheals, the rock, stone cold Steve Austin, randy orton, Sting, etc. to people like the fiend or Otis
Ramgaiha H
Ramgaiha H Month ago
I wan back
Ramgaiha H
Ramgaiha H Month ago
I want red univers title
post malones
post malones Month ago
Then they killed him
M. M.
M. M. Month ago
I prefer the red one.
TheTrueHero Month ago
this title looks amazing
Sul Wah
Sul Wah Month ago
Yowie wowie
Roni7 2 months ago
Is this what these fan watch these days damn this is embarrassing
Shunu Khan
Shunu Khan 2 months ago
Intercontinental championship Kyon Badli intercontinental championship
The Dark One
The Dark One 2 months ago
Ig the hat cape and gloves disappeared?
gala mac45
gala mac45 2 months ago
Oh nice magic touch Wyatt but the yes man Daniel Bryan Wants the for your wwe universal heveywight champion!
Anas Mansour
Anas Mansour 2 months ago
0:23 his face😊
Mr AhMaD
Mr AhMaD 2 months ago
Bring the old universal title back its much better than new universal title
Miraj Uddin
Miraj Uddin 2 months ago
Take it to NXT and it'll become Yellowversal title💛
John Schmitz 21
John Schmitz 21 2 months ago
Imagine ,if someone from NXT wins the Universal Title...
Xavier Abrahams
Xavier Abrahams 2 months ago
Blue is better u agree right
Daniel Torres San Martín
Brief 2 months ago
Bluniversal championship for blutista
Braedan Merwin
Braedan Merwin 2 months ago
But where did the hat go?
Volume 1
Volume 1 2 months ago
if Universal title goes to NXT what will happen? Yellow Color?
this is like an evil BLIPPI
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 2 months ago
Who's Here After Braun Strowman Won The Title
Alzaani Chowdhury
Alzaani Chowdhury 3 months ago
R.I.P to the red universal title
Iramcaleb Alcaraz Lozania
I hate blue red is better
teddysphotos 3 months ago
It looks even worse now. They should just bring back the WCW title.
The fiend bray wyatt a like new universal champions i am present like give it to me yes o no
Kaylen611xx 98
Kaylen611xx 98 3 months ago
Then he loses it.
JakePlayz 3 months ago
Triple A Triple a
Triple A Triple a 3 months ago
Same wtf title just a new color🤢🤢🤢🤢
Triple A Triple a
Triple A Triple a 3 months ago
Same wtf title just a new color🤢🤢🤢🤢
Aman SaLEEM 3 months ago
Alzaani Chowdhury
Alzaani Chowdhury 3 months ago
I wonder how it would fit it as good hmmmm
Shannon Freeman
Shannon Freeman 3 months ago
Golden state warrior colors
Caleb Super-Marvel
Caleb Super-Marvel 4 months ago
WWE Universal Championship Looks Good It's Way Better Than The Red Version
este men es valencia
Goldberg winner
BrentonYT 4 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks it looks really good in blue
In the thumbnail it was red
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 4 months ago
Liked the red version better
DWANYE medvick
DWANYE medvick 4 months ago
Red universal championship >>>>>>>>> smurfs championship
Mel Drick
Mel Drick 4 months ago
0:33 who else heard Bray wyatt said “Your Parents Are Liars”?
yett 4 months ago
rip the fiend
kevin Collins
kevin Collins 4 months ago
Ok now put it back to red
Apple Gamer
Apple Gamer 4 months ago
It does not matter if you are handsome or young or powerful BTW I am heading my way for becoming a successful RUvid please support me
Willy Benn
Willy Benn 4 months ago
How is wrestlingnewsnow predictions and rumors always right...
Mohd Salman
Mohd Salman 4 months ago
Your dad is coming to the ring name is gold berg
M A 4 months ago
Who ever thought this is a good idea should be fired
Sudhir Kumar
Sudhir Kumar 4 months ago
Phoenix TAU
Phoenix TAU 4 months ago
Universal ketchup is evolving! Universal ketchup evolved into universal smurfs!
Stephen Raine
Stephen Raine 4 months ago
I like that side of bray Wyatt
MLG 4 months ago
I actually like it more then the red. Thank you Bray, really thanks
Amora Adore
Amora Adore 4 months ago
I just can’t get with this
Izaan ur rehman
Izaan ur rehman 5 months ago
This blue title makes me puke....Even more toyish than the red one....These belts are giving me severe depression.....
Pawan Singh
Pawan Singh 5 months ago
brock Lesnar next blue universal champion
Lucas Coronel
Lucas Coronel 5 months ago
Alakazam, Alakazin, Your Parents Are Liars, So Just Let Me In. - Bray Wyatt
adeel arban
adeel arban 5 months ago
Red Universal Championship was better then New Blue Universal Championship
patryk royale
patryk royale 5 months ago
Jesse Callicutt
Jesse Callicutt 5 months ago
Who waves back when he waves bye?
Rajvir Perhar
Rajvir Perhar 5 months ago
probably the last time we will ever see the unvirsal title red
Christopher Baxter
Christopher Baxter 5 months ago
Maximus3981 5 months ago
Lol I hadnt watched WWE in a while and I was like why does bray wyatt have the womens championship.
Xagustin dutra
Xagustin dutra 5 months ago
I don't like this universal championship I like the original universal championship
Dive Entertainment
Dive Entertainment 5 months ago
0:00 that laugh tho
Joshua Matthew M. Samarita
Bring back the Million Dollar championship and Seperate Wwe champion and World Heavyweight champion.
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