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오래 기다리셨습니다.
제작기간이 2주나 걸린 만큼
분량이 보장되었습니다.
이번 주제는 가젯이 추가된 솔로 쇼다운 이고,
중간에 게임이 업데이트가 있어서
수정하느라 시간이 좀 더 걸렸던것 같습니다.
아무튼 즐감하시길!
You've been waiting a long time.
It took two weeks to make but..
I guarantee the time to watch the video.
The theme of this video is a solo showdown with gadgets added.
There's an update to the game in the middle because I think it took more time to fix it.
please enjoy it!


Published on


May 20, 2020




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Comments 80
This video took a long time to produce as the work was long. I'm not sure if I can continue to make this series in the future. But I'm going to keep making it. No matter what form it has become! Thank you for watching the video. I will repay you with better works from now on. Thank you! 이번 영상은 영상이 긴 만큼 제작시간도 오래걸렸습니다. 앞으로 계속해서 이 시리즈를 만들 수 있을지 모르겠네요. 하지만 저는 계속 만들겁니다. 형태가 어떻든 말이죠! 아무튼 영상 봐주셔서 감사합니다. 앞으로 더 좋은 영상으로 보답드리죠. 감사합니다!!
Alexandr Ivanov
Alexandr Ivanov 12 days ago
퍼런안경_BLAS 🤬🥵😡
루멜ˇ 13 days ago
╰(*´︶`*)╯영상 꼬박꼬박 챙겨보고 있습니다
Влад Чайок
TacosGG 137
TacosGG 137 16 days ago
You could make a showdown video in which pure people who are just starting to play would be very funny with how bad they play and can make a pro with a small account 😂😂😂
Евгений Гомзин
@Cyclic Jellie в
AncilesXD 23 hours ago
1:44 Pum!! R.I.P. Piper
AncilesXD 23 hours ago
1:38 "piu"
Sandu Caramet
Sandu Caramet 2 days ago
0:49 Multiple PEWS!
Sandu Caramet
Sandu Caramet 2 days ago
0:48 Also Multiple PEWS
SD SHOW 2 days ago
2:18 you are the only person who does not look like a sticker in the SPRUT animation and is not able to make a facial expression with a sticker
Burcin Binay
Burcin Binay 2 days ago
All Gadgets Use: 0:20 Dynamike 0:43 Colt 1:25 Jacky 1:38 Piper 2:25 El Primo 2:47 Bo 3:05 Penny 3:32 Nita Emz And Sprout Not Use :D
Evandro Comboski
Evandro Comboski 2 days ago
Should this Nita looks like me?
CupGail 2 days ago
10:Dynamyke 9:Colt 8:Piper 7:Sprout 6:Emz 5:Bo 4:Penny 3:El primo 2:Jacky 1:Nita 0:Dynamike bird
spooke eu
spooke eu 2 days ago
Coronavirus ratatata
Yuki Tyan:3
Yuki Tyan:3 3 days ago
Это гениально :_>
dan 1
dan 1 4 days ago
3:38 eeeee
계정GY3JUN9 4 days ago
현상수배 끝: 쉘리는 부자가 되었답니다
Just Shkolnik
Just Shkolnik 4 days ago
Weverton Folli Pinafo
El primo boeno mili amigòs
Robert Serna
Robert Serna 5 days ago
The trolling sprout face tho
Robert Serna
Robert Serna 5 days ago
2:36 new el primo gadget?
Марина Калайчева
Ирина Ковалева
Мне понравился спраут
bac pro hamid
bac pro hamid 7 days ago
꧁FancyBounce По кличке Лопата мортиса꧂
*페니는 스마트 바지가* *Penny has smart pants* *У пенни шикарные штаны*
Gps Emergencia
Gps Emergencia 8 days ago
Gps Emergencia
Gps Emergencia 8 days ago
😂 jaja
josarima 9 days ago
XD el video es gracias os pero sporut se parece a los robots pequeños a los que tenían un ojo rojo rollo el oso le tiró un pedo al primo y la del pico que luchó con nota se cargó el oso la del pico quedó 3 nota 2 el pollito de dinamike quedó 1
Dasha cat
Dasha cat 9 days ago
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Dasha cat
Dasha cat 9 days ago
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
YouTube애벌레와 닭다리
엘프리모 코 에게, 오늘은 너가 고생이많다
Marcos Rojas Jara
gracias a ti mismo
Marcos Rojas Jara
te lo prometo a todos nosotros no
Digater09 10 days ago
Tomasz Boczek
Tomasz Boczek 10 days ago
Artem 123
Artem 123 10 days ago
Axel 10 days ago
서한섭 11 days ago
shadow gamer matos
shadow gamer matos 11 days ago
sholdonw of chaos surge
shadow gamer matos
shadow gamer matos 11 days ago
zueira kkkkkkk
Steve Rivera
Steve Rivera 11 days ago
Love it
bebê chorão gamer BR
Piper se matou
Saul Garcia
Saul Garcia 11 days ago
Jajaja c mamo
Enio Chaible
Enio Chaible 12 days ago
Amei a revira volta do dinamickey
bravlik boy
bravlik boy 12 days ago
Лайк кто русский))
Mauricio Rendon
Mauricio Rendon 12 days ago
/\/\ \/\/
sandy bahia
sandy bahia 12 days ago
Gostei da nita
Настя 12 days ago
П Ты
Катерина Портянова
Кто из 2020
Mihai gaming
Mihai gaming 12 days ago
Emz vs sprout =plant vs zombii
Елена Елена
Matteo Pisano
Matteo Pisano 12 days ago
2:38 Sprout: fuk I love this sound effect
Ozlem Gokmen
Ozlem Gokmen 13 days ago
Майкл Майерс
루멜ˇ 13 days ago
퍼런안경님 애니메이션은 언제봐도 재미있어요! 퍼 퍼런 퍼런안 퍼런안경 퍼런안경님 퍼런안경님존 퍼런안경님존경 퍼런안경님존경해 퍼런안경님존경해요♥ 퍼런안경님존경해 퍼런안경님존경 퍼런안경님존 퍼런안경님 퍼런안경 퍼런안 퍼런 퍼
멋쟁이스키맨 13 days ago
0.25배속으로 보면 재키가 살짝 액체같은게 더 많이 있음
멋쟁이스키맨 13 days ago
그래서 재키승
Gamer ByZury
Gamer ByZury 13 days ago
Menudo dios
Billbard Cymphon
Billbard Cymphon 13 days ago
0:35 As a competitive colt player, I can confirm the accuracy of this encounter!
nani c: de brawlstars y fan de geometrydash
2:32 sprout is trolazo confirmed
[БАН]_Эльза2р _utb_
mmmm為什麼中國人做得很好,不是很漂亮? 例如,英國人做得完美! 你呢?!你也不例外!
Pink Ninja
Pink Ninja 14 days ago
Spectre wings
Broken Glass
Broken Glass 14 days ago
3:05 This is sooo goddamn funny, Jacky actually swears in game sometimes when she dies. She says the exact same thing "What the f was that" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL HAHAHAHAHAHA I could repeat this all day ngl LOOL
MadRats Fans
MadRats Fans 14 days ago
2:36 El Primo - “Eeel...” 2:39 El Primo - “ PRIMOOO...” 😂
PLAYER TABANCA 14 days ago
Birdie is too op he needs a nerf
Niko bellic
Niko bellic 14 days ago
3:24 PRIMO!
Сабина Абдулаева
olga lopez
olga lopez 15 days ago
Caseko CSK
Caseko CSK 15 days ago
Totally forgot about dynamike... I wonder why El Primo didn't own him in such close range...
Olkam Pro
Olkam Pro 15 days ago
0:41 Nita: Finally 0:44 Colt:Nope
Hnfnvnckw Yyxncncncw
Ewa Cieplak
Ewa Cieplak 15 days ago
0:53 Colt Has nothing in mind
Иван Зайцев
Blas in showdown is nine brawlers
Natalia Bałbustyn
Natalia Bałbustyn 15 days ago
R. I. P el primo 👃
WerBear 15 days ago
4:46 lol
Yeu Mathieu
Yeu Mathieu 15 days ago
I thought jacky died 2:41
I hate that fact that tik tok uploaders never stop to steal someone's videos.
Go_ Rodrigo_26
Go_ Rodrigo_26 15 days ago
Jajajaja este video está re gracioso
Mysterious Tar Boy
Mysterious Tar Boy 15 days ago
Every showdown game in a nutshel
Сергей Малыгин
Я русская? 1?
Real-life-videos !!!
Dynamike 11th Colt 10th Piper 9th Emz 8th Sprout 7th Bo 6th Penny 5th El primo 4th Jacky 3rd Nita 2nd Strong chick 1st xD
Виталий Урал
I'm like turtle's🐢
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