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Red and Jasper were brought into the house as child substitutes, but when a baby actually did arrive it turns out this brawling pair are not the best babysitters! With constant fights and heavy-handed behaviour, the house is no longer entirely safe for a newborn.
Can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell find an outlet for these labs to use up their energy in a way that can't cause damage to the home's newest family member?
It's Me or the Dog UK: Season 2 Episode 9
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It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
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Jun 22, 2019




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Comments 1 450
It's Me or the Dog
It's Me or the Dog 4 months ago
Hope you all enjoyed the premiere, it was fun to watch the episode along with you! If you're coming to it later, I hope you enjoy the episode the same as always!
Preethy Praveen
Preethy Praveen 15 days ago
It's very helpful
marcùs glenn
marcùs glenn 21 day ago
I'm the one who gave the *1000th like!!!!!
sdgakatbk Month ago
This is the second one I've watched and you've gained a fan!
Caroline Wilson
Caroline Wilson Month ago
I've always loved this show. Wow - 2 young dogs that in the hunting category.
Angeline Hatcher
Angeline Hatcher 2 months ago
Dancing Jelly actually 2008
Karen Robles
Karen Robles 6 hours ago
No one: Victoria: unbelievable Dog: bitch lets just walk *pulls her*
me here
me here 15 hours ago
So you take on 2 big dogs and don't walk them!! Then expect the Mrs to do it. Wrong on so many levels
Tee F
Tee F 15 hours ago
Oohhh bacon bubbles!!
Mass Kent
Mass Kent 22 hours ago
I love how Victoria brings harmony to so many families 💟
nanda kumar
nanda kumar 23 hours ago
He lost weight too after 3 weeks...good boy...
kassi warcraft
I had a pitbull and trust me when I tell you he knew I was the alpha end of story.
h a p p i n e s s .
10:34 was the dog sad when the dog saw the owner cried?
sunnysideup 4 days ago
Just curious, are the treats Victoria uses raw, cooked, or prepackaged? She uses chicken, cheese, and tripe. Are all these items cooked/seasoned? Does she cut them up herself or do they come from a store?
Du Súndavar Freohr
Victoria could just give out a manual like "1. Your dog is not your child. 2. Your dog's balls are not your balls. 3. Feed them properly, walk them and don't reward bad behaviour."
AJ 1978
AJ 1978 6 days ago
Dogs run off when you open the door. You know there are these little fences that you can install to prevent that, right?
Kate Gasson
Kate Gasson 8 days ago
Are you walking the dogs? “Every single day” - while shaking his head. Hmm.
Nessa P
Nessa P 9 days ago
I wonder if Victoria failed and they just don't air it...
coninini: berly edits
Victoria:*puts chicken on paw* leave it leave it Dog: the chimkennn Victoria: good boy ,lets eat* Dog:CHIMKENNNN
Kiwi Weed
Kiwi Weed 9 days ago
I’ve noticed in several of these videos where the man of the family loses sight of his role as protector. Victoria’s, thankfully keeps it in the forefront and it’s a good wake call for most. Re-focusing or reflecting is a healthy thing for us all. Now to discuss the number of women that make their dogs their “baby”.....I can’t even...
Me 9 days ago
if u wanna see a good doggo watch tucker budzyn
Jennifer b
Jennifer b 10 days ago
Poor claire
Jennifer b
Jennifer b 10 days ago
I work nights I'm exhausted but my Labrador and lurcher get a two hour walk when I get home , I use haultie's , then when my husband gets home after a 10 hour day he walks the dogs , my lurcher still has a mad half hour , no excuses unless your bedridden
Jenn Stump
Jenn Stump 10 days ago
i wish you can help me and my dogs i have 3
Booper 343
Booper 343 10 days ago
Clair shouldn't have to work so damn hard to please her husband. She's taking care of a baby and a home...her husband is so selfish
Naughty Gamer
Naughty Gamer 10 days ago
OG Bobby
OG Bobby 10 days ago
13:50 why is the little girl walking or "strutting" as if its HER show lol matter of fact why is she even there
938quilt 11 days ago
that poor older dog on that walk!
Hey victoria i love this channel
Angel Doll
Angel Doll 11 days ago
the baby doll in the stroller with the dogs nearly killed me 😂😂
ScaredyKitten98 14 days ago
see? even hellhounds can be trained to be good bois...
sunnysideup 14 days ago
First of all, why did they get 2 new dogs? They should’ve gotten 1 and seen how it worked out w their other dog Secondly, when mom is out on dog walks, who’s watching over the baby??
Preethy Praveen
Preethy Praveen 15 days ago
It's very helpful
Peachy Peachworth
Peachy Peachworth 16 days ago
1:47 Jasper :: uh oh, Red, we killed mom Red :: let’s dance on her corpse! Jasper :: :D
Sandy Virgen
Sandy Virgen 16 days ago
Parents: *talking really serious* Baby: *looking cute and happy* 🤗😁😁
Luka Stanley
Luka Stanley 16 days ago
Hermiany if she dropped out of Hogwarts
Anatolia 17 days ago
Oscar acts like he's trying to wrangle these little rascals 😂
TennTheBeardie 18 days ago
“I can be quiet I can sits too!”
TennTheBeardie 18 days ago
She’s getting mad because they aren’t listening but they aren’t trained. Throughout this whole thing I was so pissed at Clair. If you don’t train them then they won’t listen to your commands.
Jimi Jimi
Jimi Jimi 20 days ago
This man is sooooo indifferent towards his wife and child Pathetic mothafucka Victoria talks and he laughs and giving excuses. Worthless
Sheller Sheller
Sheller Sheller 20 days ago
What happen when the partner in crime is in the same room 🤣🤣🤣🤣
TJ Momon
TJ Momon 20 days ago
They are both awful people and really should not be together
This baby will be a stunt double
Bantia Crim
Bantia Crim 20 days ago
Red can come and live with me xxx
AAron Thom
AAron Thom 20 days ago
Those bacon bubbles are genius!
Not Of This World
Those dogs left her alone and that baby gave a big smile and happy squeal! She thinking yes! I’m safe!
Wolfmyth100 21 day ago
I want a machine that makes bacon flavoured bubbles for my dog...
Katie Osborn
Katie Osborn 21 day ago
The last shot of their baby is just priceless!! They might not be perfect pets yet, but they sure have come a long way since they first met Victoria. Great yob yoggies :D
Kitty_ Kat
Kitty_ Kat 22 days ago
I can’t with the thumbnail 🤣🤣
babygraceblue 22 days ago
That baby is so freakin cute 😍
Haillies Animations
I'm suprised the older dog hasn't snapped at one of the labs for jumping at the owner
Noemi Joan
Noemi Joan 23 days ago
The family is so sweet and cute and really trying very hard. Happy for them to had a Baby after the devastating news. Such a nice episode
Unicorn Queen
Unicorn Queen 23 days ago
I’m so sure that their baby’s gonna hate her father if she saw this video for putting the dogs that he doesn’t even take care of before her and mom
agni 23 days ago
Where to get this toy with bubbles?
Hazza Trin
Hazza Trin 24 days ago
Victoria would be a lovely mistress
Jong Domingo
Jong Domingo 24 days ago
Thay are so adorable....they need attention too..... Make time and they will be a good pets. You got a wonderful back yard let then play til they drain thier energy.
Cedric der Labrador
4:47: Choose me and Elly - or the dogs. Me: The dogs :-)
Cedric der Labrador
Labs are best
Killer Snail
Killer Snail 25 days ago
I’ll never understand why dog owners with untrained dogs who complain about how hard they are to walk won’t just invest in a head collar that goes around their noses (you can even get Them for boxers and other semi-flatnosed breeds) or even a chest harness. We have the internet at our finger tips - it’s SO SO easy to google it & come up with simple solutions. It’s so cruel to lock 2 young labs up like that. If you won’t train them, at least get them a collar you can walk them in!
Alex Ursu
Alex Ursu 25 days ago
Eboni Love
Eboni Love 26 days ago
8:42 Victoria looks absolutely disgusted. I'm screaming
SOLEY 26 days ago
where is the older dog, I didn't see him end of the episode!! I hope they didn't do what I think, because of he is old dog:((
gatcha sam
gatcha sam 27 days ago
That tumbnail though people could meme the flip out of it
Denim Velvet
Denim Velvet 27 days ago
I kind of feel like this couple won't last long. This man clearly doesn't listen to his wife. He doesn't believe her when she says she'll leave. I doubt this is the first time such a communication issue has happened, and I have a feeling it will get worse in the future. Also, I'm now convinced all of Britain consists of men who work, women who stay at home, and either way one doesn't think a dog destroying the house is a problem.
Chey M
Chey M 27 days ago
Narrator: *chris is taking them out for a walk for the first time in 8 weeks* 😂😂😭😭
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