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Red and Jasper were brought into the house as child substitutes, but when a baby actually did arrive it turns out this brawling pair are not the best babysitters! With constant fights and heavy-handed behaviour, the house is no longer entirely safe for a newborn.
Can dog training expert Victoria Stilwell find an outlet for these labs to use up their energy in a way that can't cause damage to the home's newest family member?
It's Me or the Dog UK: Season 2 Episode 9
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It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!
Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


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Jun 22, 2019

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It's Me or the Dog
It's Me or the Dog 26 days ago
Hope you all enjoyed the premiere, it was fun to watch the episode along with you! If you're coming to it later, I hope you enjoy the episode the same as always!
Lizzy Chien-Hua
Lizzy Chien-Hua 19 days ago
Thx tou 👍🏻
lalune 23 days ago
Oh my god Bacon...machine....want....where ´◔ˬ◔ˋ ツ Our dogs are a handful but oh my god they angels to all these problems. I’m disabled can’t walk dogs ...but hubby walks them in fact they are walked soon as hubby comes in from 14,hour shift as well (driving too and 12 hour shift) they good as gold with me all day Out in am out at night is enough for them even if only get out once at times they understand The back is open nearly all day if it’s nice I’ve trained them but they always need training for a variety of reasons: we rescued them etc I think because they walked and given boundaries the whole time Dave away they are angels Ok they bark at postie birds (sams nemesis he hates them with a vengeance When we go out he races in house sits by back door Dave says you’ve been out why you need to go in garden but me I see him shouting at the birds I’m back ok!! Then trots in nose in air like I’ve shown them ha! casbah hates hedgehogs )but stop by the time I say I’ve told you once I’ve told you twice do not make me say 3 times But because they bark soon as gate opens it gives me time to go to door when otherwise I couldn’t but they still need boundaries because they dogs Their biggest downfall is they fight as sams frightened of big size of casbah ᵃⁿᵈ that worries me but when me ᵃⁿᵈ them they just so calm Looking at your vids it’s •¢σѕ of the freedom they have in-house and garden ᵃⁿᵈ going for runs I’m thinking I can’t get out to play with them in garden and I feel though I play with them in house with rope balls etc I wish I could be out with them more but that machine I could sit ᵃⁿᵈ watch ᵃⁿᵈ the machine makes happy I just think they need a reward for how good they are with me as well as I think would be good to play with that Throwing ball, playing hide and treat or any other stimulation brings competitiveness so again this machine brilliant Is it expensive?¿ Sorry to dribble on but you’ll tell me if I’m nuts wanting for my reasons I № you will ´◔ˬ◔ˋ ツ They are a nightmare when hubby home in that they seem to hate each other and scrap badly I try all ways to bond them I watch your videos but I think yes they get to run a lot outside together but a finer tuning at home would help to bond them They are very active so exercising all day would be good for them We don’t walk them Dave takes them for runs they need as GSD
Onelyrics pets TF
Onelyrics pets TF 24 days ago
Aww Victoria And the baby together was one of the most adorable freaking things I've seen
FeatherWings78 25 days ago
@It's Me or the Dog what do you mean not long now?
It's Me or the Dog
It's Me or the Dog 25 days ago
@FeatherWings78 Jodie Marsh is coming up in season 3, not long now!
Nottobegaybutgirls 54 minutes ago
Is it just me or his Victoria super hot?
VIJIBHA P 3 hours ago
What should i do fore having a gentle labrador
Randomness And Happiness
Red is the goodest boy
iced out charleigh
iced out charleigh 5 hours ago
why is no one talking about the thumbnail lmfaooo 😂
Coastal Coyote
Coastal Coyote 14 hours ago
What was that toy?! The bubble one? I want it for my dog and my fosters :D I foster GSP dogs and they would love That toy.
HolyPringle 15 hours ago
To the people saying that the baby comes first, they do NOT come after the baby they are your child as well, you are favouring your human child over your dog child because it’s a animal, THAT IS NOT OK
Elysa-mai Barnes
Elysa-mai Barnes 19 hours ago
Is it me that thinks Red is an alpha of the pack
It sickens me when a spouse ignores their partner's cry for help. Poor woman
Imperfect_star_ 81
That poor older dog. Honestly I don’t know why she wouldn’t take him too if she’d have left. He was well behaved and honestly didn’t deserve to be in that chaos. He only wants to protect the baby
XZydra1 Day ago
Red is obviously a really smart dog. He has just gotten NO stimulation his whole life and has zero respect for the owners. It's mind boggling to me that people will get dogs and just expect them to be well behaved despite putting in no effort to training or stimulating them. I feel so bad for the dogs
Happy Catuts
Happy Catuts Day ago
I honestly felt bad for clare.
Veronica Bassotti
É la prima volta che vedo dei labrador così educati male🙄
The Determined Ninja
0:36 _Elegance~_ 😆 That's when you know the dogs need some serious work! 🐕🐕😥
Look.at. Lala
Look.at. Lala 2 days ago
This husband is just an irresponsible one! Can’t believe his wife didn’t go away from this situation
Milton Lewis
Milton Lewis 2 days ago
Females and their ultimatums lls. Most men will pick their dogs. I'd be like... bye. Leave the kid though... but you can go.
JOOGSQUAD 2 days ago
How cold 🥶 its there here we have 40 degrees Celcium
Irma Reyes
Irma Reyes 2 days ago
6:48 it sounds like the dog is singing no flex zone
drea delatorre
drea delatorre 2 days ago
Bro she fell..😂
TACO 3 days ago
6:50 THE BABY 😰😨!!! Oh she's got her😌
Mayah Blake
Mayah Blake 3 days ago
Wow Victoria but it's the truth
The Animal Notebook 1
Clair’s hair looks oily af
Roxanna Possin
Roxanna Possin 3 days ago
My first dog I only taught sit too because I was small and than after his passing after 15 years with him I got my big dog Bonnie she was 11 weeks old when I taught her to sit by 4 months old she sit,lay down and shake and leave food
Afia Oduro-Manu
Afia Oduro-Manu 3 days ago
Wife: If these dogs don’t start behaving then you’re gonna have to choose between me and Ellie or the dogs Husband: ☺️🙂😊
The wife is saying she can't handle the dogs and wants to get rid of them. The husband should respect her wishes and get rid of them! He shouldn't even have a say in whether to keep them or not because he barely even helps out with the dogs!
Jack Vantas
Jack Vantas 3 days ago
I know babies cry in general, but Ellie is the most quietest, happiest baby I've seen. She just watches them act a fool lol
Roblox 89
Roblox 89 4 days ago
Michala Kováčová
Why they have 3 dogs? OMG
Jules Mpc
Jules Mpc 4 days ago
what about the older dog?
LoverOfChickens 4 days ago
I'm sorry but how did I not know that flavored bubbles were a thing? I might have to look into that!
Poor Chris was bored into tears
Chris is the definition of a WEAK man. He doesn't deserve any of them - the wife, the daughter or the dogs.
Homer Jay Simpson
Why is he?
Samantha Valdivia
They need ceasar Milan lmao 😂
yeeterson Peterson
The real question is does she have a dog?
Stephani Brown
Stephani Brown 6 days ago
Take them to the dog park to let their energy out smh 7:59 dogs drag mother and baby. Mother still holds on to stroller as it is dragged sideways..
kaushik rebel Vm
kaushik rebel Vm 6 days ago
Most labradors are not aggressive.
My Horse Is Fabulous
I would walk one at a time
Blue_ _
Blue_ _ 6 days ago
If she isn’t already, Victoria would make a great mom.
Miss Arabia
Miss Arabia 6 days ago
My lab never ever behaved like this She was a perfect lady. She didnt bark either maybe once or twice only! And she was never EVER aggressive to anyone
hailee rae is the bomb
Through watching several of these videos I have trained my lab & German shepherd mix. I am still working with her but she is 1 in August so I still have plenty of working time to teach her some tricks and to not dig holes in our yard.Lol🤣
Buddy Piper
Buddy Piper 7 days ago
My dogs eat bad guys.
gumgumSulli 7 days ago
The husband seems so uninvolved it's so frustrating to see
Paula Daylight
Paula Daylight 7 days ago
so...where can i get the bacon flavored bubbles...?
LittleCoyote 7 days ago
Oh god, I hate these two owners.
e v i t a
e v i t a 7 days ago
Victoria is always the one who dresses well😂😂😂
Aimé Camacho
Aimé Camacho 8 days ago
Just like my labs!! They're mixed. The mother & the 2 daughters. They are a nightmare!! But They're very protective breed
XxSiimply MarisaXx
At 3:46 omg the baby was sucking its thumb and my heart melted! Lmao! 😂😂
Jevine klein
Jevine klein 9 days ago
It's hard how they had to worry more about the dogs than how to care for the baby that came by miracle
Kaytie Buckhalt
Kaytie Buckhalt 9 days ago
I really love that she doesn't hold the owners in contempt for considering rehoming a dog if they aren't up to the responsibilities it requires.
Aniket Nayek
Aniket Nayek 9 days ago
What's funny is that she even trains her camera guy...to back off, speak and be quite. ...,🎊😂😂😂😂
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