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About Bratz:
The Bratz are back and more creative than ever before. The Bratz believe in thinking for themselves, creating the things they dream of, and making every day an absolute adventure. The Bratz love tackling problems creatively, living in the moment, thinking outside the box, and most of all HAVING FUN!

And yes, the Bratz will need 17 jars of glitter paint to do this. And no, their masterpiece will not be the same without it. The Bratz always love collaborating with their best friends and with five besties who knows what that could accomplish.

So, do you wanna join us and be a Bratz? We hope so! Because . . . .
It’s good to be yourself! It’s good to be a Bratz!
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Apr 4, 2018

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Comments 382
Marsha Sailsman
Marsha Sailsman 3 days ago
The videos you make, i like it, make more videos please.
Cookie Chan Gachas
I kinda wanna start a series like this in gacha life I’m sorry if you don’t want me to copy some of the spells thanks c:
EmilySays Meow :3
My mom would never let me get bratz dolls because they were called bratz
Jahzara Boucher
Jahzara Boucher 8 days ago
Mine there fav too
Princess Rose
Princess Rose 25 days ago
Jade: French is the language of love)Me: Your speaking french😑
Kenya.R Beckford94
Kenya.R Beckford94 25 days ago
Rohama Gishen
Rohama Gishen 26 days ago
Random Commenter
Random Commenter 28 days ago
No way these are the bratz ;o
Random Commenter
Random Commenter 28 days ago
Anyone else used to have these dolls?
LizDaWiz AndPoop
"How sweet, fresh meat" "Better watch your, uh...." Me:Yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet.... "What rhymes with meat?" Me: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeEEEEeeeeEEEEEEEttttttTTTTT "Feet?" Me:......😑
Princess Rose
Princess Rose Month ago
I like jade
Joenet Dolo
Joenet Dolo Month ago
I have nothing to say. Right now
Jade•. Month ago
What happened to sasha!?
Aubrey Lindsey
Aubrey Lindsey Month ago
I Want Bratzillaz On Netflix
Gacha Girl Zee
Gacha Girl Zee Month ago
Ok but like....why did they whitewash Sasha? Like seriously!?
Grell Sutcliff
Grell Sutcliff Month ago
The girl on the thumbnail reminds me of Madame Red(Black Butler) YOU CANT TELL ME I AM ALONE WITH DIS!!!!😅😰
Kinnunen Corp
Kinnunen Corp Month ago
They all end with an “ah” all except Jade
Roslynn P0384
Roslynn P0384 Month ago
I thought Emmy likes it when I like this show is about these characters are my favourite ❤️👍
sugarbun Month ago
alejo collector
alejo collector Month ago
Back to bratzillaz please MGA !
Cj James
Cj James Month ago
This aint the Bratz, sis Its like someone tried to rip off the Bratz but sadly, its real.
Le Gacha Editz
Le Gacha Editz Month ago
Bratz dolls? Or wut?
efyumada ‘-
efyumada ‘- Month ago
Their lips is so unforgettable. 👄
Marrinette Ladybug
Link Baothman
Link Baothman 2 months ago
alls :p
alls :p 2 months ago
why is sasha white
Jamie MSP
Jamie MSP 2 months ago
Basically monster high in bratz..
blue bubbles
blue bubbles 2 months ago
A bad rip off of bratzs
Taghreed Hassan
Taghreed Hassan 2 months ago
I love this movie
marsair stewart
marsair stewart 2 months ago
What are your names
Soarix Channel
Soarix Channel 2 months ago
I love Yasmina the best
Sassynbluntaf 2 months ago
Winkers reminds me of Iris
Musa 2 months ago
wow bratz evolved alot havent seen them in years
Lilian Wu
Lilian Wu 2 months ago
Sashbella:looks like Cleo from monster high
esmira memmedova
esmira memmedova 3 months ago
I love Cloretta😋😊
Gaupo Le Pug
Gaupo Le Pug 3 months ago
Why did Sasha’s skin color change and looks like it’s been bleached just like yasmins
pinkypieelsa 3 months ago
I have the doll of the girl with long red hair
Crystalline Sky
Crystalline Sky 3 months ago
I had Jade J’adore...
Saul Is a person
Saul Is a person 3 months ago
Omg I remember this
Random dreams
Random dreams 3 months ago
Why are they all so white?? :(
LPSandGacha Lover
LPSandGacha Lover 3 months ago
Also what is wrong with the pink haired girl's pet
GACHA Fox 3 months ago
she should of said how sweet fresh meat this will be quit a treat
Rainbøwgøthstar 1
Rainbøwgøthstar 1 3 months ago
Y'all they WHITEWASHED yasmania and sashabella😭😭😭
fork• in the garbage-disposal
Sin 20 in a 10 minute episode
Cringe Comp
Cringe Comp 3 months ago
British version of monster high
RRACHELL 3 months ago
0:29 me when the people at starbucks ask my name
Minty Mitten
Minty Mitten 3 months ago
When zameana did the mirror thing she kinda spoiled some episodes
Aicha Sow
Aicha Sow 3 months ago
So cool 😎
Joe Mari Engada
Joe Mari Engada 3 months ago
Bratzillaz seems like the mixture of monster high,ever after high and bratz and i love all of them.
punk rock star jester videos
I used to have the doll with the white hair and broken heart is Been a long time since I watch bratzilaz and now I'm 21 I miss that doll collection of bratzilaz it was the best great childhood I ever had.😊
Ashalata Heikham
Ashalata Heikham 4 months ago
I love this movie
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