Brandi Carlile - The Joke (Official Video)

Brandi Carlile
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From the album "By The Way, I Forgive You" available now. elektrar.ec/BrandiCarlileBTWIFY
Directed by Danny Clinch
Produced by Lindha Narvaez for MILKT
Choreography by Peter Leung
Ballet sequence filmed by Middle Table Productions
Ballerina is Michaela DePrince
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Feb 16, 2018




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Comments 60
btrim1974 11 hours ago
R 13 hours ago
I thought The Story was the greatest song ever ! And now the Joke Brandi is the goat !
Olga Paulus
Olga Paulus Day ago
Awsome song!
Perfect 👌🏻.... sigh
Grace Barden
Grace Barden 2 days ago
Her voice is so pretty; this song gives me chills the whole way through
Cindy Passmore
Cindy Passmore 4 days ago
Omgosh...she has one of the most soulful voices Ive ever heard. AMAZING. Love, love this song.
Leaf N'Lore
Leaf N'Lore 5 days ago
Love this so much. Thank you, Brandi.
Ndoro Putri
Ndoro Putri 5 days ago
Genius song, amazing respect from indonesia
Jamie Cramer
Jamie Cramer 9 days ago
Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucky Derina Sutoyo
Beautiful song...hello from Indonesia
John Ayers
John Ayers 12 days ago
Ben Platt brought me here and I'm still in tears. 😭
Matemática do TATÁ
👏👏👏👏🙌🙌 loved it! very beautiful!
Siminthesky 13 days ago
thank you Brandi..thanks to beniccio and ben i found your video..and in any version i get touched by the song and lyrics..i can't stop hearing it..its deep and profound. its a classic which belongs in every chart. thank you..in europe we don't know you very well..but thanks to you tube you are available for us here....thank you once again. simone
shirley lebovich
shirley lebovich 14 days ago
absolutely beautiful, I am crying, and 66 years old.
Hector Tolentino
Hector Tolentino 16 days ago
im here after Ben Platt's netflix special
Rosannasfriend 16 days ago
Am I the only person who was introduced to this song through the Grammys 2019? She performed the hell out of it there. It wasn’t ben platt or some Benicio person
Nadia Shireen Siddiqi
I’m a middle child And have always had to play myself down self sabotage to Let my siblings especially my almost twin brother, forge their path I don’t think the joke’s on them though, I need to break this martyr habit To stop being an apologist for my naturally lighter skin My innately angloamerican manner of speaking My qualities Stop always bringing flaws to the fore Stop flirting with skin cancer.
Blaze94La 18 days ago
Everything about this song is amazing. The lyrics, her voice pushing so much strength to an incredible melody. This is the how it's done.
Kinga 050900
Kinga 050900 19 days ago
This reminds me to pay my Amex bill
carla pantoja
carla pantoja 19 days ago
this song is unmatched
Kapil Gadal
Kapil Gadal 20 days ago
God.... Amazing.... heard Benicio Bryant cover this song on AGT. After a quick search landed here.... Cheers all....
_ Demig0d _
_ Demig0d _ 21 day ago
This song validated me in not being perfect for everyone. I feel free of the obsessive people pleasing that led me to my darkness
mary Kh
mary Kh 21 day ago
Damn!! I am in love with this song ...
helenka raunerova
helenka raunerova 23 days ago
Ted' jsem tu písničku našla na Voice, zpívala jí patnáctiletá holčina, jsem unešená, měla by jste z ní radost. Nádhera...
Alencar Ale
Alencar Ale 25 days ago
Canta nada eu que canto kkkk brincadeira viajei nela Brasil
Scott Bayley
Scott Bayley 26 days ago
"I have been to the movies I have seen how it ends" reminds me of a comment I heard someplace or another... the movement to end bussing in the 1970s was successful, insofar as it stopped bussing... but no one will ever make a movie in which the guys who fought against integrated schools WIN. Culture is always ten years behind politics. We will win. I also think about how profoundly unfunny any of this present fascism is. You can't even satirise it. I think when Brandi sings about "The Joke" she is doing so ironically. Even when we win, no one will be laughing.
JimineyCricket 26 days ago
guardián de tus sueños
Te amo Brandi
Waddya Tawkin
Waddya Tawkin 27 days ago
What A Voice!
Anna Boekweg
Anna Boekweg 27 days ago
I have disappeared. Into the music. Can I please stay.
Gary Wilkinson
Gary Wilkinson 27 days ago
Funny, I was led to this song when it was used by American Express for a commercial on TV using the music from this song. Ever since then I have loved this song and its lyrics !! My wife, who passed away unexpectedly on Oct. 2, 2019, loved this song also. Every time I hear this song makes me think of her with a tear in my eye !!
Jess Rey Villesenda
Im starting loving this songs thank you benicio brynt...such amazing songs..
Remedy Susngi
Remedy Susngi 28 days ago
Such a good song... thank you Brandi Carlile for writing such a beautiful song, stay blessed always🙂😍
Rajashree Ranpise
Rajashree Ranpise 28 days ago
Beautiful song
abdul harris
abdul harris 28 days ago
Keren .. bagus banget nulis ceritanya .. luar biasa anda hebat sekali .. salut
Wiki Ngawaka
Wiki Ngawaka 29 days ago
This song so resonates with me
Jo Rat
Jo Rat Month ago
Omg, how did I forget this...beautiful ❤️❤️
michael ougarezos
this song is so touching.
Sunny Devsekar
Sunny Devsekar Month ago
Who came here after watching Benicio Bryant from AGT...???
AuraLight Month ago
Song sounds like one of the themes on Sims 4
Dawn G
Dawn G Month ago
This song is so powerful!
Sara Isabel Acevedo Rausseo
Flawless, majestic, never done before and never the same again, beautiful
Madeline Benkowitz
This is a great song, my mom introduced me to this song😅
michael ougarezos
one of my favorite songs Brandi, i hear this nearly every day thinking of my darling wife that passed away in my arms almost 4 years ago. Thank you for the feelings x x x
Shannon Asbell
Shannon Asbell Month ago
I am here because I have been seeing the hatred that people are giving Brandi for sharing her story. I am straight. I want everybody to be free to be who they are. I am crying cause of the hatred in our Country. I have been a fan of Brandi's for years, actually my husband made me a fan. We have seen her in concert twice and we are ready for another. Love you and never stop being who you are!!!❤
Sherri Bogdanowicz
Happy Retrograde😳💕😂What a Find!
Tohyeon AH
Tohyeon AH Month ago
Tohyeon AH
Tohyeon AH Month ago
i dont want die anymore!
Leela C.
Leela C. Month ago
Hi! Please turn on the Closed Caption Feature in your video- for Deaf/Hard of Hearing community. Thanks!
bevilj Month ago
Thank you Brandi. For your poetry. For making a straight, white conservative question all. For standing so eloquently for all. Thank you Brandi.
Doug Steven
Doug Steven Month ago
My new favorite song. Watched this 3 times in 3 days. Tears every time. Wow
Diane Shatto
Diane Shatto Month ago
I can’t even express how important a song this is. I wish every teen who has felt rejection could hear this song and every person who has felt prejudice due to class, or any type of social difference. I sure needed this in the 1980s.
D W Month ago
❤️ The joke
Sandra Grant
Sandra Grant Month ago
I'm not sure this lady got her due props. I've not seen it...I only hear benecio. Anyway, whoever sings this song better BY GOD do it justice. This one is the best in my opinion.
ocfri Month ago
With all the spin going on today, I believe the joke will be on them.. them being all those who think COVID don’t exist, them being the haters, ect. Let em laugh while they can, I’ve seen how this ends...
valley echos
valley echos Month ago
Lakshitha Ramesh
I love this song 💛❤💜💙💚
thabani mahlaba
thabani mahlaba Month ago
Ever so often the universe creates beautiful songs like these that move you to your core, and give you hope. No matter what you’re going through it validates your existence and that you MATTER... I can’t believe that I’m only discovering this song now but I’m grateful that I did because this song is amazing. Thank you for this gem 💎 of a song WOW blown away!!!
Peggy Reely
Peggy Reely Month ago
The beautiful ballerina has lupus. Skin at least. I do too. Look at her neck. This song speaks to me even more now that I watched this video and saw her scars and grace.
A JONAS Month ago
Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
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