Brandi Carlile - The Joke (Official Video)

Brandi Carlile
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From the album "By The Way, I Forgive You" available now. elektrar.ec/BrandiCarlileBTWIFY
Directed by Danny Clinch
Produced by Lindha Narvaez for MILKT
Choreography by Peter Leung
Ballet sequence filmed by Middle Table Productions
Ballerina is Michaela DePrince
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Feb 16, 2018




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Comments 3 403
zari dawn
zari dawn Day ago
Im here because my mother in law recommended this to me, saying this is her favorite song 😍 This is really moving!
Chris P Bacon
So this is the song that cheated from 18th place to 1st at the Grammys? Makes sense, it's really not that good
kingsley Moeng
Wow love her from south Africa
Petr Fabián fabikershooter
I fell in love. This is a very charismatic woman.
Laura Burns
Laura Burns Day ago
This is what I needed today! Brandi's voice is all the therapy I need, positive vibes. And yes.....the Joke is on them. Love wins...always.
Harry Gwynn-Jones
This song sucks ass fuck the grammys
raheel chocolate
The song is so Sad , it made me burst into tears ....
Julian Santos
Julian Santos 2 days ago
I Comment
I Comment 2 days ago
One of the most beautiful songs ever written. I got hooked the first time I heard it. Neber been able to let go of it.
Rikai Sasson
Rikai Sasson 3 days ago
Benicio NEEDS to record this song,his own version,exactly the one he sang in the audition(I don't think he has)
Hitmonkey 4 days ago
All over Twitter that she basically bought her Grammy nominations for this song last year when Ed Sheeran should have actually been nominated.
Jossie Jax
Jossie Jax 4 days ago
It's like a pain of joy, I mean like a satisfying disaster in the mind .. it tricks your mind to imagine what you already know but hard to define... This is the biggest shock song that has set my path straight.. Thanks to AGT performer
hilda bugat
hilda bugat 5 days ago
Thanks to Benicio Bryan who got me here.. Love it
KD phantom
KD phantom 5 days ago
Y is this song not getting the love it deserves..
Babalog Sound
Babalog Sound 6 days ago
"The most beautiful voice in the world" ♥️
biatch biatch
biatch biatch 6 days ago
Benicio is better at this song. Just my opinion.
Aura Blaze
Aura Blaze 6 days ago
If anyone here is from the UK, you surely are familiar with the band Suede. The emotion in her vocals on this song remind me so much of the emotion and passion that Brett Anderson of Suede employs in his vocal technique. Absolutely beautiful!
Elodie Staron
Elodie Staron 7 days ago
Je suis là grâce a benicio merci a lui j'ai découvert une immense chanson
Sandra Hamilton
Sandra Hamilton 7 days ago
I live in the Tiny Caribbean Twin Island Trinidad & Tobago. Every time this AD came on , I stopped whatever I was doing, and wondered like everyone else. What is this music? Then someone let us know it is a Song by Brandi Carlile. The Music is Beautiful! Her Voice is Amazing!!! Lets take comfort in Music. which i think makes the World such a Beautiful Place. Beautiful Music, Takes Care of The Noise ..... Thank You Brandi
Sandra Hamilton
Sandra Hamilton 4 days ago
@LCTonerWell well! LC Toner. Hello to you. At least we have 2 things in common. We are from the Same Place, and we have Great taste in Music. Trinidad and Tobago is Open. Do have a Great Day and please Love and Enjoy what ever you do☝️
LCToner 4 days ago
I was born in Arima, Trinidad!! I have lived in America all of my life. My mom's family is from San Fernando. I love Trinidad. I would love to visit again. Haven't been there since 2007.
Calamity Jade
Calamity Jade 7 days ago
Why no poor whites depicted? Only an old veteran to represent whites? Shame, girl.
Jules Gardet
Jules Gardet 8 days ago
Thanks Benicio (AGT) amazing version. I know Brandy since “The Story” ... Her lyrics always get right inside me, they are part of my own story.
C 8 days ago
Hurts so much
Brian McManus
Brian McManus 10 days ago
Man, this still gives me the chills when she breaks into that chorus.
Wildan Saeful Azmi
Wildan Saeful Azmi 11 days ago
Favourite song in my life , love from indonesia 😍😍😍
sigmunism 11 days ago
I love this meaningful song so much. I was touched since the beginning of it.
jlw 11 days ago
This is just one of the most beautifully poignant songs I've heard in years.
QN J 12 days ago
This beautiful song makes me cry every single time I listen to it.
Boy Momma
Boy Momma 13 days ago
Found this song through the Highwomen.
Lintar Satria
Lintar Satria 13 days ago
I can't get enough of this song!!!
&& 14 days ago
Magnificent song!
Eddy G's Music World
for every 1 person that helps you,there are 5 that don`t care at all
Eddy G's Music World
Brandi must have sufferred many heartaches if she could write these lyrics
Shawna Hanley
Shawna Hanley 13 days ago
Eddy G's Music World I agree
Eddy G's Music World
song makes you want to give up and keep trying at the same time.
Ed Green
Ed Green 14 days ago
Kick it Branndi!
lotrgeekgirl1 14 days ago
Here from the American Express 2019 commercial.. 👍🏻
Raimundo Pachêco
Raimundo Pachêco 14 days ago
Anne Civetta
Anne Civetta 15 days ago
Cc Decc
Cc Decc 15 days ago
With all due respect to the AGT kid, once you hear the real thing you remember that very few do it as well as Brandi Carlile.
Zoran Stamenkovic
Zoran Stamenkovic 15 days ago
In some particular parts like Radiohead and Elizabeth Fraser together
Ernesto Sgarano
Ernesto Sgarano 15 days ago
Beautiful! A new version of Creep by Radiohead. 🙃
snpydhk 17 days ago
Beautiful uplifting song...love her range
Geolaw1 17 days ago
Damn you Brandi Carlile. I'm trying to learn to play and sing this song but it's so emotional that by the first chorus my voice is cracking and by the end I'm bawling my eyes out and snotting everywhere. Damn you Brandi Carlile for making me feel stuff!
Idalina Silva
Idalina Silva 17 days ago
Brandi happy new year to you 😍😍🌹🌷💖💖💖💖🌟👌🔥👍😚😚✌👏👏👏👏
TeamSuper LovesU
TeamSuper LovesU 18 days ago
This song is life changing. Thank you 💜
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes 18 days ago
Don't know why but I am a 45 year old man sobbing at this song something spoke to me
Painted Gypsy
Painted Gypsy 18 days ago
I love Brandi, I didn’t know this was her song until shy Benny made me investigate. Brandi and Benny make my heart whole
Scott Bayley
Scott Bayley 19 days ago
Recommended by Hank Green in his podcast.
has95 19 days ago
Here im after listening from beni agt
fixmeplate 19 days ago
Shout out to benicio 🧡🧡
Suzy John
Suzy John 19 days ago
Didnt know this song until i heard Benicio's version on AGT
Curtis Clark
Curtis Clark 20 days ago
I don't mean to be insulting but I like Benny's version much better...but thank you for birthing such an amazing song.
bertitolino 21 day ago
That old man is beautiful
Debby Raines
Debby Raines 21 day ago
I’m glad to read here that most of those who are listening to the Joke understand it for what it is and it’s not a song about depression.
Free Spirit With Nature
For every single person,who’s been the underdog,this is for you / us ! We may need not be famous,but never ever change who you are ,for anyone. When others feel an incredible need to bully ,judge ,or be cruel,just because they can , doesn’t give them any kind of power . You see what doesn’t kill us ,makes us stronger. After we go through things ,we can learn from it ,or we can soak in anger,self pity,or arrogance. Every single human being,has a purpose for being here . I am a curious soul,but incredibly shy . I learned to speak up ,because I’ve lost to many people/ close friends,who shouldn’t have died ,but did . It’s our responsibility as friends,co-workers , sisters , brothers , etc , to be there . One ☝️ single act of random kindness,can stop someone from suicide, from doing something that they shouldn’t, and if you do it from your heart, you were blessed to have learned to use it wisely. ARK. Someone paid for my coffee in the lineup, and I’ve always done things to put a smile on someone’s face . You could meet your soulmate tomorrow, so what if they were disfigured? Would you stay,or would you go ? Love is not a feeling , but a decision. It’s real,if it’s unconditional. ❤️yourself first, then pass it on . ❤️❤️❤️!:) PS, Benicio did introduce me to this incredible song . Thanks 🙏 Benny !
Joyjeet Gupta
Joyjeet Gupta 22 days ago
Pussycatfeathers 23 days ago
have to be honest, i like Benicio Bryants version better
Sylvia Clark
Sylvia Clark 23 days ago
I love her...I love this song..love the video..jus love love...
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez 26 days ago
American Express commercial
Νικολας Σταικος
best song ever
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