Brad Pitt & Adam Sandler - Actor on Actors - Full Conversation

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In their Actors on Actors conversation, Brad Pitt talked about going to Tarantino's house to read the one copy of the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" script and Adam Sandler talked about his colonoscopy scene in "Uncut Gems."
Read the full article: bit.ly/2NFtSle
Adam Sandler's acting teacher told him to quit: bit.ly/33GzQI9
Brad Pitt & Adam Sandler talk streaming services: bit.ly/2CC7zqe




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Comments 80
Jonatan Röllin
Jonatan Röllin 4 months ago
The era of Brangelina is long gone. Enter: Brandler.
Trash Panda
Trash Panda 4 days ago
Chaz Fatur
Chaz Fatur 8 days ago
they definitely need to do flick together!
maciej wrotek
maciej wrotek 11 days ago
Maybe she surgically removed herself completely
Thepomafame Month ago
katie Schwartz
katie Schwartz Month ago
no its not they have kids they will always be a family :)
Brian Koller
Brian Koller 2 hours ago
Wonder if Easter was Peter Graves favorite Religious Holiday? MI knowing who is who. Adam Sandler had a rabbit: WHAT? YES Brian is Brian not a ww2 supply ship. Brian~Koller
Citizen Gamer
Citizen Gamer 3 hours ago
*_Uncut Gems_* and *_Once Upon A Time In Hollywood_* are both amazing films, love to see these great actors together.
Noel Safont
Noel Safont 4 hours ago
Love this shit- stop the commercials
a man
a man 17 hours ago
2 legends
Adnan Bubalo
Adnan Bubalo 21 hour ago
Adam, more natural person ever.
TheRealScottG 22 hours ago
Keanu Reeves, Shia Labeouf, Joaquin Phoenix & Jim Carey
yassin kefi
yassin kefi Day ago
It’s a really nice format, but am I the only one thinking that it could also be called “actors sucking each other’s dick for 50 minutes”?
E Bishop
E Bishop Day ago
I really like Lucas black
Stelios Philippou
Adam Sandler doesn't feel comfortable :/
Joanna Mateńka
Joanna Mateńka 3 days ago
The best actors in the world 👌♥️
Elizabeth Munson
Elizabeth Munson 4 days ago
Pitt looks so nervous 😬
Dance Dance
Dance Dance 4 days ago
Não entendi nada. Não falo Inglês (I don't speak English) hehe
Karim Ben Tarjem
Karim Ben Tarjem 5 days ago
Interesting to see Pitt geeking out on Sandler. You can tell he's a huge fan of his.
K. R.
K. R. 6 days ago
Good Morning Bros...#Work
CallMeLum 8 days ago
Brad Pitt is an actor. Adam Sandler is some guy who's inexplicably been in a lot of movies
Brooks Carlson
Brooks Carlson 8 days ago
Is Adam Sandler friends with everyone in Hollywood? Here he is besties with Brad, I saw him in another one besties with Jennifer Aniston,... I think if I could be anyone in Hollywood I would be Brad Pitt. Then Adam Sandler.
Actry Tami
Actry Tami 8 days ago
I wanted to watch half of it but the respect that these two command made me finish the whole video and i'm glad i did
Fiorella Calmet
Fiorella Calmet 8 days ago
Comedy comedy brad movie please cool🙏🙏🙏😁😁
Human Cosmopolitan
Love You Two 💞
Elizabeth Munson
Elizabeth Munson 9 days ago
didn't sandler refer to brad as 'skipper'?
ParkingLot Edits
ParkingLot Edits 9 days ago
love how much eye contact they kept throughout the entire thing
Blue Space Kid
Blue Space Kid 10 days ago
Brad Pitt must be the coolest man to ever live
Richie Tata
Richie Tata 10 days ago
Brad Pitt going bald?... why is he wearing a hat?
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maciej wrotek
maciej wrotek 11 days ago
movie sucked only one scene is good with flamethrower
jedi1967 11 days ago
Brad look healthy and happy and well recovered from the Alien Queen....
antOk hornesharT
antOk hornesharT 12 days ago
No mention of Bulletproof?
Blue 13 days ago
If i were Brad Pitt, i would be angry and disappointed if they paired me with a low class "actor"😂
MR EATS 6 days ago
Blue but you’re a nobody that no one gives a shit about.
Vee Neil
Vee Neil 14 days ago
This was really awesome to watch. You have you’re own opinions on their great performances, it’s really satisfying knowing that the actors have the same understanding on why the movies/characters were so good and also discover things you missed or may not have seen which makes the movie so much better. You need to let them have conversations like this over a few beers lol. They got deep, but I bet they would’ve gone deeper in to their views and opinions on acting over a pint. Unless they decided to be sober of course. I mean at least give them the option too haha.
Natalia Silva paiola
Brad 😍❤️ my lovee
NISMO 226 15 days ago
You leftist and your wack ass hellywood LOL
Just my .2
Just my .2 15 days ago
Wow after all the ass kissing I hope they had a few rolls of paper towels.
Alexander 16 days ago
adam did great in uncut gems
Thomas T
Thomas T 16 days ago
We need Jeff Goldblum interviewing Jeff Goldblum. Make it happen please.
Kimberly Kwarsick
Kimberly Kwarsick 16 days ago
39:47 Your voice has a frequency. It doesn't matter what disguise you have on, people who are in tune with you will always recognize you.
Brad Feet
Brad Feet 17 days ago
I love both of these guys, but damn, they're bullshitting each other. Hollywood I tell yah
Denise Drummond
Denise Drummond 17 days ago
Guys look so good. Happy.
IllMatic95 18 days ago
jim Griffin
jim Griffin 18 days ago
Adam seems uncomfortable
Joe _
Joe _ 18 days ago
Uncut gems is a fresh rollercoaster ride of a movie. I never saw Sandler I only saw the character. Great movie, great pace, and great acting through and through
edward william
edward william 19 days ago
i tell u whatfilm fans lost forever , this show with heath ledger vs paul walker
Chris Redig
Chris Redig 19 days ago
The poor Sandler is gone
sebastian hale
sebastian hale 19 days ago
Two comedians one actor
no one
no one 19 days ago
Theresa Heitzer
Theresa Heitzer 19 days ago
What happened to sandlers face !!
HONEST ENGINE 19 days ago
F*** you Hollywood eat my ass you're done!
Christopher Wells
Christopher Wells 19 days ago
Punch-Drunk Love was one of the worst movies ever made if Adam Sandler started with that movie he never would have had a career.
NeoRastanaut X
NeoRastanaut X 19 days ago
Brad Pitt should be on the Joe Rogan Experience. Very articulate and seems like he's pretty introspective about a whole lotta shit. Him and Joe would def. hit a grand slam in that podcast.
Diarmuid Phelan
Diarmuid Phelan 20 days ago
Last 3 minutes, blew me away. Awesome guys:)
Dragon Father
Dragon Father 20 days ago
When happy Gilmore joins the fight club
mindfield9 20 days ago
Brad Pitt seems to look a lot better after his divorce with Angelina. From the start when Brad and Angelina got together Brad looked very tired with big ramparts most of the time.
Wasif Malik
Wasif Malik 20 days ago
Adam Sandler surprised me with the talent he has apart from comedy. He should continue doing more movies like UNCUT GEMS
Thomas Kimpel
Thomas Kimpel 20 days ago
Adam can't act ! Last movie sucked. Talking over the top of each other was just wrong !
Wengel Kifle
Wengel Kifle 20 days ago
Brad kind of cuts Adam off quite often... I’d divorce him too..
Slim Jimpaco
Slim Jimpaco 21 day ago
thought this was gonna be a gay brad pitt adam sandler sex tape. LAME
Debbie Alderson
Debbie Alderson 21 day ago
Does Brad have 2 different shoes on?
써니서울 Sunny Seoul
Adam Sandler is really good at dramatic roles. Would like to see him being cast in more of those kind of characters than his own comedic ones.
Margaret Brisbin
Margaret Brisbin 21 day ago
Awesome 👏 that’s great 😀👍♥️‼️✌️♥️
Brian Paladino
Brian Paladino 21 day ago
2 actors d*×k riding each other
S J 21 day ago
Can anyone else read the room? Both these actors (1) hate these type of interviews because its like a mandatory professional networking event, and (2) know how pretentious it sounds on RUvid. .
rangga papodi
rangga papodi 21 day ago
Whatsupp sonny koufax !
Pamela Mansour
Pamela Mansour 22 days ago
My back hurts watching Adam sitting for 50 min without resting his back
outa time
outa time 22 days ago
Where do these guys get the time to watch each others movies and remember them, the brain truly is a quantum computer apart from mine, i cant remember shit.. sandler movie shoot takes just 6 weeks in one go.. wow.
outa time
outa time 22 days ago
I ONLY SAW AD ASTRA whats the deal?
outa time
outa time 22 days ago
its like two mechanics talking about changing a wheels rims
athenstar10 22 days ago
I'm wondering how much scripted is this, or is it natural? I just don't see difference the when we talk about these A-lister in Hollywood.
damienpenglin 22 days ago
Brad should go on hotboxin with Mike Tyson. It would be such a cool show!!!
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson 22 days ago
If you don't think Brad is not sexy 5hen you are not human. Gay straight lesbian all find him attractive
Bigragu Blair
Bigragu Blair 22 days ago
There both so humble & genuinely friendly! “Let’s not get cocky.”
Jennifer Doe
Jennifer Doe 22 days ago
I would much rather be talking to Adam then the has been...
Largo #
Largo # 22 days ago
Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Arnold and Stallone Elijah and Radcliffe Momoa and Chris Hemsworth Hanks and Bill Murray Tarantino and Nolan ... Would be interesting
John Buligastru
John Buligastru 23 days ago
hii .....
Jaime Alonzo
Jaime Alonzo 23 days ago
Of course the actor is going to kiss up to the jew.
Viktor Jonas
Viktor Jonas 23 days ago
Both of them are so far from normal life Adams Sandler seems normal and sucking up to the bigger stars. And Brad Pitt is he genuine ass, pissing on people who are "not on his level".
David Sanders
David Sanders 23 days ago
These two should get a room and consummate their love!
MJC919 23 days ago
Adam Sandler is butt ugly when not standing right next to brad Pitt.
🔥🔥 It was an honor having you with us. 0:37 🧡🔥🔥 👇 👇 👇💕
David Ram
David Ram 24 days ago
The last (bankable) actors left
Brad seems like a control freak.
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