Brad Pitt & Adam Sandler - Actor on Actors - Full Conversation

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In their Actors on Actors conversation, Brad Pitt talked about going to Tarantino's house to read the one copy of the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" script and Adam Sandler talked about his colonoscopy scene in "Uncut Gems."
Read the full article: bit.ly/2NFtSle
Adam Sandler's acting teacher told him to quit: bit.ly/33GzQI9
Brad Pitt & Adam Sandler talk streaming services: bit.ly/2CC7zqe


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Nov 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Jonatan Röllin
Jonatan Röllin 7 months ago
The era of Brangelina is long gone. Enter: Brandler.
Abdo&Huda Syrai
Abdo&Huda Syrai 4 days ago
Joffy Jaffer McJaffy
Hey, hey everybody!!!! 👐🙌👏👋 Over here!! Where does ‘AdBradAm Pittslder‘ place at?? Haha just messin’
Jonatan Röllin
Jonatan Röllin 20 days ago
@Austin K 🤣 Kind of, yeah!
Austin K
Austin K 21 day ago
@Jonatan Röllin it sounds like a company that makes horse saddles
Todd Jenkins
Todd Jenkins Month ago
@Johnny Digital Chandler LOL!
Perry Joseph
Perry Joseph 57 minutes ago
Is it me, or is it that since his divorce, Brad Pitt looks like he literally let his hair down? He looks like he's having the most fun in his life; never saw him so happy at least in front of a camera.
Nada Tobar
Nada Tobar 7 hours ago
Jennifer Aniston’s ex Jennifer Aniston’s favorite costar
Vicente Villela Navarro
I want nothing more in life than to be friends with these 2
elbatoranchero 20 hours ago
there just sucking each other off
Thomas Warrior
Thomas Warrior 23 hours ago
There both on some kind of Hollywood list of bad things, it’s all over RUvid,
aleksandra kettner
Lawan Brown
Lawan Brown Day ago
I'd like for these two guys to know that I don't judge them. I'm genuinely interested in what they have to say as two successful actors. They don't have to pretend to be certain people for me to buy tickets to their movies or watch their movies on Netflix. I believe that is powerful to know as an actor reflecting on your own career. We are not judging you based on this interview. I recognize you as a professional actor and as a regular person. I''d love to be in a convo when the camera isn't on with these two. It wouldn't make a dime but it'd be genuine. Uncut Gems was a masterpiece Mr. Sandler. I appreciate you. Brad Pitt you are a star as well, thank you.
jj sa
jj sa Day ago
Do a Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise episode, make it happen
jj sa
jj sa Day ago
I love how brad just loves his craft...it shows in this interview in the questions he asks...and the way he tries to understand someone else's genre
jj sa
jj sa Day ago
I found Brad to be a little bit more prepared than Adam...Brad actually got Adam going and comfortable...Brad the ultimate pro
Brad pitt é cativante , inteligente, bonito, talentoso e trata os outros com respeito.
Victor Nita
Victor Nita 2 days ago
I love you both, guys. Hopefully one day we will be on set 🎬 together... Working on same project... We intersect on AD Astra, Brad, but I was just a background actor... What can I do? Some of us started from the "bottom"... We never met, Adam, but you made me laugh 😂 so many times... Life is beautiful!
Rick Hattersley
Rick Hattersley 2 days ago
This is dumb. Very, very dumb. Sorry, guys.
HRZ ANAS Mernich Bourdoui
My mind can’t comprehend how is brad 56 and still so hot
Edoardo Alistair Salvino
Does anyone know where to find Brad's shirt and shoes?
herbert gonçalves
beleza, agora preciso de um filme com brad pitt e adam sandler hahahaha
Sarah Matthews
Sarah Matthews 3 days ago
brad pitt :*
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 3 days ago
These guys need to make a movie
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 3 days ago
I don't know Brad Pitt in real life. But the guy seems so humble and relaxed. Like when he said "That means a lot coming from you". He's actually interested in what Adam Sandler says. He doesn't seem like he's not enjoying being there.
Angel Medina
Angel Medina 3 days ago
Adam Sandler can act, he just knows his fan base and needs to feed this entourage.
nothanks 4 days ago
the subtle homophobia. "what did you do to me?"
KIDD 4 days ago
Man I love Brad Pitt. Not only is he handsome, he’s wholesome and genuine. And even though he has the sharpest jawline I’ve ever seen he has such a kind face and smile. He is such an incredible actor, father, and just person period. He gives Adam those compliments and genuinely means it🥺 he is the best
suzana can
suzana can 4 days ago
Florida gov, Ocean Ave cips O Brian
suzana can
suzana can 4 days ago
Wilies Pitt, gov Teneese, Denver, Dallas
suzana can
suzana can 4 days ago
Dynasty Malibu, gov Mr. Sandler
Zack Clements
Zack Clements 4 days ago
I have so much love for these two men individually.
miss@99 4 days ago
I would love if they pairs Brat Pitt & George Clooney Brat Pitt & Leonardo DiCaprio Julia Robert & George Clooney Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio Ben Aflfeck & Matt Damon robert downey jr & Chris Evans Tom Hanks & Meryl Streep
POSTTEEN 4 days ago
These guys on the same movie would be magical
Vincent M
Vincent M 4 days ago
I didn't know this video series was a thing. Brad Pitt and Adams Sandler are legends but not necessarily ever in the same room, so this is pretty cool. I love a good conversation.
justsayin stuff
justsayin stuff 4 days ago
What a fantastic conversation!
x x
x x 5 days ago
Anyone know the jacket Sandler is wearing?
Super Nintendo Chalmers
Both uncut gems and once upon a time in Hollywood had sick ass soundtracks. ✊
waqqashanafi 5 days ago
Adam Sandler is an "actor"...? Has he played any role other than himself?
Tracy Johnson
Tracy Johnson 4 days ago
Well i would hope he's not the guy from Uncut gems in real life, or Punch Drunk Love for that matter & he seems waay less confident in real life than most of his comedy characters.
Kolos 5 days ago
I love how they gave props to stunt guys.
Super Nintendo Chalmers
"Condenscend me, man... I'll fuckin' kill you, man." 😂
ira jakosalem
ira jakosalem 5 days ago
Johnny Depp & Leo DiCaprio next!
slewofdamascus 5 days ago
Every Adam Sandler movie I have ever seen is littered with hidden-in-plain-sight secret society imagery, numerology, etc. Angelina Jolie has been recorded talking about her inculcation into these secret society trade-offs, where someone literally agrees to do whatever they're told for fame and money. They sold us all out. I'm sorry if the truth is uncomfortable for you.
Elizabeth Johnson
Is Brad wearing a Pyrite bracelet?!!naww probably Gold...
Kumati Business
Kumati Business 6 days ago
if I'm to summarize this interview, it will go like this: "you are beautiful. you too are beautiful. also, you are awesome, no no you are awesome. " ... kiss kiss
Kathy Mikesell
Kathy Mikesell 6 days ago
✝️HA HA✝️ 🔥 hell 🔥 ✝️HA HA✝️ ✝️ENOUGH SAID✝️HA HA HA✝️
For Your Consideration
That masturbation joke from Brad completely caught me off guard and left me rolling haha
Guilherme Mello
Guilherme Mello 6 days ago
Do not get why this duo got so many views on this piece... huh
Golden Pandemonium
The best and the worst actor together....
Thorjenssen Matthias
Tony Cruise
Tony Cruise 7 days ago
Adam Sandler really strikes me as a normal middle aged dad who accidentally stumbled across some otherworldy secrets and knows he probably shouldn't say anything but also doesn't know what to do with the information seeing as he's just a regular dude.
Kelly Liles
Kelly Liles 7 days ago
Their connection? Both Jen Aniston's loves of her life.
chozen0018 7 days ago
Abi_P 8 days ago
Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise petition
bahar beh
bahar beh 8 days ago
Goddd brad Pitt is soooo hot
Brad Pitt's eye contact game is out of this world. It just goes to show that attractiveness is so much more than the physical. Brad Pitt is handsome, yes, but he's charismatic, attentive, a good listener, and incredibly confident. He dominated this entire exchange...even his body language was completely relaxed, he was leaning in...amazing.
Dave Boone
Dave Boone 8 days ago
wonder how much money it takes to get these two to sit down and talk like this. their time isn't free im sure.
Jsmum 8 days ago
Pitt is so annoying here. He's got major issues.
Erdem Cömert
Erdem Cömert 8 days ago
I didn't watch these kind of talks except some of Keanu Reeves' talks. So I never thought Brad is really into movies and the stories behind them. For example I really love Keanu's movies and himself but if you listen his talks he has 0 passion about movies. He is an actor like a kid who wastes his whole time with games. He just makes movies to empty his mind.
NemosPodcast 8 days ago
I always said till this day that Brad Pitt would make a bad ass Batman! Adam Sandler would be a great penguin! or even a dramatic Alford.
Jsmum 8 days ago
Adam is a DYT type 1, always shining, sweet, child like, bubbly, random and his creativity is unstructured but structured in a random way.
Jsmum 8 days ago
Love Adam! Brad keeps playing with his face, mouth, chin hair and fidgety.
Carla Leão
Carla Leão 9 days ago
I was born in the same day as Brad Pitt, Dec 18, ALWAYS felt a SOUL connection with him.
Dj Project
Dj Project 10 days ago
That was pretty good! And I don’t care much for Hollywood people! There was a bit of blowing sunshine up each others asses, but it was pretty ok!
Michael Coy
Michael Coy 10 days ago
those disgusting curtains
Villa Pinstriping
Villa Pinstriping 10 days ago
Toll booth Willie
Milk Carton
Milk Carton 10 days ago
He was absolutely unlikable (character in uncut gems) and i only made it to the end to watch him die.
stephano schlanger
stephano schlanger 10 days ago
2 masters! a lot of money in those chairs.
Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk 10 days ago
I remember about twenty years or so Adam would walk his dog (meatball) usually every morning past my jobsite I was at for a few years, he always said good morning to me.
wanda jones
wanda jones 10 days ago
I loved this,... I felt like I was there as a girlfriend of one of the two. Where you just sought of sit and be quiet, while men talk but your present in the conversation but not really,... In a good way, though. Not like being ignored, but like you are going to get some amazing loving later. I don't know how many women know this because I was raised by the dudes in my family. And when a female is not being all controlling and hey! Look at me, pay attention to me, all time. You will get your world rocked!
wanda jones
wanda jones 10 days ago
This was awesome! Brad Pitt, is truly a kindred spirit. And adam, blow my mind in "uncut gems"
Evelyn Verdejo
Evelyn Verdejo 11 days ago
To think they almost collaborated with Quentin Tarantino for Inglorious Basterds
Matthew Mathers
Matthew Mathers 11 days ago
I think the last film should be a kill Bill 3 if he makes one more.
AddyTheDaddy 11 days ago
Variety please chill it with the ads.
What you mean Thirsty?
Keith stanfield on that episode of atlanta where he picks up the piano. Fuck. That was deep.
benzo 12 days ago
adam: no u
Patrick Welch
Patrick Welch 12 days ago
WTF, he's known as kind because he is kind...
Patrick Welch
Patrick Welch 12 days ago
I really hate this interview. Adam Sandler is a fantastic actor.
Patrick Welch
Patrick Welch 12 days ago
Adam Sandler, could teach Brad Pitt a few things.
Patrick Welch
Patrick Welch 12 days ago
Brad Pitt should realize this is an embarrassing moment. Adam Sandler is a saint.
Bahls Deepe
Bahls Deepe 13 days ago
Dummy on dummy
Ikon 13 days ago
Brad slowly morphing into Robert Redford.
jgk381 13 days ago
Sandler would be great in a Tarantino movie
Galicias Gone
Galicias Gone 14 days ago
pitt is gross
Las Vegas
Las Vegas 14 days ago
Gods talking
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