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Welcome to Brad's World. Join Brad Leone in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as he makes grilled (and stuffed!) squid. To avoid getting tough and chewy squid, you should either grill it fast and hot or low and slow. These squid tubes are stuffed with tentacles, shrimp, scallions, garlic, ginger, spices and rice are dry rubbed with mustard powder, onion powder, salt & pepper, cayenne and coriander.
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Brad Makes Grilled Stuffed Squid | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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May 20, 2019




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Comments 80
SNUSNU4U 4 days ago
Molly workin on her grilled chicken rec, which appears later xD
StrawHat Renzo
StrawHat Renzo 4 days ago
Mmm love squid and octopus!
Appleseedcast0 5 days ago
Brad is too wholesome. Disgusting.
Zee J
Zee J 8 days ago
My family likes to make these in special occasions. The stuffing we use depends on whatevers in season.
Kyle Crystal
Kyle Crystal 9 days ago
That looks like a stuffed condom 😂
Charles Anderso
Charles Anderso 10 days ago
Love it. It’s now a summer favorite.
Nixon Powen
Nixon Powen 21 day ago
What kind of knive did he use?
Avery Ocallaghan
Avery Ocallaghan 24 days ago
brad needs his own line of flannels
len len
len len 24 days ago
Gaby in the background!!!!
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams 26 days ago
I hate rice with seafood lol..
TheMeckar Month ago
We want Vinnie back!!!
Neko Month ago
Please write this up as a formal recipe! It looks delicious
Jesse Barksdale
Jesse Barksdale Month ago
That squid looks like a condom bruh
Rye Herrera
Rye Herrera Month ago
For some reason, a subdued Brad reminds me of Luke Danes 🤣🤣
TheEditingShop Month ago
They look like tiny haggis
Karl Pat
Karl Pat Month ago
OMg gaby looks so cute whith thtat hairstyle
Phoenix Rize
Phoenix Rize Month ago
Looks delicious brad 👌🏾
Nicholas Vinkler
I don't like hearing someone ask you things. The quiet love of Vinny is what makes you. Get rid of Tommy
Frankie L
Frankie L Month ago
I cant even eat seafood I'd just watch this man cook a rock even
Ivonne M
Ivonne M Month ago
What happened to Vinny?? 😢
muhammad khairi
muhammad khairi Month ago
uncle Brad teaching kids after some woodwork
Bashir Sfar
Bashir Sfar Month ago
I NEEEEED this recipe
EnteHS dUb
EnteHS dUb Month ago
That’s the biggest bite I have ever seen Chris Take 12:36
Aurora Month ago
If you bring stuffed squid to a bbq that is the biggest flex xD
Sepand Goudasiaei
DO THE RECIPE GOD DAMNIT! ........ also tag me cuz idk when you'll post it
yubebarca Month ago
The method outlined for making this is exactly what I just completed for tepache.
Jay V
Jay V Month ago
Brad: **starts explaining what he’s doing** **3 seconds into explaining** Brad: .... *ill show you*
F L Month ago
Vinny gas a little crush on Molly. Dontcha Vin
Andrew Month ago
it looks delicious when its done but i just cant get over the fact than when its not cooked yet it just looks like a weird sea condom and that creeps me out
Karlene Warner
Karlene Warner Month ago
Yes!! Please formal recipe!! Not too good keeping up to take notes!! I actually have all of the ingredients!! Yeah!!!
Ray Lennon
Ray Lennon Month ago
The biggest bite Chris has ever taken
krystal Marie
krystal Marie Month ago
Brad makes STUFFED grilled squid** Sorry that was bothering me
0whc Month ago
What is gaby asking at 3:10 is it for someone to take a picture of brad? But why would she be waiting all week?
Raukura Cave
Raukura Cave Month ago
Without the it's alive edit brad seems so chill. Like he's still chill on it's alive but there's more of a labrador quality to him he seems so normal. I know it sounds like im bagging on him I'm not brads vibe is why i show up but I just am so impressed by this version of brad hehe
aohige Month ago
This is an already existing dish in the northern parts of Japan called Ikameshi. Squid stuffed with rice, chopped veggies, and chopped tentacles.
Moryah Summers
Moryah Summers Month ago
The calmest and most organized I’ve seen brad 😂
Virgo v
Virgo v Month ago
What size of squid are you using for this? i find most smaller squid would be much smaller and a jumbo squid would make a massive one.
ScampiCheese Month ago
why is brad sad?
Trae Clark
Trae Clark Month ago
Anyone else surprised that he didn't put any Sumac in his rub? Lol
LaloSupreme Month ago
Looks like a judge was given a tour of the test kitchen lol
Ryan FitzAlan
Ryan FitzAlan Month ago
i just want to know how to make melt in you mouth calamari
Atrijit Das
Atrijit Das Month ago
"3 scallio- No one's paying attention!" Love how Brad does his videos like they're for a live audience (Vinny or Hunzy usually) and not for millions of online viewers
Gotrek12345 Month ago
My life must be bland... that whole recipe had more salt then I eat in a year :)
Matthew Williams
I'm Sorry Brad should have never gotten a show
Bri Month ago
Brad is so focused and on point... Is he on meds or something?!
Kevin Sola
Kevin Sola Month ago
Looks great
Nicolas Leone
Nicolas Leone 2 months ago
What is this is first day? He’s acting so professional (relatively)
turd 2 months ago
Brad seems very relaxed in this video
hi 2 months ago
Biggest bite Chris has ever took
Kyler Windhorst
Kyler Windhorst 2 months ago
Stud finder lol
Martin Chung
Martin Chung 2 months ago
Gabby needs to stfu
Samantha Asprec
Samantha Asprec 2 months ago
Jonathan Chan
Jonathan Chan 2 months ago
Write down the recipe. Don’t pump up ur view count. Lol
Marika S
Marika S 2 months ago
Me, in no way a chef, screaming at the screen every time he uses olive oil *SESAME OIL*
Killian Staigg
Killian Staigg 2 months ago
Brad's a babe
Kuster Beaton
Kuster Beaton 2 months ago
Brad normally shines bright like a diamond. This camera guy is stifling his wonder.... pooooey
Lookanartdweeb 2 months ago
Me:*knowing I'm supposed to be focusing on Brad* Gabby has such a cute hairstyle today! Rocking the Leia space buns 🥺💖
David Cabogason
David Cabogason 2 months ago
Love the recipe Brad...but let's be honest, Gabby running around like a boss might have to be the best part!!!
PorkinsDLX 2 months ago
how is no one talking about the fact that Chris just popped that whole thing in his mouth!? no little nibble just a 'Do I pop it?' and go
Captain Teeko
Captain Teeko 2 months ago
I just realized brad is the jontron of the cooking community
Izdihar Zainal
Izdihar Zainal 2 months ago
So, no one gonna mention Brad’s knife skills?? MAD !!!
Blank Minusme
Blank Minusme 2 months ago
Brads a legend but I keep getting distracted by the noise of the dishwasher herd
Christian Watts
Christian Watts 2 months ago
What was going on/said at 1:55
Tim Markowicz
Tim Markowicz 2 months ago
Is that an Almazan Kitchen knife???
Maya 2 months ago
Is Brad cooking with a hatchet???
Exotic Gamer24
Exotic Gamer24 2 months ago
No one: Brad: Woohter
u_wouldnt_get_it 2 months ago
cant decide if i like brad or chris more.
Bridget Canning
Bridget Canning 2 months ago
I enjoy squid with fresh cherry tomatoes in a buttery white wine garlic sauce over spaghetti, now I have to mix it up with some of these here bad boys.
Keith Merchant
Keith Merchant 2 months ago
those squid looked like used condoms. Would still eat it....
Alex Randell
Alex Randell 2 months ago
When brad went on describing the ideal fish stock ramen he was thinking of, that was true brad. Brad we see in IA, not the brad they’re trying to use and sell for the overall BA brand.
Willowdrakon 2 months ago
We call these "squid black sausages" in korean. They have sauteed rice in them and are fried in egg.
LORENZO ADAMS 2 months ago
luv u brad
Pocket Picker
Pocket Picker 2 months ago
Brad: We're not doing hotdog buns! Also Brad: They look like sausages
E Schmidt
E Schmidt 2 months ago
bacchus808 2 months ago
Brad's Cephalopowder
Kyle Flynn
Kyle Flynn 2 months ago
Hey “guys”? Discriminate much?!
jellyjay 3 months ago
before i started to learn about cuisine outside of my own culture, i was surprised that places like italy also had stuffed squid - stuffed in rice too! it's amazing that despite the long distance and cultural differences, different countries have similar recipes.
Rachel Newman
Rachel Newman 3 months ago
Shoutout to Drexel Dash at 13:59 for keeping the building and the kitchen running!
Maxwell 3 months ago
Who edited this one it just feels...wrong without subtitles flying around
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Please no red-headed hipster on camera. Thanks!
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