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Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone is back for Episode 26 of "It's Alive," and this time he's tackling the fermentation classic: sourdough bread. Brad is joined by Bon Appétit's own Claire Saffitz, Senior Food Editor and baker extraordinaire to guide him on this journey.

Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.
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Brad and Claire Make Sourdough Bread | It's Alive | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck 13 hours ago
Brad is so handsome 😍
nabin chapagain
To Editor: 🤟🏽 Respect
Beauty by Malcolm
Brad gives me so much stress
Lauren Ng
Lauren Ng Day ago
I will tell you it’s easier to do this slap and fold and when kneading it’s best to use a wooden surface. It helps
the jez journey
recipe "whatever just have fun" hahahahaha
Zachary Schwab
some say that she had corona
Karina Kapanzhi
Okay who actually tried cooking the bread?😂
Where's the old video of these 2 making bread for the first time? I bet its pretty funny as well
Gabriel Palmieri
"guys im oiling brad"
Daniel Rej
Daniel Rej Day ago
I've been baking bread for two months now and watching how your starter sinks in the water right away when you thought it's ready is causing me physical pain
Nate Blake
Nate Blake Day ago
omgosh. THE 'RONA!
Next, Bread and Claire make Éclair
bonvea 2 days ago
Is there a link to the recipe anywhere?
PartieAnimal 2 days ago
why couldnt they say “s*per b**l”
Enrique Palacios
Enrique Palacios 2 days ago
Anyone else watching this during Covid 19 quarantine? Maybe learning to make bread will help kill my boredom 🤔
"Anyone else watching this during Covid 19 quarantine?" Sort by Newest First above. "Maybe learning to make bread will help kill my boredom" "Bake with Jack" is more informative, less wasteful, and more entertaining. His videos 115 and 101 are good beginnings for sourdough starter and sourdough bread. Well, maybe not more entertaining, there seems to be a soap opera theme to this video.
Fxrxn 2 days ago
Claire:It's a bottom Brad: Eugh 14:19 '
Applestuff59 3 days ago
GOOD bread costs a lot, but it's worth it! store bread is definitely still ok ;)
jaxon abshire
jaxon abshire 3 days ago
I not being picky but I’m kinda disappointed that clairs starter was in plastic and not glass
Carolyn Zhang
Carolyn Zhang 3 days ago
Brad and Claire cooking together give me jenna and julien Aries kitchen vibes
Kimberly Ruffner
Kimberly Ruffner 3 days ago
I now have the time to do this...COVID19... It is amazing. Thank you for teaching me a thing.
Dah Tom
Dah Tom 4 days ago
How do I achieve that really dark, caramel colored crust? I follow a similar recipe but am only using king arthur bread flour. I also haven't tried a the cold ferment overnight. Also, after about an hour of cooling, my loaf gets pretty soft. Cooking method: enamel coated dutch oven (not preheated) 450 degree preheat (immediately dropping temp to 400) cooking covered for 20min followed by 40 min uncovered.
UTube595 4 days ago
Not a big fan of Brads Humor. To wordy and entertained by his own showmanship. Maybe he should just cook and that would be great to see what they are up to in that lab of theirs.
Hello Oubort
Hello Oubort 4 days ago
In messing up and fixing the second one they created more surface tension which caused more oven spring hence why it got bigger
Fiona 4 days ago
Where can I get this recipe?
Trevaaa Lee
Trevaaa Lee 4 days ago
"25% of 1000 is 200" *sigh*
MrRookie 4 days ago
I love when ever they say dont put this the editor is like UHU UHU.
Cyrinity 4 days ago
Brad is Dan’s favourite lol
DeMon Spencer
DeMon Spencer 5 days ago
Are all those steps really necessary? It looks incredibly fussy for a loaf of bread.
DeMon Spencer
DeMon Spencer 2 days ago
@TimeTravellingBunny Thanks. I'll have to check those out.
It is fussy, yes. See "Bake with Jack" video number 68 for a simple approach to sourdough starter. Jack has other informative videos regarding sourdough starter and sourdough baking.
Kat Alexander
Kat Alexander 5 days ago
I've tried making sourdough SO MANY times and I've Never had my dough float... I'm starting to think its an old wives tale haha! My loaves turn out pretty good every time typically, so i guess as long the start is exhibiting all the other signs of being ready, its ok if it doesn't float?
SkeetSkeet SkeetSkeet
20:13 why didn't you say RYE-CLOPS
Ragmatical Rachel
Brad looks like he just walked in off a construction site or blueprint meeting lol
Reale Redlance
Reale Redlance 5 days ago
Dominique Godinez
I named mine Jesús
Joshua Ong
Joshua Ong 6 days ago
Where does brad buy his apron??
Bo Med
Bo Med 6 days ago
Watching this as my first day of proper lockdow starts - breadmaking is best of both worlds, have the time and have the of flour 😅
I think there are better places to look than here for breadmaking instructions. See "Bake with Jack" video number 68 for a simple, no nonsense approach to sourdough starter. Jack has other informative videos regarding sourdough starter, sourdough baking, and yeast bread baking.
Pained Data
Pained Data 6 days ago
Oh cool its Griffin McElroy. Oh wait. Oh cool its Amiel Stanek
JudoGringo 6 days ago
100% he’s hit
Rueben Breed
Rueben Breed 7 days ago
Brads sweater game in this is amazing!!!
deSeriosa 7 days ago
Why can't they day Superbowl? I'd that the same with all videos?
Ekaneilee Sánchez
I love when they collab !
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia 8 days ago
If any of you guys want to make this recipe, but a little bit more organized and much more clear, yo should visit Joshua Weissman channel and search for Sourdough Starter, he's very clear and clever, I made it and was way more easier to follow.
The approach in Joshua's video creates too much starter. See "Bake with Jack" video number 68 for a more intelligent, reasonable, and less wasteful approach to sourdough starter. Even if we were not in the midst of a pandemic, the process described in his video is wasteful. It generates an excess of starter which then somehow needs to be dealt with. If you are baking a dozen loaves of sourdough, his video may be of use. However, it’s better to not generate the excess to begin with. I strongly suggest people not waste time with his complicated, wasteful, discouraging process. See "Bake with Jack" video number 68 for a more intelligent, reasonable, and less wasteful approach to sourdough starter. Jack has other informative videos regarding sourdough starter and sourdough baking.
Katy Conrad
Katy Conrad 8 days ago
I’m pretty sure when brad was FaceTiming Claire he had the camera facing the wrong way
Ricky Reviews
Ricky Reviews 9 days ago
"I like a little flour-y bottom" Hi Brad 'tis I, a flowery bottom lmao
Valentine Music
Valentine Music 9 days ago
feels like Claire is making it up as she goes
Ahmad Shreidi
Ahmad Shreidi 9 days ago
Wtf how did they get that crazy of an oven spring
uroprop 10 days ago
are they married yet
Johannes Dolch
Johannes Dolch 10 days ago
6:08 She's done a lot of googling about Brad? It's getting spicy in the Test Kitchen.
chubblesnz 10 days ago
I've never seen people weigh water hahaha. Its 1ml to 1g. So just use a measuring cup. Cant wait till metric takes over it's the best
"Its 1ml to 1g." Exactly. If you are using a scale to weigh flour, then using a scale to weigh water eliminates the need for a measuring cup.
Cody Rosen
Cody Rosen 11 days ago
anyone else see chemistry between these two?!!
Lea Sanchez
Lea Sanchez 12 days ago
i've seen this so many times and i still crack up whenever Amiel comes up all "Brad, it's me, Claire." at 14:56
Lea Sanchez
Lea Sanchez 12 days ago
funny to see Brad fold the dough at 9:10 here, knowing he also had to do that when they made sour-doughnuts
thisisnotatest 12 days ago
Binging on BA to take my mind off this craziness. Please keep posting.
Tom Davis
Tom Davis 12 days ago
I almost gave up watching because of all the screwing around at the start. Maybe tighten it up a little? I don't think you are as funny as you think you are.
Rachel 12 days ago
"go out into your community and get starter" you say while i'm trying to find something to do with my life while under quarantine cause of covid19.... guess ill make my own starter lmao
See "Bake with Jack" video number 68 for a simple approach to sourdough starter. Jack has other informative videos regarding sourdough starter and sourdough baking.
Amanda Woodman
Amanda Woodman 13 days ago
I want to be friends with these people. You should do a contest where someone can win a chance to be on the show.
Luke Winkel
Luke Winkel 13 days ago
The fly edits are always great
gamer grizzly
gamer grizzly 13 days ago
They should totally do another video making a pork pie or something. Awesome video
Luminious Beings NYC
Force Ghost Claire kinda cracked me up
Statler N. Waldorf
Statler N. Waldorf 15 days ago
when did SHE see a ghost???? 😳😳😳
Sumayyah Rahman
Sumayyah Rahman 15 days ago
its sookie and jackson!
Lefteris Xelioudakis
I dont know how ti doesnt cost 35 dollars now thats funny
JoshingYou 16 days ago
Brad: "So this is the bottom?" Claire: "It's the bottom." Brad: *confused sounds*
Jamespetersenwa 16 days ago
I really wanna see Brad go on a "Sourdough Road Trip" where he samples and compares the different regional sourdoughs of North America. Thumbs up if you agree.
Amanda Wu
Amanda Wu 17 days ago
Can you explain why you do the float test? I don't understand it
Lou-Ann Naidoo
Lou-Ann Naidoo 18 days ago
Clair and Brad best combination
Erik Echeona
Erik Echeona 18 days ago
Brad what yellow sweater is that
Hailey Dudley
Hailey Dudley 20 days ago
Brad being sad about putting his bread in the basket upside down is so cute!
JUSTACHIPN 21 day ago
I've watched a 100 videos making sourdough bread past 2 days and THIS IS THE WORST !!! Sorry but this well deserves a THUMBS DOWN LOL
Catherine Gibbard
Catherine Gibbard 22 days ago
ok so what happened to the other episode will we ever find out why they had to redo it!?!
Richard Walker
Richard Walker 23 days ago
I'm super glad I watched you two succeed with this procedure because when I thought I followed it step by step I ended up with goo that jiggled. Shape? No way that was going to happen.
OzzaO 12
OzzaO 12 23 days ago
The camera was in a full earthquake in this video
shogrran 23 days ago
Thank god for those bakeries. All that effort and time for 2 loves of bread. And they don't cost 35 dollars each. I appreciate the bakers more.
shogrran 23 days ago
Why you do that... you didn't face time Claire when you cut into it.
Em is for Music
Em is for Music 23 days ago
Take a shot every time he says vinny
Olga Candelaria
Olga Candelaria 24 days ago
I love making sourdough bread
Ashley Jo
Ashley Jo 24 days ago
Bread steak!
Chibi Qilin
Chibi Qilin 25 days ago
Alternatively, if the bakery won't give you any starter wear a disguise and sneak in a bottle you can hide covered only lightly by a cloth, then retrieve it a few days later.
Jo 25 days ago
Major Griffin Mcelroy vibes at the beginning there;;;
Alexandra Restrepo
Alexandra Restrepo 25 days ago
20:38 “When can we eat it?” THE question I would be spamming to everyone whenever they make anything in that kitchen.
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