Boyfriends Reacting to *AGGRESSIVE* Dates

Michael Rizzi
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Jan 23, 2019




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Comments 273
Michael Rizzi
Michael Rizzi 9 months ago
Hey humans! Hope you enjoyed the video with bae! As I mentioned in the video, I'm going to be posting a react video each day for 14 days. Comment BELOW what videos you want to see!
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza 2 months ago
Talk more at the end of the videos!
Moon Moon
Moon Moon 7 months ago
Why are you both standing while reacting to the video?
Flauschekugel28 7 months ago
Your boyfriend is adorable omg
One Stylish G
One Stylish G 9 months ago
Omg I’m such a huge fan of yours like you guys are my only hope in love hahaa Also I just launched my first ever RUvid video please go watch It
X.Caliburrr 9 months ago
Awwee you guys are cute together!
VelvetSun 20 days ago
The year is 2006, everyone has abercrombie and fitch polos and a white pooka shell necklace adorns every neck, the aroma of axe fills the entire room, and you just got home from school, wife swap and parental control will be on until your parents decide to watch the news, afterwards you play on your PS2 and go to bed. The end.
Mateo Ferretto
Mateo Ferretto Month ago
I tried not to laugh. You can iamgine how that went.
Jayla Timberland
I saw that coming
OMG I knew Matt and Ben. This episode was so fake. They were just best friends in real life.
Batboy NL
Batboy NL Month ago
you are so sweet you should do some couple reacts to romantic movie moments - would be great to see you ahhing and snuggling
E. Patrick Hodges
He chose the right guy!!!
Lucia Mora Carnelli Salman
El mate se comparte papá, que es eso de usar dos.
dankneeluck 2 months ago
😂😂😂😂 The sassy gay boyfriend is so vile it's funny.
Luis Alberto
Luis Alberto 2 months ago
All these shows need 2019 “where are they now” follow-ups on MTV2 or VH1 Behind the Music
Flux it
Flux it 2 months ago
wtf does sense of style have to do with it? i'd rather have shitty sense of style than anything else.
Sam Carmen
Sam Carmen 2 months ago
Chrus just has the cutest smile. You guys look good together
Dean Oldfield
Dean Oldfield 2 months ago
Ben is a douchebag! He's the kind of gay man that I hate! Anybody as Katty and shallow as he is needs to meet the curb, face first. In the end he made the right choice.
Kieran O'rourke
Kieran O'rourke 2 months ago
How the hell you find these videos, this one was hella cringeworthy... my eyes are still burning up
Carl Aardening
Carl Aardening 2 months ago
Your friend is handsome and great smile
Derrick Sanchez
Derrick Sanchez 2 months ago
This was hilarious! But I have to ask at 6:10 is Mike talking about the guys on the show or his own dating preferences? “There has been one guy who was Asian, and I think there has been a couple Latino people but I would cap it at that.”
CoriCat ASMR
CoriCat ASMR 2 months ago
"Whatever whore" That had me cackling. That couldn't be real
Neil Sasube
Neil Sasube 3 months ago
You know that all of this is scripted right?
B MC 3 months ago
When he called the mom a whore😂😂 pinnacle of the trash tv I am HERE for
Blair Comptons
Blair Comptons 3 months ago
Was shocked he didn’t pick tall, blonde and handsome, but oh well, still chose the “guy with not a lot of style” over the guy who insulted his parents a lot. 😁 The heart wants what it wants
Peter ofsf
Peter ofsf 3 months ago
Ben is a nightmare!
Rijita Sen
Rijita Sen 3 months ago
For the entire video I was like WHATTT!!
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 3 months ago
If you called my mother a whore, you're effing dead at her hands. You got some balls boi
JJRichy 21
JJRichy 21 3 months ago
A little too horny and aggressive...let him HMU because nigga that’s my type 😭
The Third Wheeler
The Third Wheeler 3 months ago
*W h a t i s t h i s s h o w* And how did I not know about it?!
Kiwi Gang
Kiwi Gang 3 months ago
Ben : “Oh no he didn’t” Me : hun you’ve been replaced ! 😂
Bicta Fletch
Bicta Fletch 3 months ago
- This is utmost Unbelievable !!!! 😊😁😊😁😊😁😊😊😁😊😁
Bicta Fletch
Bicta Fletch 3 months ago
- Ooppss .. wordddd! .. 😊😊😁😁 -
Bicta Fletch
Bicta Fletch 3 months ago
- Owh my gadd ,. 😊😊😊😁😁😁 -
황보근 3 months ago
You low key look like jennas bf julian
Death Owl
Death Owl 3 months ago
Is it bad I like Ben....he had personality but I wouldn't lit him take to my mother like that tho
Spring Mederios
Spring Mederios 3 months ago
WOW ( mouth open wide eyes wide and my face is red)
TH. Aries
TH. Aries 3 months ago
Your boyfriend is cute. I have to make you a compliment Mike. I love the fact that your boyfriend isn‘t a muscular super model type. Most of the gay guys are looking for that. You seem to be a good guy that isn‘t superficial! Love that.
TH. Aries
TH. Aries 3 months ago
Alex456Ortiz I guess so...
Alex456Ortiz 3 months ago
He prob has a big one though lol
Ian Drakeford
Ian Drakeford 3 months ago
Y'all are such a cute couple!!!
Annabelle Nolf
Annabelle Nolf 4 months ago
you should react to history obsessed video
Izzie 4 months ago
First video I’ve seen of his and I just have to subscribe lmao. Also they’re super cute together.
Wolfy thewolf
Wolfy thewolf 4 months ago
Why y'all look like twins lol
Wolfy thewolf
Wolfy thewolf 4 months ago
Good video!
That Kid
That Kid 4 months ago
This show was an entire act! The over exaggerating in the intro scenes are clearly fake. Haha!
Shay Naff
Shay Naff 4 months ago
Please react to in a heart beat!!!
dfbvfgb 4 months ago
Wow that’s his boyfriend?
Edward Miessner
Edward Miessner 4 months ago
All of them HAVE to be paid actors. I mean, what guy would let his parents watch him go out on a date?
Cringe AF
Cringe AF 4 months ago
I just want to give Chris a big hug 😆
Sean Shimamoto
Sean Shimamoto 4 months ago
Yay!!! I’m glad you did a video with your sexy boyfriend! You guys made such an adorable couple!!! HAPPY PRIDE MONTH from Hawai’i!!! 😍😍🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🤙🏽🤙🏽 #couplegoals #adorable
mail A.S
mail A.S 4 months ago
You two are adorable 😍
AlanSuperTV 4 months ago
I would’ve done the same thing and picked that one bitch. You know… Frankisha.
Erik Smutny
Erik Smutny 4 months ago
10:29 if a guy I was dating called my mother a whore... Lets just say we would be over and there would be WORDS.
KBallelli 4 months ago
The only part of all of this video that wasn't cringy, was how cute the two of you are. :)
Robert Anthony
Robert Anthony 4 months ago
I love your bf
Jackson Edwards
Jackson Edwards 5 months ago
juztin a
juztin a 5 months ago
i dont remember that guy as his bf ? ..... has it changed ?
Tyler Strong
Tyler Strong 5 months ago
New subcriber! LOVE your videos of gay dating shows reactions lol! Keep them coming!
XxKazxX xoxo
XxKazxX xoxo 5 months ago
Can we talk about how beau his mom is wow... that dad is the luckies mofo, she’s a hot mom sorry had to say it... i like how she keeps her cool around such a bitch in the haus also dude ur not even hot n even if u were hot who wants a guy whose ugly inside, not sexy... i’m lgad he went w new guy
Patrick Norwell
Patrick Norwell 5 months ago
He could have done so much better than this fat slob
Damion Antillon
Damion Antillon 6 months ago
Omg! Y’all looking for another bf, cause I volunteer! 😂😍 Jk... But fr, are you?
noamvardys 6 months ago
That awkward political correctness discussion they had🤦🏻‍♂️
Storyteller 6 months ago
okay you two are just too cute
Ankit Mahilary
Ankit Mahilary 6 months ago
Ughh airpods? You're rich.
Aandeel 7 months ago
Basically a traditional forced marriage by parents but boyfriends and the boy gets the final decision
luisdiegors 7 months ago
Ya'll are so cute❤️
Complex Emotions
Complex Emotions 7 months ago
he's literally obese. What's up with that?
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