Boyfriend Makeup Battle

Ryland Adams
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Emily Levy
Emily Levy 2 hours ago
Morgan did the damn thing!
Jenn S
Jenn S Day ago
I think they ALL looked great, but the kiss on the cheek took Shane's look over the top!
Rebecca Roxx
Rebecca Roxx 4 days ago
I thought u all looked amazing in different ways! Morgan is fabulous... And Shane and Ryland are beautiful! Love y'all
Shelby *
Shelby * 4 days ago
Cringe. Live u best life tho. PS. Im in love with morgan
Ana Testa
Ana Testa 4 days ago
I LOVE Morgan’s eyeshadow with her eyes
Alica Horňáková
Can we appriciate how gourgeous Morgan is?
Ellie Vlogs
Ellie Vlogs 9 days ago
Nobody: Shane: not my louk
Caradais Laubensheimer
Did she really paint over Natural Brick??? Why?😱
Jetta Krueger
Jetta Krueger 9 days ago
*Noooooooo you ruined my whole LEWK*
Vann West
Vann West 10 days ago
Morgan blew everyone out of the water with this one!
WutThe Unicorn
WutThe Unicorn 12 days ago
Morgan’s makeup was so good. Her makeup alwaysss looks good tho 😂
Equestrians Reality
Were has dark relatable and funny Shane gone I love what he is doing but I do miss the funny uploads🙂
Jessica Somerville
Jessica Somerville 15 days ago
Idiot Morgan is a whole new person when she does her makeup she’s gorgeous when she makes an effort and Shane sounds high as a kite lol
Envy Rswie
Envy Rswie 13 days ago
Stop being a bitch
Jessica Somerville
Jessica Somerville 15 days ago
So his make up is complete shit then the camera conveniently stopped recording and is make up is perfect other than the colour
Aylin Sanchez
Aylin Sanchez 19 days ago
next time try fridge lighting😎
jessica mcloughlin
jessica mcloughlin 24 days ago
YO ItsNikkiB
YO ItsNikkiB 26 days ago
Morgan’s look was gorgeous! Everyone was gorg tho!!! ♥️
Matthew Valdez
Matthew Valdez 27 days ago
Katherine Young
Katherine Young 27 days ago
You did amazing!!!!
aeisha barraclough
aeisha barraclough 27 days ago
Morgans so gorgeous!!! But when shane was talking about people dragging him for how much foundation he uses my heart broke a lil
Avery Kelly
Avery Kelly 28 days ago
I love Morgan and Shane’s look!
Hayleigh Grace
Hayleigh Grace 28 days ago
I like shane the best
Ardell Izzy
Ardell Izzy 29 days ago
I think we need more makeup videos 🥺😍
Alex Abdoo
Alex Abdoo Month ago
Ryland showing off his engagement ring is a mood and 100% going to be me when I get engaged
Rachael Runge
Rachael Runge Month ago
Heather Timmins
Heather Timmins Month ago
The Official Andy Saenz
Why doesn’t Morgan have her own eyeshadow palette out? She should collaborate with Jeffree Star to make it happen!
Szamantha Kitchen
I would actually want Morgan to so my makeup!!! ❣❣❣
Destiny teslashea
Good momma Adams !!
Aidan Danigami
Aidan Danigami Month ago
Why is ryland trying to have a flashback mary scandal
Jessica Morales
Jessica Morales Month ago
I want to know about that pink brush the powder one
Såkul !
Såkul ! Month ago
Andrew and Garrett are the only ones left out
Såkul !
Såkul ! Month ago
Andrew and Garrett are quacking!!!
Kenya Salazar-Campos
Morgan and Shane and some day Ryland. I’m so sorry Ryland.
Cali Green
Cali Green Month ago
Dont Doug your self when I first tried I looked like a zebra with out its stipes
Jamie Greenberg
Jamie Greenberg Month ago
Shane’s is better than rylands
JL2805 Month ago
Who else can c the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette? 2:16
a cup of tea with suga
Morgan is fucking stunning omg i want to be her!!
Bladiria L. Rosario Caraballo.
Lindsey Rasmussen
You guys have to shave before you put make up on… It looks so weird with a beard! I don’t think you’ll ever get it right until you do that! Just a suggestion :-)
simply abigail
simply abigail Month ago
4:48 flashback marry who
Sam M
Sam M Month ago
I love the editing with the extra clips and sound, it’s fucking hilarious
Addison Rayl
Addison Rayl Month ago
Ryland! Why are you literally quoting Jeffree and Shane all three of you are iconic
Jessy Jade
Jessy Jade Month ago
Ryland just used a little too much concealer we’ve all done it
Dara Bethany
Dara Bethany Month ago
What primer did ryland use? And what shade did he use in that foundation??? Pls help thank you. This looked so fun btw
Liv Sargent
Liv Sargent Month ago
“I look stunning” -ryland *me a makeup artist* *spits out water laughing*
Makeup artist yeaaaaah... Totally.
Ree Donttryme
Ree Donttryme Month ago
I liked Morgan’s look. Shane’s look is okay i think the shadow needs to be blended more and the liner needs to work ‘
Shane's look is SNATCHED FOR THE GODS. what you talking about
Todoroki Shoto
Todoroki Shoto Month ago
Am i the only one who when Ryland was so white he reminded me of the mayo guy meme
Imogen Priestley
I’m not an amateur... *uses 4 dips of concealer*
Aoife O'Neill
Aoife O'Neill Month ago
Morgan's makeup is sister snatched
Toulla Cousins
Toulla Cousins Month ago
i liked morgan's the best
R Month ago
Looks good! 😁#aorticmeltdown, #rylandadams, #morrganics
R Month ago
Catching up on your old vids! 😊
R Month ago
😁 The shade looked good till you slapped on the concealer. #aorticmeltdown, #rylandadams, #morrganics,
R Month ago
Too much concealer Ryland. 😁😘
buboom 123
buboom 123 Month ago
Morgan look AMAZING
Ernst Dettbarn
Ernst Dettbarn Month ago
The faces he makes while he does his makeup is Soo funny
aliyah c.
aliyah c. Month ago
i love how there feeling there selfs when there done with the makeup 😂❤️
Kathrine Turney
Kathrine Turney 2 months ago
Good job Ryland!😁😀😊☺😇
Ally Lambert
Ally Lambert 2 months ago
Morgan’s makeup and hair looking stunning, she won out the 3
Kbell 2 months ago
Everyone looked 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Elizabeth Wall
Elizabeth Wall 2 months ago
Morgan’s makeup looks AMAZING!!! 💛💛💛
Kyra Michel
Kyra Michel 2 months ago
Does ryland look green on purpose ?
Cora Cash
Cora Cash 2 months ago
Rylands face in the beginning said:🎂 But no drag love you all.
Leonardo Leal
Leonardo Leal 2 months ago
Jell Fig
Jell Fig 2 months ago
4:27 as Morgan laughs at ryland he’s also laughing along with her but kind of looks like he’s dying inside
Charlotte Johnson
Charlotte Johnson 2 months ago
Fancy ness
Fancy ness 2 months ago
i really liked morgans !
Jax Zimmermann
Jax Zimmermann 2 months ago
Morgan wins
Jax Zimmermann
Jax Zimmermann 2 months ago
Dude Morgan's fucking laugh! 💀💀 just fucking snorted laughing at her laughing, 🤦‍♀️.
Pebbles_Margera 2 months ago
You all did so amazing!!! Looking snatched to the GODDDS
bizz i
bizz i 2 months ago
Ok, but ryland was already using Summer of Love blush palette by trixie mattel wow
Mona Schulz
Mona Schulz 2 months ago
Ryland is just so cute I could cry. 😭😭😭😂😂😂
Ali Boaz
Ali Boaz 2 months ago
Morgan for sure!
Life of Kate
Life of Kate 2 months ago
“Jack-line” 😂 Ryland feeling the MUA fantasy 😂
KoreAn A
KoreAn A 2 months ago
Love the Casper clips.. LMFAO
KoreAn A
KoreAn A 2 months ago
riri u
riri u 2 months ago
Y is nobody talking about the fact that Ryland accidentally wrote boyfriend in the title than fiancee
aubrey 2 months ago
yall are sleeping on morgan she looked gorgeous
Arianna Anthony
Arianna Anthony 2 months ago
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