Boujee on a Budget - Merrell Twins

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We tried being Boujee but on a budget! Check out The Real Real: bit.ly/2OUrOFi Get $25 off FIRST ORDER!!!
BOUJEE FOR A WEEK ruvid.net/video/video-o_L_NlRExOw.html
MY CRUSH DM’d ME ruvid.net/video/video-8-5BkHUKrx4.html
THE BREAK UP ruvid.net/video/video-MyS8AjVj9FQ.html
THE SECOND DATE ruvid.net/video/video-jFSwAf51Wn8.html
BAD HAIR DAY ruvid.net/video/video-wWhy6qr_aZI.html
IN OUR BRAINS ruvid.net/video/video-MaGIhumFfzk.html
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Apr 9, 2019




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Comments 100
Dawn Nunez
Dawn Nunez 6 hours ago
I love your video's love from 🇵🇭
Dawn Nunez
Dawn Nunez 6 hours ago
Jenny Daisy
Jenny Daisy Day ago
their dimples 🥺
WANAISA & Yazan noor
Pause the vid in 3:36 you'll see someone in the background..
Melina M
Melina M 4 days ago
I love your face and body
Jahnavi Ujja
Jahnavi Ujja 9 days ago
They remind my a show that I used t watch Polly Pocket. They look so similar and talk same also.
AHLAM ABDUL 11 days ago
👇 this is how many times they said 'real real' in the video
Awaz e Dost
Awaz e Dost 13 days ago
Nessa: you stabed the donut Roni quickly: that's yours 😎😂🤭
akshara 9955A
akshara 9955A 14 days ago
Nessa is the best
Aemen Omair Khan
Aemen Omair Khan 14 days ago
Our designer Jasimine Me:Recalls mt exposed where Pet'unia was their designer Me:WHAT ABOUT PETUNIA!!!
Keisha Lorein de Castro
This is How much they said Boujee on a budget :) | | V
Takiyona Doss
Takiyona Doss 22 days ago
The purse and dress we’re two different vibes
Thick God
Thick God 23 days ago
Who has watched the so much That they don’t look like identical twins
iiamSavannah 23 days ago
Boujee Paul yass
Pohai Kealoha Carlson
Well I saw glaze donuts I said that’s my style
Katherine English
Katherine English 23 days ago
Roni: We are about to do something very illegal. Nessa: No! Roni: Well it’s frowned upon. The people: oh I don’t like people who pose in front of car dealership cars. Me: 😂 😂 😂
Tayla Jarvis
Tayla Jarvis 24 days ago
People portray lighters to be negative and bad but lighters aren’t just used for smoking they are used to light a candle and insents! STOP PORTRAYING LIGHTERS TO BE BAD!!!
Whoever I'm Not
Whoever I'm Not 26 days ago
The only budget thing was stuff from the thrift store... whatever they got from therealreal is expensive price
Siri’s echo
Siri’s echo 27 days ago
Anyone else sad they didn’t put there insta pictures in the video 😢
Safa Rehman
Safa Rehman 28 days ago
Jasmine treats nessa and roni differently she is nicer to roni
w i l d f l x w r r
cri cri i want doughnuts now :< p.s yall are great you tubers!!!
Valerie Month ago
Kinda mad they didn't show the pictures cause I don't have Instagram :/
Heidi Smith
Heidi Smith Month ago
I loved Vanessa's first outfit💜🦄
Maggie Fluffy
Maggie Fluffy Month ago
Nessa: Robbers be like hehehe they must have a lot. Oh. It’s.....donuts Me:GREATEST PRANK EVER!! I LOVE IT!!! OMG!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hazel Naoia
Hazel Naoia Month ago
Me legit not knowing what "boujee" is-
Khushi's Life
Khushi's Life Month ago
Jasmine be like all the time:- Sorry but that is the coolest thing Me being like:- OK girl we got it that IS the coolest thing!
Kansas Solly
Kansas Solly Month ago
I couldn’t stop laughing when they took pictures in front of a dealership with the cars
Jashyland Harris
Yeah 😂
Chelsi Fortenberry
I don’t have INSTA
L i l y
L i l y Month ago
Please come to Australia!!:)
Spakan Month ago
They look beautiful subscribe to there channel
SSundaeNilla Month ago
I can see Jasmine like sad
Christine K
Christine K Month ago
She's over there buying vintage items, while i'm over here in bed, eating chips in my pajamas and broke.
Icha Ichiban
Icha Ichiban 2 months ago
You guys are so cute and beautiful
Icha Ichiban
Icha Ichiban 2 months ago
I really like your outfits merrell twins
Icha Ichiban
Icha Ichiban 2 months ago
I like Vanessa shoes to because it's kinda cute and fancy
Icha Ichiban
Icha Ichiban 2 months ago
And her shoes,because it is so cute and fancy
Icha Ichiban
Icha Ichiban 2 months ago
I like roni bags
Scat The rat
Scat The rat 2 months ago
This it how many people want to meet the Merrill twins😊 👇
Maggie Fluffy
Maggie Fluffy Month ago
plxtohobiii you didn’t even spell it correct it MERRELL as in M-E-R-R-E-L-L. Is that clear
Maggie Fluffy
Maggie Fluffy Month ago
Only 6? Huh I saw this exact same comment with thousands of likes multiple times
plxtohobiii Month ago
Bubble Girl
Bubble Girl Month ago
Ilmeeyat Azrin Arshad literally the people in this video!
Kuok Joceline Hanner
I can stop watching the before intro 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Kaylin Corsi
Kaylin Corsi 2 months ago
Roni when you showed your foot I was eating 😖😖😖😐😐😐
Millie Flores
Millie Flores 2 months ago
I mean boujee
Millie Flores
Millie Flores 2 months ago
I would have called this vid the Bouige budget
Gab 2 months ago
Marissa Hammock
Marissa Hammock 2 months ago
I think you guys should do a part two of bougie on a budget
Marissa Hammock
Marissa Hammock 2 months ago
I really like both of the twins outfits the one I really like was roni’s because hers was really Casual
22 Julia Mahmoud Abu Samra
BAD quality 😭😭😭
Bubble Girl
Bubble Girl Month ago
The quality was great! Just like all of there videos!! 😅😅 *round of a plaus for Paul* 👏👏
marina adnan
marina adnan 2 months ago
Jasmine's cool counter= Like me
Ofa Vanila
Ofa Vanila 2 months ago
Wait isn't jasmine the one who helped yall when yall were doing bougie for a week???
Sam 2 months ago
Or you could make tiger go boujee 😂🤣
Suchitra Shetty
Suchitra Shetty 2 months ago
I literally just realised that veronicas gucci lofers or something is just like taehyungs gucci lofers. love u guys 💜💜💜💜💜
learn with fun
learn with fun 2 months ago
Team Veronica
learn with fun
learn with fun 2 months ago
When I heard realreal at the strart I thought ronron
Anup Rajan
Anup Rajan 2 months ago
The amount of times jasmine said “ok I’m sry but that’s the coolest ting”👇🏻
Ameelia Soreefan
Ameelia Soreefan 2 months ago
14:29 isn't the chin supposed to be around your neck?
kat fox
kat fox 2 months ago
You wear the glasses wrong 😎😎
Bubble Girl
Bubble Girl Month ago
Vanessa does? Well she can still pull it off!
Aaliyah Matienzo
Aaliyah Matienzo 3 months ago
Me watching this at 2am Also me being hungry when I saw the foods
Jeeteshi 3 months ago
Or maybe mr.tiger.
Micaela Levisha RD
Micaela Levisha RD 3 months ago
Thet dont show their outfit when they eat dinner with jazmine and joey
kathleen Doherty
kathleen Doherty 3 months ago
I would love the merrell twins exposed again plz
Akibaki 3 months ago
Has anyone noticed how much they say yeah no hate btw
Life is Sweet
Life is Sweet 3 months ago
I love Nessa's style better!♥♥♥♥♥ Btw love you ♡♡♡♡
damari gallegos
damari gallegos 3 months ago
ik I’m late but they should try being aesthetic 🥺💜🥰
nasreen baig
nasreen baig 3 months ago
Can you make your friend boujee
Terence Miller
Terence Miller 3 months ago
Vanessa is the prettier TWIN.
Patricia Ramirez
Patricia Ramirez 3 months ago
I know right can someone ask the merell twins 👯‍♀️ to bring merell twins exposed back ?
Gidon Katz
Gidon Katz 3 months ago
part 3
Jay H
Jay H 3 months ago
I STAN Jasmine
Dena Oberski
Dena Oberski 3 months ago
Dena Oberski
Dena Oberski 3 months ago
I love you Guys
Kuri Colberg
Kuri Colberg 3 months ago
I’m pretty sure the chan on the glasses are spost to be on the other side of her head
Imogen POWER
Imogen POWER 3 months ago
Yes Blossom 591 that would be such a good vid
Yara Adel
Yara Adel 3 months ago
I love love love love love you guys 💜💕💜💕💕💜..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!.!!
Saoirse Keenan
Saoirse Keenan 3 months ago
I love ur friend Jasmine’s coat
NaEun Park
NaEun Park 3 months ago
If you guys notice... vanessa's glasses in the krispy kreme store is similar to EXO's (Lay/ Zhang Yixing) glasses when he's still in Produce 101 Episode 3... if you're obsess to EXO 😏 you would notice
Emma Ash
Emma Ash 3 months ago
No hate but, I checked out therealreal and they weren't cheap at all.....way over my budget....again no hate love you guys
Try Guys Meme videos
I feel like they weren't boujee on a budget but they were aesthetic
TerabelleMonserat LouisRobinson
Nessa sounds like she has aligies or has a fever
Cat Lover 21
Cat Lover 21 3 months ago
At 15:16 it was so funny. Paul you are awesome/funny.
Lily Wendler
Lily Wendler 4 months ago
Love the last look btw!
Lily Wendler
Lily Wendler 4 months ago
Can you do a boujee vid again?
Jay Jos
Jay Jos 4 months ago
Make a new video the Merrell twins
Sirat Bajwa
Sirat Bajwa 4 months ago
I love krispy kreeme more then you trust me
Felicia H
Felicia H 4 months ago
BaileysLife InColor
BaileysLife InColor 4 months ago
We didn't even get to see the pics!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :(
laylamoves 4 months ago
11:00 I thought it was going to be somewhere real fancy and then she said,"Krispy Kreme!" I was amazed. Love you guys so much btw!!!!!!!!
Maggie Fluffy
Maggie Fluffy Month ago
I’m surprise you weren’t expecting a donut shop
Anup Rajan
Anup Rajan 4 months ago
15:44 when Vanessa went like “yeah” 🤣
Indrani Ban
Indrani Ban 4 months ago
Where did Joey come from?
Mannankatty Chandrasekar
I think they look really cute in every outfit they wear
JJ Simms
JJ Simms 4 months ago
The real real kind of sounds fake if you get what I mean can't really explain
Gacha Galaxy Cookie
Gacha Galaxy Cookie 4 months ago
This be my style. Boujee on a budget equals my parents proud
Dinkus 4 months ago
They're like little rascals.
Annalia Eager
Annalia Eager 4 months ago
I luv these bujie vids.
fairy. glee
fairy. glee 4 months ago
Who else replayed the beginning 😂😂 “ahhh” “WHATS wrong” “my foot”
Boujee for me is comfy
Holly Jones
Holly Jones 4 months ago
Jayna Esentia
Jayna Esentia 4 months ago
the twins: yeah she knows a lot about fashion and how to style things jasmine: that is sooooo cute
Natalie Grace
Natalie Grace 4 months ago
It’s kinda mesmerizing to just watch nessas dimple lol Sorry that’s kinda weird but it’s just so deep!
Disney Girl
Disney Girl 4 months ago
anyone know the names of the cafe and restaurants they went to?
adoptmeplayz90 4 months ago
My favorite part of the whole video is when..... Veneesa: AWW YOU STABED THE DONUTE Silence Roni: THATS YOURS
Alena Marie
Alena Marie 4 months ago
Did Vanessa Javed an elergec reaction to the makeup at the end in the last video
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