Both suspects in disappearance of Vanessa Guillen identified

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Aaron Robinson took his own life and Cecily Aguilar is in custody. Both are suspected in Vanessa Aguilar's disappearance.
Full story: www.khou.com/article/news/local/vanessa-guillen-update-coming-from-fort-hood-on-thursday/285-4fad41df-19e7-4b08-81a5-eb424db9b49b

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Jul 2, 2020




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Maria ReyChavez
Donde está el cadáver de Robinson por que no lo sacan para saber si es verdad que esta muerto.
MIRABAILAME *suscribete*
El funeral de Vanessa Guillén en Houston contará con la presencia de su abuela y otros familiares de México
Ashley Marin
Ashley Marin 3 days ago
Queremos que se le haga justicia a vanessa guillen por que ella era una buena persona y yo le deseo que se le haga justicia a vanessa guillen y tambien que descanse en paz junto a los brazos de dios por que se que a vanessa guillen se le va hacer justicia y tambien dios la va a cuidar ahi en el cielo y yo voy a seguir orando para que a ningun soldado(a) le pase lo mismo que vanessa guillen por que se que a la familia de vanessa guillen le deztrosaron el corazon a ella y a su familia dios le guardé el camino a vanessa guillen por que se que dios la va a cuidar en el cielo y tambien la va querer mucho y yo le pido a dios que puedan encontrar a todos los soldados desaparecidos y que ellos esten bien y que ya no haiga ninguna persona desaparecida justicia para vanessa guillen un saludo para la familia de vanessa guillen y tambien le envio saludos a vanessa guillen que dios la guarde en el camino donde ella valla por que se que vanessa guillen esta bien alla con dios y tambien se que vanessa guillen es un angel muy bonito que a ella yo la quiero mucho y tambien te doy las gracias por ser la soldado que nos cuidaba y un saludo desde alla arriba donde estas con dios cuidate mucho y tambien te envio saludos por parte de Ashley Marin😇😇😊😊
Chris M
Chris M 3 days ago
Can't believe this channel deleted my comment for standing up for my community. All I said was Latino’s lives matter and that our Latina women shouldn't be treated like animals. Shame on you guys!
Geo Ramer
Geo Ramer 4 days ago
Arron Robinson blm? Vanessas life matters
Joepie De poepie
Joepie De poepie 5 days ago
Niknaks. We should get them out.
Dwayne Adams
Dwayne Adams 5 days ago
God Bless Her
Trankevin tran
Trankevin tran 6 days ago
It's time to get a very good lawyer and sue the armys corp. or the person whose ever been in charge forth hood army base. This is getting really ridiculous.
slimslug 6 days ago
People blaming the army base but a black man, who has a free will not to do such things, picked up a hammer and bludgeoned a Hispanic woman to death. Interrogate the white female and you'll find out everything since she's an accomplice... People also don't understand that many civilians are allowed in bases and can bring guests... it's a small city in these bases. A few deaths out of thousands isn't an unheard thing ...
paty rdgz
paty rdgz 9 days ago
esto es culpa del feminismo bien estuviéramos en casita yo sé me van a cruzificar
Ludo fuzz
Ludo fuzz 10 days ago
That red headed woman is a Satanist witch obviously
VADER The Kitten Account
Where are the real suspects? The superiors?
Jimmy Cross
Jimmy Cross 12 days ago
How could this happen on a United States Army base.. lame?
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 15 days ago
Black lives matter. But not to black people... 🤷‍♂️
Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez 18 days ago
U adónde está un video donde aron Robinson se quitó la vida
benjamin Vasquez
benjamin Vasquez 20 days ago
Strange wife of former sarg?!? Wtf ? How do u say strange ? Maybe this news report is hiding stuff. Media never wants to show the truth because it will make fort hood look bad.. PAID BIG TIME! BIG BUCKS, till they find out who exactly killed her. AND HOW !!!! R.I.P! justice for vanessa Guillen!!!!!!
benjamin Vasquez
benjamin Vasquez 20 days ago
Solider *
chicana44444 21 day ago
Did he really kill himself? Where is the footage of that?For sure more people involved. This place is disgusting.
photonicus 23 days ago
The male suspect was only 20 yrs old, the female suspect has a vacant, moronic look on her face.....have we just not been raising kids right as a country? The kids of today WILL be the soldiers and leaders of tomorrow.
Prem Singh
Prem Singh 25 days ago
'3:31' When anyone desires some Gift Cards just search: ↠ *eGiftaholic* So happy it exists in 2020+ Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους
kolim jone
kolim jone 25 days ago
So who called her in, and who did she text the serial numbers of the weapon
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 26 days ago
in charge of keeping her safe???? ....The Brotherhood?? What happened to all that? Why did it take them 2 months to start searching??We need Answers!!
Don-don Malva
Don-don Malva 26 days ago
Manyakis ka Robinson dapat sayo sunugin
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 27 days ago
She was getting ready to bring charges against him for walking in on her in the shower!
Margaret 28 days ago
First he sexually harassed her. Then he killed her. Then he cut her up and deposited her body parts in different places. He finds out he’s the prime suspect. Then he kills him self. He wasn’t sorry. He was sorry that he was about to be arrested. He took the cowards way out but the investigation will continue and will uncover everything he was getting away with. I wouldn’t be surprised if other women soldiers come forward.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 26 days ago
That base needs to close.
Digital Adloniant
Digital Adloniant 29 days ago
This is unacceptable, the FBI needs to investigate this.. How can the army investigate itself.. conflict of interest, cover-ups. To me it is crystal clear.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 26 days ago
Where is Aron’s family at???? Why aren’t they speaking to Vanessa’s family???
LIL AK C 2001
LIL AK C 2001 29 days ago
white police kille a black man who was convict and used drugs and everybody crying and hispanic woman was killed for a black man and nobody say nothing in USA nobody is opressed there are only bad hearts black lives matter bullshit.
LIL AK C 2001
LIL AK C 2001 27 days ago
@sehhi vooty first who is aron ? Because I don't know what do u mean ?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 27 days ago
Where is Aron’s family at???? Why aren’t they speaking to Vanessa’s family???
Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz 29 days ago
Avoid the gr0id you’ll live longer
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 26 days ago
That base needs to close.
mathermp 29 days ago
Black suspects will get a story killed quicker than a Clinton associate.
kolim jone
kolim jone 25 days ago
She didn’t deserve this
Trocilyn Rufus
Trocilyn Rufus 29 days ago
He was a predator! This woman was jealous!
Jason Milton
Jason Milton 29 days ago
Time to join the Army!!!
Melissa S
Melissa S 29 days ago
She’s a strange wife...
Reality Rich
Reality Rich 29 days ago
Anays Hernandez
Anays Hernandez Month ago
Please God protected that family
Anays Hernandez
Anays Hernandez Month ago
Please God protected the family
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Month ago
There's a lot more missing from this story
Keith N
Keith N Month ago
So everyone is aware there is a coverup going on
Lori Wolfcat
Lori Wolfcat Month ago
Minorities Matter. She needs justice. This is disgusting how this is not all over the news. And as flippin expected. Only Latinos are out there demanding justice. Truly sick. When Latinos get hit, only Latinos can go out. Where’s Black Lives Matter now?!! 😤😡😿
mujeres luchonas
Oh no!!! You are not blaming it on those two only! They're more involved! JUSTICES for all!!!
rangekiller109 Month ago
She didn’t deserve this
sylvia pou
sylvia pou Month ago
That base needs to close.
MGJ G. Month ago
Where is Aron’s family at???? Why aren’t they speaking to Vanessa’s family???
Markus Ruiz
Markus Ruiz Month ago
Those two and other people involved should burn in hell for killing Vanessa..
vidal cano
vidal cano Month ago
Not just black lives matter even Spanish lives matter too, if anyone could think about it how this happened recently
Steven Cox
Steven Cox Month ago
Lovely couple!! How embarrassing for the Army, better tighten your shit.
Lucio piacenza
Lucio piacenza Month ago
Brown lives matter?
marie kr
marie kr Month ago
What was the motive for killing her?? I dint get it for the fun of if?? What would she of done to them
Stupid Troll
Stupid Troll Month ago
She wasn't the only one to go missing. Fort Hood is such a shady base and sadly many more people went missing there. Gregory Gonzales was one of them.
Kaleah Collins
Kaleah Collins Month ago
Jennifer Haynes
Jennifer Haynes Month ago
You wonder how people can think to do horrible things like this,this is totally an act of Satan.
Mr. E
Mr. E Month ago
The army covering it up as always. You see Latinos, do not be stupid to go serve this country. They do not care. Who killed the poor girl? A black guy and this is why the police kills them
Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz Month ago
Wonder why all these athletes, comedians, celebrities aren't mentioning this🤔
Joseph Deliz
Joseph Deliz 29 days ago
Because the majority of them are weak POS media whores.
goatss on crackk
goatss on crackk 29 days ago
@ICU salma hayek?
ICU 29 days ago
theres one celebrity supporting the search for her, dont know her name though
Reality Rich
Reality Rich 29 days ago
They only care if its a world wide thing
Wilda Bados
Wilda Bados Month ago
That devil look do ugly and the woman too they said that there were another man where is he
Maria Reyes
Maria Reyes Month ago
This is the greatest country ?
Maria Reyes
Maria Reyes Month ago
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez Month ago
CNN hasn't reported this case, i wonder why? O yes, it has nothing to do with Joe Biden s campaign. CNN is a racist and fake news.
Contact Us
Contact Us Month ago
Every 3 seconds America looses a 100 acres of Farmland and Ranch land to development, Houston and Texas are overpopulated sewers.
A A Month ago
When the government is involved, they will do an internal investigation and conceal information. Epstein was an example!
Arturo Torres
Arturo Torres Month ago
They should check the fort hood underground tunnels there are clues all over that base n it has to be shutdown now!!!!
Alix. Estudillo
Alix. Estudillo Month ago
Tenia la esperanza de saber que apareciera. Viva. QUE Desgraciados asesinos endemoniadps..
Fatima Gadea
Fatima Gadea Month ago
Espero este hombre esté en mismo infierno esta hija de laserebta mil p se pudra en la carcel
M J Month ago
How in the F**k did this happen? Where was their supervisor? Who was in charge of the detail for Opening up the arms Room? Who called her into work? What was so importent that she was there in civilians in a arms room? Who lets someone leave a secure Arms Room and carry a Box to their POV? Lets also thank God no one stole any weapons. How did he have access to the arms Room after hours with no one in the building as a subordinate?
stud man
stud man Month ago
I knew it wasn't a white person, especially a white male because we never heard the names until now. If it was a white male we would never hear the end of it. It would run non stop about a white racist killing.
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