Bose Active Noise Cancelling 700 vs. Sony WH-1000XM3

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If you think the Bose Active Noise Cancelling 700 seem like a direct response to the Sony WH1000XM3's reign as the king of premium noise-cancellers, we're inclined to agree. We pit the two against each other in this video to help you decide which one you might want to buy. The answer surprised us as much as we think it will surprise you.
Bose Active Noise Cancelling 700: amzn.to/2XM2poB
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Comments 80
Caleb Denison
Caleb Denison 8 months ago
Hey everyone! WHooooooo! Plenty to answer for here. First, can I just ask that you consider the fact that I had reasons for everything I said but perhaps did a poor job explaining them? Let me attempt to correct that here. First off, I made a false presumption that someone watching this video would understand that the 700 are an extension of the QC 35II in the ANC department and that folks would be familiar with our comparison of those two headphones. So let me explicitly state that I find the 700 to offer better noise-canceling for static, droning sounds like what you experience on a plane, but not as good as the Sony at blocking everyday noise. I'd take the Sony over the Bose for canceling office noise, for instance. Otherwise, the race in the ANC department is super tight. Next: Perhaps it is because I am really good about recharging my stuff, I have NEVER run out of battery and been left hanging, even on a flight to Korea where I put older versions of the Sony and Bose against each other with a colleague's help. I usually end my day or need to sleep before I need to recharge either headphone. So I guess I see 20-hours continues battery life as sufficient for my use, therefore the 30 hours on the Sony isn't all that important to me. BUT maybe it is to you. I could have at least pointed that out. Next: Yeah, "A generous amount of time" because A) I' got four different results during 4 separate 15-minute quick-charges of the XM3 (from dead) with the delta coming in at 1.5 hours. Also, I think 3.5 hours on 15-minute charge is also generous and both numbers "ass-saving" enough if you are in a pinch. And finally, you'll notice I didn't spend much time around the tech behind the sound quality (LDAC, DSEE, Bose's proprietary tech that they don't give marketing names to) and instead tried to explain the differences in sound quality in as meaningful a way as possible given that, like audiophile-grade speakers, once you get to a certain level, multiple products in the room can all be considered excellent, but exhibit different character, so focusing on the differences between the two, especially in a vs. video, will resonate best with the vast majority of non-audiophile viewers who aren't familiar with the lexicon that community uses. Oh, and comfort -- for my head, and that of several others here at DT -- the 700 are clearly more comfortable. I can't speak to the feeling others experience with their different sized heads, ears, glasses or no glasses. I can just tell you what my observations are and recommend that you try them yourself to see if they work for you. And in the end, trying something for yourself rather than taking one or 10 reviews you watched or read as gospel is always going to be more meaningful. We're just going to do our best to help you save some time from barking up the wrong tree.
mars base
mars base Month ago
@MrBorderdown you've just described your own comment
mars base
mars base Month ago
@pacoulas P. Not pointless, 10 extra hours gives you more usage if you forget to charge
mars base
mars base Month ago
@Rabid Sparky then don't read it, dumbass
EmissaryGW2 Month ago
@TheDigitalcrack Idk about the 700, but I bought both the Sony and the qc's and returned the QC cause their sound quality was utter trash. Zero soundstage/imaging. Hope the 700's are better, but after reading all the rave reviews from bose fan boys about the QC I'm not gonna trust bose again without doing my own side by side comparison.
Harshit goyal
Harshit goyal 3 months ago
@caleb Which one is better for cancelling noise from honking cars? I need to buy one can't decide which one can work better in environment not having continious noise. Can you please help and suggest?
jqsmooth77 22 minutes ago
ah hell no! hahaha
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Day ago
Really weird review and comparison ??? Not sure honestly what the conclusion driver was here ?? and if its that ambigous,I'd prefer to save the 100 - 140 Euro, if its that tight, Thats a sizable deposit on a PS5 IMO..
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Day ago
I was blown away by Sonys 'Headphones' App feature set... and not changing or playing with the different Eq and also you have custom setting is IMO .. TOTALLY of the mark, I mean really.. and the boot in the bass can be easily rectified to your taste.. through the whole range
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Day ago
360 Reality Audio.... Anyone ???
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Day ago
Yeah what about the 100 - 140 Euro price difference now :O
Master Flow
Master Flow 3 days ago
Thanks comments section, finally sold on Sony.
Mehmet Efe Işık
9:04 which is the better
The Unit
The Unit 14 days ago
Owned both, the Bose 700 has far superior sound quality but no EQ control to maximize sound experience, also sketchy battery life as far as claims. The Bose app is also half-baked. The Bose is too expensive to the lack in so many areas. I now own the Sony WH-1000XM 3 and happy with them. If Bose improves battery life, the Bose App, and add an equalizer I will go back to Bose! Refurbished Sony 1000XM3 now as low as $179 on Amazon, have no problem with mine.
Foromer Veliando
Foromer Veliando 26 days ago
People with smaller heads will find sony more comfortable as there is more padding
NYC Camper
NYC Camper 26 days ago
So I guess I'll keep my bose qc 35ii after I fix the switch, and then get the Sony at a cheaper price for every day use.
ZERO 7 27 days ago
Bose 700 copy paste from sony M3 Bose QuietComfort 35 II only have bottoms when M3 released within a week i will buy M3 for sure
andy Month ago
this guy is a douche and biased against sony as hell. go work for bose u douche
Travis Porter
Travis Porter Month ago
You should have ran a battery test. Other people who reviewed both did and the Bose lasted 22.5 hours and Sony’s only 20 hours. Everyone else watching this needs to know that. It’s important! Because 10 hours is a big difference but it’s not actually true and it is a big deciding factor when comparing specs on the box.
Abel Billy Alvarez
The Sony WH1000XM3's uses bluethooth version 4.2 and so does the Bose QC 34II. The Bose 700 uses bluethooth version 5.0 which can transmit eight times more data, at four times the distance, and twice the speed of the previous version, Bluetooth 4.2. This does not improve the sound quality because both Bluetooth 4.2 and 5.0 codec will compress the file down to just 1Mbps. But you can get better reception at 4X the distance and less interference. Using the wire will give you the best sound quality.
Jotjotzzz S
Jotjotzzz S Month ago
I heard the Sony always breaks. The side plastic often cracks. Is this true? This is why I like Bose. I still have my QC25 and it still looks like new.
Me Month ago
clou1969 2 months ago
The Old Cable adaptor is still frequently used asian airliners. That’s pretty welcome! I’m frequent flyer.
Giovanni Zarrella
Giovanni Zarrella 2 months ago
so having 50% more battery charge, compared to bose, up to literally 10 hours TEN more of play time is "practically speaking more or less the same"? WHAT. THE. FUCK!? I stopped there...
Mermista La Mer
Mermista La Mer 2 months ago
Quick question - do the Bose have that annoying voice that says power on and the beep sounds every time you change anything like the Sony’s do? The Sony ones gave me massive headaches and the older corded Bose I have are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever had.
22chachalaca 2 months ago
The Sonys are going to be cheaper, they go on sale like every other month.
Abhinav 2 months ago
I've just wasted 10 minutes of my life, I've been using sony nd tbh this is the best decision I've ever made. This is truly a baised review.
Anarchy 543
Anarchy 543 Month ago
@Abhinav My point is, This review isn't biased. I am clearly saying Sony's are better at sound quality. that's why i bought Sony's my self. But Bose are clearly more comfortable among those two as reviewer was saying. I can't wear my Sony's for longer periods as they get warm and have more clamping force which is not idle for long flights. And Sound quality, Bose kinda have different approach. I liked Bose's clear audio for vocals and it's soft music but bass is weak. Some people actually like that. Some people like to listen music which have lot of vocals and not so much bass. if you ever tried to use your Sony's to talk to people, They don't sound as clear as phone's ear piece or normal wired earbuds. I tried couple of times to do that and eventually gave up. But son'y are value for money, no question in that. Bose's ANC and comfort is little superior to Sony's. So it ain't like Bose's are trash.They got different approaches. It's all about preference. I knew this because i tried both of them.
Abhinav Month ago
@Anarchy 543 bro it's not about what i have it's about what sounds more better than other nd sony definitely beats bose in terms of that nd i know bose nc is better than sony's nd I'm truly aware of that!!
Abhinav Month ago
@EmissaryGW2 brofist🤜🤛
EmissaryGW2 Month ago
@Anarchy 543 I bought both and returned the qc's. They just sounded cheap and hollow/muddy to me compared to the Sony... I was honestly surprised that a pair of such expensive headphones could sound so lackluster.
Anarchy 543
Anarchy 543 Month ago
Why? because you own Sony's? You gotta experience both of them before judging. I own Sony's and i tried Bose qc-ii 's of my friends and i liked them for their comfort and clear sound. But i ended up buying Sony's because i needed little more Bass.
Kazuya Yuza
Kazuya Yuza 2 months ago
Too bad you review from numbers on paper, not on actual tests. Battery on the sony's only reach 20 hours and the Bose actually reaches 22h instead of 20.
AX5Z 2 months ago
Still no LDAC or AptX HD in the Bose. Sony still wins.
B W 2 months ago
Im student, and i want to study everywhere i can. So my priorities are ANC and Comfort. I heard that sony is better at anc. But in a cafe, or train, bus etc. would bose make the job done?? Thanks in advance.
MrChubib0 2 months ago
Ugliest tech studio ever
Glenn Thorn
Glenn Thorn 2 months ago
Those new Bose RATTLE Crazy at the hinge ,NOT FOR JOGGERS
Mark Edward Tan
Mark Edward Tan 3 months ago
Sony Beware of the static / hissing / crackling noise in the left or right ear cup when ANC is on. I was hyped and experiencing this issue right now. Just Google it. There are many complains regarding it.
Cian Tully
Cian Tully 3 months ago
Extremely biased review didn't even try on the sony headphones in the comfort test:/
MrDenverman1 3 months ago
I own them both, Sony is by far the best.
Kimani Graham
Kimani Graham 3 months ago
This a fuckry
morison morison
morison morison 3 months ago
So sony just need fixe microphone for talk better
Gab Mor
Gab Mor 3 months ago
so after doing a lot of research online i was sure i was gonna buy the sony , but then i went to the shop today and tried both on and the bose 700 are just a lot more comfortable! a lot! so i went for them. Sound i cant really tell the big diff tbh, depends on the songs.
Harshit goyal
Harshit goyal 3 months ago
I need to make official calls and my environment is very noisy sometimes now which one shall I use. After the watxhing the video and reading comments I am confused (I thought of Bose but comments mention about Sony 20 level noise cancelling ) Kindly suggest which one will provide clear voice without background noises for me and the listener. Please help...!
Mona L.
Mona L. 3 months ago
Strange how when you compared the Bose Quiet Confort 35 II you actually were more enthusiastic about the Sony WH-1000Xm3, now that Bose came out with the 700 model you are degrading Sony...... I call that hypocritical and don't trust your judgement at all!
Durb 3 months ago
Nothing to support your views and what you are saying no examples whatsovever you just talk. I watched the whole video and I dont trust this review.
danny goode
danny goode 3 months ago
Bose are garbage. Bluetooth cuts out. No bass. Bose have lost their way. Had 2 pairs of bose. My son y win hands down.
Black Phillip
Black Phillip 3 months ago
I ordered both and return Bose 700. Sony WH 1000M3 are better. Even NC is better. There is no point to pay extra $100 for Bose 700
Emmanuel Zumbo
Emmanuel Zumbo 3 months ago
So basically the Sony headphones are better in bass ..correct?
gfdgfs4u 3 months ago
Hey body, may want to call your Boss...e for your second free pair,
Rob Sutherland
Rob Sutherland 4 months ago
Very disrespectful to watch a review based on the mans own opinion and then call him biased, if that was the case he would also have played down the sound quality of the Sony’s. This is the mans opinion, we all have them. Don’t come to a review and watch it only to hear what you want to hear then come away disappointed when you don’t. I own the Sony’s these will last me many years as did my QC15’s which do still sound amazing after all this time. I like that the sound on the Sony’s is thick but not coloured in an unnatural way. The QC 15s don’t compare in that respect but the clarity an spaciousness of the sound was beautiful. Anyway, don’t attack the guys opinion, observe, pick out the things that are relevant to your use case, go to the shop and try them out and draw your own conclusions. These type of reviews at best stop you from throwing away money, or in closer contested cases such as this at least highlight some thinking points. Nice review man thanks...
Zachary Flohr
Zachary Flohr 4 months ago
Dude didn’t say one damn thing about the ANC...
Matt H
Matt H 4 months ago
So for me the ANC is secondary to sound quality but still important. I tried both in the store (but I know they can amplify/boost them when theyre wired in the store, etc) and they were both comfortable and the ANC was fine for my use on both. But the Bose seemed to sound better and be able to get louder. Anyone else share this experience?
Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo Martinez 4 months ago
* Not biased, complete objective review *
Akshit Gupta
Akshit Gupta 4 months ago
Do you think sony WH1000XM4 are coming anytime soon?
Jesus Flores juarez
Jesus Flores juarez 4 months ago
Hi. In eBay there Is one seller who sell the Sonny wh 1000xm3 in US $17 . Can you imagine? But this seller Is from China, so i suspected that they are copies . Have you knwon about if the xm3s are been pirated as the boses are? AND this stopped me to Buy them if they are used or from second hand.
NatsuPicchu 4 months ago
this is incredibly biased
kicker09272 4 months ago
Bose all day long!
AirWolf2301 4 months ago
Sure they might be better but... they are 100 euros more expensive where I am currently
Gary Willis
Gary Willis 4 months ago
Very shallow review. Good job!
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin 4 months ago
If you still haven't made a decision you may want to consider the Bluetooth Specification--I realize not every feature or spec is important to every buyer such as the battery time being left out of the review, some may think 30 vs 20 hours is very important but for me I don't imagine ever using them for than a couple hours at a time so I completely disregarded that spec. The Bose 700 use the newer Bluetooth 5.0 but the Sony uses the BT 4.2. There are 2 features to this that may or may not be important to you but at least you are informed. The BT 5.0 can transmit more than twice the amount of data and has a longer range. Personally I pretty much disregarded the distance issue but I do believe being able to transmit more data will give fewer dropouts and clearer sound over the long run as I hope to use these for several years. I can't prove that as fact but it is my personal opinion. I had briefly listened to them both and come to the conclusion that they were pretty damn equal but the BT 5.0 spec was enough to tip me to the Bose 700, I look forward to their arrival in 2 days.
Vinny Nacc
Vinny Nacc 4 months ago
Andrey AFS
Andrey AFS 4 months ago
Would you like to compare it with sennheiser momentum 3.0
andr27 4 months ago
biased BS
Nafiz Haq
Nafiz Haq 4 months ago
“However when i travel I’ll pick Bose in my back pack” - just doesn’t get that ! After all you talked about Sony being a better device and the fact that it got touch sensitive sound and noise control that is way too helpful while travelling than Bose !
QuestforSouls 4 months ago
He did say the nc is better on the bose for traveling like airplanes trains and such.
J Allen
J Allen 5 months ago
Sounds like the only thing the Bose have going is a nice case. $100-$120 more for an inferior product in comparison to the Sony. I wanted to love the Bose. I prefer the build quality of the Bose over the Sony. Sound wise no question! Sony!
M G 5 months ago
I've been watching videos forever 🤦‍♀️ trying to weigh my options and to finally choose the product i need but im still undecided . I work as a homebased online teacher and my biggest struggle is the noisy barking of my pup. I live in a 35 sqm 1 BR unit condo, work inside my bedroom and i place her outside. I WOULD APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD BE KIND TO SUGGEST THE IDEAL HEADSET FOR ME. I wish you guys make a video with a barking dog in the background. Thank you.🙏 P.S. What do u think is the best headset for me?
M G 4 months ago
@Iris Romaine Thank you so much. ♡
Iris Romaine
Iris Romaine 4 months ago
Monica G I feel your struggle cause I have been watching reviews endlessly for the past week. I finally ordered the Sony yesterday, still not 100 percent sure. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I have tried them both a few times in store, and noticed that for the more unpredictable sounds (like music in the background, talking, and probably a barking dog as well lol) the Sony does a better job to cancel the noise. The Bose does a stellar job in the more even predictable sounds, like an airconditioning or plane. I did like the design and build quality of the Bose way better, but the Sony felt more comfortable and you can customize more with the app on the Sony. Huge disadvantage is not being to connect to 2 devices at once. Don’t like that at all from Sony, but overall i decided that the Sony’s would be the better fit for my needs (which is noise cancelling during studying). Hope this helps!
Tech4now 5 months ago
Below is the actual conversation amongst the Bose engineers in that room: Ron(manager): so Sony has one upped us with this XM3. What do we do? Bob: how about we make the next QC with the latest tech. Jim: how about we redesign the QC 35 II and call it 700 with no new tech and charge $400? Ron: yes. Jim you are promoted. Bob you are fired.
You are my 🌞
You are my 🌞 5 months ago
Not accurate on many a counts. Check out other review channels before you buy. The bose 700 clamp hurts a lot and has been exchanged for the sonys. Sure I will miss the better voice conversation quality of the bose but I can't wear something that hurts. And in 2020 the new Sennheisers will topple both Bose and Sony.
배기성 5 months ago
Bose NC700 is more comfortable and batter sound quality than Sony 1000xm3. and Sony 1000xm3 mic doesn't work good.
Carlos Oraison
Carlos Oraison 5 months ago
I bought the Sony. After listening to both for a while in the store I liked the sound of the Sony better and here in Australia the Sony are $200 cheaper.
SergioRacoon 5 months ago
Great video. I’m wondering how better are over ear headphones (like Bose 700 or Sony 1000xm3) for noise canceling or if the difference is not that big from the AirPods Pro. I’m looking to buy one or the other.
Frank Reyes57
Frank Reyes57 5 months ago
This is the video I was looking for👍🏽👍🏽
zz z
zz z 5 months ago
How to make SONY ANC even BETTER: Close the gold colored mic holes with your fingers when calibrating. You can also push the earcaps hard to yor head while calibrating. All of that changes how the mics hear the calibration sounds thus amplifies the ANC after that and changes the cabin pressure effect. This helps to remove the mid-high frequencies of human voices around you. Only the highest highs are left.
zz z
zz z 4 months ago
@Josh Phillips I am too lazy for that )) Just spread the word if this method worked for you.
Adam Sharif
Adam Sharif 5 months ago
You might as well just talk about the Bose in this video! Reviews are meant to be unbiased! Just saying...
Sol L
Sol L 5 months ago
which one is louder? thank you
Ryan Doyle
Ryan Doyle 5 months ago
Um, morons, he recommended the Sony's.
Cameron A
Cameron A 4 months ago
I feel like people people are being unnecessarily harsh without watching the entire review. I agree with his summary, business types should go for the Bose and audiophiles for the XM3, but the XM3s are clearly the better headphone, the call SQ being their only failing
Maroš Seidmann
Maroš Seidmann 5 months ago
There is one annoying thing with the 1000xm3, when i wanted to eq them in their app they forced me to switch from priority on sound quality to priority on stable connection. Because of that connection reverted from ldac to sbc. Not a lot of people mention this.
Jacki Largo
Jacki Largo 5 months ago
store salesman talked me into buying Sony over Bose. i'm very happy with Sony headphones- better all round.
Derec Wilsom
Derec Wilsom 5 months ago
Thanks for the review. Had to use a travel adapter flying to and from NYC from Ireland last week, so there are still planes out there that are using them. Mine came with my QC15's surprised that they are not still including them.
MadCapMonster 5 months ago
like heck, this is an independent review
Costas Costa
Costas Costa 6 months ago
JimsReviewRoom has a much better real life comparison on the aspects that are most important. Like noise cancelling! Do not bother watching this biased review....
Valley Thyroid Institute
Before you even were 2 minutes into the "objective comparison", you were clearly favoring the Bose. Not an objective comparison.
Patrick van der Meulen
Just bought this week a Bose QC 35 II. Why? Both Bose 700 and Sony 1000XM3 just didn't fit my head as comfortable as the QC 35 II. If a 300 bucks and up headphone doesn't fit your head comfortably, you ain't gonna enjoy them. And I'm only bought one pair, my wife wouldn't be so happy if I bought various headsets for specific uses ;-)
I agree. I just bought the qc 35 ii today because the 700 was so frigging tight on my head. my jaw started to hurt after 2 minutes wearing them. i do need to go back and wear the sonys and maybe exchange the qc 35 ii but i want a good mic and heard the sonys have a shit mic. how do you like the mic on the bose 35 ii?
D F 6 months ago
researching these two a bunch trying to figure out which ones to get. With my in store experience and research I can tell without even owning them yet, you should get off youtube. Get a job that is not out of your depth boomer.
Damn, bro, you savage af! But after trying the bode 700 on my head, i believe you may be right. Comfortable is the last adjective I would use with the bose 700. The clamping power is unreal on them. I just bought the qc 35 ii which are thirty times more comfortable than the bose 35 ii. I may go back and buy the sonys before i open my qc 35 iis i just bought. I only bought the qc 35 ii because i heard the mic is better than sony's, but maybe it isnt
Bala G
Bala G 6 months ago
I am supposed to place Sony in Amazon great India sale but now I am very confused that should I place Bose 700 or sony! Indeed Bose 700 is mire expensive than sony.Any suggestions welcome?
Siddhant Mistry
Siddhant Mistry 3 months ago
Lolz.. it's premium headphones mate, if found something unpleasant then go with Boats 450. They are hard as steel it won't break and you don't have to return anymore !
Attila B.
Attila B. 3 months ago
Siddhant Mistry Sound isn’t everything if the headphone falls apart in your hand. Cheap plastics, poor build quality, creaking headband and hinges. Returned two pairs already.
Siddhant Mistry
Siddhant Mistry 6 months ago
Yes, Go with Sony Brother. I bought them for ₹18490 in Amazon India Sale. Trust me its really best sounding ANC headphones. I've tried Bose of friends but they don't meet the satisfaction in Audio department. Suggest you to buy Sony 1000xm3
Singularity Unleashed
Why do I feel you are paid by Bose to do this? Just favouring Bose like we are dumb heads and won't get it...🤨🤨. I know Bose is good but it has clearly been dethroned by Sony and we all know it....😌😌
Ted The American
Ted The American 6 months ago
Great review!
Ayesha S
Ayesha S 6 months ago
Got Bose 700 yesterday and have been really enjoying using them. The noise cancellation is fantastic. The sound is balanced and comfy which I like for long term wear. The app is simple to use. Above all I LOVED the futuristic look. UPDATE 9/27/19: The cushion on the band can start to feel a little uncomfortable after a while so you will be tempted to shift it around a bit. Not that big of an issue. For extra comfort, I also ordered a cushion wrap off of Amazon made originally meant for for QC15s. The clamps might feel tighter if you have a big head. For me, they worked okay. :).
MowgliX 6 months ago
This is not a review at all. The "reviewer" is going on and on about the Bose cans but there isn't much substance. I will choose the Sony WH-1000XM3 simply becaue they are the best noise cancelling headphones I have ever used.
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