BORAT 2 Official Trailer (2020) Sacha Baron Cohen, Comedy Movie HD

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BORAT 2 Official Trailer (2020) Sacha Baron Cohen, Comedy Movie HD
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Oct 1, 2020




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everyday rubbish
everyday rubbish 14 hours ago
Who is this iranian arab looking person??
Petar Pranjic
This film is unsuitable for childred under age of 3.
Сергей 7
Сергей 7 3 days ago
Kazakhstan is much cleaner than the United States and shit with urine in cities does not stink like the United States. Which of them is backward, it is still a question.
fatehyabali 3 days ago
Kent 3 days ago
Sascha is as master movie troll for sure. But one thing that is true though.. Is that in the movie Bruno,.. The guy who he pretended to interview in the middle east as a terrorist leader, (which he was not, he was a local accountant) sued them and actually won the case. You don't hear Sascha wanting to talk much about that do you.
Eviolite 299
Eviolite 299 4 days ago
who else watched this because of borat spoink
Morad Dagestani
Morad Dagestani 4 days ago
Morad Dagestani
Morad Dagestani 3 days ago
@Tom Powers It is does not matter where I am from, the problem lies in the complete lack of morality, and in fact it will be watched by children and teenagers around the world, but you Americans as I understand do not give a fuck about humanity and morality!
Tom Powers
Tom Powers 3 days ago
Did it hit too close to home since you are from Dagestan?
Akni By Abdi
Akni By Abdi 5 days ago
it's fun to see more dislikes than likes in the Russian translation of the trailer when in the original it's the opposite
gagann jot
gagann jot 6 days ago
creed 6 days ago
Many scenes are not in the movie but they are in the trailer
111 C Samak Alam
111 C Samak Alam 7 days ago
Dude who else wants Dictator 2
John O'Connor
John O'Connor 9 days ago
Very, very funny movie!! Should've won best screenplay at the oscars the other night!
Emily Pitts
Emily Pitts 9 days ago
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Evan 10 days ago
I once met him in person. He was nice until he picked me up and put me in his van
Angelo 4 days ago
Angelo 10 days ago
u gae
Evan 10 days ago
Stella R.
Stella R. 10 days ago
Mariaaaaaaaaa Bakalova (Borat's daughter) Bulgaria is proud of you,Babe!!!❤
Massiko 11 days ago
PC Alpar
PC Alpar 12 days ago
Yes, but some imagine is made in romania, not in Kazakhstan 0:05 - 0:21
Tom Powers
Tom Powers 3 days ago
Yes we know that since 2006 since the first movie. It was filmed in a Romanian village. There was even a big lawsuit i remember back in that time as well. It got settled.
Alex Fox
Alex Fox 12 days ago
Jayadithya Garimella
Alex Fox
Alex Fox 12 days ago
Drive me to the border
stefkyria 12 days ago
When i've heard that a Borat 2 is coming i thought, oh NO! Another disastrous sequel. But the movie was so hillarious. Great great Movie
Damianzw 12 days ago
Only just found out he did this sequence movie I hope its a nice!
Bloger show
Bloger show 15 days ago
Ömırgül 6 days ago
борат гей🤣
MrLachek 17 days ago
Borat: Nationality: Kazakhstan Lives in: Romania Native language: Polish
Banjaxed Pictures
Banjaxed Pictures 18 days ago
Rafael Benetton
Rafael Benetton 19 days ago
Damian Devic
Damian Devic 19 days ago
You can see the scenes scripted
Ruby Murphy
Ruby Murphy 20 days ago
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Nemso 21 day ago
Kazakhstan best country in the world. 🇰🇿 Love from Serbia. 🇷🇸
Ömırgül 6 days ago
F4 22 days ago
- What is more dangerous: this virus, or democrats? - Democrats, democrats. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA
AxolotLogic 23 days ago
1:53 Why he better than me?
RemU 23 days ago
With the increase in movies with political messages, seeing something going against the grain and doing a lot of “offensive” things is super refreshing.
union kush
union kush 25 days ago
Act to safe inosent human in 21th China Genoside Camp.No judge, no sentance, Rape, Organ harvesting, Tortue, I cant sleep. Humanity win.
Anton Hippocampus
Anton Hippocampus 25 days ago
Borat 1 the best comedy ever! Borat 2 the bigest s*** ever! First free movie second comercilal and ideologic!
Alex Nunezramos
Alex Nunezramos 27 days ago
Coming to America. To run for President.
King Bratory
King Bratory Month ago
Truly don't get it how can he go to Romania, trick people he's filming a documentary and pay them miserably, then say in the movie from Kazahstan, insult people who have no understanding of English and still be revered. Shame...
Eric Ostonal
Eric Ostonal Month ago
hate this movie,such a waste of time, its not a comedy,ive watch the full movie,its very OA and annoying...
Agustín Baletti
Who can believe this is the same man from The Spy. What an actor!
St3fan Month ago
Barbara Santin
Barbara Santin Month ago
the letter A in its alphabet English people: "oh look a
Raider577 Month ago
Much better than the first one. It's totally biased against Trump supporters but nevertheless, it's still quite funny. I would love to see all the scenes that were cut out of the movie.
Süleyman Allahverdiyev
Really funny movie
sachin kangotra
sachin kangotra Month ago
max rider
max rider Month ago
Honestly I think it was shit 👎
dinglebop Month ago
why is that?
Wolf Bergen
Wolf Bergen Month ago
why gypsies on Romania are passed off as Kazakhstan
Ömırgül 6 days ago
I still cannot understand why he isn't filming in real Kazakhstan
Ryder Tom
Ryder Tom Month ago
Man Borat 2 was so good
alextrendig94 Month ago
I loved the first movie, this one was so bad.. I think I laughed 2 times during the entire movie man.. so disappointed ☹️
Алексей Николаевич
Racism from U.S.
Алексей Николаевич
This is racism
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Month ago
Yanka Zareva
Yanka Zareva Month ago
Faisal almalki
Faisal almalki Month ago
1:29 and 2:40 best moments
The Entire Astra Militarum
ne's bdsk did ne's iot dloie *Cyrillic 100*
Kevin Snover
Kevin Snover Month ago
Omg. Could anyone sit threw this movie ? He used to be funny> Now he's just spitting out talentless shit to cash in on. NO THANKS
Johnny Michael
Johnny Michael Month ago
Ban all Sacha Baron Cohen's movie. He's bad influence
Ömırgül 6 days ago
борат настоящий гей🤣
Fun V
Fun V Month ago
Where is he now ? In Kokosia ?
Hojun Yoon
Hojun Yoon Month ago
0:10 😵 .
strix 141
strix 141 Month ago
Thats reall man and bears are allowed in side the car
Йордан Йорданов
Hope Maria wins the Academy Award :) Bulgarian beauty
Ma Ar
Ma Ar Month ago
The trump suit - Jesus 🤣
Tyler Deniston
Tyler Deniston Month ago
I don't know Mike outlet
Roket-Ekeri Toomsalu
Who is bojadt? I only know borat
amy Month ago
the way they used Little Big for the soundtrack omg-
Hermione Granger
That babysitter made me cry
Василий Карпов
Искандер Баранов, лично мне очень зашел, глядел на VideoClub тут www.ru-videos.ru по-правде сказав не часто смотрю что-то, но это заинтриговало, что не мог оторваться, на одном дыхании посмотрел. Кто любит похожие жанры настоятельно рекомендую к просмотру!
PapaKilo -27
PapaKilo -27 Month ago
michael peneis, i brought the girl for you
Petra S
Petra S Month ago
Real sexy peals!
ken penalosa
ken penalosa Month ago
mas nkakasindak pa ito keysa sa mga kumedyanti ng pinas.
Somekind of Dude
This is gold
Robert Witt
Robert Witt Month ago
Was this movie any good? 1st one was awesome
Алексей Коношенко
very cool movie, 10 out of 10
Алексей Коношенко
very cool movie, 10 out of 10
sum Hung
sum Hung Month ago
Borat National Tourist Film bring much Glory to Khazistan! None of the other "Stans" including Uzebekestan make such film representing Khazistan.
Ömırgül Month ago
Kent Lee
Kent Lee Month ago
Great success!
Matteo Fanari
Matteo Fanari Month ago
1:37 Sweet home alabama
Pal Kaler
Pal Kaler Month ago
Micheal penis 😂😂😂
Alexander Ström
Anyone here that wants to watch this movie but are afraid at the same time?
Sreejith PM
Sreejith PM Month ago
Daniel Yyy408
Daniel Yyy408 Month ago
Daniel Yyy408
Daniel Yyy408 Month ago
waj171 Month ago
I’d rather have my eyes gouged out than buy anything from a slave factory like Amazon 🤮
Angel Guerrero
Angel Guerrero Month ago
Man twitter is not allowed within 20 miles from this movie
Communism Month ago
Translation october
Гулнар Орынбетова
Борат мал ешак
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 2 months ago
Маған бұл фильм ұнайды. Үлкен жетістік!
Ömırgül 13 days ago
@Borat Sagdiyev I wrote in Latin Kazakh😃
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 13 days ago
@Ömırgül Мен бұл сөздерді білмеймін
Ömırgül 13 days ago
@Borat Sagdiyev Your face is scary
Ömırgül 13 days ago
@Borat Sagdiyev 🤣 Oıbaı oıbaı, googledan audarğany bilinip tūr
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 13 days ago
@Ömırgül Бұл менің ана тілім
sandro badashvili
sandro badashvili 2 months ago
l am corona virus kill my
Carolina Monteiro
Carolina Monteiro 2 months ago
Rauan Arman
Rauan Arman 2 months ago
Borat 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮
Noisyguest Month ago
@Rauan Arman oh i see
Rauan Arman
Rauan Arman Month ago
@Noisyguest this is not a comedy. This is a mockery of Kazakhstan
Noisyguest Month ago
its comedy
Sylwia Sobanska
Sylwia Sobanska 2 months ago
Lily Thoms
Lily Thoms 2 months ago
I am from kazakstan 🇰🇿❤
Ömırgül 23 days ago
@Алексей Коношенко Вы русский борат
Finlay Marron
Finlay Marron Month ago
@Lily Thoms thanks for not being offended :)
Lily Thoms
Lily Thoms Month ago
@Алексей Коношенко мық мық етпеш жанымау😏
Алексей Коношенко
Ахахахах жалко тебя
Lily Thoms
Lily Thoms 2 months ago
Borat 😡😡😡😡😡
Trash Clips
Trash Clips 2 months ago
Borat should meet Aladeen
Abdul Rohim
Abdul Rohim 2 months ago
Kesini Gara-gara story dayana. Yang Fotonya di injak dayana.
Yusuf Elikara
Yusuf Elikara 2 months ago
ana kazakistan diyor leeyn
Raksa L
Raksa L 2 months ago
2:15 I can't read this:0 wtf What language乁( •_• )ㄏ is this
mizo mint
mizo mint 2 months ago
Oh I forgot to review this. It was mediocre. Overly political. Not as fun as the first one. But it had its funny moments.
mizo mint
mizo mint 2 months ago
@ajay lopez The first one was a lot more random, less scripted and less reserved with the humor. It didn't tip toe around people's feelings like this one. The humor in this was purposely "less offensive" which makes it more dull in my and the majority of people's opinions. Though I don't blame him considering the UK now imprisons and fines people based on jokes they make. Sorry but the constant assault on free speech by the left is just really makes life dull. The whole point of comedy is to push the boundaries and be offensive. There is no law in the US that says people can't be offended. Or another way to put it, the first amendment exists to protect the speech you don't like, not the speech you do. But none the less, I still enjoyed it. Just meh, wasn't as funny or slap stick / random and fun and extreme as the first one.
ajay lopez
ajay lopez 2 months ago
That is the point of a mockumentary and a satire tho
Ten on Ten News
Ten on Ten News 2 months ago
Review Boratকমেডি সেরা ছবির পুরস্কার জিতেছে বোরাত সাবসিকুয়েন্ট মুভি গোল্ডেন গ্লোব অ্যাওয়ার্ডের ৭৮তম
Mr3erpole 2 months ago
Golden globe winner 2021. very nice !
bjird 2 months ago
Stupid movie.. Thats why golden globe can't never beat oscar
KARA DELİK 2 months ago
internet mahir i kiss you
Steve Stugots
Steve Stugots 2 months ago
99.9% of this movie was fake.
Borat 2: Opening Scene