Bong Joon Ho and 'Parasite' Sweep Oscars - Full Backstage Interview

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“Parasite” made history at the 92nd Academy Awards on Sunday night, becoming the first foreign language film to win best picture. The victory caps off an improbable awards season run for the South Korean thriller.





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Comments 80
Lefael 16 days ago
J P Month ago
When an alien wearing an afro comes throwing K-pop gang signs, you know we're in the middle of an outbreak
super gerd
super gerd Month ago
i love that he responded in english when that filipino asked him a question
drop 56 bambu
drop 56 bambu Month ago
the last question is world wide curios ask
Pale Zombie
Pale Zombie Month ago
Con-grat-two-lay-shun on pro-duck-shun Con-grat-shoe-lay-shun
the Sceptic Skulled
Its soo frustrating not being able to understand but still i stick by the entire video... these people are really important....
Gary Dimaggio
Gary Dimaggio Month ago
You're in America asshole speak english
Evan Pangaribuan
What's ur problem? They aren't applying for US citizenship
Supahsneaky Month ago
Give them a god damn sofa made by the gods best. Honor their needs, give them the option to choose! I wish this here is a global mindset; Contribute some friendlyness and help foreigners in difficult new enviroments, same as you would want for loved ones. I ask you all readers: Is it, or is it not it, GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING! a of sign world peace when people can trust most of us because of respect and understanding, and i think that deep down the most of us wish others better lives in some ways... You know? Can we develop ways towards trust among populations? Something something -enough to help with things we either suck at, or enlightenments from a second, or a few friendly opinions about things-for the better. Like something that is enough to push us through and also enought to keep us challenged, in a way that could seem being randomly in everyday life.. So generally speaking,.. we as a person might have unintetionally have important things inside ourselves throughtout your whole life that was wished for but never got through because you just needed someone friendly to talk to. hat was something that could change your live for the better. People love getting the help in need with all sorts of stuff. Also and and more importantly! Enough human rights for everyone! Write laws to let every human have fair chances in life. Put people with difficulties or sicknessess within the right atmosphere of relevance for their needs.
Nan cy
Nan cy Month ago
I fully stan Bong Joon Ho!
Arvind Mahto
Arvind Mahto Month ago
Greta should have won
TheBagBalm Month ago
Yuna Chang
Yuna Chang Month ago
Congrts Bong Joon Ho-Nim. Ding dong....lets watch Jessica Jingle Wannabe @ ruvid.net/video/video-zjyu_EgvaxA.html
HCaulfield115 Month ago
“It’s literally fucken crazy” 😂😂😂
Tara Month ago
At 8:00 he is asked who he has been influenced by, in particular Asian directors, and if somebody could please translate the directors/films he names that would be really appreciated!! Thank you so much!
늙은소녀 Month ago
김교포쌤 추천으로 들어와서 본다
고병민 Month ago
You don't often see an interview where the interviewee is dual-wielding the oscar prize.
The interpreter, Sharon Choi represents Korean women perfectly..beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, yet so humble and shy..
Gangsan Kim
Gangsan Kim Month ago
As a Korean American who speak English and Korean fluently, I am flabbergasted by how good the translator is. Anybody else?
vapalaca Month ago
I am so irritated by the Academy’s rules. I’m not understanding why they are allowing best foreign movies to be nominated in other categories as well. They should’ve only won best foreign picture and that’s it. I guess any movie with subtitles is now considered to be an American movie??!
I need to watch the film lol
Manuel Choy
Manuel Choy Month ago
im in love with the translator! :)
Ratnadip Das
Ratnadip Das Month ago
The moment where Bong says how he is looking forward to seeing Sharon's script come to life was sweet, I love how he has highlighted her in this awards season.
a buncha witches at the stripclub
Naminski Month ago
Bong Joon-Ho was a truly independent Korean filmmaker.
Esilenna Month ago
7:53 Could someone help to complete the list of directors BJH has been inspired by? I only have the first 3 : - Kim Ki-young (the housemaid), Korean - Shohei Imamura, Japanese - Akira Kurosawa, Japanese - ??? - ??? [EDIT] The 5 are: - Kim Ki-young (the housemaid), Korean - Shohei Imamura, Japanese - Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Japanese - Gu Xiaogang, Chinese - Edward Yang, Chinese Let's see all of their work!
TéléCrayon Month ago
Gu Xiaogang et Edward Yang Kiyoshi Kurosawa et non Akira Kurosawa
Gio T
Gio T Month ago
I need a gift of that “ITS REALLY FUCKING CRAZY” 😂😂😂😂 1:37
M No Crybabies
M No Crybabies Month ago
I cannot get tired of this! I never will. 👏👏👏👏❤ So proud of my Korean brother's & sisters. If only I didn't have 2 see any of the hateful, spiteful, cruel, racist AF comments peppered all over the internet. This is long overdue, not just for Koreans, but far east Asia & Asia in it's entirety. Sh**, for any non English, "foreign" movies anywhere. Bong has been marginalized & ignored way too long, for such incredible movies. 👏👏👏👏
The man with the IRON HEART
I like a bong.
what? so,
what? so, Month ago
I am in love with this guy. I keep watching his interviews. Thank you Bong for making films and history.
pnut84 Month ago
Parasite didn't sweep idiots.
Jinie M
Jinie M Month ago
I love him 😂 this is really fucking crazy!
Omg I love him so much and I particularly love how he said there should not be borders in the movie industry. There’s no need to tag the movies as Korean/European/U.S. etc, a good movie is simply good wherever it comes from
Zeeshxn Month ago
“It’s really Fucking crazy” i lost it that was so iconic.
Bobby Robby
Bobby Robby Month ago
"I have been reading comment remarks on Yahoo regarding the Oscars. Most people are saying how a foreign picture with English subtitles can win best picture and best director in a English speaking award show. Consensus is because the Oscar committee has included more foreign born Oscar voters and because (of course) Hollywood wants more diversity. This all accumulates in 1917 losing to Parasite, a movie most Americans will never see. 1917 will still be a great movie 50 years from now, while Parasite will be a movie no one ever heard about." Remember when the great movie "Saving Private Ryan" lost the best picture Oscar to a movie no one today ever heard of or remembers. In time, Diversity will ruin any Nation. After decades of diversity we can no longer know who our enemies are for they will be all around us.
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson Month ago
I’m here after watching Jimmy kümmel and it’s funnier unedited
Dommy Month ago
Director Bong is very subtly proud of his Korean heritage. He perfectly understands every English question thrown at him yet he uses his mother language to use it and promote it to foreigners. Class act.
그리썸 반장
정말,,,, 두 눈으로 보는데도 믿을수가 없었어요ㅠㅠ 방탄이 비틀즈 이후 빌보드에서 1년에 3번이나 1위를 하고 기생충이 아카데미에서 상을 4개나ㅠㅠ 정말 한류 르네상스시대 입니다!!!!!축하드려요👏👏👏👏👏
Rhea Catadman
Rhea Catadman Month ago
Haha great final question. I love it when sharon gets recognized. 😁
george eskiadis
george eskiadis Month ago
Bong Joon-ho giving the world hope for a great future in film.
김삿갓 Month ago
Oscar doesn't deserve director Bong. But Bong deserves Oscar.
Stella L
Stella L Month ago
3:16 안녕하세요ㅋㅋ 센스 있네
Times of BE
Times of BE Month ago
First director to.openly defecate backstage after winning an oscar
컬리아요가 Yoga with Kalia
So proud! Yayyyy👏👏👏🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷
Bike Tatiana
Bike Tatiana Month ago
yeeeeeey so happy :D
Bong deserved the Oscar. Because the movie is almost perfect. Totally unpredictable and can be associated with the current state of our society. The social class divide is displayed brilliantly in the movie. The title Parasite is apt for the movie and the story. This movie can easily be called as the movie of the decade.
난정 Month ago
진짜 멋있다 샤론님도👍🏻
Noëlla Mehal
Noëlla Mehal Month ago
The translator good job !!!
Salty Dumpling
Salty Dumpling Month ago
Its fking crazy -Bong
hithere! Month ago
When South Korea defeated Germany in 2018, Mexico keep paying back. Now with this question...
May Kabir
May Kabir Month ago
That last question was the cherry on top. I think we're all hoping for good things from Sharon Choi. She's made a lot of fans worldwide
ᆞᆞᆞ?!!! Month ago
Bong joon ho is a great person the father of the actor who played the roll of the housekeepers husband was a huge fan of director bong and the actor song gang ho but unfortunately he had to go through alot because of lung cancer when director bong found out he showed the movie first to him even though it was before the preview of the flim sadly the father of the actor has almost gone blind now but he was greatful that he could have able to watch bong's flim before he's a great director and a great person too
ABCD12345 Month ago
He does not need a translator, he speaks great English
OuTKaSt ReBeL Month ago
Korean movie are the best these days, even better than some English movies.
Shawol Army
Shawol Army Month ago
What’s with Koreans and sweeping trophies ...🤟🤟🤟
Adorate Month ago
I cannot stop watching Bong Joon Ho interviews.
Karen Licona
Karen Licona Month ago
Christian Soriano
Bro his english not even that bad
C-Bomb Month ago
Im i the only one gonna point out this guy’s name is BJ Ho?
Cameron Harrington
"It's literally fucking crazy!" God I love Bong Joon Ho so much! Been a fan since accidentally finding The Host online years ago.
Srushti Bhingi
Srushti Bhingi Month ago
I cannot be more content and satisfied for this masterpiece.... Their hard work,sleepless nights, struggles paid off.... Many more Oscars to come boii...🌝🙌
theo tryhard
theo tryhard Month ago
No pressure Sharon
jay Kim
jay Kim Month ago
No! You should interpreted as "I am always have been a weirdo."
하하하하 Month ago
그게 아니고 옥자는 노잼
Ignacio Saavedra
I want him to be my dad, in a non-sexual way... (unless he wants to)
Vanguard345 Month ago
While I wanted 1917 or Ford v. Ferrari to win best picture, I am glad that this movie made history. It was phenomenal and it deserved every award it got. Also Bong is one of the most humble, down to earth, and has one of the greatest amount of childlike innocence guy ive ever seen come out of Hollywood. He deserves every drink he takes. I just hope his liver can take it.
Jerry L.
Jerry L. Month ago
Not my type of movie but considering all the alternatives I can't judge. I didn't see it but I have no doubt it was the best picture of the year. I would guess "Once upon a time in Hollywood" had half a chance". The Irishman would have been good if this were still the early 90's. So I guess Parasite was the best pick.
Bluefeet Month ago
Well deserved. this movie was sooo damn good and so well written.
lumapas Month ago
For me, "mother" was the best movie by Bong joon ho
Jay Month ago
Great translater. 이거 보게 되시면 단어선택 이미지 다 너무 멋져요
양팡 자꾸 보고팡
Maverick Santos
Maverick Santos Month ago
S L Month ago
undersolo Month ago
Just watched it tonight... Drink and be merry, sir!
FIINKS Month ago
10:23 Dutch is that you?
Billy Month ago
1:35 "It's really f'en crazy!" LMAO
Edward Mazariegos
ay bruh his translator is so talented. I appreciate and have high respect for her.
Manuel Vieira
Manuel Vieira Month ago
Bring two Oscars for this man, one for him and another if he misses the first.
Cole Strongman-Borg
Major props to the interpreter. She is conveying his weird personality very well
Tilly1770 Month ago
His interpreter deserves an Oscar as well, she has been phenomenal throughout all his press
Julian Oh
Julian Oh Month ago
"It's really fucking crazy!" So proud to be Korean.
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