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Jon Bon Jovi went undercover at a karaoke bar to surprise some fans with the duet of a lifetime. To have your own rockstar experience on tour with Bon Jovi in 2017 (backstage access, sound check & more), ENTER: bit.ly/HangWithBonJovi
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All donations of $10 or more support the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.
He sings all the hits: Livin' on a Prayer, Wanted Dead or Alive and It's My Life.
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Oct 5, 2016




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Comments 100
arnold Reyes
arnold Reyes 6 hours ago
Wowhow i wish to be with my greatest legendary rock and roll guy in the session like that bery impressive. Amazing. God bless jon bon jovi. Hope needless to say your helping people from your own funds. And how i wish. To getting back your keep the faith album. I really love it. Thanks.
datsuntoyy 11 hours ago
If I got up and sung, he'd pay me to stop. LOL
The Captain
The Captain Day ago
He`s a good man!
Mark Sargent
Mark Sargent Day ago
He sang along to his own songs and they didn't give a shit.... "who's this guy"?.....so he had to take off his disguise before they even recognised him..... That's how bad his 'voice' is now.
Sky Chavz
Sky Chavz 2 days ago
guys youre so thankful that there is no talented filipino in singing by that time.coz if there is youre all slain aside jon von jovi
Dian M
Dian M 2 days ago
OMG! those luckiest fans.. (^.^)
Juliano Gras
Juliano Gras 2 days ago
Se você tirou 1 segundo para ler esse pequeno comentário Jesus te ama e que ele te proteja de todo o mal. Amém!❤️
oriana sirotti
oriana sirotti 3 days ago
DJ Lake Sea
DJ Lake Sea 3 days ago
A bar full of drunk gorgeous MILF's. Damn I wish I was there! 😂
Biff Mcfly
Biff Mcfly 3 days ago
At 2:35 it was give it up time for the girl in back.
paul trowbridge
paul trowbridge 3 days ago
Hey John do you remember you spoke to me a few years back at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Keep The Faith Tour, I was on the Boucany and You wanted to look at my Rodeo Jacket 🤠👍
porta 4 days ago
When he took of the disguise they were like "who's this old guy?"
Kristi Namyslowski
priceless reactions....that would be so fun
fartpoobox ohyeah
Tacky. You have to be full of yourself, a real narcissist to pull this kind of stunt. "Oh look at me, I'm a famous person and you're lucky enough to be graced with my presence" Talk about an ego stroke.
Charles Littzi
Charles Littzi 4 days ago
Bon jovi is a communist piece of trash.
Andrew Clemente
Andrew Clemente 4 days ago
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Arclite Strike
Arclite Strike 5 days ago
I wouldn't continue giving this mans foundation money.. Because he supported Joe Biden an so by proxy he stands on his millions. We can not k in j
Black Heart
Black Heart 5 days ago
Heather P
Heather P 5 days ago
Cute then, cute now.
Justin Case
Justin Case 5 days ago
You've got a good heart, John. Keep up the good work!
Разумное МД - Канал на YouTube
Народ. Подскажите в каком караоке-баре все это происходило?
YYStudio 6 days ago
still handsome ....
Nic Kefgen
Nic Kefgen 6 days ago
The look on their faces.... priceless
Kelly Barthel
Kelly Barthel 6 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks this is a Soundstage made to look horribly like the worst bar ever, next filming the those shitfy Chevy commercials with non actor anctors!!
Eurotraveller Jones
That would be funny as if he removed the disguise and everybody said 'who the hell are you?'
Dean Morgan
Dean Morgan 6 days ago
Communist 😡
SA Remix Revolution
Holy Shit this Guy is aging so well.
arnex trinidad
arnex trinidad 7 days ago
Wow !
James M
James M 7 days ago
This was sooooo contrived!
Oh Billy TV
Oh Billy TV 7 days ago
I wish he'd kept going and actually sang to see what they thought of someone sounded exactly like him before he revealed it was him.
Mark Sargent
Mark Sargent 19 hours ago
@Oh Billy TV No he wasn't. That's just how bad his voice is these days. That's what *I* meant!
Oh Billy TV
Oh Billy TV Day ago
@Mark Sargent Well he was kind of disguising his voice thats what I meant.
Mark Sargent
Mark Sargent Day ago
He DID sing... and it was shocking. That's WHY they had no idea.
Thu Thuy
Thu Thuy 7 days ago
A la verga.
Boon Leong Toh
Boon Leong Toh 8 days ago
You're a Good person Jon love you and always will.
AlienMobster06 8 days ago
Bon Jovi Sucks
Marco1985 ORVISINI
Beastifus 9 days ago
I bet you anything he could have come out without the disguise and they wouldn't have recognized him.
Brian Hoefer
Brian Hoefer 9 days ago
Bon Jovi with Skid Row opening in Portland OR at the old Memorial Coliseum in 88 or 89 was my very first of many live concert trips. Have always admired. Jon Bon Jovi 2024
Eckhard Block
Eckhard Block 10 days ago
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . THE CHANGE - song ruvid.net/video/video-4Ma9Spq7uG0.html . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
stray85 10 days ago
Best thing out of New Jersey!!
LuvtheDrake 10 days ago
Fucking fake
October Maloco
October Maloco 10 days ago
October grey Maloco 2020
Pamela Nolan
Pamela Nolan 10 days ago
BON JO VI, BEST ROCK VOICE EVER 🎤🎸🤘 Sexiest, good looking, Beautiful person.💖
John Boytim
John Boytim 10 days ago
I wish he still acted in movies. He’s been in some great ones !!
Carlos Arturo Loaiza Quiceno
Felicitaciones .Jon Bon Jovi Siempre maravilloso artista apasionado y empoderado, excelente ser humano. Díos té bendiga siempre . saludos cordiales desde Armenia Quindío Colombia
Blanco 11 days ago
completely fake, this "bar" looks like a converted office, foh with this bullshit
cristianruiz1972 11 days ago
2:20 Ja ja ja ja ja ja.
Heidi Karns
Heidi Karns 11 days ago
prince came to wyoming
Heidi Karns
Heidi Karns 11 days ago
copying Prince
Heidi Karns
Heidi Karns 11 days ago
R C 11 days ago
None of them could sing! Lol
Greg Workman
Greg Workman 11 days ago
Unveil ....red head guy....suddenly single
Jon... i suggest just sing a few lines so people will be thinking twice and realize.. thats more exciting... come to Manchester UK or better be Philippines where Karaoke Originated...
El Mono
El Mono 12 days ago
That is so AWESOME ! ( " ... I knew you were too clumsy to work here.. " LOL )
Dane Curry
Dane Curry 12 days ago
Imagine that, fat chicks at a bar
David Mohr
David Mohr 12 days ago
I wonder how many times he has sung this song in his lifetime you can hear him struggle to sing it in the original key it is really high bet he tunes down 1/2 step now one thing for sure it was a nite of nites when he showed up :-)
Zephead76 11 days ago
Anyone would have to tune down after 30 years lol
Саня Ван
Саня Ван 12 days ago
просто русский коментарий ядерная бомба балалайка медведь водка америке жопа
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 12 days ago
Lol..its not hard to trust ppl in disguise .
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete 13 days ago
Bon Jovi sings Bon Jovi worse then Bon Jovi sings Bon Jovi.
john walker
john walker 13 days ago
Just Love it Still humble Giving something back. Stay safe
Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger 13 days ago
Bon Jovi sucks!
Michał Mazurek
Michał Mazurek 13 days ago
Bieda jak c+uj
Chuck Kline
Chuck Kline 13 days ago
I saw him at a truck stop years ago. I yelled "Rock on" and he just smiled and waved. The people in the store said he was a nice guy.
Abby Tan
Abby Tan 13 days ago
Omg. I would love to meet you in person!
William Orr
William Orr 13 days ago
More Johnny Walker wisdom
Tom O'Malley
Tom O'Malley 13 days ago
Johnny boy couldn't keep it a secret for a second before he had to reveal his stardom. Typical liberal.
Juan Felices
Juan Felices 14 days ago
Amazing guy!
glen hamilton
glen hamilton 14 days ago
Well Done Mate ...
BallsOfSteelRocks 14 days ago
2:05 "Oh, no no! It's the chorus!"
Maverick S
Maverick S 14 days ago
I'm a straight guy and if I was singing a bon Jovi song and he started singing with me I would have a heart attack. Bon Jovi has always been one of my favorite groups.
dave Chef2
dave Chef2 14 days ago
How fucking small is this karaoke bar?? Looks stupid and staged.
canag0d 14 days ago
I think the giveaway was when a bar in the 2000’s played 17 Bon Jovi songs in a row... Also they’re the only ones in the bar.
Fran Kardos
Fran Kardos 8 days ago
Samantha Moseley
Samantha Moseley 14 days ago
How you still sexy af??
Laura Jayne Paterson
He looks amazing.
Richard Hudson
Richard Hudson 15 days ago
That's great fun to watch... thanks
Mr Sambora
Mr Sambora 15 days ago
A great legendary MAN!
Laurence Day
Laurence Day 15 days ago
Eat tough dry beef jerky
clausm2203 16 days ago
haha bon jovi looked great with that goatee..:)
Dave Counts
Dave Counts 16 days ago
The sad part is that they just think he's a bartender now. lol
Irene P
Irene P 16 days ago
Frigging legend! Love him! 🌟❤️👋😍👌
Shayde Lady
Shayde Lady 16 days ago
yawn city....
Strokey12 16 days ago
A true humanitarian in every since of the word!
aleksandra kettner
aleksandra kettner 16 days ago
julio gusmão
julio gusmão 16 days ago
É o número um sou fã Incondicional dele melhor cantor do mundo
maoelgrande zuluaga
wow exelente!!!
Darryl Narbe
Darryl Narbe 17 days ago
Who's Bon Jovi ? GO BILLS!
Leandro Silva
Leandro Silva 17 days ago
OMG its James Hetfield....... lol
Dawn 17 days ago
That is so funny.
GALT 17 days ago
JBJ is just part of the forgotten generation that still enjoys karaoke with real friends instead of getting shit-housed at the club with clout bums.
Iron Eddie
Iron Eddie 17 days ago
JC Edwards
JC Edwards 18 days ago
Way to go JB :-)
Eka Tirta
Eka Tirta 18 days ago
Bro if he was in his prime, there would be chicks lying unconcious 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Coleman
Michael Coleman 18 days ago
To cool!
Shasta Sports Network
Iwayan Suwena
Iwayan Suwena 19 days ago
Iwayan Suwena
Iwayan Suwena 19 days ago
God bless you jhon🙏
Diego O.
Diego O. 19 days ago
punkalex14 19 days ago
I thought he was a country singer
Tom Clark
Tom Clark 19 days ago
Reminds me of Willie Nelson who entered a "Willie Nelson Look A-like Contest" and took 3rd place.
tom quigley
tom quigley 15 days ago
I actually mistook him for a homeless guy for a couple of weeks back in the late 90's. I used to walk into work just at dawn and would pass this scraggly old guy in grey sweats walking around this little park on the side walk. One morning he said "Good Morning" to me and I was like "WILLIE!" He was staying on his bus parked behind a hotel and would take a little exercise walk just before sunup. He said "Hi" to me a couple times for the next few weeks. Nice Guy.
Tom Williams
Tom Williams 16 days ago
Elvis did that In Memphis many years ago. It was the impetuous to the black leather comeback special.
jj 19 days ago
he sounds like shit
un likely
un likely 20 days ago
Yeah Jon, that was pretty awesome. He's always seemed like a really decent guy.
John Paul Villa
John Paul Villa 13 days ago
Yeah seemed like a pretty nice guy til he got political. BIDEN? Like really Jon? Im a Democrat 2. Well scratch that, i was a Mexican Democrat now an independent. Sad Jon had to go there. As an entertainer u MUST stay a fence sitter. At least publicly
godiayka 14 days ago
Jon Bon Jovi, ready to come to Russia ???
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