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CHISME TIME!! You guys have been requesting another mukbang video since my last hot cheeto mukang. I got some really good mexican antojitos from a little store in my town. I got some paletas, tostitos, mangonada, rompope, fresas con crema, and a bunch of other snacks. The topic for this mukbang is relationships. I talk about my past experiances, some stories, some guys i've dates and a bunch of other things. Spilling alllll the tea. Grab some food and lets chismiar!! Love you guys!
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Apr 15, 2019

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Comments 3 266
Louie's Life
Louie's Life 3 months ago
Who likes CHISME? Cause ssstupida you know I do .
Cruz Gonzalez
Cruz Gonzalez 3 days ago
Do one with ur sis
lowlaahstar 13 days ago
Si. Girl
Itzel Cardenas
Itzel Cardenas 14 days ago
Louie's Life I was sad while he was eating porque I couldn’t get any food to eat but it pretended 😆
Isabella Hernandez
Isabella Hernandez 25 days ago
Alexa Gaxiola
Alexa Gaxiola 26 days ago
Omg u really make my day😂u da baddest Perra love u
Nataly Palos
Nataly Palos Day ago
Love Louise so much
liz maravilla
pinche fantasma *keeps eating*
Debbie Pimbert
Debbie Pimbert 3 days ago
Crazy ass Perra lmao!
Debbie Pimbert
Debbie Pimbert 3 days ago
You are the best your personality is awesome! Love it! And you arr funny as hell.
Noemi Morales
Noemi Morales 4 days ago
Time work Mimi 😘
Abril Banda Aguilar
You need to tell us how your so flaquito!
Helen Orozco
Helen Orozco 6 days ago
Largaaateeeee 🍒 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 love u beautiful 💖
Andrea Severo
Andrea Severo 7 days ago
I watched this after finishing my tostilocos
Jess gacha Love
Jess gacha Love 7 days ago
Who was Eating a bag of takis while Watching this Just me ok :)
meme champ
meme champ 8 days ago
What happened to him and louie
Alondra Renteria
Alondra Renteria 9 days ago
5:02 “LARRRRGATÉ” 😂😂
Stephanyyy !!!
Stephanyyy !!! 9 days ago
3:27 - 3:35 that be me telling my friends i’m a fatass🤣
Paula Marin
Paula Marin 10 days ago
Why is he beating the paleta, it didn’t do anything to him. 😂😂❤️ I still love him
Alex Camargo150
Alex Camargo150 11 days ago
Ssstupida I wish I was that confident of myself I think I'm the ugliest person Really Xd
Winter Cary
Winter Cary 11 days ago
Tengo Tanta hambre ahora
Mary Morales
Mary Morales 11 days ago
The first thing you ate my cousin that lives in Mexico always gets that
Stephanie Lopez
Stephanie Lopez 12 days ago
I honestly wished you ended up with that guy that you thought was perfect but was freaked out by social media
lowlaahstar 13 days ago
Stupidasssssa tgebadetttt
Diana Delapaz
Diana Delapaz 13 days ago
I was literally eating pepinos with tajin before this watching this video 😂😂
Itzel Cardenas
Itzel Cardenas 14 days ago
Did anyone else notice a lil bit of a spil from his drink at 9:03
Isabel Cabrera
Isabel Cabrera 14 days ago
I want some know
Ashley Sanchez
Ashley Sanchez 14 days ago
Meeee hate cherrys tooooooo
Hellen Sierras
Hellen Sierras 14 days ago
I hit pania
Gabriela Colindres
Gabriela Colindres 14 days ago
5:02 When your friend that betrayed you tries to talk to yoy
Jeyliana Figueroa
Jeyliana Figueroa 15 days ago
He Louis life I'm a RUvid es Luna Guzman stupida
Cristal Houses
Cristal Houses 15 days ago
Make a reacting to my old tik tok video
whatever here
whatever here 16 days ago
its a cochinada thats what its called
Judith Lozano
Judith Lozano 17 days ago
I cracked up when he started choking
Andrea savage life
Andrea savage life 17 days ago
can i pleaseee!!!! get a shout out pleaassee i love watching your videos😀😀😊😄😄
Kailey 18 days ago
Finallyyyyyy someone that doesn’t like piña,I don’t like it either 😂
Isabelle Dianna
Isabelle Dianna 18 days ago
Louie as my bff Me: bitch i started dating mi ex novio otra vez 😭 Louie: EEESSS-TUUU-PIDAAAA
Alma Maldanado
Alma Maldanado 18 days ago
I hate cherys y piña too
Oreo Calzada
Oreo Calzada 19 days ago
That burp had me dying😂😂😂 lol❤❤❤
Wendy Alejandra
Wendy Alejandra 20 days ago
Fans don’t know respect of privacy
justine Acevedo
justine Acevedo 20 days ago
Omg i love eating the tositos with the corn n some like valetina
Deileen Quiroz
Deileen Quiroz 20 days ago
Louie,I have a question? Were do u get all of this food from
Flowersz 20 days ago
I didn’t know how much I needed Louie’s therapy until watching this video ❤️
Britny Garcia
Britny Garcia 21 day ago
I was here chomping on my platanitos
Brenda Orona
Brenda Orona 21 day ago
I am new to your channel and omg I am obsessed with your videoos💗😘 you are soo down to earth and love someone that can relate to Hispanic life. Me encanta tu personalidad😉
I post Lives
I post Lives 22 days ago
“i fucking hate cherries... lárgate”💀
Fernie Ruby
Fernie Ruby 22 days ago
I hate little white lies concept, theyre still lies ugh so annoying.
Edgar Juarez
Edgar Juarez 22 days ago
Omg I hate piña tooooooo, 😀😂😱
Jonathan Brito
Jonathan Brito 23 days ago
Omg i eat all of these
Wolf 10
Wolf 10 23 days ago
30 minutes listening to louie then 1 minute from a parent of a mature talk we like ughhh
Esme Esme
Esme Esme 23 days ago
Ooo Fressas con crema...!!!! But I like the nuece con crema
beebo brendon
beebo brendon 24 days ago
y'all gringos or people who don't speak spanish, y'all learning sum
Sofya Giraldo
Sofya Giraldo 24 days ago
Do a weekly mukbung
cAn'T rELaTe
cAn'T rELaTe 24 days ago
I went to go get my pozole for this. This chisme was so good. You are really good at talking to the camera, me siento como si estoy ablando con mi mejor amiga.
Alma Aguilar
Alma Aguilar 25 days ago
I hate piña
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