Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing - A Breakdown

Thomas Flight
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Bohemian Rhapsody won the Oscar for Best Editing... but it has terrible editing.
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Mar 14, 2019




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Comments 4 487
Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams 2 hours ago
I agree on almost everything here. Well done mate. I actually couldn't agree more when you explained how it was disrespectful for the viewer. The cuts are are so jarring during the most lackluster scenes because of a lack of confidence or craft on someones behalf, regardless of who, it feels contrived. Gotta love the Academy Politics.
Marissa Lugo
Marissa Lugo 6 hours ago
Honestly I didn't even wanna watch the film when my mom made me, and I ended up loving it. I didn't think there was a problem with the editing but everyone's entitled to their opinion.
Steve derp
Steve derp 2 days ago
I truly loved this video and thought it was great and pointed out some obvious flaws in the editing. However I actually think that you already said what this was caused by which was a desire to keep it at a fun and fast pace. While I agree that an audience shouldn’t need to have its attention grabbed. That was entirely what they were trying to do with this movie. Brian May really was the biggest driver behind this movie and it took him basically since Freddy died to get it made. I think he didn’t want a slow sad movie. He wanted a fun and exciting movie. That’s what queen was, that’s what Freddy was. We know there are more details and if you want that then you can go back and watch all the old footage and documentaries and interviews. But if you want a recreation of Freddy Mercury Rami really did a great job. This entire thing was also largely driven by the fact that the band wanted this movie to be about all of them and not just Freddy. That’s why the seemingly odd shot of The 3 of them instead of including May was there. It’s to make fair screen time. To identity people and generally try to make all of them happy. The surviving members of queen are still around and also still tour. So they were literally on set making decisions.
Aqocolypse 2 days ago
*Steve derp: Yes, it is understandable that Brian would have wanted a fast and exciting queen movie, the problem with that is the format. It is damn hard/* *near impossible to make a really fast paced/exciting movie, that can successfully tell a story as big as queens, and still be able to cover everything about* *their life and their perspective on different periods of their life. For what i see it would have suited better if that either would have made the movie longer* *like Titanic, King Kong ext. Or maybe have gone for a more episodic story like maybe Lotr. So they would have had time to tell all this stuff.* *Another solution like he tells in the video, is to just take out bits like the scenes he shows in the video, so we wouldn’t have konstant editing for no reason,* *cause if fell like in a movie like this, it would have suited better with a slower pace.*
Hanna Choi
Hanna Choi 2 days ago
U should do an essay on Us by Jordan Peele!
Jdawg 25
Jdawg 25 3 days ago
It’s literally that one meeting scene that’s bad.
Gloria Hajduk
Gloria Hajduk 3 days ago
To me, this seems quite nit-picky. Using the words "terrible editing" or "worst scene" is a bit strong. The first time I viewed this film in the big theatre, I was blown away. Second and Third times, the same. I watch my DVD frequently love to see new things I missed, and merely ENJOYED the entire movie. The fact that Boh Rhap has reached over $1 Billion world wide box office is a testament to those of us who are happy to be entertained without critics making their elitist comments.
Aqocolypse 2 days ago
*Gloria Hajduk: Nice, And all power to you folks who just enjoy it for what it is, but then there is the people who look deeper and of course praises the* *movie for what it does right. And criticise it for its flaws because we want to see movies become better. And it is then we can ask why bohemian* *rhapsody won golden globe for best editing, so it is not because we won’t to take it from all you people who merely enjoys the film, but because we want* *to show what it does wrong and how it could fix it. :)*
Ravie 4 days ago
I watch a lot of things on 2X speed and normally the shots don't cause problems when sped up, this damn thing made me nauseous, that ain't supposed to happen.
Viet Vu
Viet Vu 4 days ago
I am a die hard Queen fan. But that's the only thing keep me watching this movie. It's just an average movie. I don't know why it's so hype? Because the main character is a famous gay singer?
Aqocolypse 2 days ago
*Viet Vu: well said...*
JayGreyhood 5 days ago
Art is subjective, deal with it bro.
AlienDude Day ago
Yeah, it is. This film's editing was still wack though. *Deal with it bro*
hitneX_ YT
hitneX_ YT 5 days ago
The movie had 2 directors and the 1st director wasnt a good one
Briana Patrick
Briana Patrick 6 days ago
Good editing or bad editing. It's a good ass movie
MCDexX 6 days ago
The editor cops to doing a terrible job and gives some background here: screenrant.com/bohemian-rhapsody-editing-bad-explained/
MCDexX 6 days ago
This reeks of interference from one or more surviving band members. I'm just guessing here, but I'd be willing to bet that the poor editor was having to edit around multiple enormous egos that demanded screen time and close-up quotas. I feel for whoever was stuck with such a thankless task, but it still shouldn't have won an oscar.
Dalton Ibarra
Dalton Ibarra 7 days ago
Walter Murch did not edit The Godfather
Vanessa Barker
Vanessa Barker 8 days ago
Ohh, I knew there was something weird with the editing. Especially the scene when the band introduces Bohemian Rhapsody to the producer, I kept pausing to try and see who was talking.
TheSpainy 8 days ago
That John Reed actor is almost as bad if not worse than the guy from taken. Cannot STAND him ever since I first saw him. So unconvincing In everything he does.
D. Peluso
D. Peluso 9 days ago
Why does youtube keep removing my "likes?" I press the "like" button and it's blue until I scroll, but when I return, the like button is grey again. Only happening on this video. Is this intentional?
Ciren Rose
Ciren Rose 9 days ago
It's not like every single person would notice these editing negatives, so don't act like you already knew these defects before you watched this video :/
JokerCirca66 9 days ago
The movie sucked
Full respect but the movie wins me over ONLY because of Rami. The performance was just FANTASTIC!
Observatoire 12 days ago
Thank you for this video! I think it explains what made me cringe when I watched BR. Good songs and good performances do not make a film. Especially when the script is so cheesy and full of inaccuracies.
Pure Pip
Pure Pip 12 days ago
So that’s it huh? We some sort of...... QUEEN
Defensive Wounds
Defensive Wounds 12 days ago
Someone should count the amount of quick cut edits in this film and see if there are more of these than JJ Abram's Star Trek film has lens flares!
michi9955 13 days ago
Editor: How nuch editing do you want in your movie? Producers: Yes!
zoheb saikia
zoheb saikia 14 days ago
Great analysis..I was equally shocked when best editing was awarded to this movie.. This shouldn't even be in the list of top editing
James Ebola
James Ebola 14 days ago
So you think editing was bad because it didn't follow your idea of what it should be? I thought it was great because it was different than same ol', same ol'.
zoheb saikia
zoheb saikia 14 days ago
Dude the whole movie is like this.. At the end when you analyze the action story content was only half page
Givary Lubis
Givary Lubis 14 days ago
the editor, John Ottman said that he has two shot of the same scene between Dexter Fletcher and Bryan Singer and he want to combine them into a scene that fits together
Michael Andre Furnes Olsen
i fell sleep in the cinema watching this
Butter me Buns
Butter me Buns 14 days ago
MG 15 days ago
Wait didn't you make that Minecraft show years ago? Journey to Bedrock? It's weird to see how far you've gone.
adpart 15 days ago
the editing gave me whiplash
Law 16 days ago
I always thought there was something off about this movie and that it was bad pacing and everything was too fast. I felt like they were always rushing no matter where you were in the movie.
RainbowOoopsSteve Gaming
What is this doing in dawko playlist
ashlea dhein
ashlea dhein 16 days ago
Now I just notice the editing. My eyes hurt lol
Kotori Minalinsky
Kotori Minalinsky 16 days ago
I clicked on this cause I thought it said "a bad lip reading of.."
Weenie and The Hotdog
this video hurts my heart😔
the Pink Kitty
the Pink Kitty 16 days ago
I love this movie a lot but I do not think it deserves an oscar. I felt that the editing was incredibly jarring. I think the sound work is more impressive
Dex Foster
Dex Foster 16 days ago
While I agree that the cuts are very fast with little time to stare, I didn't notice it much or if at all while watching, it was a fantastic movie.
Ceho Ciuch
Ceho Ciuch 16 days ago
It makes me remember the amazing scenes from the revenant, especially when the indians attacked. These shots were just so brilliant
Anthony Vargas
Anthony Vargas 16 days ago
It was a bad movie
MajPeaches 17 days ago
I'm sorry but Rami Malek looks so bad... before he rocks the classic Porn Stache Freddie
MajPeaches 17 days ago
Pro tip: 136 seconds would be said "One hundred thirty-six seconds" not "One hundred and thirty-six seconds
Daniel Tellez
Daniel Tellez 17 days ago
Ive listened to queen since I was about 8. I think this movie was garbage. I hated it. I think it's for people who have never heard of them. But the movie itself is complete garbage. It's an insult to people who've known queen for years.
Trepe Around
Trepe Around 17 days ago
RUvid recommended your video, and I’m so glad it did. Your breakdown is great for an average movie watcher such as myself. Liked and subscribed. Have you ever thought of analyzing a story in something as short as a music video? I’d be really interested in your take on Fake Love by BTS.
ENRG 17 days ago
Academy awards: *comprised of some of the most intelligent and recognized film scholars of our era*: the editing was good Random forgettable pompous youtuber that abuses outrage culture: TOO MUCH EDITING REEEE
ENRG 9 days ago
+Devin Bell Do your research. He admits its bad for only that scene because he was under time constraints and another director got fired which put him into a bad position. The editing for the overall movie was amazing, one scene that was forced to be in the state it is would be cherrypicking.
Devin Bell
Devin Bell 10 days ago
Even the editor himself admitted that his work on the scene is bad
ENRG 10 days ago
Devin Bell h-ha-haha! *takes bite of cheeto* the inner workings of the academy awards *takes sip of Mountain Dew Baja blast* are corrupt!!!111!!! *takes bite of hostess cupcake* I know the inner workings because I’m Devin!
Devin Bell
Devin Bell 11 days ago
Lol. The Academy isn’t film scholars. Anyone can get in if they pay up. Meat Loaf is part of the Academy.
Dani Alexandria
Dani Alexandria 17 days ago
The first scene shown in this video they literally put between a push in shot and a static back and forth back and forth. Who even does that? It gave me a headache
Laila Bozorth
Laila Bozorth 17 days ago
I literally had to stop watching because all the cuts were making me sick
LastStandGames 17 days ago
Terrible movie. TERRIBLE OSCARS.
Str1d3r08000 17 days ago
if no one noticed it was bad editing, is it "bad"
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad 14 days ago
The only people who don't notice the editing are those who think a movie only consists of story and acting
DEViANCE 17 days ago
I don't agree with 6:20. Brian is looking at John and Roger to give them an eye to act professionaly. Swapping those two shots breaks the message Brian is trying to tell them.
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 16 days ago
Well, it could be interpreted as Brian seeing Roger out of the corner of his eye and then turning to him as he also repositions himself.
Ayyash Ahmad
Ayyash Ahmad 17 days ago
This film won best editing for editing out the gay parts
MartyCart 17 days ago
Oh... What kind of editing was in your Acadamy Award winning film?
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad 14 days ago
You don't have to be a filmmaker yourself to criticize a movie
sauske760 17 days ago
Everyone who contributed in voting for who gets the Oscars needs to be hanged
sauske760 18 days ago
Whoever made this movie needs to be exiled and then hanged
Max We
Max We 18 days ago
My theory is that the band members producing the movie pushed for more/equal screentime.
Nikko A.
Nikko A. 18 days ago
Thank God all these comments assure me that I wasn't the only one that thought this was a bad movie.
Christian Grant
Christian Grant 18 days ago
The weird thing is that the category for film editing is voted on my editors so that means that other people who do this for a living felt as though it deserved the oscar.
Christian Grant
Christian Grant 16 days ago
+Connor Webb Oh, ok. That makes more sense. Thank you.
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 16 days ago
The nominees are voted on by editors. Everyone picks the winners in every category.
Grace mackie
Grace mackie 18 days ago
Who Gives a Monkeys !! It was still the Best , Most Heartwarming ,Uplifting Movie Ever ,with the Best Cast and of course Rami 😍 still think the "Angry lizard joke was a little homage to Joe's Jurrasic park days 🤔xx
Grace mackie
Grace mackie 16 days ago
+Connor Webb I do agree with you on that one 👍
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 16 days ago
+Grace mackie I worded it wrong. Of course movies play with your emotions. But Bohemian Rhapsody manipulated them. It wasn't genuine. It just used cliches. Him coughing into the tissue. What an overused trope.
Grace mackie
Grace mackie 16 days ago
+Connor Webb is that not the point of having an opinion ?You are perfectly entitled to yours and me, mine , all I'm saying is this guy made a video stating stuff that even Brian May and Roger Taylor etc couldn't disagree with but who cares ? it was a movie ,it's about escaping our lives for a couple of hours and having Fun if that's not good then I don't know what is , I enjoyed it but I'm not that stupid to think that everything in it was the gospel truth , I appreciate your need to reply and there's no harm in a bit of healthy debate 😁
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 16 days ago
Just because a movie plays with your emotions doesn't make it any good.
Streetwise Tactics
Streetwise Tactics 18 days ago
Overrated movie in general. Great video 👍
Braveet Sweengs
Braveet Sweengs 18 days ago
Everyone in the comments complaining about how from nothing freddie became someone in just 2 hours. Well you can't stick a 20 years career in 2 hours just as easily. You telling me you wanted the movie to be like 10 hours or something?How tf do you imagine it should happen. I don't know if everything else was ok with this movie but the truth is that biopics have to go through things really fast. And the oscars for best actor and best music editing did actually worth it.
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad 14 days ago
+Braveet Sweengs That's why you need to find an angle. "All Eyez on Me" had the exact same problem by trying to include everything without really focusing on or developing anything. Compare that to "Straight Outta Compton" which, although rushed with the group's rise to stardom, really managed to spend the first half on highlighting the environments and police brutality and the second half on the arguments and the solo careers of the members. You can also be as drastic as "Lincoln" and only focus on the period that defined the person's status and legacy
Braveet Sweengs
Braveet Sweengs 14 days ago
Morten Aanstad Fair enough but I don't see how this one could develop better. I mean there is so much they had to show in just 2 hours. It's not only about the fact that they have to stick 20 years of career in a 2 hours movie. It's also all the things that happened during those years and all the great music that came out and I think Queen had plenty of that. So it's still a different thing from all the movies you referred to. We saw so much progress and it was only half of freddie's career. So I srsly can't find a better way for this to develop.
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad 14 days ago
+Braveet Sweengs "Walk the Line" and "Ray" didn't feel as rushed, and although "8 Mile" is technically not a biographical movie and has a different angle, you still see some gradual development that pays off at the right moment. Also, Henry Hill was real person and consulted "GoodFellas", and it's been said that there was not much difference between Joe Pesci's portrayal of Tommy DeSimone (re-named Tommy DeVito) and what really happened in real-life
Braveet Sweengs
Braveet Sweengs 16 days ago
Connor Webb I don't know if you are talking about the 1990 film too,but if you do,this movie was based on a book. It was not a musician's career.
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 16 days ago
+Braveet Sweengs It was only fifteen minutes longer than Bo Rhap but it managed to fit in more than twenty years of things without feeling rushed, right?
Jessica Jepson
Jessica Jepson 18 days ago
Maybe the editor was trying to capture things from Freddie's point of view. He was addicted to drugs so his perception is slightly askew and jerky. These unnecessary shots are insight to the way Freddie's mind worked. Thats what i thought...
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 16 days ago
He wasn't on drugs at this point...
Mittens The cat :/
Mittens The cat :/ 18 days ago
Jesus like I’m all for movies and having opinions about them etc etc but you care a little to much about cuts and small editing lmao
veggiet2009 18 days ago
I'm afraid as an editor I often fall into the trap of quicker edits reader than necessary ones, this is a good reminder for me
grape conqs
grape conqs 18 days ago
the sound editing was on point the way they mix freddy, and mark’s vocals, the recreation of the live aid audience, the syncing to rami. all that was very impressive. still an okay movie but i totally agree the actual visual edits left a lot to be desired.
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 14 days ago
+grape conqs I guess I'll take your word for it..
grape conqs
grape conqs 14 days ago
Connor Webb believe me there’s a lot of editing that goes into it. lots of ADR, SFX, Foley, and much more than mixing.
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 16 days ago
That is sound mixing.
Kasper Stenbom
Kasper Stenbom 18 days ago
I knew there was something with the movie I did not like. Just couldn’t put my finger on it. Don’t get me wrong, i enjoyed the movie. But I definitely dislike the editing. Thanks for sharing! Great video ✨
Mr. DeTrumpet
Mr. DeTrumpet 18 days ago
Its too much editing
Miche. 19 days ago
theres always a negative nancy who has to ruin everything. cant you just enjoy how the movie made others feel. low life.
Devin Bell
Devin Bell 11 days ago
So we should just ignore over a century of film academia and theory just because a movie made people happy? How it made you feel is no excuse for the fact that it is technically inept. You wouldn’t read a book full of grammatical errors, would you?
djghostface292 19 days ago
Oh look, another “I think I’m cool because I’m hating on something that’s universally praised.”
djghostface292 14 days ago
Morten Aanstad using the rotten tomatoes tomatometer to determine whether a film is good or not is one of the most retarded things you could ever do. Meanwhile the film has an 86% audience score on the same website, 8.1 stars on IMDB and a 7.9 user rating on metacritic. I guarantee you the reason this video has so many likes is because the human race has a tendency to follow suit. “This generally popular RUvidr who has almost 100K subscribers and gets tens of thousands of likes on his videos says that it was bad so he must be right, and we must agree with it.” Not saying that’s the thought process of everyone who agrees with this video but to believe that that’s not majorly the case is just naive. These people hating on Bohemian Rhapsody is practically the equivalent of Pewdiepie hating on the MCU.
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad 14 days ago
Universally praised? It barely has a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the number of likes on this video and all the negative comments about the editing disprove your point
Uh Oh Spaghetti-os
Uh Oh Spaghetti-os 19 days ago
I think its supposed to be like that though. I havent seen the movie, but I think they were going for that awkward going from character to character
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad 14 days ago
Tom Green intended "Freddy Got Fingered" to be a horrible movie. Doesn't make it a good experience
Dee Bee
Dee Bee 19 days ago
God I love the godfather
Ivan Snyman
Ivan Snyman 19 days ago
Cry more pro editor
Jcubed 19 days ago
Aside from the academy awards being a bribe fest in Hollywood, I absolutely agree that it should not have gotten this Oscar, I was even saying that when it was nominated
jlabsteinc 19 days ago
So that's the reason why I feel so uneasy watching those scenes
Anna Mueller
Anna Mueller 19 days ago
The scene makes me nauseous :X
Nicholas Watts
Nicholas Watts 19 days ago
honestly this movie makes suicide squad look like ingmar Bergman
Pri yon Joni
Pri yon Joni 19 days ago
I honestly would not have noticed this as a problem.
Kylie Fan
Kylie Fan 19 days ago
I hated the movie
caitie harriott
caitie harriott 19 days ago
lol come tell me about this shit when you win an oscar
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 16 days ago
Come tell him this shit when you make a RUvid video.
Cezkarma Gaming
Cezkarma Gaming 19 days ago
Lol I love how this guy thinks he knows better than the people who gave it the academy award. Pretty sure they're more qualified than you mate. Good job on the clickbait though
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 16 days ago
Yes, because an Academy Award can't be bought. I'm sure whenever someone says Saving Private Ryan is a masterpiece you say "Well if it was, the people qualified to say that would've awarded that over Shakespeare in Love for Best Picture. But they didn't."
itachi1958 19 days ago
WacKEDmaN 19 days ago
proof that awarded movies are shit.... and yas lap them up like the good slaves to the system you are...SMH
Dakota Andrews
Dakota Andrews 19 days ago
Honestly I'm surprised I didn't notice this before. Twitter was full of absolute hyperbole so I couldn't understand what people were talking about prior to this video. Thanks for giving some much needed clarification.
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 19 days ago
It won an award because it was done well. Simple enough, yeah? To an editor, it is impossible for you not to notice what's being done. The same happens to a musician listening to music. Of course musicians hear the song, just as you, an editor, would follow the story in a movie... But they are Always thinking about the technique, the gear, the creative choices, the production, and so on.. I'd say it won for editing because most people that have watched the movie (including myself) were too wrapped up in the incredible story of this legendary group to give the editing a second thought. I'll give you the win for not having textbook delivery... But if the movie gave any lessons, it would be that sometimes you need to break the mold to create something astounding.
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 16 days ago
I'm pretty sure it was the campaign. The editing was horrible.
Yubi K.
Yubi K. 19 days ago
I love analytical videos/video essays like this that break down the science and inner-workings of video production, whether they’re critique is positive or negative. Stuff like this just fascinates me so much. Probably coz I wanna be a 2-D animator, which is a form of video production.
Blitz Gesass
Blitz Gesass 19 days ago
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Prashant Rawat
Prashant Rawat 19 days ago
Spot on .. I thought that too .. cuts were really not needed .. also poor choices of angles
J.J. 19 days ago
Let's be honest this film won because it's about a gay minority.
Alexander Houy
Alexander Houy 19 days ago
Massive Breaker
Massive Breaker 19 days ago
The movie would look much more crisp with pans and panoramas
MammaApa 17 days ago
And more gaaaaay.
Lilitu 19 days ago
The editing makes my head hurt
Cora Crawley
Cora Crawley 19 days ago
I completely disagree with this video...... This narrator talks about editorial systems and procedures that where established over 60 years ago for motion pictures... what worked for the Godfather would be completely redundant with a film like this! Please don't forget that this film is a bio-pic and therefore uses a great deal of documentary film conventions in order to portray the story effectively... this is a stupid de-construction of a perfectly well made film that proves no purpose but to try and convert its stylistic conventions into that of different class of genre.... It's like watching an under-graduate film student who's just sat through a lecture on editing and now believes he knows everything about film editing... the give away was the reference to Malter Murch's editing.... I know... I often use his examples when I'm lecturing to my film students! BANG!....it won the editing award because it was Jon Ottman's time.. he's been around and cut a great deal of movies! It also puts a lot of air between him and the scandals!... it's all politically and financially motivated... don't you know anything about the Oscars??!!!
Chris K
Chris K 19 days ago
Can't unsee now😂😭
Impractical Idiot
Impractical Idiot 19 days ago
This movie was so overhyped
Dude 19 days ago
someone should dub the scene with pin ball sounds xD
TheGoodChap 20 days ago
is it supposed to feel like you're on cocaine?
Just Justine
Just Justine 20 days ago
I'm shocked this movie won an oscar. The dirt moved me way more and I even cried at the drug moments.
No It
No It 20 days ago
Still An amazing movie
Tommy Thin
Tommy Thin 20 days ago
The film was not given the editing Oscar for the cuts, that’s what someone with very little understanding of editing, it was given the Oscar for the editing in the liveaid scene and the crowd recreation, just watch the behind the scenes documentary
Connor Webb
Connor Webb 16 days ago
Too bad that scene came after two or so hours of shit editing.
man up
man up 20 days ago
Lmao talk about unnecessary cutting. Go watch resident evil the final chapter lol
Godzilla Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
Rami Malek would be most suited playing a Holocaust survivor . Freddie was a fine looking handsome guy.
King Kash
King Kash 20 days ago
Who the hell cares
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