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Sebastian Maniscalco
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Your wife ever bang up your car? Share your story.
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Jun 14, 2019




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June C
June C Day ago
You go to the garage, and they're waiting for you, just as Sabastianwaits for you to envelope you in his storytelling.
G MAN 12 days ago
Real men don't sleep out on the lawn without a tent 😆
Matt Murphy
Matt Murphy 17 days ago
Reminds me of bill burr a lot with less vulgar. Suppressing his feelings and how his wife is so happy
Rosa Herrera
Rosa Herrera 18 days ago
Just Me
Just Me 21 day ago
Jim Gaffigan blew-it for me when he went political. I was so sad because I needed humor in my life! Then I discovered Sebastian and I am happier than ever! Sebastian keeps it clean and is HILARIOUS!!!
Danette S. White
Danette S. White 26 days ago
His face and movements are everything LOL
You Tube
You Tube 26 days ago
Oh my god sebastian you're the best ever listen to the crowd at the end damn you're highly respected 😂😱
Firefly79 29 days ago
Pablo Juarez
Pablo Juarez 29 days ago
0:04 I'm hearing "Pull in" not "bullet" lol
Sharon Flanagan
Sharon Flanagan Month ago
Hands down the best! 🙌
Mike Stiffler
Mike Stiffler Month ago
“I thought i was at a cirque du soleil show” 😂
Jonah Hamm
Jonah Hamm Month ago
People are laughing non stop for almost the whole second half of the video. Sebastian’s the MAN
roger peet
roger peet Month ago
I give him 11 stars up ! ?
Janice Devereux
Janice Devereux Month ago
Oh jeez.....I must admit I’m a little embarrassed right now. I recently scraped (several scraps) our new car while backing out of the driveway. Somehow I hit the garbage cans😬. I’m sure this happens on a regular basis to other people. It wasn’t a big deal ! Although it was loud, no dents, just black, very noticeable scratches on our white car. I also told my husband they could be simply “buffed out”. My husband of 26 years, looked at the car, shook his head, and walked away. We’ll..... it’s been two weeks, no buffing has been done, and my husband Kevin has resorted to his typical passive aggressive ways pretending it’s not there. 🙄
Randy Webb
Randy Webb Month ago
How does anybody have a negative opinion of his comedy? He's the best comedic storyteller in a long time.
Johnny Botts
Johnny Botts Month ago
Hey Frankie, come take a look at this!!! You can see the dollar signs getting larger the closer Frankie gets to the car......
Pyris Ayden
Pyris Ayden 2 months ago
His movements look effortless
Matt Furry
Matt Furry 2 months ago
And she may leave him when she realizes that his product is better than hers
Anil Damodaran
Anil Damodaran 2 months ago
His on stage persona - the physicality, facial expressions just turn mundane situations are soooo good. 😄😄
dodgeplow 2 months ago
I bought an entire door, swapped over glass, lock, door handle, body control module, spent a lot of time aligning it, scraped up my arms in the process, etc, all to avoid the body shop guys. They're a real racket.
Rino Ferraro
Rino Ferraro 2 months ago
Your on top of the world seba!!!
Dennis H
Dennis H 3 months ago
destiny esposito
destiny esposito 3 months ago
Andrew Cuomo looks great since he's been taking on comedy
Darius Baker
Darius Baker 3 months ago
Pull in not bullet
Shaf Serious
Shaf Serious 3 months ago
His english is clear didnt need sub-titles
Doug Lacoursiere
Doug Lacoursiere 3 months ago
I own an auto body shop and sent this to my manager. All the guys were grabbing a gut laughing. They said that is exactly what happens at time to time
FUNNY guy 😂 God bless everyone 🙏💞
Welks 3 months ago
He's actually an amazing actor.....
Bernie R
Bernie R 3 months ago
It’s a good thing your wife loves you .... if she heard me say that .... GONE ....
Greg Burrows
Greg Burrows 4 months ago
That last bit flowed like a Shakespeare sonnet!
Albert Papa
Albert Papa 4 months ago
The best ever
Chantal Blanchard
Chantal Blanchard 4 months ago
Tommy 4 months ago
Priceless 😂
Jamie Nelson
Jamie Nelson 4 months ago
Would be nice to watch without the big subtitles. RUvid can take SRT files so people can turn them on or off. It kills the comic timing if they are so big.
asakin 4 months ago
And that's why gentlemen you don't get married. Lose yourself or everything you have.
Mabbeloh Tibbedo
Mabbeloh Tibbedo 3 months ago
Christoph Obrecht
Christoph Obrecht 4 months ago
218 down votes are Cirque du Soleil that don't want to be compared to body shop workers.
Ray Caballero
Ray Caballero 4 months ago
Funny stuff
Patrice Marie
Patrice Marie 4 months ago
Hey Nino??? Watch your pockets! ??? ...
Wendy Alane Wright
Wendy Alane Wright 4 months ago
Comedic Genius.
YTjndallas 4 months ago
If he’s telling the truth, then he’s married to a narcissist. Poor bastard. 😢
Dorrette Young
Dorrette Young 4 months ago
With Jerry Seinfeld as a fan, I say go for it.
Liz 4 months ago
Love his facial expressions and his physical comedy. Brilliant 👏🔥
whitney source
whitney source 4 months ago
Sebastian putting us on to game lol.
Childfree Single and Atheist
Bondo will also fix it.
VD Backfire
VD Backfire 4 months ago
“I have to suppress all of my feelings into my feet” LMAOOOO
Delta Homicide
Delta Homicide 4 months ago
Who else had to google Carnauba wax? Lol
RPF Creates
RPF Creates 4 months ago
The best actor they got lmao so true. No one ever walks out and says eh not bad two hundred max I’ll have it done by tomorrow end of day. Impossible
David Stevenson
David Stevenson 4 months ago
RPF Creates you ain’t getting shit done for 200$ lmao you have an idea how difficult and expensive it is to repair and paint a car?
kicknotes 4 months ago
My wife has been in so many accidents, I just signed her up for rental-car-of-the-month club. This way, there's no waiting in line...
Callme Ishmael
Callme Ishmael 4 months ago
This isn't just body shops, it's any auto shop that does tires, oil, brakes, etc. I've been thinking of the same jokes for 15 yrs. So fucking true. "What are you going to do, fix it in your garage you got at home?"
Adam 4 months ago
I'm dying as usual. When I worked at a car dealership their thing on trade-ins was to devalue the car for obvious reasons and sometimes my manager would look at a car's damage and ask the owner if everyone survived the accident.
Zem Zem
Zem Zem 4 months ago
Besides being so hilarious, a great delivery and timing with his jokes, they are also all true stories. Amazing job!
Phillip Martin
Phillip Martin 4 months ago
He paints pictures with his words for sure lol
Holly Warehouse
Holly Warehouse 4 months ago
LMAO! The sponsored commercial was MAN SOAP! Two guys with beards bathing in yogurt😂
April Pinkard
April Pinkard 5 months ago
Sandy Wright
Sandy Wright 5 months ago
Love this guy because he makes jokes about Real Life ty Sebastian
5 months ago
Fkg hilarious
schmoookie2 5 months ago
The subtitling on this is fucking terrible
Ihor 5 months ago
It's 1 am and I'm laughing my ass off, it's brilliant, the man is hilarious
three blind mice
three blind mice 5 months ago
Corvid 19
Mr Wonderful
Mr Wonderful 5 months ago
This is so true lmao
Grinder !!
Grinder !! 5 months ago
This guys a natural comedian...hilarious 😂
rosa jimenez
rosa jimenez 5 months ago
I don't know who I am anymore.
rosa jimenez
rosa jimenez 5 months ago
Laura Malek
Laura Malek 5 months ago
"Suppress all my feelings and emotions down into my feet"...😂
d2post1 5 months ago
Being from Chicaga myself, I can hear his Chicaga accent
allly kat
allly kat 5 months ago
‘I have to surpress all my emotion and feeling into my feet & I don’t know who I am anymore “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
R. A.
R. A. 5 months ago
joelercoaster 5 months ago
Yeahhhh that’ll be $4000 sir gahaha
andres urbina
andres urbina 5 months ago
I could mention that but then I'd be sleeping outside on the lawn
Ultraman's IR
Ultraman's IR 5 months ago
This reminds me of a plumber who came to my house that wanted $600.00 to install the new kitchen faucet that I purchased. I did it myself for less than $20.00 with a lot of cussing and few trips to the hardware store. Fuck dishonest plumbers!
Glad Glad 1
Glad Glad 1 5 months ago
This one of my favorite jokes ever 😂😂😂 I have to watch this video again because is so funny 🤣
Devolin Edits
Devolin Edits 5 months ago
Kay so i have recently ruined my husband’s truck, which isn’t funny...but this is the funniest shit I’ve ever watched!
ADEDOTUN AKANDE 5 months ago
The sharp BUT at 1:20 and the SO at 1:34 almost killed me. 🤣🤣🤣
shalomeli1 5 months ago
Omg. Lol
Syl Ram
Syl Ram 5 months ago
I love him he's so funny.
Garage of Horror
Garage of Horror 5 months ago
Where’s the one when you said the mechanic said to u if she would of hit the car an inch over it would of been cheaper lol
Toeey1 5 months ago
I have to go see this guy
cpmenninga 5 months ago
I’m a car, and this is exactly how it happens, exactly. Women can’t drive. That’s why auto insurance companies charge women less, because they’re unfair to men, not because women are better drivers.
WildLikeGanja 5 months ago
Just simply brilliant I tell ya!! Gotta love maniscalco
Gerald Fellers
Gerald Fellers 6 months ago
THIS GUY. He so in tune with us dudes and life. Just givem the poletzer prize for the GREATEST COMIC EVER NOW!!!! NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!
powerpassion0101 6 months ago
Just Moi
Just Moi 6 months ago
educate yourselves on true SOCIOPATHIC females www.lovefraud.com
Michael Dorego
Michael Dorego 6 months ago
Takes the most mundane things people do in life and makes it hilarious. Going to Chipotle, the body shop, airport, social gatherings with adults in their socks.
Lynette Scribner
Lynette Scribner 14 days ago
"Airport" is one my favorites! That and the bit where he's teaching his dad to use the computer 😂
frank jones
frank jones 6 months ago
this guy is hilarious but a black guy couldn't tell this joke to a black audience and get a laugh, specially down south.
Claudia mariani
Claudia mariani 3 months ago
That’s interesting . I’m with a black man and he loves me because I have a backbone and a mind of my own. Everyone is different !!
Alex 6 months ago
@frank jones So... It is about race? Maybe it's the reason why so many black households are fatherless. Communicate :)
frank jones
frank jones 6 months ago
Alex Seeing that you're CLUELESS as he'll. Allow me to explain. My comment has nothing to do with his race. It's just that black men don't curl up cuz their wives aren't happy about some trivial BS. WE DON'T SLEEP ON THE SOFA CUZ SHE SAYS SO. She may be in charge of what's between her legs but she don't RUN nothing
Alex 6 months ago
You don't see many black people with an Italian accent do you?
Glad Glad 1
Glad Glad 1 6 months ago
That is true ... for some reason they all come outside 😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
pcallihoo 6 months ago
Bloody hysterical
stunnasam21 6 months ago
This man is keeping me sane during this quarantine 🤣
Kris K.
Kris K. 6 months ago
That was excellent!!!!!!!!!
Life Discoveries
Life Discoveries 6 months ago
man...your delivery is on point!
ERNIE GAMBOA 6 months ago
Ben Stillers Mexican brother.
Chris Trudell
Chris Trudell 6 months ago
Observational humor works for me. It's clean and people relate to it. Way to go Sabs! 🤣🇨🇦
A T 6 months ago
For nine dollars 😂
Rae Stipher
Rae Stipher 6 months ago
Funniest Comedian😎🌴
PC is BS
PC is BS 6 months ago
I have to suppress my emotions and feelings into my feet... My goodness... truer words have never been spoken
kirnpu 6 months ago
That line just destroyed me!
Amy Mags
Amy Mags 6 months ago
Brilliantly crafted and performed
Mark Adams
Mark Adams 6 months ago
In film analysis, a person's car is directly related to his life, Lawrence Kasdan, Grand Canyon. Congratulations Sebastian, for being featured on Nightline. Your father is the most badazz man of all time, I'm happy that he is forced to be proud of you by doing so well on so many levels in life. Keep it all up!! I work in a casino, we also need a dress code there, just like airports.
OlyMolly 6 months ago
To the callous drivers who damage another's car, 'tis a wake up slap haha. Smooth.
Kandela Brown
Kandela Brown 6 months ago
All true. Married once, never again. Nothing they got is worth the bs!
One MercilessMing
One MercilessMing 7 months ago
The only accidents I have EVER had (knock on wood) have been when younglings about 1/4 my age have rear-ended me at red lights and stop signs. In spite of heavy advertising NOT to text and drive, they still do it. I've been whacked like this FIVE times. Each time the punk ass who hit me was texting. The worst one of the five times was the kid who was texting on his cell phone with almost half a mile to see me stopped at a stop sign, and rear-ended me so hard that he drove me through the intersection and half way into the next block. I called the city police, who turned out to be a family friend of the kid. I got yelled at by the dipsh*t cop for calling my insurance company AFTER I got hit and AFTER I had called the city police (the kid never called the police). My insurance agent asked me who was yelling at me. I told him the cop; he requested to talk to the officer. The officer refused to speak to my insurance agent, who told me that it didn't matter; the company could get his badge number and name anyway. I never heard anything more about it, except the kid's insurance had to pay for all the damages to my car, plus the medical exam I had to make sure that my aging body wasn't hurt.
Last name Gordon
Last name Gordon 7 months ago
So if you can just get out your wax and buff that out. That would be fantastic
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