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Your wife ever bang up your car? Share your story.
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Jun 14, 2019




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Comments 260
Niepi 5 hours ago
Nailed it
Void Fame
Void Fame Day ago
"Pull in", not "bullet"
John Torchio
John Torchio Day ago
at one now lol guy working there was laughing
Leo X
Leo X Day ago
Haha massive dig at his wife while telling a great joke
T Clark
T Clark 2 days ago
Ahhh, women. My wife was sideswiped awile back..dude was drunk, took off. She told me the next day, when i asked wtf happened to the car. She was upset and I didnt ask if she was all right first. Despite her standing front of me, obv fine. Not to mention not a word from her until I brought up the 'glaze'. Not even a year later, the other side is dented up and scratched. Not a word.....The car remains fucked up.
nate means
nate means 2 days ago
"According to my wife, this is a 9 dollar job" lmao
Renata Cantore- Gross
I just had a similar experience at a tire shop.
Armywife007 3 days ago
😂😂😂OMG! Sooo funny!!
Obihiele Uchendu
Obihiele Uchendu 3 days ago
0:48 ''As soon he sees the car he's like, Woah!!''
Baltimore BigMan
Baltimore BigMan 4 days ago
Davny Wes
Davny Wes 8 days ago
Love your comedy, come to Dallas, please...
vmwindustries 8 days ago
So fkn funny!
john kent
john kent 9 days ago
I can’t open the door but she says ... 😂 his delivery is impeccable
Joel Wateres-muddy
Trump is a fart joke #1 rule fart jokes are cheap they have no class . It’s true you might get a laugh chances are if you start with a fart joke you probably can’t deliver it properly either , get advise from a fart joke expert , a 4 year old they can deliver a fart joke and if you follow it with a belch your a failing comedian you probably will get a laugh out of pity. My advice to fart joke comics , keep your day job your dreams just let loose like a fart in the wind fart comics work themselves up to become a shitty comic if the mommies are honest with them
doctor steve
doctor steve 11 days ago
Geralt OfRivia
Geralt OfRivia 12 days ago
0:04 im pretty sure subtitles should say pull in not bullet. I might be wrong but im not.
lpmw12 13 days ago
Hahahaha that’s me ALL DAY
Over Comer
Over Comer 28 days ago
I hope his marriage lasts. I hope hes using the wife ran friends as as part of his comedy act and that she's not as much of an awful person as he makes her sound. Pitches like that Mary guys like him I'm still single .
Greased Lightning
Greased Lightning 15 days ago
You’re also a fucking illiterate
tin pan alley 1619 Broadway
Joe Rogan stole his material. Look up joe rogan and the dolphins. Stoned at sea world Circus ole
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown Month ago
You need to go into acting as part of the mob movies with Joe Pesci Robert DeNiro Al Pachino, Ray Lolita, Johnny Williams and Vincent Pastore. I would LOVE it!
Jeff Sedam
Jeff Sedam Month ago
He jokes about having to sleep on the lawn. We laugh but it is not really funny it implies his wife is the boss well come to think of it she probably is seeing how America is a Matriarchy .
Yolanda Estrada
Yolanda Estrada Month ago
I have to take my car in. I am so dreading it!!!!
Magnus Fullauto
Magnus Fullauto Month ago
Don't like it? Learn to fix it your damn self Nancy boy. 🖕
Jaques Cousteau
Jaques Cousteau Month ago
Unfortunately his Netflix special was t very funny... Of course he made me laugh, but it seems like he changed his whole format and approach, and didn’t do as well as his previous stand ups. My uncle saw him live this weekend in Chicago and felt the same way. Kind of disappointing, I love this dudes comedy too much too not enjoy this!
Ms. Briscoe
Ms. Briscoe Month ago
This is a Seinfeld bid... But u put ur twist on it so it's cool 😂
gmax876 Month ago
I cannot believe I just discovered this guy 😂
The wife thing is also true with home repairs ^^
Shmichael Jordan
Straight face gang checking in
Deal Wolfstriked
Every single one of his videos has me wanting it to go on and on and I get sad when it ends!!
Mr Tony Williams
This man deserves stardom
cljacobson27 Month ago
to "bullet"? Please don't tell me the CC person doesn't understand the NY Italian accent....
Jared Olson
Jared Olson Month ago
Wax on, wax off.
J V 2 months ago
Even something as simple as him saying “BUT!?” is perfectly hysterical hahaha
HL Vlogs
HL Vlogs 2 months ago
Lmao the “I’m not allowed to yell or scream” So god damn relatable
Gid 2 days ago
@ll विनी शर्मा ll Listen man. Everybody gets angry, it's a human tendency. You can't however just generalize half of the human population and say that "women have a knack for pushing men" lol. Men and women BOTH have problems and both can have a tendency to yell. It's not just women annoying men, it can go the other way too. Secondly, if you think screaming and yelling is going to change anything, you're wrong. It literally does nothing to the situation, it just raises your blood pressure. Anger is just being too optimistic, your expectations are too high so you get disappointed too easily. You're a literal asshat if you think I'm wrong in any way. Learn to be patient, because a person's worth is seen with how patient they are when they have nothing. I can be happy and calm too if life goes my way, what matters is what you do when life doesn't go your way. Go fuck yourself if you think taking it out on someone else is okay. What matters is that you make a genuine effort to stop yelling and getting pissed. Meditate on this, and don't even reply back.
ll विनी शर्मा ll
Gid: Oh shut up clown! Sometimes people are pushed too far! You can’t just keep bottling it up inside ALL the time! Women just have this knack to keep pushing and pushing Men until they snap and then wonder what the man’s problem is when he snaps!!!
Gid 6 days ago
Boywonderr71 imagine being a pussy and yelling. Yelling is for bitches who can’t handle life’s pressure, grow tf up and deal with your problems like a calm person. If you think you can’t do that, then step away from the problem.
Boywonderr71 20 days ago
Phucing PC culture has cut our balls off and made us into wusses. Just got into another argument with the wife. She says I "Hulk out". I agree, because I FREAKING HATE BEING LIED TO! Same fight for 7 yrs. Get a job. Her "I have to take care of my mom." I come home and she's on Facebook and her mom is sleeping on the couch. Me "she cant do that without you?" Sleeping with the dogs..... at least I know they love me
Robert Ankuma
Robert Ankuma 2 months ago
This guy is brilliant..😂😂
bklynsam 2 months ago
Come to S Florida - BB&T Center in Broward county is close to me and a great venue. I swear you'd sell out in a NY minute. In Brooklyn, there are 2 places you move to...either a few blocks away or Florida ! Your stuff reminds me of my family growing up and literally every guy from Brooklyn I'd ever known. You are the BEST!!!
Lady J
Lady J 2 months ago
Sebastian is by far on a class by himself.
Juan Carlos Meza
Juan Carlos Meza 2 months ago
Those pants are tighter than my living budget.
nsj2kx 2 months ago
What'd you get side swiped by a semi? 🤣🤣
StewartLucrative 2 months ago
This guy is fucking hilarious
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