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Sebastian Maniscalco
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Your wife ever bang up your car? Share your story.
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Jun 14, 2019




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Comments 217
J V 7 days ago
Even something as simple as him saying “BUT!?” is perfectly hysterical hahaha
HL Vlogs
HL Vlogs 12 days ago
Lmao the “I’m not allowed to yell or scream” So god damn relatable
Robert Ankuma
Robert Ankuma 20 days ago
This guy is brilliant..😂😂
bklynsam 21 day ago
Come to S Florida - BB&T Center in Broward county is close to me and a great venue. I swear you'd sell out in a NY minute. In Brooklyn, there are 2 places you move to...either a few blocks away or Florida ! Your stuff reminds me of my family growing up and literally every guy from Brooklyn I'd ever known. You are the BEST!!!
Lady J
Lady J 22 days ago
Sebastian is by far on a class by himself.
Juanco_"C.E.O." 25 days ago
Those pants are tighter than my living budget.
nsj2kx 27 days ago
What'd you get side swiped by a semi? 🤣🤣
StewartLucrative 28 days ago
This guy is fucking hilarious
Trevor Capps
Trevor Capps Month ago
“We have sensors and a camera.” So spot on lol
laggardly Month ago
Just one thing though...... Hafta say it..... you wont like it......This man is NOT FUNNY, I have listened to 6 or 7 samples of his work and I dont laugh at all.
roger peet
roger peet Month ago
He cracks me up, somthen fierce.
Go Hawks
Go Hawks Month ago
LMAO.....so true
Julio Serna
Julio Serna Month ago
Oh man he gets better and better
Fred Ireland
Fred Ireland Month ago
Jonathan Hendrix
is "BUT" and "SO" is so perfect lmao
flmmaz Month ago
One of the best delivery and timing setups I’ve seen from Sebastian
Becky Yu
Becky Yu Month ago
Sebastian thank you for not being crude and rude! You are the best!
I Play One On T.V.
A very big LOL!
morgan green
morgan green Month ago
Buff it out.
Gino Asci
Gino Asci Month ago
never give up your balls.
Do ya really need subtitles for this? Fuck outta here
Russ Tanner
Russ Tanner Month ago
I've only watched a couple of his videos. But I love that he seems to be a clean comedian. Very funny.
ekul Month ago
I really dont find him that funny
Bri Can
Bri Can Month ago
Sooo happy for a truly brilliant commedian. I just watched some clips of America's top comics and not one made me crack a smile!
Dino Zorec
Dino Zorec Month ago
Wife: ''It's just a graze.'' Professional: ''Did you get sideswiped by a semi?!?''
CLARA3952 koss
CLARA3952 koss Month ago
the best funniest comedian in a long time... his moves are histerical
Da Royal General
Carol Taylor
Carol Taylor Month ago
He's hilarious! Sebastian is so animated! 😂
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez Month ago
Simple comedy amazing
RunninW wolvz
RunninW wolvz Month ago
I'm going to go see him in Albuquerque NM on the 31st Aug!! Bday gift! ITS MY DREAM TO GO SEE HIM N I CANT WAIT OMG!! 😁😁
BD Hurley
BD Hurley 2 months ago
Body shop idiots = Legalized theft
julienmaan 2 months ago
What kind of jacket is he wearing?
Shelley Bee
Shelley Bee 2 months ago
LMAO! I literally just saw his InstaG Story today, (Aug. 10, 2019)..... "Another Graze!" 🤣 🤣 🤣
Madison One
Madison One 2 months ago
This actually happened to me with rust on my old BMW. The body shop boys came & looked at it then they shuffled between 3 guys and the fourth guy comes & tells me $6000. I get outta there so fast, I was afraid they are gonna chase me. That was 3 years ago. Fast forward, I sprayed a $10 rust converter, $20 Bondo, $10 sand paper, $20 primer & $30 paint. Dunno what happened to the Rust. This video was comically upsetting but very funny 🤣
Mr. Zeke and The Crew
This guy’s hilarious
Curtis Densmore
Curtis Densmore 2 months ago
Why are there subtitles? I don't want to read a Sebastian story. I want to hear that Chicago Italian voice.
H TAV 2 months ago
Is this MoFo wearing tights. WTF
Al NOSNERD 2 months ago
ColtDeltaElite10mm 2 months ago
The best comedian ever!!!!!!!
RJ K 2 months ago
Terradome w/ Frank Terranova
Alexandrea McClure
Alexandrea McClure 2 months ago
I had a body shop say my battery was 5 years old. Just bought it 6 months ago. I also had them tell me my brakes were loose. Brand new the day prior.
Lucas Dunker
Lucas Dunker 2 months ago
waiting for you to bullet?
ajsvista 2 months ago
0:27 "I thought I was at a Cirque du Soleil show." ... Great physical comedian!
Prince Madathileth
Prince Madathileth 2 months ago
The 69 people who disliked the video are Frankie and the boys from the garage
E e
E e 2 months ago
You Are HYSTERICAL SEBASTIAN !!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅
Robin Lukenbaugh
Robin Lukenbaugh 2 months ago
this is the funniest guy I've ever seen, bar none
vrudy6 3 months ago
The captions give away the punch line.
Enrique Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez 3 months ago
Best mannerisms in the biz!
Mischa 3 months ago
pussy whipped.
Dean Russo
Dean Russo 3 months ago
I find most stand up comedy to be quite unfunny. But Sebastian is gold.
NTRO 194
NTRO 194 3 months ago
gangsterboogie 3 months ago
I'm in the autobody business, and he nailed it from both ends of the spectrum.
P. w. S.
P. w. S. 3 months ago
Eh you been to my house talk to my family...cuz ah that is to close to the truth
A D 3 months ago
I know he's joking. But why is there such a thing in America as your wife telling you to sleep on the couch etc? I don't get it. Specially if you're paying for the house and everything. Unless you've cheated on her with her sister or something, she has no right to tell you to where you should sleep.
Wesley Warsmith
Wesley Warsmith 3 months ago
He didn't say BULLET he said PULL IN. Fire your translator
brett linthicum
brett linthicum 3 months ago
People laugh at everything he says. It’s a little too much.
Johnny Shabazz
Johnny Shabazz 3 months ago
He is just SO good, from the content itself to his timing, mannerisms and delivery: flawless.
MIKE HUNT 3 months ago
This mother fucker is not funny!!!
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