Body found during search for ‘Glee’ actress Naya Rivera at Lake Piru

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Searchers have found a body in Lake Piru five days after “Glee” star Naya Rivera disappeared during a boat outing there with her young son, authorities said Monday. The body has not been identified, and officials were set to hold an afternoon news conference.
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Jul 13, 2020




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Avacado Tuber
Avacado Tuber Month ago
Rest In Peace naya we all love you I hope you have a great after life in heaven
Erin Allen
Erin Allen Month ago
Can you imagine how much more devastating it must've been for her friends and family to actually be there when they found her and witnessing her body being pulled from the water in front of their eyes? Omg i would be so traumatized.
Poppy Mohale
Poppy Mohale 2 months ago
We thank God that they found naya may her soul rest in peace but i think people need to be careful going to that lake especially to swim there is a snake or mermaid that is killing people there
corduero rose
corduero rose 2 months ago
Died while protecting her precious treasure don't tell me that true love from a parent 😇🙏RIP
GT R 2 months ago
floating on the Diablo Cove
Peace better Than war
Very sad. Yeah most of women's they don't want to go somewhere In a secluded,hidden place without people is dangerous especially in 2020 for a Mum.!Apparently she came every year in this location😢. There are habits that are not good in life. Media's and people are talking but God know the truth.Who knows???or 👀👀😒😏😕😳😭😭😭 Only God. I'm so in shocked she was an intelligent young women, very healthy, and dynamic, energy💪❤️... If she was close to me I would not have advised her to go on a boat alone with small child. and I would have recommended her to a place where there is. World, tourists or passers-by. At worst if you have a problem there is help quickly. Unfortunately she is no longer there what a tragic fate 😭. I will always remember her face with her bigger smile so natural, so pure, so lovely very beautiful women I'm 💔💔💔
Qlix 2 months ago
Cory and naya 😭😭 Rest in piece 😭😭
Kehlani Melanesia
Kehlani Melanesia 2 months ago
Drowning is a terrible way to go 😣
Bono Chavez
Bono Chavez 2 months ago
A mother's love is unconditional and eternal. I know Naya will be watching her son from heaven. I've always wanted to be like you - sassy, strong, bold, and unfiltered. I made a Tribute VIdeo for Naya. Please watch it here: ruvid.net/video/video-j8xCi1Ymr9w.html Your legacy as an amazing actress and heroic mom will be remembered. You will be missed, my dear Santana! Fly high, NAYA!
healthstartshere 2 months ago
Praying for her son🙏🏽💕so tragic
nolimit slim Angel
nolimit slim Angel 2 months ago
So beautiful she has always been ..so strong of a woman angel 👼
Charles Rast
Charles Rast 2 months ago
Naya knew too much. This is an assassination.
Dosflamingos 2 months ago
Do you guys search this hard for all missing person or just for this person?
Abigail Keehn
Abigail Keehn 2 months ago
Please my we all have a moment of silence for her.....
Robd1 replies
Robd1 replies 2 months ago
...anyone know if were getting the cares act extended??
Veronica Tompkins
Veronica Tompkins 2 months ago
Rest in peace naya my prayers goes out to the family n her precious little son life to short hug ur love ones n tell them u love them no days r promise my heart breaks for her son may God watch over them n give them the strenght n peace to contunie on .🙏🙏😗
First Last
First Last 2 months ago
What did she think she was a mermaid
axnxg ntz
axnxg ntz 2 months ago
It should be compulsury to have CCTV cameras on those boats. Other horrible things can happen just because there are no witnesses
Melissa Bolden
Melissa Bolden 2 months ago
so sad
Leyla Rose
Leyla Rose 2 months ago
7 instagram.com/p/CCmyZZ1jo3L/?hl=en there were two men on the boat with her.
PorkyPricklyPants 2 months ago
wearing your life jacket will save your life..why she didn't wear hers is strange, since a lot of people have lost there life's in that lake..signs should be posted and warnings should be put on all boats to wear your life jackets even while swimming
Chad Castagana
Chad Castagana 2 months ago
A body rising to the surface by gas build up in the G.I. tract was known in Roman Times as "Plutonic Aether"
Jessy Jo
Jessy Jo 2 months ago
RIP Naya ..So sad 😭😭
Ligaya Barlow
Ligaya Barlow 2 months ago
Suicidal sluts dime a dozen in California
Leslie Angela
Leslie Angela 2 months ago
umm wtf thats rude
Tiago S. A. Miguel
Tiago S. A. Miguel 2 months ago
😥Oh my God!!!!Naya Rivera covered 'If I Die Young' as a tribute to her fallen co-star Cory and now.... so sad!!!! Naya... why have you died so young? We will miss you 😞🙏
BAN EVERYTHING! 2 months ago
JJCM 2 months ago
Condolence and rest in peace Naya Rivera 😭
Daniel Dvora
Daniel Dvora 2 months ago
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Jan truitt
Jan truitt 2 months ago
Inge Nunis
Inge Nunis 2 months ago
Really sad to hear -even though I’m not familiar with her or the show......just strange to me she would go out like this alone with her 4 year old😳
larazanz 2 months ago
Poor baby boy that watched his mother drown.
TS175 2 months ago
this doesn't make sense. she was able to swim with her child fine, she puts him on the boat, then she gets entangled in an underwater tree? She might've been killed by someone in scuba gear. Were there any scuba divers in the area where she disappeared? Were there any signs of a struggle on her body particularly around her ankles? is the child's father a scuba diver?
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 2 months ago
LIFE VESTS SAVE LIVES . . . but you have to WEAR them!!! Don't care if you can swim or not - STILL NEED THE LIFE VEST!!!
LF Batman
LF Batman 2 months ago
so many times i want to rewatch glee but i can't because of the others that have died from that show and there is another reason not to rewatch it. its like the entire cast of glee is cursed or something. did they literally sign an illuminati contract before doing that show or something?
mary mesk
mary mesk 2 months ago
DG 2 months ago
Horrible! My prayer to the her family and her son.
Darlenne 2 months ago
It sounds like swimming it’s not an option due tot he difficulty of the trees and branches... IF the branches were a issue for her to swim up .this is a serious problem. NO SWIMMING PERIOD. Specially if they know when it gets windy.. the water has a flow ..
jenny vasquez
jenny vasquez 2 months ago
A law needs to be created and the law should be called Nayas law, which would be a law that makes it mandoatory for anyone entering into water or engaging in water activities to wear a life vest.
lisa lovely
lisa lovely 2 months ago
R. I. P. ❤😢
no name
no name 2 months ago
Poor Little Sweetie!!!!!Very Sad!!!
WHITE LION 2 months ago
RIP I can't even imagine what they blackmailed and/or extorted you about that was enough for you to SUICIDE yourself. 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Larry Maulsby
Larry Maulsby 2 months ago
Is David Spade still looking for Tom Hanks?
David P
David P 2 months ago
I still don’t believe she’d drown! I believe it’s something else! I hope they still investigate on how she died! Prayers for the son! RIP Naya 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Jason Walker
Jason Walker 2 months ago
Lord Scorpio - Universal Tarot
You can tell by the quiver in his voice that from the looks of her body she was attacked before killed. Or he knows that may not be her body and is afraid if saying something for the possibility of being next. Autopsy at a later time smh there's people in high places to be very aware of.
crushingcolours 2 months ago
Ugh sooo heartbreaking! Wishing her family strength!
Lord Scorpio - Universal Tarot
Out of nowhere her body was floating. Autopsy at a later time?!? What a complete staged cover up. This Sheriff is shaken, you can hear it in his voice. He's probably afraid for his life smh.
Jourdon Prince
Jourdon Prince 2 months ago
May she rest in power. Sending love and prayers to her family during this horrific time. Naya’s talent will never be forgotten.
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 2 months ago
Rest in "power"??? 🤣
YoungAspect 2 months ago
They need to show people educational videos on what to do in these situations of high wind or just not rent them out, these conditions should only be for experienced boat owners.
Pete Pan
Pete Pan 2 months ago
lluminati blood sacrifice...End of story...Her ex-castmate, Lea Michele, was roundly bashed for being difficult and simply a bad person. She dropped out of the limelight for a bit, is now pregnant (beginning of life)...so a life must be taken and and served up to Baphomet as an offering. It is no coincidence that the same day that Rivera went missing...was the same day Michele makes her return to Twitter....Wake up, folks! This happens all the time... Need another example? Lebron James wants desperately to join the Hollywood elite and crack the film business. Goes to the LA Lakers, but is not accepted by die-hard Kobe Bryant fans. There isn't enough room for both of them. Sports are rigged and they're about storylines. Lebron needs to win a title in LA, but maybe even that isn't enough to get out from Kobe's Laker shadow. Fast forward, and Kobe dies in a chopper. And Lebron is currently favored to win the title this year. Two birds with one stone. Rigged for Lakers to win it...and dedicate it to Kobe...Again, wake up, folks. They hide in plain sight. I could give you TONS of examples, and a laundry list of Illuminati members...including your beloved Jay Z and Beyonce. BTW, Google "The 27 Club"....all notable people who "died" on or before age 27. Further, Elvis Presley's grandson died today...at age....wait for it....27..... As for Naya Rivera...Dead at age 33....do you know what the number 33 means: wake up, my people: There are numerous connotations the number 33 has within the occult. There are thirty three degrees of Freemasonry, 33 vertebrae in the average spinal column, it is the age that Christ was said to have been crucified. It is known as the, "Master's number."
Antonio Alves
Antonio Alves 2 months ago
Rest In Peace Naya Rivera !! Your son will carry your love in his heart for life 🙏🙏❤️❤️😞😞😓
josef mengele
josef mengele 2 months ago
there's a lesson to be learned here boys and ghouls, dont go swinnin unless you can breathe under water, thanx for watchin
151 siempre
151 siempre 2 months ago
R.I.P Naya
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
Lesson to be learned. Wear your damn life jacket. She was probably worried about her tan. How’s her tan look now? You only make that mistake once. Maybe this will save someone else’s life.
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 2 months ago
That's EXACTLY what she was worried about - VANITY!!! Now she's bloated but no tan lines. Closed coffin too.
G. R
G. R 2 months ago
Here's an idea, how about you search nearby waters periodically in the chance of finding dead bodies.
Tiffany 2 months ago
thats a good idea
Twili Vaati
Twili Vaati 2 months ago
Cory, Mark, and now Naya. Jesus Christ Glee is cursed...
Bee On Thyme
Bee On Thyme 2 months ago
This is heartbreaking. Sincere condolences to all involved in her life. Tragic, just tragic.
Soleil Lauren’s Journey
RIP nya fly high ❤️😔🕊
Layse Freire
Layse Freire 2 months ago
juan perez
juan perez 2 months ago
thats what you get hollyweirdos dont trust fame is not worth it
Aunavoz 2 months ago
My condolences to the entire family for their loss.
Mark Jameson
Mark Jameson 2 months ago
This is either suicide or stupidity, either way a failure as a parent and ashame the poor child had to witness this selfish act. Even if I could swim I would never never leave my 4 year old on a boat while I go in the water especially when it's just us two in a lake of all places that's just a very bad decision, and she purposely took off her life vest..some people should not be parents how selfish this makes me so angry as a parent.
Yaqin 2 months ago
The fact that they had to identify the body based on clothing and the characteristics of the body tells you that the body has already decomposed and deconstructed. This is so sad.
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 2 months ago
Valeria Campbell
Valeria Campbell 2 months ago
Did anyone else find it strange how she parked her car in that parking lot? Who walks in front of a 4 year old that way, why wasn’t she holding his hands? Plus, nobody asked the child was she struggling in the water? How did he get back on the boat by himself? JUST A LOT OF QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS STUFF!!!!
Valeria Campbell
Valeria Campbell 2 months ago
@Funkmeister some people just don’t know how to think logically
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 2 months ago
EXACTLY what I said about this on another video post, and people attacked me. You and I are right though regardless of what they said or think.
MU'MIN 215
MU'MIN 215 2 months ago
Smh she was so beautiful. If I was her man I be right by her side 24/7 lol
Segzilla 2 months ago
Another sacrifice in the Books. Learn Gemantria or maybe you shouldn't. Too deep for the average human
CantTouchThis 2 months ago
ILLUMINATI BLOOD SACRIFICE.. what a poor soul.. she sold it for fame and riches.. I hope she spoke to God before dying..
Jess Perry
Jess Perry 2 months ago
Interesting how officer (w/the) moustache said Wednesday: "we dont know if we will find her in 5 hours or 5 days", and then they DID find her, in exactly 5 days.... 🙊🙇 which, as we all know, is the 7 year anniversary of Corey Monteith's OD/death. Coincidence, or publicity stunt? Everybody is a judge, so judge away.... 😏💁👀
Noàh Yusuf
Noàh Yusuf 2 months ago
Jeffrey Keith Horne II
We was looking at Naya becoming an angel in the camera by walking into Heaven while watching her boy in the boat. My condolences and RIP. God Bless.
Jeffrey Keith Horne II
We was looking at Naya becoming an angel in the camera by walking into Heaven while watching her boy in the boat. My condolences and RIP. God Bless.
Mann WItH PlaNN
Mann WItH PlaNN 2 months ago
Thanks for the info, pig!
RAFAEL ROSADO 2 months ago
Moon Struck
Moon Struck 2 months ago
No mother/parent should bury their child. This is so sad. RIP Naya. May you Rest In Peace. I pray God watches over her family, her son in this unimaginable time. 🙏🙏😢💔
Daisy MN
Daisy MN 2 months ago
Rip Naya 🙏✝️🙏🌻🌷🌻😢😢
phillip taylor
phillip taylor 2 months ago
RIP Naya condolences to the family
Leo Hernandez
Leo Hernandez 2 months ago
This is terrible
iam_marwa 2 months ago
2020 how can I jump over it
Victoria Charles
Victoria Charles 2 months ago
This is how my papa died 9 years ago windy weather and water don’t go well
Lorraine 2 months ago
But how did she drown? Did she get caught on something in the water???
Toni Olson
Toni Olson 2 months ago
I'm so sorry for her family, at least they get to bury her.
Artemis Miller
Artemis Miller 2 months ago
I hope it’s not her I’ve never watched Glee! But I hope it’s not hers
Justin W
Justin W 2 months ago
I could care less what happens to any of you humans.
Joan Witscher
Joan Witscher 2 months ago
She was aFloater floater floater floater floater floater floater she was Floatin dead as a door knob🦈🐋🐬
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 2 months ago
Maya Jaffe
Maya Jaffe 2 months ago
We will miss her. My thought to the family and friends
Helen Shaw
Helen Shaw 2 months ago
FARK GOOGLE 2 months ago
Taodra tube ታኦድራ
Exactly 7 years since her co star Cory died. RIP.
Francesca Bissanti
Francesca Bissanti 2 months ago
Im so sad, this sucks, I was really hoping for her safety. I just truly don't understand, none of this makes sense. ☹️☹️☹️😥😥😥
Barbara Rowley
Barbara Rowley 2 months ago
Wanna bet it was covid?
Ish Palla
Ish Palla 2 months ago
Creepy that today’s is the 13th. “Hollywood”
Patricia Grant
Patricia Grant 2 months ago
I had a feeling this wouldn't turn out the way everyone had hoped. It's devastating! I think about her poor little boy was stranded on that boat alone, being so fearful. My heart goes out to the family. This is truly a tragedy. 2020 is not playing!! 😢
La Reine
La Reine 2 months ago
My sincere condolences to her family. This is so incredibly sad.
sparkling fashion
sparkling fashion 2 months ago
She died 33 years....coincidence? I don’t think so
Lorra 2 months ago
RIP beautiful Naya! Your beauty and talent will shine forever!
oldhippy 2 months ago
Did she smell of fish?
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 2 months ago
Before or after she went in the water?
Artem Arti
Artem Arti 2 months ago
Alexandria H
Alexandria H 2 months ago
Willy Automotive
Willy Automotive 2 months ago
My thoughts & prayers for the family & loved ones of Ms rivera. What an excellent job the sherrifs & rescue team did. Its hard for everyone to have such a tragic ending especially when you see a person in the prime of their life. Please don't swim alone. God bless !!!
Mitchell Diaz
Mitchell Diaz 2 months ago
So she left her son on the boat alone to commit suicide? That's inhuman if so.
Mitchell Diaz
Mitchell Diaz 2 months ago
@I am akward. seems to be the case. Why the hell else would she jump off the boat for a swim and leave her kid? You dont go swim in a lake alone.
I am akward.
I am akward. 2 months ago
she committed suicide?
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