Bob Dylan - Murder Most Foul (Official Audio)

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Mar 26, 2020




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Comments 80
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan 2 months ago
Greetings to my fans and followers with gratitude for all your support and loyalty across the years. This is an unreleased song we recorded a while back that you might find interesting. Stay safe, stay observant and may God be with you. - Bob Dylan
forest yves
forest yves 10 days ago
c'est gentil merci vous aussi :)
Fernanda Mota
Fernanda Mota 27 days ago
Thank you for one more piece of art. I am a Brazilian fan, some references I do not know, but still a universal messenger. Brazilians needs help and art more than ever this moment. Our nation is dying.
The Bill Show
The Bill Show 2 months ago
Bob Dylan I’m comment 500. Thank you sir. We will not forget.
ZnoStreet 2 months ago
A dude in the highest. A truth narrative that warms the heart. What more could I say?
John Bean
John Bean 6 hours ago
play 9 Revolution no. 9 - 9 to the Universe Jimi Hendrix lp w/ early fusion organist Larry Young. play 6 I am the new number 2, you are number 6. Prisoner `who is number 1‘? `That would be telling‘. also, 96 Tears …
Seth Stine
Seth Stine 8 hours ago
"Play Pretty Boy Floyd"...Murder Most Foul
Peter Kalantzis
Peter Kalantzis 15 hours ago
These opening lyrics and music with the picture of JFK is so emotional, every time. They’re gonna pay for QWhat they did to this man
Patrik Schmid
Patrik Schmid 20 hours ago
Paul Stone
Paul Stone 21 hour ago
Beautiful a masterpiece thank you Bob
Ryan Day ago
Loved it man. Wonder what today would be like if history wasn't written this way.
Matte Denne
Matte Denne Day ago
Fantastic. It’s easy to make parallels whit what is happening now.
Mr White
Mr White Day ago
We are the Black Panther, Christopher the vetted killer with a yellow bandana, our bandana has a rocky mountain rattler on it and four simple words. Don't tread on me. Gabriel Timothy White OWS your ass. All of ewe.
Karmen Jazbec
Frank Kivity
Frank Kivity Day ago
Damn murdering fools. LBJ was in on the perfect fix.
Anjela Inasaridze
Bravo!!!! Thank you! Very touching and encouraging!
Karmen Jazbec
Karmen Jazbec 2 days ago
Sybil Duma
Sybil Duma 2 days ago
Bob, This song is so heartbreaking, especially this week as we watched the senseless murder of yet another one of our African American brothers by racist police. America needs your voice during this time of resistance & division. I pray for you to add one more verse to this song in memory of George Floyd. May he RIP. Respecting you always. Bless you🙏🏻
Caecilia Hoek Middelkoop
Dora Dora
Dora Dora 2 days ago
For George Floyd Floating despair flames raised to the ground Over the bridge to sweet dinkytown Play John Lee Hooker Play "Scratch My Back" Cops killing in custody most victims black Wolf Man Jack never loose your howl. You're playing the dirge of murder most fowl 💓💓💓
Jump Flash
Jump Flash 2 days ago
I remember the shock beeing a three year old boy I remember through and through the years, the decades the lies Its all refreshed up hard and clearly by Bob now. I think, we all need a look in this mirror again and again. Yes. P.S. I hope this album is not la Davids Black Star und Leonards you want it darker. Stay Bob
Thomas Carano
Thomas Carano 2 days ago
Hemingway/Twain. Pushing 80 and still sharp. Amazing. #Dylan2020.
Makere Chapman
Makere Chapman 2 days ago
Deeply moving.
Barb Wiest
Barb Wiest 2 days ago
i am impressed , very good song .
Chris 3 days ago
Big thank you from us in the UK.
ko napi
ko napi 3 days ago
The words that appear in this lyrics, "Anti-Christian times have begun." Is that the word actually heard from the Mafia after the death of Kennedy? I tried to get to know the identity of the boys who danced together at the festival a long time ago, and after 9 years of being harassed by collective stalkers, I arrived at yhwh. I will explain it for a long time, but I have changed so that I can understand the relationship between Japanese mafia and entertainment. I also learned that many Koreans created the world of the entertainment world under the names of Japanese people. From one side, I become anti-Christian. But if you get to my point of view from the other side, you may find it the origin of everything. h / why = yhwh = 360 ° eddie55 Why do you read Yahweh's name from the other side? You can find the letters. We must keep thinking in order to be happy. No matter how painful it may be, it only causes change in the future. I don't read God's name correctly. It may be an anti-Christian way of thinking. この歌詞の中に出てくる言葉、「反キリスト教の時代は始まった」 というのは実際にケネディイの死の後にマフィアから実際に聞いた言葉なのかい?私は昔お祭りで一緒にダンスした男の子の正体について知ろうとして、集団ストーカーに嫌がらせを受ける毎日を九年続けて、yhwhに辿りついた。説明するととても長いから話さないが、日本のマフィアやエンターテイメントの関係もよく理解できるように変化した。 韓国人が大勢日本人の名前で芸能界の世界を作りあげてきたことも知った。 私は片側から見れば、反キリスト教になる。しかし、他の側から私の考えを知れば、全ての原点であることに気付くかもしれない。 h/why=yhwh=360°eddiee55 ヤハウェの名前を反対側から読むと、なぜ?という文字を見つけることができる。私達は幸せになるためには考え続けなければならない。例え、どんなに苦しいことが起きても、それが唯一変化を未来に起こす。私はそう考えて、神の名前を正しい読み方をしない。反キリスト教の考え方かもしれないな。 "When The Saints Go Marching In" Dukes of Dixieland eddiee55
Brian Cattani
Brian Cattani 3 days ago
Everybody knows that the dice are loaded Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed Everybody knows the war is over Everybody knows the good guys lost Everybody knows the fight was fixed The poor stay poor, the rich get rich That's how it goes Everybody knows Everybody knows that the boat is leaking Everybody knows that the captain lied Everybody got this broken feeling Like their father or their dog just died Everybody talking to their pockets Everybody wants a box of chocolates And a long-stem rose Everybody knows
Brian Cattani
Brian Cattani 3 days ago
the nation is no longer going into a slow decay. drumpf is seeing to that.
Catherine Golitzin
Pertinent for today.
Frank Schnöde
Frank Schnöde 3 days ago
"Play Misty for me", ha that's a twofer!
Frank Stola
Frank Stola 3 days ago
We all gotta serve somebody.....frank
christina vanderhaeghe
Not the only Murder Most Foul
Antivist 3 days ago
Thank you for reminding us Bob. And thank you Q for all your efforts being made behind closed doors. #WWG1WGA
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper 3 days ago
Just the best
Major Tom
Major Tom 3 days ago
Dear Bob, Don't die, please. God Bless
Professor Fez
Professor Fez 4 days ago
Brace yourselves, here come the conspiracy theorists.
Professor Fez
Professor Fez 3 days ago
@R S It was never alive so can't die.
R S 4 days ago
Isn't it funny how you only have to say "CONSPIRACY THEORY" and then conversation magically dies? Neat magic trick you got there, but I think your charms are becoming weaker and weaker as we approach November.
Nick Peterson
Nick Peterson 4 days ago
Murder Most Foul has such a new meaning now...
Professor Fez
Professor Fez 4 days ago
something to do with a particular type of bird hmmmm? Is that what you are getting at?
Midwest Guy
Midwest Guy 4 days ago
Now that George H. Bush is dead we should be able to get justice for this man
Maria Chiara Cantoni
Absolute genius
David Trent
David Trent 4 days ago
What a stupid, repetitive song.
Blue zone recording
what a stupid comment
Cheat Sheet
Cheat Sheet 5 days ago
Phil Ochs wonders what kept you.
Tony G
Tony G 5 days ago
WWG1WGA Viva Cristo Rey 😎
Tony G
Tony G 5 days ago
And the Same Week the Young Kennedy's release Timber 🤔 WWG1WGA Viva Cristo Rey 😎
Elli Gorodnev
Elli Gorodnev 5 days ago
I listen to this every day and cry for Israel’s PM Itzhak Rabin, who was also assassinated. Since that day my country “has gone to a slow decay”...
JACK ARNELL 2 days ago
I'm sorry to say that what you say is true Elli. Love to you for saying it. We need more.
Arela Zadie Whyte
My heart is breaking...
Alex Kubish
Alex Kubish 5 days ago
Zapruder's film then, Darnella's film today...
Frank Stola
Frank Stola 5 days ago
Another one Dylan....this a troubling one....they said that a man filmed the JFK ASSASSINATION with an eight milimeter or super 8 millimeter camera...my brother Michael Anthony Stola was the only person I ever knew who owned one and the projector to show the film's he took. It wasn't the Kennedy assasination he filmed but drag racing at the quarter mile track in englishtown new Jersey and another track I can't remember the name of yet.... He went as a guest of his cousin Frank de grazio a race car owner/ driver. Years back some of my Irish buddy's used to stress me out saying Stola I'm going antiquing for Super 8 film stuff and then they would add...... you still Irish Stola....you still want to be Irish ...I'm not Irish no more he added. I always hated f . DE grazio the CORNUTE didn't invite me to the track....his wedding and treated me like I was a piece of shit.....to him no stola a CORNUTE CONTENTE DE grazio. STOLA.
Frank Stola
Frank Stola 5 days ago
An Evening with Ebola
If Charles Manson was more coherent...
EL GAMER 5 days ago
Thank you Mr.Dylan. You are the Bard of my generation. May God bless you !!!!
Deborah Boyd
Deborah Boyd 6 days ago
A journalist once asked Bob Dylan, "What are your songs about?" Dylan replied, "Some of them are about five minutes and some of them are about eight minutes." Mr Dylan..what an epic poem, seems you've taken events that occured through the years and woven some memories and feelings of yours in amongst it, Everytime I listen to it I hear something else I didn't notice before..it really is a beautiful sound..so sad but also not..wonder did u sit on this one for some time too..play that person, play that song, play it for, play that feeling, yeah...thanks for the beauty
Mustafa A.shah
Mustafa A.shah 6 days ago
George floyd protestors had this on full volume
Robert Stassi
Robert Stassi 6 days ago
Today is John f Kennedy’s birthday may 29 he would’ve been 103.
Steven DelGatto
Steven DelGatto 6 days ago
Wake me up when it's over 😔
ham underhill
ham underhill 6 days ago
no no wouldnt think of it rest easy now little boy jason compson's transmigration
tomw 6 days ago
thanks for this, you've somehow been with me all my life
Michael Walker
Michael Walker 6 days ago
The first time I have heard this haunting song. JFK was a hero of mine. Dylan has written the ultimate elegy to the slain President.
popatyourecords 6 days ago
Happy Birthday JFK
ham underhill
ham underhill 6 days ago
play it for randy meisner & then take it to the limit one more time
Incognito Bandito
Norma Gene /Marilyn Monroe was assassinated the day I was born.
Incognito Bandito
Hey Bob, Write and Sing A song about Che Include The Heart. The Foot, The Arm of Love & the dance and the Love. And Most importantly the Dream of Love The Gentelness and Kindness that any thing is possible if you Love with Peace Love You Bob Dylan.X
Incognito Bandito
Hey Bob Dyaln, Those fools in yubbytubby stole your views. You went from 15K in 2 days to this. Nearly 4. 8 Million views Perfectly exploited. "Murder most Foul". In 3 Weeks it was 5 million. I watched it. sent it. Shared it !!! Stay safe beauitiful Bob Dylan. I love you XXX My Poem was taken, down also.
Imperial Senator Avitus Livius Aquila
Mark Solarz
Mark Solarz 7 days ago
JFK served his country. You didn’t Bob.......you chicken shit! Little man. Weak.....whining! Eve of destruction. Remember that old depressing bullshit song.......well it was all Bob Dylan. Lots of people joined his band wagon.....including me. But since the 70’s n 80’s. He’s a ghost. Rich man. Fucking pathetic sell out! Right BOB? Now I’m glad most of the crowd walked out on you............your a terrible person now. This song sucks. No guitar. No beat. Just Bob.....droning on.....in and out of delusions of the past. Fuck off Bob.
JACK ARNELL 2 days ago
Don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters...
Mark Solarz
Mark Solarz 7 days ago
My dog sings better then you.
Professor Fez
Professor Fez 4 days ago
Your dog looks and smells better than you.
Classical Music11
Did your dog win a nobel prize, too? If you approach Dylan's music while focusing solely on his voice, you're missing the point completely.
Blue zone recording
your dog sings with heart, meaning, passion and soul?
Mark Solarz
Mark Solarz 7 days ago
How come your not here? Minnesota. Police Brutality? Bob Dylan chicken shit. Do as I say. Not as I do. Right Bob?
Professor Fez
Professor Fez 4 days ago
yes yes yes we get it - Murder most "Fowl". Move along now.
Mark Solarz
Mark Solarz 7 days ago
WOW another depressing song from Bob the quitter. Bob the idiot. Bob the chicken shit!
Axclusiv Enterprise
He's letting us kno what happened jfk was gonna end our government and they killed him for that all he wanted was for us THE PEOPLE to be free.
Axclusiv Enterprise
Great song thinks for letting us kno WWG1WGA
Kevin BurnsMusic
Kevin BurnsMusic 7 days ago
Hi Bob could you post a video please responding to the allegation that at the start of your career you made a deal at the crossroads, (The Ed Bradley Interview) with an being whom you described as the 'Chief Commander' of this world and of the world we can't see? The interview has hundreds of thousands of views and it would nice to hear a response. Was this an actually event or where you making it up to appear more mysterious or what was it? It would be good to hear a response from you to clear up this topic. Many Thanks Bob
Professor Fez
Professor Fez 4 days ago
@garad123456 Bloody hell....THIS again! It's called marketing, it's a story nothing more.
garad123456 7 days ago
He is clearly implying that he made a deal with God
tracy tracy
tracy tracy 7 days ago
I can't cope, this was so moving and sad 😭😭😭. Why can't I stop playing this??? Reminds me of our Irish ballads of remembrance. Heart breaking 💔💔💔
JACK ARNELL 2 days ago
Your right there Tracy.
Vvv Mmm
Vvv Mmm 7 days ago
add Mr. George Floyd to civil decay
Patty Piazza
Patty Piazza 7 days ago
Thank you, Mr. Dylan, for reminding us who we were and what we allowed to happen. How much more will we take without standing up. So many have given so much to save us and still we sleep.
Matt Philip Hale
Matt Philip Hale 8 days ago
Love ya Bob. Love this too. Hope fans might enjoy me also... ruvid.net/video/video-vvjZY3vFMZc.html
ただし 8 days ago
味のある声だよね 貴方に会えて 良かった 心の底から そう思います...
ElPocho DelMundo
ElPocho DelMundo 8 days ago
Been listenin' to, meditating on Bobby since I was 16, 1962. I bought his second album first, Freeewhelin' then his first album "Bob Dylan". Then I bought every one just after release, up through Blood on the Tracks. I was a very young hipster- poet, hangin' with older intellectual poetry types, pasty faced peace creeps. I am inclined to say this is near the finest composition-performance of his career, certainly one of his finest works. That may reflect my age, membership in the cohort, and participant n the 60s ethos from a young age. I am intensely aware of my fits of reminiscence. The song surely feeds this cognitive process that is so activated in older times. Listening is a huge reminiscence jag, like steroids or speed, for memories, moods, summoning ideals, reminiscence spews out my hippocampus or wherever. It sure beats hell out of American Pie and even Sympathy for the Devil, in that regard. Thanks for a lifetime, Zimmie, and especially thanks for this one. Can't help stayin' . . . forever young.
broandrew 8 days ago
I was 5 years old when JFK died. I remember going to the market newstand headlines for weeks and seeing everyone weeping, tears on most faces. He was truly loved and it upset everyone alive back then. Tears go deep. We are fighting the same enemy today, they are now spreading us a virus. We go on and on, while they all will die and disappear forever. While we will live on. THEY? will never learn repentance, nor hear His voice. Seek the higher power, that will never end.
broandrew 8 days ago
Thank you Bob. The US Patriotic Q group started in 1964. Come join us, be a prayer warrior, join the Lion's army the tribe of Judah. Trump is Q+ He is not a bad man, he is now lead by GOD. Claim the Passover this April, over your home, no mas corona at your home. Help pray and clean up the swamp, be on the non-brainwashed side of life. WWG1WGA.
Cole S
Cole S 9 days ago
They aint playing this one on MTV...good lord
Christina Fidance
My very first Bob Concert was the last show of the last millennium on November 20, 1999 at the Bob Carpenter Center (small venue of about 3,000) when I was only 19 years old! I loved him then and I love him now.... 20 years and 8 shows later!!!
Debara Scofield
Debara Scofield 9 days ago
Love you Sir. Thank you for your most wonderful lyrics. I have deep respect. Much love.
Marjia Muskiz
Marjia Muskiz 9 days ago
Blessings of Light, Peace and Love 🙏🏻 🌹💫
James 1:19
James 1:19 9 days ago
Thank you sir.
bogartzen 9 days ago
Happy birthday Greetings from Norway
Eric Watling
Eric Watling 9 days ago
Letters Home - Eric Watling ruvid.net/video/video-g3xMFs_F0Uw.html
Hawksongs 9 days ago
Dear God ~ thank you for Bob Dylan
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