BOAT LIFE: Our First Overnight Sail, with a Baby!

Sailing La Vagabonde
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Today we set off for our first overnight sail with a baby... wish us luck.
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08:58 Travellin’ - Jordan Merrick - jordanmerrick.bandcamp.com/
14:27 Black Balloon - James Forest and the East Road jamesforest.bandcamp.com/album/james-forest-the-east-road
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Apr 17, 2019

BOAT LIFE: Our First Overnight Sailwith a Baby!BOAT LIFE




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Comments 1 355
Sailing La Vagabonde
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Joann Barthold
Joann Barthold Month ago
@7:40 speaking of great white sharks, have you ever seen any?? Like up close and personal or when you have been in the water.... I’ve often wondered. I’d also like to know what you think about them as predatory or it’s just a mistake when they grab a person as some people say..
kh2002 2 months ago
People! You got balls to do that with a baby aboard! We love you!!
Tiffany Mason
Tiffany Mason 3 months ago
I absolutely love being a part of your Patron crew! 🥰🙏🥰
Emmet Wright
Emmet Wright 3 months ago
Never mind you just got one, right next to us!
Elizabeth Harttley
As a fan i have watched all y'all do and go lots of places. You guys are wonderful to share your lives. No worries regarding lenny, he is a part of the adventure of life. Peace
ray kemry
ray kemry 4 days ago
More hes a cute lil bugger. Cant wait to see him start toddling. I livo when they start talking. I gets easier and befor ya know it he will ask ya fer the keys.
MrWellyeah 7 days ago
@5:10 it looked like a great white shark lol scary
Joy Overley
Joy Overley 8 days ago
Elana, I found a product to compete with your double-sided tape. WWW.inspireuplift.com It is this reusable clear pad that keeps things in its place. Love following life on the boat, with a baby! What a grand love story.
John Cooper
John Cooper 12 days ago
I watch for the baby - could never be even enough.
Nona Affleck
Nona Affleck 12 days ago
Never too much of a well loved Baby Lenny.....love it all!
EILEEN Fedele 13 days ago
I know this is a older video but, Always more Lenny😍
Ocean Girl
Ocean Girl 13 days ago
I’ve learned so much from Riley about winds. Beautiful family.
James Price
James Price 15 days ago
MORE COWBELL.....................................
Deborah Salizzoni
Deborah Salizzoni 15 days ago
Are you throwing Lenny's diapers into the ocean?
Marian Smartt
Marian Smartt 16 days ago
I just found your channel and I’m delighted with it. I especially love seeing Lenny! But then I am a grandma. Your family is so sweet. Sending you much love. Oh, and yes I subscribed!
chris soto
chris soto 16 days ago
I remember my brother had his basset hound sleep right under his crib snoring away he wouldn’t sleep without Rufus
Jackson Oberlink
Jackson Oberlink 17 days ago
Katelyn Stayonoff
Katelyn Stayonoff 17 days ago
As someone who hates kids, I actually don't mind the amount of Lenny in the videos. In fact he's a pretty cute kid, and it really shows me that even though you two now have a child, you're still doing what you love in life and Lenny seems to bring you two such joy.
M Tromp
M Tromp 17 days ago
"Theryago" 7:28 😂😂
Jo Bo
Jo Bo 17 days ago
No matter how many times you see dolphins it is still exciting.
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson 17 days ago
We love LENNY! Such a happy little guy
Miriama Matthews
Miriama Matthews 18 days ago
More of Lenny! Just have a constant camera on him!what a little bean!! Love him! Love you guys!
Diana Olson
Diana Olson 19 days ago
I could never get to much of LENNY. LENNY is the best. HAPPY SAILING!!
Jesse P
Jesse P 20 days ago
What kind of sailboat is that the name of it
MY NEXT RIDE 22 days ago
We love babys, show as much as you like.
ツHowdy There
ツHowdy There 23 days ago
More Lenny, please and thank you 🥰
B adams
B adams 24 days ago
Sorry to say but Lenny is the new star of the show ; )
Morgan Falk
Morgan Falk 24 days ago
More Lenny
Morgan Falk
Morgan Falk 24 days ago
Pluff mud on your anchor!
Tiffiny Harrington
Tiffiny Harrington 25 days ago
I just found you a few days ago and just LOVE seeing two people absolutely making the most of life. And baby Lenny is so precious and cute...how could there be “too much” of him? It’s good to show how having a baby both changes everything and yet you can (and really should) keep following your own path with the littles coming along. It’s wonderful that you’ve returned to the sea with your little man. What a beautiful childhood he will enjoy! Good on you both💙
PBS Engineers
PBS Engineers 25 days ago
I love Lenny, more and more, please.
Jess Knuteson
Jess Knuteson 26 days ago
I think i speak for everyone when i day we can't get enough of Lenny.
Sara Z
Sara Z 26 days ago
I prefer Lenny lol
John Mortellaro
John Mortellaro 26 days ago
20:20 is that a cat scratcher pole on the sill, is that some kind of a hint of a secret stowaway??
John Mortellaro
John Mortellaro 26 days ago
There could never be to much Lenny😉 from a father of 4
Carobinson Robinson
It looked just like a great white for sure!!!!!!!
Carobinson Robinson
There could never be too much Lenny❤️👍❤️!
The Lampman
The Lampman 27 days ago
i can't imagine why anyone would dislike any of the vidieos kinda makes me mad!
TruthNoLie 28 days ago
I'm here for Lenny's smile. Can't get enough of it.
Tammy Kroll
Tammy Kroll 28 days ago
It totally looked like a great white. Even when you played it back
Mairead Minch
Mairead Minch 28 days ago
there is NEVER enough Lenny.
Sereima Miles
Sereima Miles 28 days ago
Love you guys. Living the Dream. Came across u guys about a month ago, on RUvid, DoH!! (obviously) lol. And just went berserk on catching up on all your 200+ episodes. Loved every single one of them. No need to change anything. More Lenny 🤩👶 #TheBestBingeEver. 👪💝🚣‍♂️🏊‍♂️🥦🍉🍊🎏🎣🗺🌍🏖🌅🌠🌌⛵🌬🌡🌞
Kimber Kiefer
Kimber Kiefer 28 days ago
always finding hair in the food hahahah
Patrick 28 days ago
Umm, diapers in the ocean?
Patrick 28 days ago
I'm looking forward to seeing Lenny at the helm.
Lorea Fox
Lorea Fox 28 days ago
What a great family. I have been watching you for the past week with my 91 year old mom. We love it.
Amber G.Taylor
Amber G.Taylor 29 days ago
Love having Lenny in the vlog, lil ray of sunshine ☀️
Marshall Shirley
Marshall Shirley 29 days ago
I think lenny is stilling the show guys , so adorable and such a blessing babys are
Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez Month ago
More and More Lenny please enjoy every second seeing him!!
SanSan Month ago
More Lenny!
Cliff Month ago
I know you are good parents, but I keep thinking about the germs and immune system for the baby. Lenny isn't exposed to anything really?
Garrett Rohde
Garrett Rohde Month ago
Lenny is such a trooper! Awesome. Elayna's comment about Lenny being the boss now gave me a laugh...just made me think, now Captain Riley has someone from the Admiralty on board he has to answer to 😂 Cheers, Admiral Lenny. In all seriousness, to answer your question, MORE LENNY! I've read a lot about cruisers raising their kids aboard, but I think those of us that are wondering about that would gain sooo much more from watching y'all discover that first-hand, rather than reading the brief mentions of it in various cruiser's memoirs.
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