BOAT LIFE: Our First Overnight Sail, with a Baby!

Sailing La Vagabonde
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Today we set off for our first overnight sail with a baby... wish us luck.
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Apr 17, 2019




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Comments 1 385
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde 10 months ago
Join Our Crew! bit.ly/SLVPatreon
Mike Thacker
Mike Thacker 3 months ago
Sailing La Vagabonde Lenny needs his own Chanel !
Joann Barthold
Joann Barthold 8 months ago
@7:40 speaking of great white sharks, have you ever seen any?? Like up close and personal or when you have been in the water.... I’ve often wondered. I’d also like to know what you think about them as predatory or it’s just a mistake when they grab a person as some people say..
Paige-jayne Trezise
Dein Lawson-Matthew
Sick episode, cheers big ears!
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose 20 days ago
Girl there could be never enough Lenny you better show him as much as you can he is so handsome 👼
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Month ago
Yep while I mow my grass, you set your sale.
James Kennedy
James Kennedy Month ago
Okay I think it's Lemmy:)! But it might be the people on our Eastern shore who fell in love with your adventure.
Carl Fenger
Carl Fenger 2 months ago
More Lenny!
James Mara
James Mara 2 months ago
Lenny is a wee legend already, instant star!
Richard Getz
Richard Getz 2 months ago
More Boss Baby :)
Brenda Womer
Brenda Womer 3 months ago
Stacey Schuett
Stacey Schuett 3 months ago
Your family. Aww riles my heart went and melted when you said that.
PuraVidaFamilia 3 months ago
Hola! Pura Vida guys! we love watching you and especially your little baby !!! That is our favorite part! We have one year old twins after 12 years of trying, we absolutely love children and our twins love watching your channel together with us. We are so happy to see you succeeding. We have a young channel and will add soon our new life with our twins into it, Chao, Pura Vida!
Andy Theo
Andy Theo 4 months ago
Never ever ever enough of Lenny love him hes a champ
Andy Theo
Andy Theo 4 months ago
Hi guys + beautiful Lenny just a word to Captain Riley hav noticed some darker mark on top of your nose be it from sunburn jus take care u are in sun heeps please get checked take it from a fellow aussie ( Queensander ) had problems we like your nose Riley anyway i've stuck my nose in enough you are both terrific parents take care
Zombies Can't Swim
Zombies Can't Swim 4 months ago
Never too much Lenny ! You have a beautiful family, show them off !!!
kimrusz4 4 months ago
Lenny is a legend!! We can’t get enough of him 👶🏼💙
Nathan Ginsburg
Nathan Ginsburg 4 months ago
To little of lennie
pam joiner
pam joiner 4 months ago
There is never enough of Lenny in the videos, he’s such a happy little baby ,show more of Lenny he’s awesome
5555filly 4 months ago
More Renton Biscuit Lenny, always brings a smile❤️
Katia Lemos
Katia Lemos 4 months ago
Please more of Lenny don't ever apologize for having Lenny on the videos he is such sweet and happy baby. He is part of the family and we want more of him 😍💖
frisbee peanuts
frisbee peanuts 5 months ago
Its so wonderful to watch you guys living the dream! Its such a healthy lifestyle. You are IN the moment all the time, watching the weather change, the seas change, managing the boat and a baby, doing manual tasks in nature, swimming and so active every day, in the fresh sea air, and now and then a dolphin or sunfish cruising by - what more could you want! So impressed how relaxed you guys are with a new baby onboard - you are seriously cool natural parents!!! Also love how much information you give about sailing (we can actually learn stuff!), or the history of the islands and places you visit - your videos are so relaxing, funny and interesting to watch, thank you for all the hard work that goes into them. x
Joe Gotz
Joe Gotz 5 months ago
You guys are the best parents ever and what family you are! My name is Michael and I've been battling stage 4 colon cancer for 6 years. I want to thank you, you're videos have gotten me through a many a chemotherapy session!! With great respect and love to you guys thank you blessed wishes Michael Syracuse. New York.
R.Nathan Sinclair
R.Nathan Sinclair 5 months ago
FYI: I always love the moments where Lenny smiles when he sees dad. SuperDad is my superpower..! 😍🇨🇦❤️
R.Nathan Sinclair
R.Nathan Sinclair 5 months ago
My two cents...LENNY IS THE NEW STAR. Having all the little Lenny details and drama are totally welcomed and fully supported. Lenny says in sailor gibberish, “I’m LENNY AND I ENDORSE THIS MESSAGE.” 🙏🏼😍👨🏻‍✈️
HAL19528 5 months ago
Happened upon your site a couple of months ago and have been watching the videos from the beginning of your journey. You two are such a nice young couple and now with the addition of Lenny, wow awesome. I'm not a sailor but thoroughly enjoy your adventure. Keep up the good work and will continue to work my way through until I'm caught up to the present. Cheers! PS: never enough of Lenny!
jajeisdaly diaz
jajeisdaly diaz 5 months ago
there’s NEVER too much Lenny are you crazy!!!
Jean 5 months ago
Never enough Lenny!
gregory fietz
gregory fietz 5 months ago
NO NOT TO MUCH LENNY FOR ME , I'm a Dad of 4 girls . BUT definitely too much baby stuff for Cheryl and me before we got married . Yuk ----- Snotty smelly kids , big turnoff , guilt trips etc etc .
Lon Matejczyk
Lon Matejczyk 5 months ago
There are no ropes on a boat. Just lines and the proper names for others like Painter.
Lon Matejczyk
Lon Matejczyk 5 months ago
I would like to see how you use the Dagger Boards in all sailing conditions. I want an outremer or a gunboat. I do want the skeg to protect the Sail drive and rudder. How do you use it?
Tylyn Pass
Tylyn Pass 5 months ago
Lenny is the reason we subscribed 😁
Jeannette Sikes
Jeannette Sikes 6 months ago
I love seeing Lenny, I think there is just the right amount of BABY in your videos, well...maybe a little more.
Dietrich Mikowski
Dietrich Mikowski 6 months ago
I've said it before, and I'll likely say it again, Riley, your a bloody lucky dude!!
dnb0918 6 months ago
People are crazy if they don't just love Lenny!
oneness is the key.
oneness is the key. 6 months ago
with out Lenny there is no La-Vagabonde he is the Star of the Show.
Y Sanchez
Y Sanchez 6 months ago
you guys made my day today,wish you blessings , you guys are so beautiful together,and hilarious, ....wish to learn sailboating ,any basic books with pictures you guys recommend?
Chuck Gray
Chuck Gray 6 months ago
Too much Lenny never never never he is so cute and adorable can’t get enough!! Maybe less Riley to make up for more Lenny! LOL just kidding Riley!
Steve Castro
Steve Castro 6 months ago
Sunfish, also known as a Mola Mola
Marty Connors
Marty Connors 6 months ago
you've mentioned, and I've heard Rage Against the Machine several times lately... well I guess the last 6 months for you...good music for the air guitar.
Tanja Gibney
Tanja Gibney 6 months ago
Awesome!!!! Love the videos...everything BUT disposing of a dirty diaper/nappy into the ocean guys! :(
Chris Burgess
Chris Burgess 6 months ago
Your videos are amazing and we all love Lenny too, ratio stop on! Lol thanks for the great work guys
Kloria Moler
Kloria Moler 6 months ago
فقط این بچه خوشگل من نشون بدید تویه تمامی فیلم هاتون نشون بدید بوزرگ شد کجاست 😚😚😚😂😂😂😚😚😚🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋
Camping Adventures
Camping Adventures 6 months ago
Holy cow! Sunfish are scary looking 😮 I paused the video, looked up sunfish because I thought it was a great white.
Norman Harris
Norman Harris 6 months ago
Lenny’s cool...
Jackie Lowrey
Jackie Lowrey 6 months ago
When elayna says “Lavagabonde” in the intro I always thought she was saying “welcome to agraba” which makes me think of Aladdin every time i start a new video lol. It took me a long time to realize she was saying La-vaga-bonde...
Jackie Lowrey
Jackie Lowrey 6 months ago
I’m skipping around your vlogs randomly like a maniac but I love seeing the natural parents Elayna & Riley have become together. You have a beautiful home on the water and a beautiful family. We are so lucky to get a glimpse at your incredible life sailing! As a subscriber I really appreciate the amazing videos you create. 💕
JC Baily
JC Baily 6 months ago
You are a wonderful little family so please don't apologize for taking too many pictures especially of Lenny....he is a joy to watch and see him grow....thanks for sharing so much....stay safe!
hossameldin60 6 months ago
so cute babe i feel good look his face :)
Ms.Mandie Vlog
Ms.Mandie Vlog 7 months ago
❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘Hello cute little Lenny!
Naika Rivera-Deutsch
I love the baby!! Sharing your life is the reason I watch your videos.
Peggy Phelps
Peggy Phelps 7 months ago
I love your family put Lenny in when you can I love your channel .
Elizabeth Harttley
Elizabeth Harttley 7 months ago
As a fan i have watched all y'all do and go lots of places. You guys are wonderful to share your lives. No worries regarding lenny, he is a part of the adventure of life. Peace
Ray Kemry
Ray Kemry 7 months ago
More hes a cute lil bugger. Cant wait to see him start toddling. I livo when they start talking. I gets easier and befor ya know it he will ask ya fer the keys.
MrWellyeah 7 months ago
@5:10 it looked like a great white shark lol scary
Joy Overley
Joy Overley 7 months ago
Elana, I found a product to compete with your double-sided tape. WWW.inspireuplift.com It is this reusable clear pad that keeps things in its place. Love following life on the boat, with a baby! What a grand love story.
John Cooper
John Cooper 7 months ago
I watch for the baby - could never be even enough.
Nona Affleck
Nona Affleck 7 months ago
Never too much of a well loved Baby Lenny.....love it all!
EILEEN Fedele 7 months ago
I know this is a older video but, Always more Lenny😍
Ocean Girl
Ocean Girl 7 months ago
I’ve learned so much from Riley about winds. Beautiful family.
James Price
James Price 7 months ago
MORE COWBELL.....................................
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