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Welcome, new employees, to our monthly Old Spice Boardroom meeting. When in session, we’ll be discussing our company's biggest problems, and we expect you, the consumers, to have the correct solutions via internet commenting and voting live in real time. We ask that you maintain a professional attitude during this time, as it’s absolutely crucial to our international corporate success. We trust that there will be no “jokes”, “fooling around”, “lollygagging” or “horseplay”. This is a place of business. Comment, vote, email, call, and fax your thoughts in real time and we’ll incorporate them into our boardroom meeting live right before your very eyes. Like magic! But it’s not magic, it’s just business.
Google Drive: bit.ly/OldSpiceBoardroomDrive
Email: OldSpiceBoardroom@gmail.com


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Aug 16, 2018

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Comments 55
Lance Woods
Lance Woods 9 months ago
Knuckles The Retard
Knuckles The Retard 9 months ago
I saw a chat message that read: "t h i c c"
John Salazar
John Salazar 9 months ago
I have a question. why won't you leave us alone and let your product speak for itself?
tom don
tom don 9 months ago
PotatoWiz 9 months ago
Shoutout to Simple Flips.
Preston Shadle
Preston Shadle 9 months ago
weird Lobster
weird Lobster 9 months ago
weird Lobster
weird Lobster 9 months ago
Laif Garrett
Laif Garrett 9 months ago
Pillsbury Doughboy
Pillsbury Doughboy 9 months ago
Massive Dohoonkabhankoloos
“Still waiting on that boneless pizza” You guys are way out of the loop
Ceeney 9 months ago
Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy 9 months ago
Ethan Walker
Ethan Walker 10 months ago
Timothy Schneider
Timothy Schneider 10 months ago
Timothy Schneider
Timothy Schneider 10 months ago
Timothy Schneider
Timothy Schneider 10 months ago
Timothy Schneider
Timothy Schneider 10 months ago
Option 4
Timothy Schneider
Timothy Schneider 10 months ago
Option 3
Timothy Schneider
Timothy Schneider 10 months ago
Option 3
Timothy Schneider
Timothy Schneider 10 months ago
Option 3
Timothy Schneider
Timothy Schneider 10 months ago
Option 3
munelo1 10 months ago
Robert Kenney
Robert Kenney 10 months ago
You guys can buzz off. You got rid of Lions Pride, which I liked better than any of the other scents for your antiperspirant. Why you do that?!
Hexablu 10 months ago
8:14 WoOMY OMG
Nene Rawrs
Nene Rawrs 10 months ago
C Ack
C Ack 10 months ago
Fatih Hayta
Fatih Hayta 10 months ago
Space Age ASMR
Space Age ASMR 10 months ago
1:04:01 - I was actually in the video! Also I called her at 1:37:35 and told her that her credit card was stolen and to give me her credit card number ha. Was so surprised that they actually answered!
Norman Strong
Norman Strong 10 months ago
That’s awesome. That’s why Old Spice is the best
Jeremy 10 months ago
Space Age ASMR That's really cool, I'm surprised
Cody Hawkins
Cody Hawkins 10 months ago
Do these on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when more people can watch and do it more that just monthly! Also have people sign up with their emails so you can send people the date and time before it starts
Celso Torres
Celso Torres 10 months ago
If we change the name World Is Nice. Old Spice is too...Old
Frank Zhao
Frank Zhao 10 months ago
TheBillinator3000 10 months ago
Wait...where's the boneless pizza?
VEFALI TÜRK 10 months ago
Which is the most masculine body wash scent ım using bearglove its ok but not that masculine
missfridz 10 months ago
Nice piece of marketing! Brilliant guys!
Calle Ågren
Calle Ågren 10 months ago
when is the next stream?
Davis 10 months ago
was expecting a real one
Mario2980 10 months ago
Davis But this is a real one... .3.
Evan Watson
Evan Watson 10 months ago
I didn’t know that old spice had a livestream. This is some grade A marketing here
Fact Core
Fact Core 10 months ago
Edawg 88 natureman
Real_RUBB3R 10 months ago
Charcola 10 months ago
Shoutouts to Simpleflips.
Blake Holmes
Blake Holmes 10 months ago
Make products that dont smell like an old man in a nursing home.
ANU START 10 months ago
this is some wham city comedy type stuff
Brent Martin
Brent Martin 10 months ago
This is awesome!
James Thomas
James Thomas 10 months ago
I missed the meeting, I'll have to see you next month.
Oi man
Oi man 10 months ago
That was fun
Benedicte Lafoule
Benedicte Lafoule 10 months ago
Oi man hello
Mister Amerika
Mister Amerika 10 months ago
Maybe you need a balls-to-the-wall influencer, who knows that Americans want you, the honorable Old Spice brand, to KICK IT UP A NOTCH!!!
GOD the good one
GOD the good one 10 months ago
Zadact Vadact
Zadact Vadact 10 months ago
robbie rane
robbie rane 10 months ago
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