BMW M760Li v Tesla Model S v Audi RS 6 v Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate DRAG & ROLLING RACE

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It's time for another carwow drag race - and this is one of the most epic yet! This time I've assembled four performance monsters all with over 600hp and all-wheel-drive - and because, well... I can. This video will, though, settle two big scores all in one video: which brand makes the world’s fastest wagon, and who makes to most rapid luxury saloon? To find out, the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate, the Audi RS 6 Avant, the BMW M760Li and the Tesla Model S P100d line up against each other, for one of the closest ever carwow races. You won't want to miss this!

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Oct 7, 2017




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Comments 4 647
BunGYChords 14 hours ago
Tesla’s are only good u til about 110 miles per hour then they start to die out and combustion engines start winning they only go ahead in rolling races bc of no gear box
Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh 5 days ago
In every video tesla is allways GONE🤭
Leon Peaks
Leon Peaks 6 days ago
A Damn Cruiseship beat the Audi hahahahaha
888 quattro
888 quattro 6 days ago
Every car is the latest generation while audi is the old....🤣🤣 would you put E63 amg not S...only E63 amg and BMW M5...not compatition only M5...G30 and RS6 C8...when RS6 C8 perfomance gonna be relased.. Than compare M5 comp...E63 amg S...would you be...just only one realistic....and put the equal classes...😏
Hubert Jadczak
Hubert Jadczak 7 days ago
A6, E class and 7 series? U serious?
SVT 2801
SVT 2801 8 days ago
It would be cool if Tesla implemented fake exhaust sounds. Imagine a F1 car or old school muscle car exhaust note. Just for fun of course
Aditya pundir
Aditya pundir 9 days ago
Tesla driver was sleeping
Dzek Trbosjek
Dzek Trbosjek 9 days ago
Dont know ho is worse from start this tesla driver or audi driver lol hahaha
Benjamin Naderkhani
RS6 all the way
Ryan Taker
Ryan Taker 11 days ago
May’s favorite saying “That Tesla’s gone!”
Ryan Taker
Ryan Taker 11 days ago
I meant Mat
Kevin Duquette
Kevin Duquette 12 days ago
Worst start on the Tesla? That’s because he didn’t push the peddle.
Florinnn Florinnn
Florinnn Florinnn 13 days ago
Wow, bmw luxury heavy car win against the audi performance 😂
Soul Riad
Soul Riad 15 days ago
You stopied
ICESkillers 15 days ago
the tesla driver`s reaction time sucks
ben1077 21 day ago
Get the rs7 fool
Hunter XXL
Hunter XXL 23 days ago
Are we going to ignore the fact that the tesla driver stayed 0.3 0.2seconds just to push the pedal? Lol the car made him to win not the driver made the car
Alper İlgun
Alper İlgun 25 days ago
Tesla driver is secret agent..
Dejan Štamec
Dejan Štamec 28 days ago
RS6 had a bad start, but is here the most beautiful car (for me)! Anyway such car you won't just drive it stock all the time... when you once tune it which is easy with this car everything changes... and Performance is much better!
João Gonçalves
Most said phrase in carwow. "that tesla is gone"
W-lan Kabel
W-lan Kabel Month ago
Electric cars are crap and shit
Anes Month ago
Mercedes king
Bimmer for life
Bimmer for life Month ago
Why isnt the m5 insted of the 740?
ToasterAlley Month ago
lol worste start???? more like shit reaction time!!!
Anal B
Anal B Month ago
this bmw is slow😂😂😂 i thought the bmw is fast.
Tunahan Memiş
Tunahan Memiş Month ago
M5 competition 👍👍
Jelly Stick
Jelly Stick Month ago
I still love Mercedes!😍😍
Himanshu Malviya
i really love that portion when its Tesla's turn for the exhaust note
Chansa Bweupe
Chansa Bweupe Month ago
Do a BMW 320d vs mercedes C220d drag race, rolling race and brake test
Ilia Bukhal
Ilia Bukhal Month ago
Все равно #рскаебашит
You are a bad driver
Emirtoloji Month ago
0:28 song name pls?
Bemarivie Month ago
This is nonsense. It shouldve been a bmw m5 not a 7 series 😂😂 like why the MB wasnt a s-class and the audi an 8? What is the point in this race
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Month ago
It looks like they are going slow..
DiliDönmeyen Oyuncu
TheTrain Budak
TheTrain Budak Month ago
ShadowKiller98 Month ago
Mat your car needs a gas
Norby Ursaciuc
Norby Ursaciuc Month ago
Almost 500 kg the BMW is heavier and still got the 3 place
Calvin Baker
Calvin Baker Month ago
That Tesla sounds amazing 😂
Wissam Boukaili
Wissam Boukaili Month ago
You are kidding me
Hunter XXL
Hunter XXL Month ago
i like how gas fans did give the tesla model x p100d a super car title not a family sedan xdd they i learned that cuz every time u will tell em its a family sedan they will tell u but then why does it do that or that and ye
Hunter XXL
Hunter XXL Month ago
talking about bad drivers
Меда Миллион
Закрой заднее стекло на мерсе овца
louis 2.0
louis 2.0 Month ago
hello i love the four car (i'm french)!!!
OmanGames Month ago
I hate all Tesla fans... They know nothing about what car is good...
Farris TheLaggy
Farris TheLaggy Month ago
@Hunter XXL your english is 3x worse
Hunter XXL
Hunter XXL Month ago
i wonder why u dont have english 1cuz ur wrong or 2 cuz ur english is shit or things
Огнян Игнатов
Ashley Mankga
Ashley Mankga Month ago
All the cars are the best in their own way
Christien tyler Soliano
That Tesla has a really late start
Drs Drg
Drs Drg Month ago
I am a bmw fan, but i can t understand how the rs6 lost
Drs Drg
Drs Drg Month ago
@eatdahl i understand that, but how the bmw beat the rs6
eatdahl Month ago
What dont u understand? Tesla has miles more torque than rs6 and doesnt have to change down and same with e63s it has more horsepower and torque than an rs6
ByMaXxist Month ago
We are waiting for gtr
DrunkLofii Month ago
The rs6 is going to win. Or the Tesla.
A l
A l Month ago
Man that Tesla is hard to beat. Takes them at everything even with a crappy start.trying to save face for the others. How funny. And sad at the same time.
ArmendMakaveli Month ago
the E63 amg s is the fastest Kombi in thr world
francesco__zh Month ago
ArmendMakaveli wait for the 2020 RS6
I Polaris I
I Polaris I 2 months ago
Bruh the 7 series beat the rs6 performance in the drag race and rolling race. That is embarrassing
I thought 7 series cars are luxury not performance.. Anyway 3rd place is better than last..
Chucky Month ago
RAJKUMAR MIKKILI It’s the performance version of the 7series. It has a V12 with 610hp and 800Nm of torque so I don’t think that anyone was surprised with the outcome...
Alisher Ghost
Alisher Ghost 2 months ago
Не честно провели заезд
S.G. GAME 2 months ago
Ну как можно так сравнивать ???? В мерсе сидит оператор ебаный мать, 2 стекла опущены ебана мать. Все знают что кусок говна тесла выиграет в дрег. Сколько бы не рекламили это кусок говна это не машина а блендер
BunGYChords 2 months ago
The Tesla can get past a quarter mile quick but once he going it starts to die so that’s why I’m staying with gas I love that Mercedes
Gas Racing
Gas Racing 2 months ago
Have you filled the things with regular petrol?
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