BMW M760Li v Tesla Model S v Audi RS 6 v Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate DRAG & ROLLING RACE

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It's time for another carwow drag race - and this is one of the most epic yet! This time I've assembled four performance monsters all with over 600hp and all-wheel-drive - and because, well... I can. This video will, though, settle two big scores all in one video: which brand makes the world’s fastest wagon, and who makes to most rapid luxury saloon? To find out, the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate, the Audi RS 6 Avant, the BMW M760Li and the Tesla Model S P100d line up against each other, for one of the closest ever carwow races. You won't want to miss this!

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Oct 7, 2017




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Comments 80
M Performance
Lol how does this bmw lose from this amg but wins from the strongest amp ever made
Davide Marchiori
TheReal 2 days ago
You are fake fuck you
Emir Günter
Emir Günter 3 days ago
Guys BMW and AUDI are never better than ///AMG 😉
Hendl Hans
Hendl Hans 5 days ago
Make that more than one time and the tesla is out of fuel
Sunshine M.
Sunshine M. 11 days ago
its impressive that bigger 7 series can compete with cars small than its class
Kosmo 12 days ago
all hatchbacks are a sin for making me look at them.
Rong Q
Rong Q 14 days ago
RS6 lost again...
A. Gol.
A. Gol. 15 days ago
Der Tesla Fahrer ist zu spät gestartet, aber trotzdem noch gewonnen. ELECTRO Power Made in USA 💪👍
Jan Khan
Jan Khan 17 days ago
I think tesla is funding you good
Andy Tibbles
Andy Tibbles 18 days ago
Rs6 disappointed me in this race
professor GIMSARA
Who said electric cars are boring
MrCandyCane / MCC
MrCandyCane / MCC 25 days ago
Tesla = 👍 Mercedes = 👍 BMW = 👍 Audi = 💩
sleepy 626
sleepy 626 25 days ago
Why did they use the heaviest estate versions of the AMG & Audi?? They will get beat by even their own saloon/sedan versions of the E63S, RS6
Alagu c
Alagu c 27 days ago
Renault Zoe vs dacia Logan vs Skoda superb vs suzuki Celerio x
Elshan Akhundov
Elshan Akhundov 27 days ago
Tesla 💪🏻 Bmw💩 Audi💩 Mercedes 💩
Dallas Dunston
Dallas Dunston 27 days ago
Number 1 tesla hater...#yesIAm....m8grandcoupemeplz
DataPug Month ago
*A 100 year old man is driving the Tesla btw*
Dar Tchebotyuk
Dar Tchebotyuk Month ago
Fikret Zargarli
Fikret Zargarli Month ago
Brake test?
Paul Stefan
Paul Stefan Month ago
E 63 monster The best or nothing
Xx Yasser xX
Xx Yasser xX Month ago
Your videos are so much higher quality now
mondo odnom
mondo odnom Month ago
Only a BMW fanboy would praise their car for not winning :D
Gucik tv
Gucik tv Month ago
Tesla is a piece of shit for my
Snandi baby Bhengu
Snandi baby Bhengu 2 months ago
Carwow you should have had the rs7
Michi 85
Michi 85 2 months ago
Kjell Pol van der
Kjell Pol van der 2 months ago
Doe het vaker
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz 2 months ago
Mers Mers Gonca ❤❤❤
TTBEAST 12 Month ago
SaNjAr SaNjAr ttttt TY yt L
xipata 007
xipata 007 2 months ago
Idiots 🖕🖕🖕
Adam Øcal
Adam Øcal 2 months ago
Tesla sounds better then bmw lol
Morariu Claudiu
Morariu Claudiu 2 months ago
Aizaz Ali
Aizaz Ali 2 months ago
I think, given a fair chance of warming up the tyres, just like tesla is allowed to heat up the battery, would make the race look a wee bit different.
Zen 2 months ago
Matt should drive the M5 CS against the Tesla P100d
Ensar Demirel
Ensar Demirel 3 months ago
Bmw 760 li ☆
andy78 3 months ago
Bmw mercedes 💪💪💪💪
andy78 3 months ago
Beim jedem test ist immer Audi letzter.... 👍
Matija 3 months ago
Next time for the Tesla sound put Greta :)
Jack Frank
Jack Frank 3 months ago
Why you got the windows down? Talk about drag
GTI Gaming
GTI Gaming 3 months ago
tesla driver just calmly finishing his coffe like its daily work winning from other cars meanwhile mat "ALMOST ALMOST"
Pete Thompson
Pete Thompson 3 months ago
Just looks like the M6... may aswell then be comfortable in something original.. the Volvo
Süleyman kaşkıran
Mesafe biraz daha uzun olsa mercedes teslayı yicekti
suman srivastava
suman srivastava 3 months ago
That e63 is a monster but that tesla is something out of this world
emmanuel lopez
emmanuel lopez 3 months ago
yazid farhaoui
yazid farhaoui 3 months ago
Mercedes Benz my love .the best or nothing
Marius Stefan
Marius Stefan 3 months ago
RixGaming YT
RixGaming YT 3 months ago
When a rs6 abt-e make this race he win
frandz call me Ahmed
Bmw in this race is like a rolls royce.. It should have been m840d
Pursuit of Happiness
Tesla should be 10,8 sections driver messed up start.
Eren Sarı
Eren Sarı 3 months ago
Should be f90 m5
Koray Demir
Koray Demir 3 months ago
0:37 Poor tesla has no engine
Lee Mcnabney
Lee Mcnabney 3 months ago
That was shit see that guy that was in the Tesla sack him that Tesla would have demolition them so do that 1 agen and u drive the Tesla man that suked bolls man lol
Max koll
Max koll 3 months ago
My favorite is bmw 760
OrhanGaming0321 3 months ago
Matt, sorry but the cars you choose to put against each other isn’t right. Like you do this in nearly every video. You put a 7-Series against an E-Class and RS6. Like i understand the Tesla, but why not an S8 and S63 or S65 AMG
Velizar Aleksandrov
Velizar Aleksandrov 4 months ago
P100d D is for Diesel
mondo odnom
mondo odnom 4 months ago
Im sure Carwow do this just to get the BMW fanboys crying LOL
BATTAL GAZI 4 months ago
0:28 tesla's engine sound :D
Nadyan360 Rayan
Nadyan360 Rayan 4 months ago
This merc is the last model that merc had producted so bring the new rs6 ans then we will see
GOAT 4 months ago
I fell like they are not even going max speed/kickdown
styvenman79 4 months ago
s8 plus faster than 760-
DexMaster881 4 months ago
0:28 Tesla lost...
Sealife Master
Sealife Master 4 months ago
that audi is slower than the first skoda
doctorpaullemon 4 months ago
Half of the fun of a spirited drive is the noise. I’ll take the Merc, thanks. Tesla is for deaf accountants.
Sly Marbo
Sly Marbo 4 months ago
Mercedes the best or nothing..
TIN 07
TIN 07 4 months ago
Its fake
-- 4 months ago
Почему bmw 7 series? Она же другого класса. Почему не m5 ?
Moritz Fischer
Moritz Fischer 4 months ago
The Mercedes E 63 s is Just the best
Anastasija Murajovaitė
Anastasija Murajovaitė
RK full 77
RK full 77 4 months ago
Marcelo Ayala
Marcelo Ayala 4 months ago
My favorite car is the P100D!
Parker Bee
Parker Bee 4 months ago
The audi is complete shit.
Mzwandile Harmans
Mzwandile Harmans 4 months ago
I love rs6 out of these
The Kebab Master
The Kebab Master 5 months ago
Stop doing drag races with the tesla. Everyone knowes the tesla is the winner
MauricioMN 5 months ago
Respect for bmw, actually is not an M;)
chuck norris
chuck norris 5 months ago
Tesla FTW
Толік Тарасюк
Filipoo 5 months ago
رجل شرقي
رجل شرقي 5 months ago
Expected more from the rs6 🤔
BMT F4M 3 months ago
With the least power still did more than good it's not like the e63 destroyed only won by inches
Давид Ниссельштейн
Why Benz wagon? It's slower and heavier than sedan and it's not Mercedes problem that rs6 only comes as wagon
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