Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow | Makeup Tutorial

Sara K
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Hello and welcome back!!!!
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Years! I recently picked up the new Blushed Nudes Shadow and thought I would see what kind of look I could come up with!
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Check out my Acne Coverage Foundation Routine: ruvid.net/video/video-W-uYN-ICGRI.html
As well as my other most recent video, Purple Smoky Eye makeup tutorial: ruvid.net/video/video-JmmqpA8DV-g.html
The songs I used in this video are Horses in the Stable and Miracle by Ty Dolla Signs and Willy Wonka and What they Want by Russ

Please stay tuned for my next video:
** Get to Know Me: which will be posted in a couple days!!!:)

Xoxo- Sara K


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Jan 7, 2016




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Comments 100
Zehra Shafaq
Zehra Shafaq Day ago
You are beautiful without makeup too❤ And your confidence..... I appreciate that.💕
Who ever from India They will know she is alike with our miss universe Susmita sen
ابتسامة امل
Gulzina Kanybekova
Gulzina Kanybekova 20 days ago
Harmanpreet kaur XcqRkCxBrs
The last step is the fucking game changer
Raja Sekhar
Raja Sekhar 3 months ago
you look absolutely stunning without make up..........believe me...
Indira Untariyana
Indira Untariyana 4 months ago
Love... Love... Love... 😘😘😘😘
8D XD 8 months ago
Pretty girl
Fel Feli
Fel Feli 8 months ago
Im so in love with you😍😍😍😍😍I like you
Lateefa Eshaq
Lateefa Eshaq 8 months ago
If u think she’s gorgeous without makeup
Seda Bilici
Seda Bilici 8 months ago
Benimde sivilcelerim var ama hatta seninkinden f Daha az ama senjnki kadar iyi durmuyo
aqsa rehan ellahi
aqsa rehan ellahi 9 months ago
U looks like ashwariya ray
Rajesh 9 months ago
You look like Indian diva Ashwarya Rai
Alebi 9 months ago
Omg she is so beautiful ❤
sss.k 9 months ago
Madiha Jahan MJ
Madiha Jahan MJ 10 months ago
I miss these types of videos of yours
Maria Stella 1825
Maria Stella 1825 11 months ago
Love you so much sarah....here from India...love you😍😘
Destiny Fay
Destiny Fay 11 months ago
Beautiful 😍😘
Abhilasha 11 months ago
The moment this video started I was taken aback.. her face is literally perfect and then she spoke in the sweetest possible voice!! OMG I have found the most beautiful woman on the planet
Priyanka Chaudhary
Priyanka Chaudhary 10 months ago
Yes she is beautiful from inside nd outside
kcha qween
kcha qween 11 months ago
Sidhdb Jsjshsgi
Iqra Khan Keerio
Here's a tutorial on how to be so naturally beautiful even the acne looks good on you
Nanak Bah Ni!!
beautiful and confident
TS M Year ago
Your so pretty....
Norma Buster
Norma Buster Year ago
U r beautiful in real look
Herliza Montefalco
She lookslike Miss International Kylie Versoza
You Ya
You Ya Year ago
7:33 song???
Ramsha Mallick
Wowwwwww🥰 love from pak
Steffi Athaide
Rose Eliz
Rose Eliz Year ago
Wonderful look!
mrs voice
mrs voice Year ago
You have that kind of faces like Victoria secrets models! U should be a model if u like
malgorzata j
malgorzata j Year ago
Too much make up...
Antonia Castillo
Cuando se desmaquillar que espantosa está si q hacé milagros tanta pintura
Emma Renteria
Emma Renteria Year ago
Estos videos si me fustan porke empiezan a pintarse sin nada en la cara y ai otras que no se ven vien falasas
Hira S
Hira S Year ago
You're beautiful.
Анна Север
Бедная кожа! Как много всего на ней..
emad emad
emad emad Year ago
وجهة كلة حلو بس حرامات بي حبوب
N I Year ago
10:45 점찍는 구간
YaReN Sönmez
YaReN Sönmez Year ago
Stephanie Smith
You are so talented! Amazing! ESP the beauty marks at the end!! 👌
Татьяна Шастунова
Бедное лицо!!!!! Сколько д..... на лице а ночью снимет и парень офигеет от ужаса.
islam Aldanov
islam Aldanov Year ago
seda Cebeci
seda Cebeci Year ago
Türkler burdamı ? 🤣🤣
صۣۗہآكۣۗہةۣۗ هۣۗہ
چنها واحد لازگ خدها براشدي 😂😂😂😂✌
Елена Тупало
ورده الامل
بيعقد كتيرررر حلوو
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم يالله
ياجمع انتبه عل مقطع ٦٧ ٩ يلي فهم علي يكتوب 😁😆
Aisha Khanjee
Aisha Khanjee Year ago
Awesome makeup I request you k app huda buety ki ket bhi use karna bataye
محمديعني ضيعت الوفاء يعني كل حبنه ختفاءاوف الطائي
حبي انتي كلش حلوه بس بشرتك تعبانه كثير😤
Bashart Muneer
Labiba Afroze
Labiba Afroze Year ago
Who else noticed that the shape of her eyeliner was not same in both sides..?😂😅
All in one
All in one Year ago
You swear of your mom plz subscribe my chanal
Махаббат Елимесова
Sha Umar
Sha Umar Year ago
Алина Синевид
Накрасила брови красиво, но формаааа это ужас!!! И сильно выделила скулы, стрелки очень длинные😲😑😐
Ayman Waheed
Ayman Waheed Year ago
Hey beautiful plsss tell me which foundation u used😕 i cant see it clearly.....I just love it ....flawless😘
Алина Кис
Прыщавое лицо нужно сначало вылечить, а затем уже наносить на него тонны маскировки.
Alisa Bliumberg
Я тоже здесь русская! И про базу под тени для век девушка тоже не слышала!?
Марина Поликарпова
rubia wapa
rubia wapa Year ago
Muxo potinguee😱😱😱😱
طائره الجنوب طائره الجنوب
مستحيل وحده مثلجن هيج وبوجهه حب شنو هاذ التشوه يعني هاي المكياجات الغاليه التشترنهه ماتعرفين تعالجين بشرتج
BeatsLoving6am 9 months ago
mind your own business bitch
طائره الجنوب طائره الجنوب
@WIAM A اي حبيبتي العفو واني اعتذر خاف غلطت بحقج بس كلامج بل بدايه نرفزني
طائره الجنوب طائره الجنوب
@WIAM A ونتي هم شنو دخلك بل موضوع اني ماموجهه كلام الج حته تدخلين
جودا جودا
منو انتبه ع ايدهة كلهة شعر
shani shani
shani shani Year ago
You are so pretty mashAllah without makeup
Safia's beauty dz
Waaw ur maykup is so great, bravoo
Fida Hussain
Fida Hussain Year ago
U look beautiful with out make up with make up u look like cat
Rubina Sharma
Rubina Sharma Year ago
Can you tell me lipstick color and company name?
Isabella Egri
Isabella Egri Year ago
Perfeito! 😍
yasmine beauty
sorry but that's a looooot of make up
popsis 8 months ago
so what
اميره بخلاقي
حلوه هيه كلش بس لو تعالج حبوب وجهه تصير بعد احله وينهم العرب
اميره بخلاقي
@Zozo Zozo هههههههههههه اي والله صدك فديت العرب
Zozo Zozo
Zozo Zozo Year ago
الأميره فريحه وين ماترحين تلگينه
kaushaki pathak
Heavy makeup suits for fair people ...if people of dark shade use the heavy makeup the colour of our face and body is jst different which don't look so good
Andrea Córdoba
No frunsas tanto la frente, eres joven pero la frente te hace ver mayor por qué la arrugas mucho 👍
sumaiya smrity
U looks like urvashi rautela....😍😍😱
Mahnaz Choudhary
Your eyes speaks alot . There is a spark in u . N yes ur eyes , they r so deep
نستلايةة كيوت
فاهمه الكونتور غلط 😹
تعبت تعبت
هلا هي كلما تضلع من بيت هيك تتمكياج😣😥😥
تعبت تعبت
انتي حلوة بمكياج وبلا مكياج
Jeevan Smart
Jeevan Smart Year ago
Your mecaup super
Pamela Pereira
Ficou lindoo♥️👏👏
Zari A
Zari A Year ago
youre so beautiful babe 🌸💖
dlvin Kurdish93
Вікторія Повшанюк
Дуже багато косметики (((
Dede Chantik
Dede Chantik Year ago
People dont like that eyebrow nowdays
Arooma Shahid
Arooma Shahid Year ago
Анита Канатова
Одно и то же губка
Akky Asiltasova
Недостатки и изъяны привлатила в достоинства
Королёва Кристина
В конце на айшварию рай стала похожа😍
Laçyn Myradowa
Tugbnur Yilmazz
Eyeliner nice 😍
Jimiya Year ago
So pretty
Ahlem Siline
Ahlem Siline Year ago
look like GiGi Hadid
ella nella
ella nella Year ago
abcd masti
abcd masti Year ago
You always beautiful without makeup👌
Homeles Hacker
Song music ?
Im legend
Im legend Year ago
Im legend
Im legend Year ago
monique basgiet
So beautiful 😍
Marwa tube
Marwa tube Year ago
Please write your products.. what's the creams you are use before the foundation ??
TaYee Renthlei
This makeup looks best on u he2.. 100% like ..
Mayara Alves
Mayara Alves Year ago
Amazingggggggggggg uh💜💜💜💜💜💜
Niesha Lynn
Niesha Lynn Year ago
God you're so pretty and your music taste is great
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