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0:38 Sennheiser PXC-550
- amazon: bag.gg/SennPXC550
- headphones.com (365 day returns!) bag.gg/Senn550hpc
1:20 Sony WH1000XM2 bag.gg/SonyWHii
2:05 Bose QC 35 (Series ii) bag.gg/Bose35ii
2:51 Bowers & Wilkins PX bag.gg/BWPX
3:29 Bang & Olofsen Beoplay H9i bag.gg/BeoplayH9i

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Aug 13, 2018




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Comments 80
Chase Reeves
Chase Reeves Year ago
UPDATE: I'm still using the Sennheiser PXC550 and I still love them. They work great, connect to multiple devices, touch controls I've gotten better at, etc. Just letting you know.
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams Month ago
Jack Burton what did you think of the Bose? I own them and use them everyday at home or out and about travelling / exercising, I love them what did you think?
Renae Mangipano
Renae Mangipano 4 months ago
@Harla Wood i actually wasnt impressed with the Sennheiser app at all. It didn't really do all that much in my opinion.
Harla Wood
Harla Wood 4 months ago
Alessandro Russo I love my Sennheiser PXC550 II’s. I returned the Bose 700’s. I’ve had my PXC 550-II’s for a couple of months now and they do everything I ask of them. They are super comfy too. More so than the Bose.
Harla Wood
Harla Wood 4 months ago
GarryTheGluestick and I would say the Sennheiser’s are louder as they have an app where you can change your listening experience. The Bose do not. My 2 cents. I returned the 700’s.
GarryTheGluestick 4 months ago
Renae Mangipano Thanks for the answer, much appreciated.
Mr Music
Mr Music 2 days ago
Great video! I actually went with your least favourite though, the H9is. Call quality on them is superior to most modern competitors, and outdone maybe only by the Bose 700. I am not sure about the Sony X2s but the X3s have horrible call quality. They have a removable battery that extends the lifetime of these headphones by a lot of years. You'll be needing to replace all other headphones after 2-3 years because their batteries will be worn down, while in the H9is you only need to switch out the battery for a new one. Comfort for me is ideal. Maybe not as padded as the Sonys or Bose but at least the earopads don't heat up that much when using them, at least in my experience. Build quality is obviously the best out of the bunch. Lack of case is a bummer but you can get great cases on eBay for 15 bucks or so. Sound quality is far superior compared to the others. If not to your liking it can be tuned pretty well in the app.
Laurel Waterson
Laurel Waterson 4 days ago
Great thorough review. The specific song: sound examples really helped. I also appreciate your description of the comfort levels.
Cadam2019 7 days ago
dude I love your videos
BCGTR 12 days ago
I have the b&os and love them. Bought them on ebay for $115. Also own a hard case I bought on amazon for $12 with rly nice felt padding etc.
Warren Alexander
Warren Alexander 13 days ago
Hahaha -- had to go listen to Roll with the Punches....such a cool good feeling song .... thx Chase.
Phil Smith
Phil Smith 14 days ago
Funny as.. when you go into ditzy mode your accent goes all British.. do you have a British gf?
snuzzernaut 17 days ago
Would definitely watch an update of this video with the Bose 700, Px7s and 1000mx3s! Great video!!
Timothy Worner
Timothy Worner 29 days ago
Hi chase! Watching this video May 2020, any updates to this lineup would be helpful. If you could throw out any new versions or different makers since you filmed this video, your expertise and opinion on these things are what I crave.
Jason Bierlein
Jason Bierlein Month ago
You never talked about the phone apps. Which do you like best for that? Great video BTW!
dranenko Month ago
Man thanks for the honest comment about the sound signature of the Sony's. Honestly I'm between the Sony's 1000xm3 and the Bose qc35ii, but the Bose signature is better for my music style that is must Rock/Indie/pop/classical/instrumental so is a buy Sony's I'll be miserable at hearing my music style.
Spazza42 Month ago
Sony WH-1000XM3’s are the only ones with LDAC, so the XM3s
Someone br
Someone br Month ago
Thanks for reminding me that Dave Matthews Band exists, listing to them on my Sony MX1000m3(bought them when they were 100 dollars off).
Dan Watcher
Dan Watcher Month ago
I've got the newer sony(xm3) but, i don't know why, but my ears straight up hurt inside of it, and it's so sad, because this is the only negativity i can bring up against it, yet is is so dissapointing
Si Vert
Si Vert Month ago
This was a fantastic review. I have used the Sennheiser PXC-550 for 3 years. I have an app that records how long I'm using them. In 2019 I used them for 919 hours/38 days, 7 Hours (excluding time I had them on asleep). They are extremely comfortable and I often sleep in them. The review for these headphones was spot on and the English accent wasn't horrible (I'm English and I score Chase at 1!) The only thing I don't like about them is the twist off switch; as I want to be able to turn them off with a switch or have them turn off automatically after a period of no input, so that I can fall asleep listening to something and not have it drain the battery all night or just wear them while not listening to anything and cut out a bit of background noise or so people don't talk to me.
Idrissa Morehouse
Dig the vibe and passion brudah!! Just hit the subscribe button!!
David Matt
David Matt Month ago
I see from your update that you have Sennheiser 550. Good choice and you get used to any type of controls over time. Whether they are touch or button controls.
David Matt
David Matt Month ago
You sure showed obvious distain for the two buttons on the Sony headphones. You obviously didn't have them very long because the two buttons that are on the headset are easily accessed within a week. It's called muscle memory. I think your a little old school because you appear to have a hard on for the Bose. Which is all buttons and as you yourself said the buttons centre Botton should be raised over the left and right. Is it possible that you own Bose and wish you had bought the Sony?
Ander Month ago
Great video, but one thing I missed: Bluetooth connectivity. I use the Bowers & Wilkins PX: not only connecting is a breeze, but they are able to connect to various devices the same time and the strength of the signal is the best I ever had. I was lucky and got them on clearance for 150$ at Best Buy. The build quality is amazing, I do like the tight fit and can wear them for hours no problem. And since I only use them at home they are amazing.
Rodrigo Camacho
Rodrigo Camacho Month ago
Can’t say how awesome this review is!!!
Jezer151 2 months ago
just picked up a pair of PCX 550 for 130$, waiting on them to arrive. I think that I am going to like them!
Michał Kozak
Michał Kozak 2 months ago
I bought my girlfriend Bose QC35ii and sennheiser pxc 550 for myself, and I have to say - anc and sound quality is better on Bose, anc by far, sound quality just a little better, but voice quality in phone calls is better in sennheiser. That’s just it. The rest you get used to
On Vacation
On Vacation 2 months ago
Thanks for the review! Was watching many reviews this week, I like yours the most. Very natural and all my criteria. Listening while charging is one important point. Almost two years old video, but now it is the time to buy some good headphones in my budget. B&W PX was my favorite, I think I need to check out the Sennheiser PXC-550 or PXC-550 second generation. QC 35ii are out, I'm spectical about the ANC problem with latest firmware.
On Vacation
On Vacation 2 months ago
Thanks for the review! Was watching many reviews this week, I like yours the most. Very natural and all my criteria. Listening while charging is one important point. Almost two years old video, but now it is the time to buy some good headphones in my budget. B&W PX was my favorite, I think I need to check out the Sennheiser PXC-550 or PXC-550 second generation. QC 35ii are out, I'm spectical about the ANC problem with latest firmware.
Jake Stone
Jake Stone 2 months ago
One thing you didn't cover..... The SONY's xm2s are hands down the BEST ANC your going to get! And the xm3s are even better with ANC being the BEST out their on the market right now.....WHILE one of your FAVES the Bose QC35 ii ANC have actually been purposely DOWNgraded in favor of their new 700s. I somewhat agree with you on sound....... Although being an Audiophile I know (and I hope you know) that pretty much any BT headphone is going to blow chunks compared to say the Sennheiser open backs wired cans. I do understand that when you made this video the xm3s and the 700s weren't even out yet....still the xm2's ANC just blows away the sennys and the boses period.
DJ ANT FLAHN 2 months ago
I really wanted him to say good things about my Sony headphone but unfortunately he did,😂 but man I enjoyed this video he is right. Sony, too much bass. I have the audio technical M50 tight bass, I like it better than the Sony.. am getting the Bose for my every day use. Thanks 👌🏾
Xistence Studios
Xistence Studios 2 months ago
Agree with you on the comparison
Vitor Hugo
Vitor Hugo 2 months ago
yes i bought the ones u chose. great comparison
David Caballero
David Caballero 2 months ago
Bose keeps it simple and comfortable just like my wife and shoes on my feet
Malthael Angiris
Malthael Angiris 3 months ago
Have the same opinion with the Bose when it comes to sound quality. I think the quality goes in almost of the range of its headphones and earphones. That's why I've been buying Bose Headphones and Earphones.
Spongebob Schwanzkopf
Best headphones start at 33:47 ... Don't care about that weird bearded freaks opinion.
Moon Tonic
Moon Tonic 3 months ago
Didn't Bang & Olofsen solve the sibilance issue?
rrt08 3 months ago
You can by a hard case from Bowers and Wilkins for the PX.
Chris Laurents
Chris Laurents 3 months ago
Great video... I love your reviews... Best review on headphones I've seen 👍👍
Clifford Manthey
Clifford Manthey 3 months ago
Are there any of these Noise-canceling headsets that can get the Applications to download from a Computer? I would like the Bose headsets to use for DaVinci Resolve Audio. I want to cancel out background noise from around my house when listening to videos. I'm 70 years old and I don't use a Smart Phone! Keep up the great videos. Thanks, Cliff
Bishshoy Das
Bishshoy Das 3 months ago
I wish you had thrown in the Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless. I love the sennheiser sound of the PXC550, but I split between choosing either the Momentum 3 or the PXC550 II.
Bishshoy Das
Bishshoy Das 3 months ago
This is the most comprehensive ANC headphone review in all of RUvid.
Denis Nash
Denis Nash 4 months ago
All other reviewers I have seen say the Sony is way ahead on noise cancelling.
Harla Wood
Harla Wood 4 months ago
I thought this was one of the most honest and best reviews I have seen. I just bought the Sennheiser PXC 550-II’s and love them! I tried the Bose and a couple of others before these. These are so comfortable I can sleep in them!
arun buggz
arun buggz 4 months ago
How many think his voice is awesome
Russell Seward
Russell Seward 4 months ago
watching at 1.75 speed was kinda funny, not sure if I'd have the same experience at normal speed... but hey, you nailed it "me gusta"!
Alonso Sotomayor
Alonso Sotomayor 4 months ago
Bose was definitely the most comfortable and decent sounding but I stick to my Sony WH-1000XM2.
Li Mo
Li Mo 4 months ago
Am a Father of tow😍 the best Part
David shan
David shan 4 months ago
So I was undecided between the Bose and sennheiser's as well but I decided to go with the sennheiser's because currently on Amazon they are only $203
Christopher Staples
Christopher Staples 4 months ago
+ so back to tossing up between the 2x headphones I wanted
clamum 4 months ago
I really appreciate the thorough review man. I don't think I've seen a better review of products than yours here. It's detailed and not full of bullshit and I like that. I've been considering the Sennheisers as I used to have a wired pair of Sennheisers and liked them but I want wireless ones now. But I'm not set on them. You gained a subscriber dude!
See Change NYC
See Change NYC 4 months ago
Anything new since your last update before I purchase? Looking for inexpensive (under $350; the less expensive the better but they gotta keep noise away) for noise canceling headphones? Comfortable. Wear 'em all day for work that requires mega concentration.
FedererX 5 months ago
listen to real music
jcru40 5 months ago
550 doesn’t have cabin pressure the Bose do and it bothers ears So 550 all the way!
jcru40 5 months ago
December 2019 . I tried all of them and WOW !!!! I ended up with my sennheiser pxc 550 just LOVE THEM and they are $199 now . They are just perfect for me . They should have at least put a USBC on the new ones that’s were they messed up.
Alwezl8 Apprec18
Alwezl8 Apprec18 5 months ago
Great review. I have never sat to watch a review this long but you found a way to keep your audience captivated and worth the time. very detailed and well presented. what are your thoughts on the Sennheiser MB 660 MS? Have you had a chance to test this out. Looking to replace my current one for this set for my office and mobile environment.
mensrea 5 months ago
I love your bag reviews, but suggest you stick to your lane. Audio gear is a deeply technical area and it's not something you can just pick up and wing it.
maddyzz 5 months ago
Isnt it sony 1000 xm3 , xm2 are obsolete now. Correct me guys.
Renae Mangipano
Renae Mangipano 6 months ago
Just purchased the Bose haven't recieved them yet. So far you're making me feel better about my decision.
Mrcorn 6 months ago
Which are best to make love with!! Watched your first headphone thingy 7 years ago and now this thingy one, I am both very pleased you are off the medication from your first one and mildly disappointed as it was extremely entertaining to the extent i could've watched you compare elephant dung's consistency and smell, loved the singing but missed the beat boxing by dre
Mark Dong
Mark Dong 6 months ago
You’re wearing the H9i’s the wrong way
kal_vin 6 months ago
I bit the bullet on the Sennheiser's based on Chase's recommendation, and boy does it work for me. Connectivity is great, sound quality is excellent, mic quality is good also. Touch sensor is killer and intuitive. Noise cancelling is good as well, not the best in the market but good enough for me. Battery life is more than adequate. Perhaps my only minor gripes with the headphones are that my ears due to their bigger size and shape can sometimes rub against the internal structure of the headphones which can be uncomfortable after long periods of time, and that the carrying case it comes with is kinda bulky and cheap feeling. Excellent purchase, thanks Chase!
Natalie 6 months ago
Can you do this again? I've been looking for a good pair of wireless headphones and your way of speaking about these is so comprehensive fun I'd love to hear your thoughts on the newer models.
Ambria Ocean Eyes
Ambria Ocean Eyes 6 months ago
Leather that makes your hands feel like ...Mommy loves you again XD
Disassembling 6 months ago
Mango jbr
Mango jbr 6 months ago
The b&o, in Germany ther ist a sale for 250$, should I Buy. I love the Desing bit in nor Shop I can test the Sound quality but I like Bas but I like it too if the voic is clear. :)) Should I buy ??
Luigi Roxas
Luigi Roxas 6 months ago
How's the connection between apple devices for the PXC 550? Does it lag behind when watching videos?
José Eduardo RICETO
I have the Bose QC35. They suck in SQ in comparison to Sony’s or Sennheiser, believe me. And it’s just not about “subjective” SQ (and God I wish it was different as I wouldn’t need to sell mine to buy another one). Sennheiser’s have MUCH more detail and soundstage while Sony’s go deeper (though not overwhelming) on the bass - Bose can’t reproduce Bass with good fidelity lower than 40-45hz, while Sony still go farther than that.
Mr. Payne13
Mr. Payne13 6 months ago
Awesome review! I'm not even done watching this video and I'm leaving a comment. Very informational and very funny! I enjoyed your review. Thanks!!!
Jon Nelson
Jon Nelson 7 months ago
So funny ... I have the Sennheiser and B&O and I think the 550s have much better swipe controls. The H9i is finicky, IMO. I love the sound of the B&Os. Beautiful. But the Senns sound very nice, too. And the B&Os are about $300 on Amazon now. Great deal. (The Senns are about $200.)
Timo Rouw
Timo Rouw 7 months ago
This.... Was the best review i have ever seen
work Mattias
work Mattias 7 months ago
i think is such a shame the higher price compartment cases stinks. Like come on
Rafał Opaliński
Rafał Opaliński 7 months ago
You could make a new edition od this review now. Thanks to this one I started to sub you and i bought one of thouse.
petrisz 7 months ago
I've just compared the Sennheiser PXC-550 with the Sony WH1000XM3 and the Bose QC35 II. The NC is noticeably better on the Sony and the Bose but the NC of the PXC-550 is still OK. It's mostly noticeable in the mid-highs. However if you start listening to music on a decent noise cancelling phone, the NC together with the music will kill all that remaining noise a better NC would cancel only. So if you would like to listen to music on your NC headphone, sound quality is probably more important than a little better NC on the mid-highs. The sound signature of the Sony is mushy, closed, irritating. Like if you were in a wooden box. The Bose is better, but the Sennheiser is IMHO without a doubt has the most neutral, detailed and open sound representation out of the 3.
Mei 7 months ago
The Sennheiser PXC-550 is very comfortable and sounds great.
You are my 🌞
You are my 🌞 7 months ago
Love ur work. It speaks to me. Awaiting ur updated views on Sennheiser EAR buds vs Bose 700 and bose 35 and Sony xm3(headphones NOT earbuds)
ben schneider
ben schneider 7 months ago
A really flawed video watch MKBHD, Linus Tech Tips, UAG, etc...
Shelo08 K
Shelo08 K 7 months ago
Use the pxc 550 with bluetooth audio codec aptx. It will blow your mind how good it is,.
John Wick
John Wick 8 months ago
Yeah no everyone knows Sony wins this around
Hidde B
Hidde B 8 months ago
Did you even use the B&O app to personalize the sound? you can actually change the amount of treble and base by that.
TheMysticsoul108 8 months ago
I wonder if you have reviewed the Jabra 85h elite headphones and compared them to the bose700 and Sony xm3's etc?
PrinceFriend4ever 8 months ago
I have only been with Sennheiser but have always wanted to own a Bose but that is not the case anymore. Money is not an issue for me. I went and shopped for new headphones, I tried the Sony, Bose and Sennheiser and after going through 20 mins of testing each one with different songs in the shop, I finally made up my mind to get the Sennheiser PXC 550 because for me, it's comfortable and the sound is natural and extremely clear and crisp. Like everything, the touch will become a habit and will get easier to use over time. Thanks for your honest and enjoyable review.
R P 8 months ago
Bang & Olofsen Masterrace
Syd Bailey
Syd Bailey 8 months ago
Recently got the Sony xm3 to replace my sennheiser that has been stolen by my wife. Sound wise i prefer the sennheiser's more balanced tone, sonys are a little too bass heavy for me but after playing with the eq they are pretty close. Both are extremely comfortable but the sonys made my ears sweat after around 2-3 hrs of use (good but not better than sennheiser). However where the sony shines is anc, i can play my music at half volume and still block out as much sound as the sennheiser at 80-90% volume.
ewizzle1978 8 months ago
a 2019 edition would be amazing, great stuff
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