Blue Ivy Carter Is The Breakout Star Of Beyoncé's 'Spirit' Music Video

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Blue Ivy Carter is a star! Beyoncé invited her eldest daughter to appear in her music video for "Spirit," her new song off "The Lion King" soundtrack, and the 7-year-old did not disappoint.
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Blue Ivy Carter Is The Breakout Star Of Beyoncé's 'Spirit' Music Video




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Comments 80
fatos curiosos
fatos curiosos 3 months ago
Ela é igual a Beyoncé pequena não é possível veio cuspida a cara da Beyoncé . Tomara que fica linda igual a ela e o pai
metsfan810 chisolm
metsfan810 chisolm 3 months ago
My name is nylahblu and a lot of people say I look like blue ivy.
Lala Love
Lala Love 3 months ago
A lot of y’all act like your children look like super star runway models....
Victoria Alessio
Victoria Alessio 4 months ago
Shes not a very attractive kid
wolfbabe 7 months ago
Why is everyone ignoring the issue that they put a wig on this child? Why would they do that?
Antonio Funaro
Antonio Funaro 7 months ago
love it!
tracy Stewart
tracy Stewart 7 months ago
Blue Ivy IS so so naturally beautiful inside and out * She always appears so WELL BEHAVED / IN CONTROL / and FOCUSED on whatever the task at hand is * I LOVE THAT❗ Job WELL DONE❗and raising kids IS a job * Here's proof that your kids don't have to be bratty just because you are beyond wealthy *
Emily stevens
Emily stevens 8 months ago
NEPOTISM Nepotism definitely brings decline in the value system when hiring is done in government, quasi government, public or private sector. As a result the quality of human resource is compromised & principle of “right person for the right job” is defied.
Melanin Queen
Melanin Queen 8 months ago
What were ya'll saying about her hair again? Oh wait, ain't her hair longer than yours? And aren't you bald?
mspeaches0965 8 months ago
Where was the scene stealing???? She walked into the video and sat next to her mom.....oh wow!!!! #superextra #toomuch #dialitback
Whowanttoknow 8 months ago
Monique Rodarte
Monique Rodarte 8 months ago
You all get on my nerves . stop showing off all the ritches that you have. Well im over here struggling wth many others in real life . come help the ones that are in need of homes in orange co california . im just tired of all u wealthy people showing off wut about us @ if i am hating so be it understand from my side dnt want to see it or hear not even on my ph
Blue Lily
Blue Lily 8 months ago
So nobody is gonna talk about Blue Ivy wearing a wig or weave....Why her mom didn't let her show of her natural African hair.......Stupes...The fakenesss about wanting to embrace our black identity.. No shade Black Facts
lisa jones
lisa jones 8 months ago
Blue Ivy is a cutie I really enjoy seeing her little sweetheart
iamtrish arts
iamtrish arts 8 months ago
Super iconic! On another note, I loved the end of this video when he said “Hit subscribe” I hesitated and he goes on to say “Now” and I hit subscribe and he thanked me! 😂 so on que! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😂
Camille Todd
Camille Todd 8 months ago
And? she is a little girl.. it maybe legal, but is it too much too soon? yeah it is.. ain't the goat something?
Brittany Gilbert
Brittany Gilbert 8 months ago
sky 8 months ago
In this music video I think Blue Ivy looks more like Beyonce.
Michelle Dear
Michelle Dear 8 months ago
Blue is very pretty she does look a lot like her mom but u can see J in her real good too❤️
Bronzed Gold
Bronzed Gold 8 months ago
Singles Group 👑Most Eligible Bachelor👑 facebook.com/groups/350666978923828/?ref=share
Terry James
Terry James 8 months ago
The lion king is dead....
anne burt
anne burt 8 months ago
Simply Beautiful!!!
ShawnE Baker
ShawnE Baker 8 months ago
Who said that Blu wants to be in the industry. That little girl may want to be a doctor, lawyer, astronaut. I guess she has no choice being her parents are who they are. I just hope she can fulfill her own dreams and live in her destiny!
Adelina 8 months ago
The hair color? On Ivy..?
Silky Sole
Silky Sole 8 months ago
The WHOLE CLAN look WITCHY from Tina on down to that CHUCKY DOLL Blu Ivy Thingy
Jays face Beyoncé color and hair
Cibele sophia Santos
Ela vai seguir a carrreira extraordinária igual a mãe 😍😍😍
Izv Isv
Izv Isv 8 months ago
Is that a Wig she got on ? (Blue)
Latoria Brewer
Latoria Brewer 7 months ago
It's a wig
Troy Coleman
Troy Coleman 8 months ago
Baby Bey. #twinsies
MCWXIII White 8 months ago
Keep the hair color
Renee Tilly
Renee Tilly 8 months ago
Blue looks just like Jay Z
EL BOOGIE 8 months ago
OoooH BrothA.... anothA ILLUMINATI in da SCRIPT.....js
China Blakk
China Blakk 8 months ago
Yesssss..love it♥️💓💯💟💘🤩😍❣️🌹🌹🌹
terry brown
terry brown 8 months ago
They were both awesome and beautiful 😃😃
Diane McClure
Diane McClure 8 months ago
Beautiful queen and princess..Black love respect.🖤
ivanna something
ivanna something 8 months ago
Not supporting the Carters FINANCIAL GAIN anymore... they’ve done enough stepping on people... RIP NIP.. way over it
Tisha Means
Tisha Means 8 months ago
agreed there are lots of people out there that can sing really good and deserve a chance at a musical career this chick is so selfish great marketing scheme and we're the marks
Naè did CV ccc dc vcc Tatum
Blu ivy so pretty ❤☺..Jay n bey did that hunty idc what nobody says gorgeous
Teana Draper
Teana Draper 8 months ago
The only thing I could not understand is the name choice of their daughter. First born and it was a girl, why give her a boys favorite color as a name. They have millions of fans and not one real good name popped in either one of their minds. Unbelievably, thumbs down on the first name choice they could of played it in reverse Ivy Blue.
Teana Draper
Teana Draper 8 months ago
By the pictures of her littler years she looks like her father with her mom's complexion. Then she also looks a little like her auntie a bit Solange. Impressive family all stars with their talent. Mom and dad entertainers and in the music making business. They didn't start doing collaborations until after they were married and based on some of their latest albums fans start wondering like really what has happened in their personal life cheating, sidechics questions arose on their relationship. I was shocked when they were going with each other and got married too. Didn't see that love connection coming. Entertainment is I am a Jay-Z fan and liked his music. Very good at his craft of song making. I liked Bey when she was part of Destiny Child. But they went solo and she blow up big time. Go Beyonce
brown power ranger
brown power ranger 8 months ago
They got a lace front on that damn baby it's going to snatch her edges bald before she even reach 18 with them lace fronts wow 😨😨😨😨😨😢😢😢😢🤢🤢🤢🤢😲😲😲😲😱😱😱😱😱🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Kimberly Nobles
Kimberly Nobles 8 months ago
Sylvia A
Sylvia A 8 months ago
Love me some Blue Ivy. Such a well mannered cutie pie. Not an obnoxious brat like some stars children
Melissa Amaro
Melissa Amaro 8 months ago
Tawana Luster
Tawana Luster 8 months ago
She looks just like Jay Z with a wig on go
Kimberly Nobles
Kimberly Nobles 8 months ago
Rico 8 months ago
Blue Jean
Blue Jean 8 months ago
Baby girl looking like a cutie-pie J-Z?? Wow
Jean tal
Jean tal 8 months ago
Nothing on madonna,,,,,
Mickee💕 8 months ago
Beautiful child... I have never seen a child look so much like both parents! She's absolutely a beautiful and blessed child💖💖💖!
Yadida Yael Ban Yashar'al
Blu is so cute!
QUEEN LIL-BOOTY 8 months ago
Blue ivy so pretty with that red color 😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sara Moon
Sara Moon 8 months ago
Why TF is she dying a child's hair colour? I thought u all about being natural and black Beyonce? Beyonce is a joke😂! Trying to act like she raising up black ppl while the ppl who got her here are living in shit, and yes, ur old destiny's child's bandmates are who I am speaking of! Sick of this bitch and her pathetic ass family! From a white woman ur welcome for "ur princess" Meghan only exists because of white ppl
Kascia Walters
Kascia Walters 8 months ago
Love Blues red hair 😍😘❤️
Chavela Green
Chavela Green 8 months ago
Solange is rubbing off on her
CIXI 8 months ago
She's a child who happens to have rich and famous parents. What else are we supposed to say?
D'shawn Cherry
D'shawn Cherry 8 months ago
Uh oh vlue ivy almost ready to inherit the kindom!
Wanda Lewis
Wanda Lewis 8 months ago
Satan's children
Ruthann SMITH
Ruthann SMITH 8 months ago
Ruthann SMITH
Ruthann SMITH 8 months ago
Manda Panda
Manda Panda 8 months ago
Blue Ivy looks just like her mother
Cherrykah Rayne
Cherrykah Rayne 8 months ago
I must admit the video itself is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and Blue Ivy was so adorable BUT y'all pple are so ass kissin EXTRA for these celebrities!!! I'm not tryin to be negative but stand in truth pple, she didn't do ANYTHING in the video but stand and stare! I was expecting her to be singing, dancing, or sumn spectacular the way everyone was ranting and raving. Adorable yes indeed, beautiful video, ABSOLUTELY but breakout star??? I mean, is she the voice over of one of the characters in the actual movie or sumn? Maybe I missed tht part.🤔
crystal perry
crystal perry 8 months ago
Undeniably beautiful. I love it. 😍❤😊
Duck Waffle
Duck Waffle 8 months ago
Seems the lion King is all about Beyonce... Just saying...
real american
real american 8 months ago
Yeah, daddy loves little kids, on Epstein island
real american
real american 8 months ago
@Stronger than hate Right, but Obama did order a lot of money in hotdogs and pizza...Jay Z and Beyonce rode on the plane as well. Nobody has accused the president of wrong doing. Your fake news is deflecting from the fact that the 28 contestants were young women. That Trump kicked him out of his club resort when he hit on an adolescent. He and his supporters ran on this child trafficking problem. Again your fake news called us conspiracy theorists. But no, we had to let 3 years go by, torturing innocent children. Your fake news is to blame for the migrant children getting raped and or just dieing from the dangerous conditions to get here. Sorry if you are having trouble seeing through the MSM global agenda to brainwash people with so many lies. Russia, then Kavanagh, the kids that were at the Lincoln Memorial on a field trip. Then you thought that Jussie, oh poor Jussie. Being attacked by blacks in white face, with MAGA hats. Those same brothas are cashing checks from the foot long craving brotha. Then there was collusion. Trump helped spearhead this child trafficking. You need a good helping of the facts...girl
Stronger than hate
Stronger than hate 8 months ago
Im sorry thats your president who loves little kids. They were besties.
Angel B
Angel B 8 months ago
Why the kid needs a wig and what wrong with 🐝 s neck
Jackeline Jackson
Jackeline Jackson 8 months ago
People cracks me up putting down one another on here as if Beyoncé gonna favor you lol. She don’t care what y’all say wether it’s good or bad. So stop trying to praise her cause she don’t care about you.
Jackeline Jackson
Jackeline Jackson 8 months ago
Blue Ivy is JayZ and Solange all in one. She don’t favor Beyoncé to me she looks like Beyoncé sister
Tina Hang
Tina Hang 8 months ago
Her daughter looks like her sister
Branden 8 months ago
No question who her parents are! Look at that face!
Lexus Marie
Lexus Marie 8 months ago
Looking like if J put a wig on.
Ivan Cotton
Ivan Cotton 8 months ago
I am a huge fan of you guys and my mom we listen to you music every day I love you so much blue Ivy is lit ayee
ms gay
ms gay 8 months ago
I think she look like solange.
ms gay
ms gay 8 months ago
Omg. I can't wait for blue to grow up and put u ppl in their places.
Rah Sage
Rah Sage 8 months ago
MISS TOOT 8 months ago
Blue Ivy is too cute, she on her way to being a star, move over mom and dad....
unapologetically me
unapologetically me 8 months ago
Blue ivy is going to be something very special when she grows up ♡
unapologetically me
unapologetically me 8 months ago
@Lauren Irving wouldnt it be amazing if she was the first female president ♡
charmed well
charmed well 8 months ago
Just her be a little girl. Beyonce chose fame, Blu did not.
A Mark
A Mark 8 months ago
LOL yall lying like a mug she look like Jay-Z more
CandiB 8 months ago
at 0.35 secons Ivy looks like the lighter version of Kelly Rowland with that serious face to cute.
shashaneka 8 months ago
🗣️SHE'S A NATURAL 👌🏾👍🏾👍🏾🤗🤗🤗💛💛💛
Karola Karola
Karola Karola 8 months ago
She looks like a Beyonce now, Thank God
Emily stevens
Emily stevens 8 months ago
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