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Blue & Grey · BTS (방탄소년단)
Released on: 2020-11-20
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Nov 19, 2020




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Comments 100
Evan Chang
Evan Chang 21 second ago
Am i the only one who hear this while sheds a tears?
sooofia solis
sooofia solis 28 seconds ago
juyiee _
juyiee _ 3 minutes ago
Im watching this and then it starts raining, even the skies are blue and grey 😭
JVJSJRJ 20130613
JVJSJRJ 20130613 4 minutes ago
SeokJin said he like this song the most.... & I like you.... SeokJin ssi.....
Desi Recipies
Desi Recipies 6 minutes ago
광해 7 minutes ago
태형아 사랑해 너로인해 방탄을 알게됐고 태형을 알게됐었네 너무 사랑해 태형아 우리들의 최애 김태형 많이 아낀다
Ariana Quispe
Ariana Quispe 9 minutes ago
Amo esta cancion y punto.
hirai momong peachy
hirai momong peachy 9 minutes ago
Buy and Stream BE
hoseokjung 13 minutes ago
"i just wanna be happier" tears...
Okta Fena Riwayatama
Okta Fena Riwayatama 16 minutes ago
Love you taehyung..
Dessy Carissa
Dessy Carissa 17 minutes ago
jangan bilang 'baik baik saja' karena itu tidak baik baik saja nangeeessssssss :'( :'( :'( :'(
Mokshe Cutie07
Mokshe Cutie07 18 minutes ago
Stream it now armies 😍
dnt cr
dnt cr 19 minutes ago
I love this song
JHOPE Chimochim Derommm
Valentina Bologna
Valentina Bologna 20 minutes ago
necesito escuchar la guitarra para llorar nomas
karina Quiroz
karina Quiroz 21 minute ago
No me canso de escuchar Blue & Grey, una de las canciones más sinceras. Gracias Taehyung, gracias Bangtan!
MyHyungsAreBangtan ⟬⟭ ⟭⟬
Taehyungie hyung:- please love blue and gray I have written that(with such a innocent smile) ARMIES please let's stream this :) BORAHAE
switch kun
switch kun 4 minutes ago
blue & grey *
Tae Hyung
Tae Hyung 26 minutes ago
What a beautiful song.. It really touch my heart
Nazwa Zn
Nazwa Zn 27 minutes ago
Can't stop listening to this song.
Anita Malle
Anita Malle 28 minutes ago
The song is really close to may 💓
Roshani Pandey
Roshani Pandey 30 minutes ago
You are really beyond our expectations tae as jungkook gives you right tag "beyond my expectations" lots of blessings and respect for you guys
ansah vs
ansah vs 34 minutes ago
Army vote, vote, vote, vote on TMA
Eylül 40 minutes ago
Blue grey i her dinlediğimde kendimi daha da iyi hissediyorum teşekkürler taehyung
JHOPE Chimochim Derommm
Eylül knk senmisin?
Michelle Hua
Michelle Hua 40 minutes ago
This is the first and only song that has made me smile as I cry, idk why... I don't know if it's emotion in their voices, the angelic instrumental, or the lyrics of these songs...
Pau Line
Pau Line 42 minutes ago
Can you look at me coz im blue and gray 🥺
Ghevira Jalfa
Ghevira Jalfa 42 minutes ago
I appreciate taehyung vocal as much as his visual. Actually at first i fall for him because of his deep and calming voice. But then his visual, cuteness, unique brain and everything about him made me falling for him even deeper. I love everything about him, i really do.
Vidia Syahputri
Vidia Syahputri 43 minutes ago
I Just Wanna Be Happier
yanubtsarmy K-pop army
yanubtsarmy K-pop army 46 minutes ago
Love it 💜💜💜
VERO 17 47 minutes ago
Es imposible elegir una sola o dos ni tres canciones como favoritas, porque sencillamente todas sus canciones son muy rítmicas, melodiosa cada una en sus estilo, está canción es muy dulce 💜 reconfortable
glaiza matabang
glaiza matabang 48 minutes ago
mahal ko kayo!
Sᴘʀɪɴɢ ᴅᴀʏ
Sᴘʀɪɴɢ ᴅᴀʏ 48 minutes ago
Seokjin's voice fit this song so well! it's so good! thank you producer and song writer Kim Taehyung
Linda Park
Linda Park 49 minutes ago
Subtitles : Spanish :/ Really?
Ms Emily
Ms Emily 52 minutes ago
I want to hide my self, cry and cry until my tears dry. Thank you for this wonderful BE Baby 😘💜
Sᴘʀɪɴɢ ᴅᴀʏ
Sᴘʀɪɴɢ ᴅᴀʏ 52 minutes ago
Tongue Technology
Tongue Technology 54 minutes ago
" Ethereal Masterpiece 💜 "
hadiirah 56 minutes ago
sad hours open
TaéTan V. Milano
TaéTan V. Milano 57 minutes ago
The fact that this song was written, composed & produced by Tae is already healing me as much as how this song heals my emptiness inside. It's a very lovely and beautiful song. It'll make you feel like everything is at ease, calm and peaceful!
Deepak kumar
Deepak kumar 57 minutes ago
Yes I am crying 💜
Cychelle Claire Pasistol
their voice are so beautiful, i'm so inlove huhu
Deepak kumar
Deepak kumar Hour ago
Every part of this masterpiece is healing
송경환 Hour ago
와~~~미첫다 💜💜💜💜💜💜🥰
Ralphaela Horan
this is so comforting
Sarah Van Belle
Guys not to nag... but doesn't: Oh this CROWN feels so heavy now makes more sense than the GROUND?
Hyoyeon Lee
Hyoyeon Lee Hour ago
JIN'S COMMENTS ABOUT BLUE AND GREY FROM WEVERSE MAGAZINE: I can tell you which song I like the most: “Blue & Grey,” by V. I liked that song from the very first time I listened to it, so I listened to the demo over and over again. When V first made it and gave it to me, it didn’t have the rap part yet. There were no lines for the rap but it sounded really unique. Only the instrumental was there for that part and it felt like it was time for thinking by myself. Of course, I like the full version with the rap, too, but still, I liked how there was space that made you think. It’s been a long time since I got that feeling from listening to one of the demos. The first one was “Spring Day,” and the second was “Blue & Grey.” Yes. Before our debut, I had a clear goal: to debut. I chased after that one goal. After we debuted, I was chasing after a number one hit, and after we got number one I was chasing after major awards. And after that there were a lot of other awards, like from Billboard, and performances to put on, but it wasn’t a goal in the sense that it was my goal to debut. I’m just happy to be working. Every moment is wonderful and has become like my whole life. That wasn’t how I felt when I was a trainee because I had a serious goal then. But now, my goal is to live without overthinking anything. Maybe it’s not really a goal but a kind of defense mechanism.
Michelle Hua
Michelle Hua 45 minutes ago
I just want Jin to find his happiness and to stay healthy :') I also really like this song, it's just so beautifully sad and it is so healing during these times
Mro Ro
Mro Ro Hour ago
Beautifull song!!!! :'c
Min younji
Min younji Hour ago
Please stre@m army, less than 24 hours hrs left for tracking week end
Ash Bean
Ash Bean Hour ago
You bring out parts of me I need to heal... I hope we can heal you as you've healed all of us...
Taposhwini Palai
I'm just waana be happier .......For U My world.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Asha Saini
Asha Saini Hour ago
Most of the times, Whenever I hear "I just wanna be happier".. cries uncontrollably
U G H Hour ago
Jin is really shining in this entire album.
Blue & Grey produced, composed, and written by Kim Taehyung debuts at #2 (NEW) on the Gaon Weekly Download Chart. It's the highest charting BTS "BE" b-side track on the chart.
Kim Yura
Kim Yura Hour ago
يلبيييييهههههههههههه 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kenny Might
Kenny Might Hour ago
Good Night
Kam Zenteno
Kam Zenteno Hour ago
Taehyung, gracias por regalarnos esta obra maestra, no te merecemos💜 Army, sigos haciendo stream!!
V jinjin Ventdaria
I love you V!
I can't remember what song does this song reminds me of.. 🤔
ADITI SINGH 37 minutes ago
lyrics feel very close with the composition of Winter Bear, Stigma inner child and 4 O’Clock....
nami 1216
nami 1216 Hour ago
Sweet night maybe..
Zamira Anne
Zamira Anne Hour ago
It is so Beautiful song
say_bowwowwow like tae J
I can't help but come here everyday since it's out `♡~♡`
First Love
First Love Hour ago
Top 1 hot100 for jin's birthday
andrea anju
andrea anju Hour ago
Kim Taehyung the definition of perfection
Marikit Kim
Marikit Kim Hour ago
Now this song hits even harder after reading V's interview in weverse magazine
Min younji
Min younji Hour ago
true ):
Gomdorivk 3001
Love Taehyung Thanks for this song
khaled shareef
NO ONE REALLY NO ONE.... ONLY!! ARMY'S - Not only fall for BTS but also for their songs!!
ray Hour ago
After V's Weverse Magazine interview this hits different.... I truly just wish tae the happiest longest life filled with lots and lots of love!
khaled shareef
Taehyung: please love "blue&grey" i wrote that song. ARMY'S - I am already in love with that song...
Mrinali Borah
Mrinali Borah Hour ago
I love this song!!
Arith Gonzalez
Esta canción me hace sentir tan bien 👌✨
Nur Alyana
Nur Alyana Hour ago
I love this song
Amulya S N
Amulya S N Hour ago
Even Heavens would play Blue&Grey without any hesitation...
Pamela_Pia Escasulatan
A masterpiece🍁
BangTwice Lover
This is our Billboard and Grammy Singers.....
Kay. C
Kay. C Hour ago
Ok RUvid is messing with the view count. It literally said 8M views 1 sec ago them I click and now it's back to 11M which it was at earlier today. This weird view going up and down is happening to the life goes on video too. What is the real views cuz I feel like views aren't being added.
Kay. C
Kay. C 7 minutes ago
@Min younji Yeah same for me which makes me think some are being added 🤔.
Min younji
Min younji Hour ago
No yt is drunk it has 11M views but it's showing 8M before opening
Lakshmi Nandana Pramod
"on this ground feel so heavier i'm singing myself"-this line is so angelic Both Tae and Ji min both together gave soul to this line
yeonniee Hour ago
i want to stop listening because i just keep on crying, but i can't.
Syifa Luthfiana
priya sah
priya sah Hour ago
This is now one of my favourite BTS songs and of the best taehyung's composition ever 💜❤️ I don't have enough words to describe how much this song gave me hope ..it's like the only words I wanted to hear at the moment
people good2 أيام الزهور
American army today is the last day of the tracking week please buy and sream ftmr, disease and telepathy they are in danger not to enter hot 100 also focus on lgo but you are focusing more on b&g and stay and they are safe so please stop this solo Stan behavior and lets make bts happy
Sophia Martínez
??? Eso es lo que me molesta, el intentar "obligar" a comprar o escuchar ciertas canciones, cada quien es libre de comprar lo que le guste y punto, a mí me encanta Blue & Gray, si quieren llegar a una meta a toda costa, eso no es lo correcto.
Kim Tae
Kim Tae Hour ago
Tae, i'm strong kn? 😔 Jujur gw capek hidup wkwkwk tapi gw takut bundir :") Aneh kan? Yah itu gw, jujur gak kuat tekanan batin terus tae, tapi lagu kalian menampar banget untuk gw, hidup terus berjalan Hufttttt dunia gw kelam ^^ Setidaknya gw ada army dan kalian selalu warnai hidup gw yg kelam ini wkwkwkkw Makasih loh lagu ny 💜 Gw lgi berjuang banget untuk bangkit lagi 🥺 {Maaf gw curhat, gak tau mau curhat kemana soal ny} Luv OT7 💜
Gwyneth Penados
This is my fave please make a MV 😭😭😭😭
Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A Hour ago
Ricamae Escorial
[INFO] Weverse Magazine Interview I wrote “Blue & Grey” when I was at my lowest point, when I was actually asking whether I could keep going with my work or not. Even the fun parts of work became a chore, and my whole life felt aimless. -KIM TAE HYUNG
Fatmah Nurul Pertiwi
why am i tearing up😭
Heidi Hernández
Me siento dolida y a la vez consolada al escuchar está canción, los sentimientos que Taehyung quería expresar se pueden sentir a simple vista. Sin duda una de mis favoritas.
Naz Kh
Naz Kh Hour ago
so pretty... calm kpop songs like this are my mood's anthem.
Just Tya
Just Tya Hour ago
I love this song so much
Aline Magalhães De Sousa
A voz V é linda demais ❤️
Sharmin Malik
Sharmin Malik Hour ago
This song is too good to be depressed. I am a very sensitive person. When I listen this song with it's meaning. It just straight away touches my heart. How can they sing so beautifully?? Though it reminds me of my painful memories I still love this song. And is my favourite from the whole album.
daily mood
daily mood Hour ago
I'm falling in love with this song and bts
sri yudoyono
sri yudoyono Hour ago
Masterpieces ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Valeria Al
Valeria Al Hour ago
Precioso... realmente una obra maestra.
tatata tatata
tatata tatata Hour ago
And what if he drops his mixtape on december....
Aayana Ghosal
Aayana Ghosal Hour ago
Wow. Just amazing ❤️😭😭🥳🤩
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma Hour ago
Uk they say ur favorate song is your fav because u can relate to it... It is exactly what this song is, no matter how hard I try I end up crying... It's become a part of my life n sometimes I myself can't believe the fact that I keep listening to this 2-3 hours everyday while crying... Isn't it the best way to handle anxiety or depression!
Avantika Narkhede
This is so healing
mintmochi Hour ago
Whenever Jimin sings a song produced by Taehyung, the result is angelic.
Intan Nadifah
Intan Nadifah Hour ago
buy and strim all the BE tracks!
Aniluz Diaz
Aniluz Diaz Hour ago
Sí, soy yo la fans de este grupo💜, que está nominado en los Grammys🤩, lo lograron BTS lo logramos Army💜💜💜💜💜✨
eray Hour ago
I don't why there is still people who doubted him as an artist like how? Taehyung is an standard periodt
yeonniee Hour ago
listened to this while doing some assignments. ended up crying, smiling, and singing along to the lyrics all at the same time. why, just why does this have to be so beautiful.
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