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Today I'm revealing the Blue Blood™ eyeshadow palette and collection from my brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics! Who said a sequel can’t be just as good as the first one? 😇 The follow up to the iconic Blood Sugar™ Palette, this blue counterpart has 18 shades. Extreme payoff. Vegan & Cruelty-Free.
⚰️ Blue Blood Palette ($52.00)
🧩 Velour Lip Scrubs ($12.00):
Blue Freeze
Vanilla Mint
Blueberry Pie
💦 Mini Blue Blood Velour Liquid Lipstick Set ($52.00)
(includes shades: Drug Lord, Ice Tray, Jawbreaker, Blue Velvet, Abused, Diamond, Titanic & Medusa)
❄️ Liquid Frost™ ($25.00):
Michigan Ice
Blue Balls
Ice Cream Bling
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Follow my TWITCH: www.twitch.tv/jeffreestar
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🍔 WATCH my TACOBELL MUKBANG feat. Trisha Paytas ▷ bit.ly/2w7amYf
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Mar 15, 2019




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Comments 89 056
Tammy Eaton
Tammy Eaton 15 hours ago
If you come up with another Blue Bloods palette PLEASE make a shade called CYANOSIS-maybe grey blue with teal and cobalt duochrome shift.
Tammy Eaton
Tammy Eaton 15 hours ago
How do the shades perform as eyeliner with some water and a brush?
Deborah Stoehr
Deborah Stoehr 19 hours ago
Pretty cute Jeffrey. I like the blue blood
Cristina Barrera
Cristina Barrera 21 hour ago
Colores muy hermosos como para recrear un maquillaje de frozen 🥰
Fluffy Clouds
Do A green one and call it envy blood or Emerald blood or Lucky Blood 💚🍀 Or do a gold/yellow one and call it Golden blood or Sun Blood 💛🌟☀️
Stefan Muscalu
You are gay jeffree Star ???
Mariah O'Brien
What if Jeffree did a pink pallet and called it princess blood to stick with the theme?
AltErLove Day ago
watching this videos in 2020 it’s like watching an old video of apple’s iphone reveal
Elly Slatterie
Who’s here after his purple platte 💜💜💜
Stefan Muscalu
Stefan Muscalu 2 days ago
You're you are a beautiful.
Natalia Cannavino
I'm loving the palette!!!! BaM! The Grinder is lit too....
Spider Foxx
Spider Foxx 2 days ago
this palette is my favorite ever, blue is my color, you nailed it !!!! I wear this everyday, thank you !!!!!!
Nargiza М
Nargiza М 2 days ago
Omg !!!!!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Salisia Simmons
Salisia Simmons 2 days ago
Jeffery star . I love your make up an accessories an merch . But its gonna take me a long time to try to collect your collections because u are the only artist with vibrant colors I wear an I can never find bright makeup like florescent neon vibrant color so it's been awesome knowing u have created beautiful colors! Blue blood an 24 karat an alien is my favorites an the lust is beautiful .I'm lovin the bright colors.
Lucy Rae Nichols
Lucy Rae Nichols 2 days ago
why doesn't he have eyebrows?
Chance Sola
Chance Sola 3 days ago
your hair is FLOURISHING *wink* *wink*
Missy Sans
Missy Sans 3 days ago
Just got this pallet and I’m absolutely loving it! First Jeffree Star product I bought.
Kaira Cullen
Kaira Cullen 3 days ago
Anyone else re watching to review after blood lust has been announced??
Reggie Llllucccass
I wonder if Kat von d watches your videos in sheer fear and loathing
Jillian Meyer
Jillian Meyer 3 days ago
Your next palette should be called brown blast
Δαφνη Παπαγιαννη
Anyone here after the blood lust reveal?!💜💜💜
You look so fudgen sexy in this video
Sherry Mock
Sherry Mock 4 days ago
Looks like some beautiful spring colors I love them!😍
Stephscott0316 4 days ago
Amazon is selling this on their site. I'm not sure if this is legit?
Joseph Cerverizzo
Can I beat the shit out of this retard
Rex Zane
Rex Zane 4 days ago
Fuck u bitch eat shit.
odalis valentin
odalis valentin 4 days ago
Icy girl blue vibes 💎❄
Stephanie Krol
Stephanie Krol 4 days ago
thank you
Delaney Eenigenburg
It launched on my bday🤩
Keira Ubalde
Keira Ubalde 4 days ago
And then BLOOD LUST is hereeeee can’t get over it was 10 months ago when i commented to do a purple themee💜
Lady Angedevimon
Lady Angedevimon 5 days ago
I normally dont like blue eyeshadow but there are some really stunning shades and i love how there is some nudes so if you dont feel like wearing the blue you can do a much more nuetral look
Paula Ewen
Paula Ewen 5 days ago
Love Love Love
Angel 99
Angel 99 5 days ago
Who’s here after the sneak peak of the purple palette?
Ebony Horner
Ebony Horner 6 days ago
Hi jefree I’m 11 and from uk I would love to be able to do makeup like you I think your next pallet should be called Spanish blood with lots of bright colours like red orange and yellow and some names could be called fiesta , party time and lots more I’m one of your biggest I hope I get to meet you some day xx
Margrett Ponciano
Came here for the blue blood collection but i am living for jeffree's nails!!
C. Shevak
C. Shevak 6 days ago
This may not be the products for EVERYONE but there definitely is a huge market who will be looking for specific colors like this. For example dancers or people performing on shows who have a specific theme to follow like winter themes. Theres definitely a market of people who will use
xbunni 6 days ago
He’s so beautiful ❤️ 🥺
Butch Rupp
Butch Rupp 7 days ago
It is amazing
Giovanni Conigliaro
This was such an iconic moment. But I’m ready for part 3 !!!
one Frances
one Frances 7 days ago
👙回收比特币👙➕微信guilai007👙j h j h j g h g h b h g j hj
María Natividad
María Natividad 7 days ago
VenusBlue 8 days ago
I Am A Slave To Packaging, And JSC Always Nails That Bitch Down! I Love That I Am Not The Only One That’s Ready For Our Blood Three! Hoping To See Some Royal Blood, And Blood Money.
Aley '
Aley ' 8 days ago
Kardeş türkçe altyazı geeeecçcç
Len Broomer
Len Broomer 8 days ago
Hi jeffree star Car back Red
Charlotte Cull
Charlotte Cull 8 days ago
2020 anyone... no just me ok
Slime Time
Slime Time 9 days ago
The make up palette is so beautiful💙💙💙💙💙💙
Prixzilla Ch
Prixzilla Ch 9 days ago
Siento q ahora cuando llame a la peluquera me voy a hacer mechas de ese color de pelo. Quede enamorada de todo💙💙💙💙
Prixzilla Ch
Prixzilla Ch 9 days ago
Amé su pelo y todo!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Brie Ann
Brie Ann 9 days ago
This bitch is LATE. I just ordered this and am stoked to make a video with it. Jeffree, you are incredible, inspiring, Ive been a fan since I was 15( MySpace days) I’m so proud of your growth. Maybe someday I’ll be on your spectrum 💕
sam bartron
sam bartron 9 days ago
OMFG I just got my ordered and needless to say I'm freaking the fuck out!!!!! I've known you since your Myspace days.
marie pennington
marie pennington 9 days ago
Jeffree is sooo awsome!🐱
Dora Fernández Lopez
A mi hijo lo secuestraron y no tenemos dinero para comprar tus paletas mi hijo es brayan volkova y dirrección es Ciudad maya Tuxtla Gutierrez Chiapas manzana 17 lote 29 calle shanguti si quieres obvio
Brenda Gomez
Brenda Gomez 10 days ago
En Colombia donde se puede conseguir su línea de maquillaje?
Luan Gustavo
Luan Gustavo 10 days ago
i'm brazilian girl... I love bitch!💕
AutumnSnow x
AutumnSnow x 12 days ago
This is straight up amazing. I am sorry Jeffree I can't afford this but I just wanted you to know that your are gonna be a successful and queen of beauty community! 🙂🦋✨✨
frat boy
frat boy 12 days ago
Amen Jamir
Amen Jamir 12 days ago
I want everything but i don't have money... But i love JSC and the suites 😱
Samuel Cortes
Samuel Cortes 13 days ago
Your next palette should be named “sugar baby" with to much glitter
Zette Rexylie
Zette Rexylie 13 days ago
I wanna have them all so baaad!
Miss Mo
Miss Mo 13 days ago
Power blue Monday & undertaker are so pretty !!!
Mary Ann Clate
Mary Ann Clate 15 days ago
Jeffrey I have this palette & I love it.
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