Bloopers That Make Us Love Chris Hemsworth Even More

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Chris Hemsworth is one of those rare actors who can do it all. The Australian star clearly excels in action films, considering he's the mighty Thor of the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But he can also handle fantasy, comedy, drama, and even horror. This kind of versatility means that Hemsworth is regularly on set, and all those long hours can make even the biggest movie stars a little loopy. Well, the results have been caught on film. Here are some of the best Chris Hemsworth bloopers...
Juggling act | 0:24
Joke-busters | 0:58
Just say it | 2:02
Huntsman holdups | 2:29
Do a little dance | 3:26
Cape gone wild | 3:47
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Nov 2, 2017

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Comments 671
Looper Year ago
What other actor's bloopers should we feature next?
S S 10 days ago
Bada papa
Egle Davidsoniene
Egle Davidsoniene 29 days ago
00:32 00:52
Trevor Castro
Trevor Castro 2 months ago
none, they all gonna suck from all this commentary
Emma Southworth
Emma Southworth 2 months ago
Tom Holland
The God of Mischief
The God of Mischief 3 months ago
Tom Hiddleston
khushboo sharma
khushboo sharma 7 days ago
Aww thor😍😍
vic farol
vic farol 18 days ago
He dissipates his sexuality with humor. Such an unsettling presence that his naked torso is enough for men to have sleepless nights of envy.
Egle Davidsoniene
Egle Davidsoniene 29 days ago
I think this amazing idea inspires many people love movie. Your working team made grate job. Best wishes to you.
vic farol
vic farol Month ago
What a beautiful man!
Wayne Sardana
Wayne Sardana Month ago
Very funny.
K O Month ago
Dont talk over the Bloopers ;)
Jennacydex Month ago
Are you seriously narrating bloopers? Jesus fuck......
Ms Cloudherder
Ms Cloudherder Month ago
That man is so gorgeous. 🤤
Fay Gunn
Fay Gunn Month ago
He got moves...LOL...
Ndronikus Ri
Ndronikus Ri Month ago
1% funny scenes 99%my lecturer
Finch Rest
Finch Rest Month ago
Watched again with volume turned down. ♥ CH soooooooooooooooooo much.
Pedro Cunha
Pedro Cunha Month ago
You talk too much!
Free Bird
Free Bird 2 months ago
dude talks more than two drunk grandmothers talking about their grandkids over a game of rummy.. shut the f up
scackley 2 months ago
how about just show the bloopers....NO ONE needs a running commentary
Antti Huovila
Antti Huovila 2 months ago
I am willing to bet all vids from Looper from this onward are still narrated af, out of spite or so
Brandon O'Sullivan
Brandon O'Sullivan 2 months ago
Too much talking dude. STFU please. Good vid tho
Idle Time CONcepts
Idle Time CONcepts 2 months ago
Funny clips. Cut the narrating by ⅔
Ken Moon
Ken Moon 2 months ago
Krystal Coats
Krystal Coats 2 months ago
Thats was crap movi3
Desert Rose
Desert Rose 2 months ago
"No capes!" - The Incredibles
Kate zhulyn Salvatore
Oh this video reminded me Chris Hemsworth was in the Ghostbuster!!
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson 3 months ago
Whose that guy looking like me something is fishy
Phoenix Ice and Fire
So.much.TALKING! Show the damn clips, it's not a weather forecast. You get your views and likes either way. Cut the chatter
GlitterGlamour MSP
GlitterGlamour MSP 3 months ago
An advert came up and it was asking “do you want to work out like Chris Hemsworth?!” 😂
Keerthana Tt
Keerthana Tt 3 months ago
0:49 YEAHHH... Now I understand... Why I love Thor so much..😁😁😁😁🙌🙌🙌
Aayush H
Aayush H 3 months ago
If anyone here say Thor is ugly Then I am a potato
lightningboy887 plays
I love chris already
Loraine 78
Loraine 78 3 months ago
i love you thor❤💋
Freshics 3 months ago
Cap is worthy in endgame
Oncologyrules 3 months ago
0:27-0:31 Until Endgame
Nicole Giles
Nicole Giles 3 months ago
Him and his big hammer! Woo!
robin coultas
robin coultas 4 months ago
If you just shut the fuck up this could have been a good clip to watch.
stereotypes 4 months ago
Thor so are you giving your old hammer to cap
ghostgamer _crazy
ghostgamer _crazy 4 months ago
Why is he talking??!!S M A S H
BJBDF 4 months ago
Looks like the consensus is shut up and show bloopers.
Super Sparkle
Super Sparkle 4 months ago
I completely forgot Hemsworth played Kevin in Ghostbusters and now I love him even more😍🤣 Kevin was my favorite character 🤣
kaz 4 months ago
we want see the bloopers not the continuous commentary
Paul Girdlestone
Paul Girdlestone 5 months ago
Just remember if they show too much of the blooper without any commentary or original content to add, the RUvid Mjolnir of Banning will strike.
Dlhtox 5 months ago
Hey! Can you please stop talking!?! 🖕
Anthony Butler
Anthony Butler 5 months ago
Bloopers that make us love Chris Hemsworth and narrated bloopers that make us hate bloopers. All here!
Charles Francis
Charles Francis 5 months ago
Jdalaigh2017 Jeremy Dawley
He's making me do this because I lost his dog Deadpool is pissed mr. Wick went off and now we're on repeat until we find that damn dog but as time passed as it could be a werewolf realm jumping is hard work
annoyanceking 6 months ago
lmfao "He plays Thor... but he can also handle Fantasy" really, the guy who's most iconic role is as a Viking god from another realm knows how to do fantasy movies too?
deviljin 6 months ago
Everyone knows Chris Pratt is better (I still love you Eddieeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
TOBIN JAY 6 months ago
Free Bird
Free Bird 6 months ago
Why do these Looper and Mojo aholes have to talk and talk and talk and talk about stupid shit. SHUT UP and let the video play
Sally Saysno
Sally Saysno 6 months ago
U shouldn't talk!!!
C Frierson
C Frierson 6 months ago
4:07 NO CAPES!
G.O.D 6 months ago
I'm pretty sure everyone is in love with Chris. I mean it's difficult not to be. Hes funny, charming, cheeky, polite, sympathetic, empathetic, and all around cute.
Robby S
Robby S 6 months ago
Lol the straight girls laugh at his hotdog joke. Kate is like wtf
Renu Patil
Renu Patil 7 months ago
Toooo much explanation sucked all the fun out of the video 😔
J.P Sportzz
J.P Sportzz 7 months ago
Yeah Australia!!!
awesomedavid2012 7 months ago
Thank you for not making this is "Top 10" video. I don't hate the format but this is just refreshing to see on RUvid
tIGERtriumph 7 months ago
Seriously stop talking. Id rather listen to Oprah fart all day long then listen to your annoying voice.
Lukas Sabo
Lukas Sabo 7 months ago
So. Awesome. 🤣🤣
Nicola Is my drug
Nicola Is my drug 7 months ago
That explains a lot about "the hammer" being a 🔧
Soviet II
Soviet II 7 months ago
Darth Vader's wife flirting with Thor - I see problems ahead !!!
Cookies n Tea
Cookies n Tea 7 months ago
4:03 and 4:20
Patricia 7 months ago
this actor can do it all, even in Siberia.
CrossedOut Media
CrossedOut Media 7 months ago
Those bloopers for the Ghostbusters movie seem better to me than the film. I'm going go watch them. Bye
Karol Morales
Karol Morales 7 months ago
He's perfect 😍😍😍😍
deepti bansal
deepti bansal 7 months ago
Hilarious..... Black diva... 😂
Joe Aka Anoai
Joe Aka Anoai 8 months ago
Chris is 1.91 guy's
carson playz gacha life
*i made a mistake on holding mljonir it keeps bouncing on me*
Zoinks 9 months ago
stop talking
DSEMM7 10 months ago
Why is everyone triggered
Adyaron Mahera
Adyaron Mahera 10 months ago
I love his voice
princess cases
princess cases 10 months ago
Too much talking.
NyanAnimates 10 months ago
“His hammer” Me:gone “His long blonde hair” Me:gone “And his cape” Me:it’s the last thing there “2/3 ain’t bad” Me:1/3
Mbwa Koko
Mbwa Koko 10 months ago
I love the soundtrack of these Looper videos 😂
Hannah Chitty-Finch
Hannah Chitty-Finch 10 months ago
Lol, I love Chris so much 😂
Kat Jasper
Kat Jasper 10 months ago
NOTHING is ever going to make me like this person - just go back to driving trucks or what ever it is you did before you started assaulting us with your lack of talent.......
five Quort
five Quort 11 months ago
RAGE Cage 11 months ago
Can't hulk lift thors hammer if he gets angry enough?
TheSkyhazFallen 11 months ago
So many critiques down below. However no one is talking about the elephant in the room, which is---- The man is smok"n hot! A babe if i ever saw one.😘
Fuzzy Butkus
Fuzzy Butkus 11 months ago
My lord, that horse is gorgeous. My lord, that guy is gorgeous.Not a gay bone in my body but that man is beautiful.Well maybe I do have one. Who cares?? They guys funny and handsome as hell.
Lavar_Ball 11 months ago
He should've been Rhaegar
Brian Gregoire
Brian Gregoire 11 months ago
If you have something to say, raise your hand and place it over your mouth.
Nathan Griffin
Nathan Griffin 11 months ago
no capes lmao
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