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Michael Bloomberg drops big bucks on campaign ads, Pete Buttigieg beefs with progressives over free public college, Kamala Harris’s campaign struggles, and Joe Biden’s in hot water for biting his wife’s finger. #TheDailyShow #WorldWarD
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Dec 2, 2019




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Comments 60
Jennifer Doe
Jennifer Doe 3 months ago
The crowd laughing is sooooo not something I could tolerate for longer then a minute. Just wanted to skip to #creepyJoe watch the entire thing.
Lanny Yeomans
Lanny Yeomans 5 months ago
thats not that only thing biden bites
raincatchfire 6 months ago
I try to watch videos like Secular Talk, The Rational National, Humanist Report, The Hill, but RUvid keeps redirecting me here. Centrist media talks about important stuff, but they stop short of being honest about the problems caused by wealthy interests. If you like this, check out the shows I just mentioned. Bernie Sanders 2020!!!
Reluctant Sleeper
Reluctant Sleeper 6 months ago
Ew. He included Elizabeth Warren as a progressive.
Junior Bricuyet
Junior Bricuyet 6 months ago
Sweet lets not talk about the number one polling senator in the country Bernie!
Me Gaming 8
Me Gaming 8 6 months ago
75% of my adds are mike blumbourg 😢
Alex 6 months ago
Can Biden stop being a boomer parody, we already got parody as president. Go take some Xanax n chill on a beach Joe. You dont know where you are half the time.
JayCarl 6 months ago
Kamala Harris couldn't even treat her staff properly let alone the American people
DonGius1 7 months ago
Bloomberg is the better candidate of the middle than biden
Fatema Jahan
Fatema Jahan 7 months ago
Joe’s malarkey slogan is bullshit itself!
Will Keyes
Will Keyes 7 months ago
Joe B please change your logo. People are dumb, including myself. If I have to look up a word, I'm already looking for the exit.
StreetArtillery 7 months ago
If Biden is the best Dems put forward, they aren't going to beat Trump
FlamingAtheist 7 months ago
I love how no one is talking about how michael bloomingonion is actually a huge scumbag and all of the fucked up things he has done
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger 7 months ago
nitro6002 7 months ago
Can we stop making fun of intellectual/decent vocabulary? I absolutely love the daily show but let's not perpetuate making fun of intelligence. I agree it a very poor slogan term, but if we continue making fun of knowledge we'll end up with the vast populis unable to read/write or speak without emojis. We're basically devolving to pictographs and grunts...
Ill I Am Enygma
Ill I Am Enygma 7 months ago
Really missed a great opportunity here to include famous plumbers the Mario Brothers...
OneBoy81 7 months ago
Dave the Pear
Dave the Pear 7 months ago
Bloomberg is less like back hair and more like crack hair...
Dog with Sunglasses
Dog with Sunglasses 7 months ago
What do you mean destory kars 4 kids? John Oliver nuked them ages ago... literally. "Good, Good, im glad these children are dead." John Oliver
Teladras 7 months ago
Trevor Noah: *shows Biden`s bus with a definition of "malarkey" written on it* Also hrevor Noah: - "What doeas that word even mean"?
Dave Liu
Dave Liu 7 months ago
Just an FYI: Kars4Kids is a United States-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to fund educational, developmental and recreational programs for Jewish youth and their families. It's basically funding for a religious summer camp. A lot of people think it's for underprivileged kids or something. I think a lot of people would appreciate more transparency on this, especially if you hold a different faith, or are looking to donate to underserved communities.
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth 7 months ago
Creepy Biden 🤪
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth 7 months ago
CNN, Corp owned,don’t watch
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth 7 months ago
Bernie 2020
James Crawford
James Crawford 7 months ago
LOL! I think even in the contexts it's cool. I won't vote for him, but he's an alright fellow.
Robbie Backpacking
Robbie Backpacking 7 months ago
1-877-Kars-4-I'm going to break my radio
Yuwen Mei
Yuwen Mei 7 months ago
#Yang2020 #RUvidAndrewYang
Matt Thomas
Matt Thomas 7 months ago
Joe is a fucking idiot.
Richard Han
Richard Han 7 months ago
People trying to buy the presidency! What else is new! We need a major change in our political system. I really believe Andrew Yang can do that! All other candidates are either old school, old ways, status quo, meaning they are bought by "big business" and their lobby money! So they work for the Big Corporations! Andrew Yang is running for the people and can make some serious change to the political system to benefit the people!
apsitively 7 months ago
Free from campaign gaffes?! Really? the whole man is a walking gaffe... "I let children play with my leg hair and love them bouncing in my lap"
Hollz lastname
Hollz lastname 7 months ago
I think we had enough of the former mayors of New York meddling in politics...just in general
shadow . God
shadow . God 7 months ago
Give the guy some credit he did put the meaning on the bus.
Life IsLife
Life IsLife 7 months ago
Malarkey means nonsense.
Alexandru Chiciuc
Alexandru Chiciuc 7 months ago
Dude my father's plumbing business actually employs both his younger and older brother 😂
Bradly Brad
Bradly Brad 7 months ago
Howard Brammer
Howard Brammer 7 months ago
How the fuck Trevor still has this job?
Steven French
Steven French 7 months ago
Ya I’ll have Nibbles n bits w an extra side of malarkey
A 7 months ago
I need to go to the library
David Wagnon
David Wagnon 7 months ago
That was way too soft on corporate shill Pete. He’s so beholden to his corporate donors he should drop out and become a lobbyist.
james francis
james francis 7 months ago
Cant nibble on melinda's fingers plastic isnt edible.
Mel 7 months ago
You are a lying, unfunny shill Trevor Noah. You are part of RUvid’s bias suggestion machine.
clamp motosua
clamp motosua 8 months ago
If you have basic average intelligence then half the world is less intelligent then you. Guess I found what the less intelligent watch for news and comedy 🤷🏿‍♂️
Virginia Hamamelis
Virginia Hamamelis 8 months ago
I mean, it would be nice to have a president who loves his wife again 🤷🏻‍♀️
Tarun Sunkaraneni
Tarun Sunkaraneni 8 months ago
Can't believe how misinformed the whole "Joe Biden biting wife's finger" segment was. I'm very disappointed.
ValirAmaril 8 months ago
Seriously, why isn't AOC running?
clamp motosua
clamp motosua 8 months ago
Because she would be destroyed. She can barely take the criticism now.
Rahn127 8 months ago
He spent $35 million in ads and I only heard about from a RUvid video in which I skip ads. I would have never known he was in the running. Now that I know, I don't really care.
Jessica S.
Jessica S. 8 months ago
B.S. Bloomsburger
Teon White
Teon White 8 months ago
Jeremiah Bachmann
Jeremiah Bachmann 8 months ago
$30,000,000 could have fed a lot of hungry Americans. $30,000,000 could have built a lot of homes for the homeless. Shame on these rich fucks.
clamp motosua
clamp motosua 8 months ago
Money cant solve everyones fuck ups. Otherwise Epstein would be free and hanging out with bill Clinton.
Blake Scheidegger
Blake Scheidegger 8 months ago
I turn the channel and curse kars4kids every time that god-awful from the bowels of hell jingle comes on!!
learnerxyz 8 months ago
God, I love this guy. Thanks for all the great videos and interviews. Also, being honest, wise and fair.
clamp motosua
clamp motosua 8 months ago
Sadly that isn't true. Just check out tim Pools videos for a less biased source.
Cornelius Small
Cornelius Small 8 months ago
sometimes you can't help yourself, if the wife looking good at that very moment, you don't care who around. you just gotta let her know. Those fingers might have pulled a rabbit out of the hat on the bus.
clamp motosua
clamp motosua 8 months ago
Like how biden cant stop himself around kids. I've heard he just loves how soft they are 🤣
Marion Lyon
Marion Lyon 8 months ago
Bernie is our PRESIDENTl
Robert. Cox
Robert. Cox 8 months ago
fool, it means no bull shit!
The Little Blerdmaid
One way to make people not vote for you is to waste 30+ million on ads and then spam us with them. Its a gross example of privilege and entitlement that ultimately just highlights how much he DOESN'T relate to the everyday person. I feel like his ads are technically sound, like correct sound bites, clear footage, branded campaign logo. But it's devoid of personality and character and that's not convincing at all.
clamp motosua
clamp motosua 8 months ago
Like every other political campaign? This happens on both sides bra.
The Diesel
The Diesel 8 months ago
Politicians are lames with no personality or appeal. Those sad piano commercials filled with lies to the pathetic slogans. It should be illegal for rich people to run for president when over 98% of the country is middle class or poor.
luke gaillard
luke gaillard 8 months ago
Bernie blackout
Wesley Lefa Mazibuko Jr
& Sons !
MARKIECURLUE Malma 8 months ago
joe is wierd no more wierdos in office andrew yang 2020
clamp motosua
clamp motosua 8 months ago
Have you seen him spray his whipped cream in a guys mouth??? I'd call that weird considering it was public. I'd want to be in private for something so intimate.
Herman Steytler
Herman Steytler 8 months ago
Money, power, sex - money, power, sex... I can carry on ad infinitum.
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