Bloodshot Origin

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This is the origin story for Bloodshot, a character in the Valiant Comics Universe who will be one of the first featured in the Valiant Universe movies coming from Sony in 2017.

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May 5, 2015




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Comments 32
Mramirez 3 months ago
Good to have a short video about stuff. I don't want to spend 20 minutes of my life for a bit of info to watch a movie
Richard Angelus
Richard Angelus 3 months ago
This video is proof that 5 years later, it will become more relevant :) 2020 Bloodshot movie
Johnny Skinwalker
Johnny Skinwalker 3 months ago
Wolverine and the Punisher in one
Maverick Mar
Maverick Mar 4 months ago
So he’s Wolverine ?
Jaelan 4 months ago
So this basically if cap and deadpool had sex.
EeuorT 5 months ago
2017? Its now 2020 and the trailer just dropped.
Scrambled Gaming
Scrambled Gaming 5 months ago
Hello, time traveling buddy
Global0bserveR 8 months ago
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Kyrian Yao
Kyrian Yao 8 months ago
Nanomachines son
amer mirza
amer mirza 8 months ago
It' was a wow trailor
WhyteLis21 8 months ago
Basically he's marvel's version of winter soldier, a cyborg and wolverine. Got it. Lol.
Max Madmax
Max Madmax 8 months ago
Come on.... he's just an enhanced ZOMBIE !
Nin9211 8 months ago
"okay Yt algorithm. I'll watch it since Bloodshot movie trailer recently came out"
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson 8 months ago
Something tells me Vin volunteered for this role.
Joshua Mohlman
Joshua Mohlman 8 months ago
Came here after the Bloodshot trailer. Who’s with me?
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson 8 months ago
Movie you predicted
Jon_ oVo
Jon_ oVo 8 months ago
Just watched the trailer here to see what’s the limitations on him
Jonas Cruz
Jonas Cruz 8 months ago
Here before comments saying they are from the 2019 Bloodshot movie trailer.
DonTheSlayer 8 months ago
I'm here from the "bloodshot" movie trailer.
Npc 2000
Npc 2000 8 months ago
Me too, i have an old bloodshot comic. I was excited to see the trailer
Andychango taco
Andychango taco 8 months ago
apierre6 8 months ago
Me too!
Jason G123
Jason G123 8 months ago
Yep I just wanted some back story and I feel like the movie is going to be badasss
Wheeler67 9 months ago
So I read Bloodshot definitive edition. I didn't really get the ending. Does Harbinger wars follow after Bloodshot definitive edition or before? Because the whole thing with Toyo Harada felt kinda out of place without context, and the ending to the book felt really incomplete
Tim Tom
Tim Tom 9 months ago
AEW Year ago
is he marvel or DC?
Scrambled Gaming
Scrambled Gaming 5 months ago
Kids these days 👴
Tim Tom
Tim Tom 9 months ago
Are you trying to be funny? He is owned and was created by Valiant, not DC or Marvel.
Joshua Avenido
B Holiday 🤦‍♂️
Shaun-Dre Guitrdre
It’s like deadpool hulk slade and wolverine
Tavon B
Tavon B Year ago
im not interested. they lucky they got Diesel to sign on.
Joshua Avenido
Tavon B Cool
Evrett Year ago
To do this justice in a movie with Vin diesel it needs to be rated R not PG-13.
Zachary Lee
Zachary Lee 3 months ago
Npc 2000
Npc 2000 8 months ago
Evrett right
TheCopyto Year ago
A perfect soldier with nano-machines? This guy is like solid snake :v
Ayman Ra Lionheart
Vin Diesel!
Signia 8 months ago
H A V O K wow
ronin 8 months ago
how did u know ?
dink72115 Year ago
So he's not Japanese?
Garren Engel
Garren Engel 2 years ago
Jared leto should definitely play bloodshot
Den Aldred
Den Aldred Year ago
Vin diesel is bloodshot
Garren Engel
Garren Engel 2 years ago
Saquib Abdullah I can agree with u on that
Baba Joe
Baba Joe 3 years ago
bloodshot solo movie coming and director is dave wilson(his first movie)
Fallen World
Fallen World 3 years ago
PRS makes awesome guitars as well
Send ALLsmoke
Send ALLsmoke 3 years ago
you should do more
Chong Xiong
Chong Xiong 4 years ago
this story sounds just like the super soldier conspiracy theory.
Andrew Russell
Andrew Russell 8 months ago
"Universal Soldier" without the deep freeze. Classic Sci-Fi Story line, even before that.
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