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Vin Diesel is #Bloodshot. 🔴 Watch the trailer now.
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Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison, a soldier recently killed in action and brought back to life as the superhero Bloodshot by the RST corporation. With an army of nanotechnology in his veins, he’s an unstoppable force -stronger than ever and able to heal instantly. But in controlling his body, the company has sway over his mind and memories, too. Now, Ray doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not - but he’s on a mission to find out.
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Oct 21, 2019




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Comments 80
Akash Hingu
Akash Hingu Day ago
put everything in trailer so people don't have to go to theater..great move Sony
Jetsael Villegas
This trailer tells you the whole plot.
Gustavo Aguirre
Dominic Torreto is the new Terminator
S R Day ago
I couldn't believe how bad this movie was lol.
Aiman Johnson
Screw the critics, i love this movie
Christopher Sabino
O filme é bom mas faltou um pouco mais de ação.
Brown Cat
Brown Cat 2 days ago
The Dude
The Dude 2 days ago
CGI overkilled movie
novel live Channel
F8tba11 3 days ago
Robocop vibes
Akif azher
Akif azher 3 days ago
I feel so so sorry for the people who made this movie...cause they have got less amount in the box office due to.this freaking virus pandemic. The movie is amazingly created and a best one! A must watch movie people.
Rob F
Rob F Day ago
But I just watched the trailer so now I have no more urge to watch the movie.
It’s probably me
i never asked for this
John Surguy
John Surguy 4 days ago
Same old, Same old......YAAAAAWN
Sky Notaname
Sky Notaname 4 days ago
Nice, I won't have to watch it now!
ShredGame 4 days ago
Where have I seen this movie before. . . Oh yeah, it was called "The Terminator."
Oliver Long
Oliver Long 5 days ago
Saw the movie before seeing this... and I'm glad I did because the trailer virtually gave away the whole movie. lol How did this ever get approved??
Sub Hero
Sub Hero 6 days ago
If the trailer didn’t spoil the entire movie i would have actually kinda liked this movie lmao
muay thug
muay thug 6 days ago
Isn't bloodshot a Japanese tho?
Pulse Sample
Pulse Sample 6 days ago
the trailer makes the movie look so good but when i watched the movies its boring af
Arron Williams
Arron Williams 6 days ago
Love the Technology in this Film! I want to see another One! BloodShot 2: The Jupiter Chronicles
Robin Khan
Robin Khan 3 days ago
Boring 🙏😏
gintoki sama
gintoki sama 6 days ago
This was better than korean series rugal which is lame tbf. Wonder who got ideas from who??
jack wirles
jack wirles 6 days ago
movie now
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar 7 days ago
I no like movie
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar 7 days ago
Kay jabardast movie hai
Maja Brabaek
Maja Brabaek 7 days ago
Here I am six months after watching this trailer on Instagram watching the movie currently close to the end and I actually like the movie but what I enjoy "I think you can like and enjoy a bad movie but that doesn't make it good" if that make sense the action is top notch plot is terrible but I could see if a little more polish where it could've gone anyways sorry for my terrible puntaction
Alexandru Arcire
Alexandru Arcire 7 days ago
Hollywood is dead
Hinterfrage! 7 days ago
terrible trailer and music ...
George chaney
George chaney 7 days ago
Were do i find my coupon code if i rented movie
Brand M
Brand M 8 days ago
This was a terrible movie. Vin has one acting face
Pulse Sample
Pulse Sample 6 days ago
its not bad but true
Kostas Kollector
Kostas Kollector 8 days ago
Movie was better than i expected
ROB MAT 9 days ago
Christopher Villaran
I don't have to watch the movie anymore. Thank you stupid people who made this trailer.
Victo Maisnam
Victo Maisnam 9 days ago
Not even nanites could bring his hairline back.
Pulse Sample
Pulse Sample 6 days ago
Victo Maisnam
Victo Maisnam 9 days ago
Steroids on steroids.
Shaundé Seymour
Shaundé Seymour 9 days ago
Great movie
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 10 days ago
This is like the 6th sense trailer telling you bruce willis was dead the entire time
hasan rahman
hasan rahman 10 days ago
Tbh I don't think people watch vin diesel's movie for plot twists or storyline but that could just be me .
Okay, I sat and watched this movie last night and let me tell you, at first I thought it was very boring and cliche and nothing special really, and all I kept thinking about while watching it was *_''that was it?''_* and I just waited for it to end, but then this one thing happened and it freakin' blew my mind, it was good twist (I didn't watch the whole trailer so I didn't know they actually spoiled it the twist).
Jarrads 32
Jarrads 32 8 days ago
I think people are forgetting the twist with his wife, firstly being alive, and secondly, them breaking up 5 years prior... it's a twist to me.
Kiepie 10 days ago
Fast & Furious: Bloodshot
stylez phenomena
stylez phenomena 11 days ago
Who did not understand the 5years part then came to see the trailer😹😹😹
le gion
le gion 11 days ago
why? why do these idiots just spoil so much of the plot. like huuh? wtf.
Mano Kshatriya
Mano Kshatriya 11 days ago
Dont watch the trailer guys .. Directly watch movie ..
丂卄卂山 12 days ago
Thank god I didn't watch the trailer before the movie...I would have regretted it...
Nathanael Fearn
Nathanael Fearn 12 days ago
I have run out of movies to watch during this darn virus and could use a good action film. I gotta say though these fast and furious films have gone too far. I’m not sure if I can sit though an entire movie of genetically enhanced Dominic Toretto.
Gameplay HDTV
Gameplay HDTV 6 days ago
Will you download this movie
Neuro Troxin
Neuro Troxin 12 days ago
Me *talking to Vin Diesel* :I dare you to do something other than getting inside a car and driving Vin Diesel: *puts a super car inside of him*
Nemo_Veritas 13 days ago
Good thing I saw the movie Before this Stupid trailer...
Luv. Tendou
Luv. Tendou 12 days ago
Lmao same.
Utroob U
Utroob U 13 days ago
6 inches is not a lot
Inno Mwale
Inno Mwale 13 days ago
Robocop 19? Ffsake! Give Vin a better story
sushovan ray
sushovan ray 13 days ago
Disgusting story...... vfx was brilliant
Atul Mishra
Atul Mishra 13 days ago
Like plz
Atul Mishra
Atul Mishra 13 days ago
Alfa Fiveone
Alfa Fiveone 13 days ago
WHY SONY???? WHY???? it was like the sixth sense but the trailer just showed that bruce willis is the ghost from the begining, you ruin your movie man.... bad choice dude
Alfa Fiveone
Alfa Fiveone 13 days ago
Oo, BTW sorry, for the spoiler ahhahaha my bad tho, but you got the point
minatormyth 13 days ago
Vin has become a caricature of vin diesel 😳
Sunil Repswal
Sunil Repswal 14 days ago
Nice movie
peter laurence
peter laurence 14 days ago
Guy Pearce of Lockout 2012 is what i missed, he keeps getting shitty role ever since.
SugarD -x
SugarD -x 14 days ago
So this is...Robocop with nanobot technology?
Irfann HeyzaL
Irfann HeyzaL 14 days ago
I watch this movie and i saw twin tower there.. "It that in Malaysia ? Can explain what mines?
XSC 3 15 days ago
so, Memento mixed with Robocop..?
XURIX 15 days ago
*"vin diesel on steroids"*
elrajes 15 days ago
Kamaal rzaa Khan
Kamaal rzaa Khan 16 days ago
It seems that he is not made for this movie
Angel Wong
Angel Wong 16 days ago
Winston Bishop is that you
Kedaga White
Kedaga White 16 days ago
I literally just watched the whole movie in 2:26 seconds 😭🤣
Cuba G
Cuba G 16 days ago
I can smell this movie aint good
Christopher R
Christopher R 15 days ago
I agree
Kiran k
Kiran k 16 days ago
Crysis game..
keshawn dansby
keshawn dansby 17 days ago
Does anyone else think the audio on the talking was way too low and the music was too loud?
Finesse_Trap_God YT
Bro I was looking forward for ET and ray hooking up at the end but they didn’t 😑
Ravindra Mukane
Ravindra Mukane 17 days ago
Super flop movie
Zonacero Zonacero1
Zonacero Zonacero1 17 days ago
Jonatan Röllin
Jonatan Röllin 17 days ago
I paused this trailer at about one minute in. I think I'm gonna watch the whole movie instead. Cause I kind'a get the feeling that this trailer is about to show me that if I keep watching.
Ghostface 17 days ago
Your comment deserves likes
Djozsah Lladones
Djozsah Lladones 17 days ago
He should be in the avenger movie 👍🏻
Tendai Simbanegavi
Tendai Simbanegavi 17 days ago
Didnt watch the trailer...avoided getting the movie spoiled by the dunce that created this trailer.
Jesucristo Valenzuela
Yall trippin
Jesucristo Valenzuela
Push i shyt on this and made it
Arcana Imperii
Arcana Imperii 18 days ago
Vin diesel's performance is atrocious.
Arcana Imperii
Arcana Imperii 16 days ago
@Meep 100%
Duncan Black
Duncan Black 16 days ago
Meep eh, whatever floats your boat.
Meep 17 days ago
I was so surprised at how cringe his acting was, this role was definitely not fit for him.
Ttunez83 18 days ago
Watched the trailer. Then watched the movie on mediabox and man... was I entertained. Hopefully this opens up the door for more valiant comics!!!
KingKiller Monk
KingKiller Monk 18 days ago
Kinda like hardcore Henry.
KingKiller Monk
KingKiller Monk 17 days ago
@Spon Rilker I know, I read the comics. Bloodshot came before. But a movie about a man fused with machine implanted with false memories give him motivation to be a unstoppable killer, nothing more than a tool used for killing. Other than being in first person, very very similar movies. Both good tho.
Spon Rilker
Spon Rilker 17 days ago
No, it's not all first person. Also, this story is based off a comic from the early 90's.
maxwell mayiji
maxwell mayiji 18 days ago
Anyone notice that few or most of the scenes where shot in South Africa 🇿🇦 Capetown funny part is when they in another country it’s mentioned or pops up. The part where vin diesel gets chased in the streets with the motorcycle is in Capetown why is it not mentioned
Spon Rilker
Spon Rilker 17 days ago
It's generally not mentioned in any trailer at all.
Mario Marlboro
Mario Marlboro 18 days ago
Did the RST had construction workers fixing the same concrete pillar everyday???
Mario Marlboro
Mario Marlboro 18 days ago
Oh and millworkers to change the counter as well.
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