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Vin Diesel is #Bloodshot. 🔴 Watch the trailer now.
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Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison, a soldier recently killed in action and brought back to life as the superhero Bloodshot by the RST corporation. With an army of nanotechnology in his veins, he’s an unstoppable force -stronger than ever and able to heal instantly. But in controlling his body, the company has sway over his mind and memories, too. Now, Ray doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not - but he’s on a mission to find out.
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Oct 21, 2019




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Comments 100
Aaron Miguel Tadeo III
not gonna lie, blood shot is kinda a prototype movie ray= james heller KT=dana mercer the two dudes that i dont remember its name=alex mercer's evolved harting=alex mercer wigans= father guerra (even though he's a priest)
Jism 3 days ago
This movie is absolutely crap
metal 81 metal81
metal 81 metal81 3 days ago
Watch original Robocop instead this movie sucks...
2DarkHorizon 4 days ago
Why did this movie bomb? The google reviews is 85% postive.
TheHappyKamper 5 days ago
If you watched this trailer, you literally just saw the whole movie, including the main twist 😐
Dale Law
Dale Law 6 days ago
Vin accomplished more at he's age than what 97% of the worlds population will in a life time, hair is not a factor. Akio Morita, Masaru Ibuka accomplished more than what 97% of the worlds population will in a life time, sony pictures' trailers not a factor.
Tyestor 6 days ago
god damnit vin make a riddick sequel already
Great Value
Great Value 6 days ago
Word of advise....... watch the trailer, skip the movie. Its not worth it.
I am Arnav
I am Arnav 9 days ago
How am confused, should I watch the trailer instead of the movie and save myself a lot of time or watch the movie instead of the trailer so I can have fun
r3tard 9 days ago
Reminds me of robocop whn they shut him down
Bob Metcalfe
Bob Metcalfe 11 days ago
You know what- A truck full of flour crashes, there is flour dust floating everywhere, guess what happens when you light a match? Boom! Some of the first man-made explosions happened in flour mills. :)
Zahim Azmi
Zahim Azmi 11 days ago
Who knows what the title of this song?
Spider Strings
Spider Strings 11 days ago
That guy is pure vin diesel doppelganger.
deepak sagar
deepak sagar 11 days ago
Kisi ko bhi ye movie hindi me chahiye to batana. Mere pass hai
Rabinarayan majhi
Rabinarayan majhi 12 days ago
Sony picture just ruined everything
Srdjan Pejakovic
Srdjan Pejakovic 14 days ago
This movie is copy of "Upgrade" If you agree like
Shell Mcbath
Shell Mcbath 15 days ago
Aldrich killian found a better home
Margot Douglas
Margot Douglas 16 days ago
Is it like ... the worst film ever? :( Watched it for Sam Heughan - such a disappointment :( who is Sam's agent, to choose movies like that for him???? :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((999
Where The Cash
Where The Cash 16 days ago
Filip Lahoda
Filip Lahoda 17 days ago
Ok. I know the plot and the twist now. No need to watch.
Sumita Das
Sumita Das 17 days ago
Maybe Tom Holland made this trailer, so it has so many spoilers 😂
DJ CAR Rugel
DJ CAR Rugel 20 days ago
Cuando se extrena en Ecuador?
patricia delgado
patricia delgado 20 days ago
White tanktop. Never seen thst before
Diamond Soul
Diamond Soul 22 days ago
I see why it's a bad film, actually worse than I thought..
Cann Awsm
Cann Awsm 23 days ago
Another trailer like terminator 5
Anas shah shah
Anas shah shah 24 days ago
Amazing Super Fantastic
Abhyuday Tiwari
Abhyuday Tiwari 24 days ago
Kuch zyada hi ho gya😅
Zuan van Zyl
Zuan van Zyl 25 days ago
This trailer is basically the film
Nene 25 days ago
I didn’t think you were allowed to post full movies on RUvid
Erecy 26 days ago
the ending is shit
Simon Rana
Simon Rana 27 days ago
Waste of time. Plz DONOT bother watching. Got massive headache after watching this crap.
Shayne Enmoceno
Shayne Enmoceno 28 days ago
I love this movie full of technology's 🤩🤩
DFM MOVIES 28 days ago
Today I watched this movie
Alyssa loves Noah Kahan's music
Sam Heughan😍
Zbzhhd Dnbxbd
Zbzhhd Dnbxbd 29 days ago
Adam Sownn
Adam Sownn Month ago
So this is what Aldrich Killian was doing before he decided to make himself an extremis and got killed by Tony Stark.
Pam Satira
Pam Satira Month ago
whatever happened to real movie trailers..
Zbzhhd Dnbxbd
Zbzhhd Dnbxbd Month ago
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan
Dndh Djhđb
Dndh Djhđb Month ago
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m
Nxxb Nxjdhd
Nxxb Nxjdhd Month ago
I need boy friend
Kendall Jenkins
Kendall Jenkins Month ago
I watched the movie then trailer then i saw it's the same thing like bruh they showed to much in trailer back story and all jesus
Darpan Lama
Darpan Lama Month ago
Every time i watch Vin Diesel movie, I miss Paul walker so fucking badly..
Missy Missymiss
Missy Missymiss Month ago
Worth watching this movie.
bharath vicky
bharath vicky Month ago
Is it bloodshit
Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar Month ago
What an idiot movie this is 🤣👎
nile Month ago
Winston 🤣
David Mcdonald
David Mcdonald Month ago
Watched it last night. Great movie!
Odysseus Month ago
Terminator+Matrix+Total Recall+Triple X=BLOODSHOT GOOD MOVIE
Odysseus Month ago
@David Mcdonald thats true, forgot about that classic film
David Mcdonald
David Mcdonald Month ago
Plus Universal Soldier
Ron Jacob
Ron Jacob Month ago
We need him alive and powerful in Terminator 7.
Kevin Kelley
Kevin Kelley Month ago
It was pretty ok. A little slow.
Trax Derp
Trax Derp Month ago
RIP off of jason bourne
nuclearx 1
nuclearx 1 Month ago
The only mistake in this movie is Vin Diesel
mardenhill Month ago
din viesel. riddick + slow and calm + strays all mixed into another brainwashing u.s. supervillain bullshit movie. so sad.
Any newZ
Any newZ Month ago
Baddd azzz movie. 🎥
Sam Month ago
The opening scene with the hostage is just pathetic
Raj Aryaman
Raj Aryaman Month ago
A GENUINE tip: PAUSE the Video IMMEDIATELY¡¡ Just go and watch the fu*king movie.
Utube vlo ish zomoto kea add ko apni gnd mea dal loo
Lorenzo Kambaja
Lorenzo Kambaja Month ago
Van diesel is a robot now ? Ripping himself apart and come back.. looooooòooooooool . He's no more van diesel. Vani dieselos
meyranti khabila
Watching the trailers before the movies it was a mistake
Hanapi Hamdan
Hanapi Hamdan Month ago
agree : this the kind of movie, NO WAY a trailer can be made. Something else need to be done, instead
Shreyansh Sahay
Shreyansh Sahay Month ago
quite similar to deadpool
Jamal The Jamacian Cow
Hey you there, are you checking out the trailer cause you want to watch bloodshot, just exit the app or close the tap and go watch the damn movie cuz the comments and the trailer itself spoils the entire movie
Lohith Reddy
Lohith Reddy Month ago
Don’t read the comments mate
Lohith Reddy
Lohith Reddy Month ago
This trailer shows only first half of the movie
Dandy Noble
Dandy Noble Month ago
No, it's the whole thing.
Kemzter Month ago
Wow.. it's a good thing I did not watch the Bloodshot trailer and got to appreciate the twist
ɖơŋ ʄąƈųƖơ
whos here because it's now available on Netflix
Declan McArdle
Declan McArdle Month ago
Hey, it's Mike from Neighbours!
Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar Month ago
Plot twist: wolverine
justin perez
justin perez Month ago
I've watched the whole movie and it was worth it another masterpiece from the legendary actor of all time none other dan vin diesel congratz king😘😘😘
Walter Widmaier III
Terrible movie. Too much fake action scenes
Matt Lacdao
Matt Lacdao Month ago
This is a good movie, glad i forgot about the trailer. Movie reminds me of the game prototype (but he only got the healing factor, tracking, and strength (not on par with mercer tho)
قائد الشر ŦHẽ ᗽⱠẩᏨꝄ ᗦẽᏉᏐⱠ
*Minutes ago I finished watching it, and honestly, if we wanted to evaluate it on the level of action, I would give it 5/10 throughout the film, losing its memory and recovering it to the point where I felt bored of it, but my curiosity pushed me to continue watching to know how its end will be* *And for those who read my comment, I want to know your opinion of this movie and I want names for bloody horror movies*
Har Vishvas Sinha
Although movie was nice... But maybe i could have saved my 2 hours just by seeing its trailer😂
Har Vishvas Sinha
@قائد الشر ŦHẽ ᗽⱠẩᏨꝄ ᗦẽᏉᏐⱠ what I meant was story specific... I am also dissappointed from little action scenes in the movie.
قائد الشر ŦHẽ ᗽⱠẩᏨꝄ ᗦẽᏉᏐⱠ
What kindness are you talking about, man? I felt bored I had never felt before. The level of action is low in this movie. It's the first time I've seen a boring film by Vin Diesel.
ThomasPaul Wilson
Another film I don’t have to spend money on now after the whole story was spoiled for me in the trailer 👍🏼
Gameplay King
Gameplay King Month ago
I want bloodhot 2
Noob Master420
Noob Master420 Month ago
Its not dc or marvel its valiant comics univers
People in the comments makes fun of Vin Diesel's hairline But me, I only see Winston faking an English accent 🤣
Gil Pineda
Gil Pineda Month ago
THEY SHOULDA PICKED A DIFFERENT TITLE lol blooodshot sounds like a zombie movie
Info Tech
Info Tech Month ago
Just done watching and now I read comment section just to see how people react it was a good movie
Front Row Seat
Front Row Seat Month ago
Jan Haze
Jan Haze Month ago
You thought you know everything while watching the trailer, this film has a decent story, perfect conflict, transformation of character and an element of surprise. And special effects and actions on this film is just a plus because its Vin Diesel 👌
Max Blanke
Max Blanke Month ago
I haven't seen the movie but tell me if I'm wrong. The wife was killed by those who made him into a super soldier, he keeps being reanimated so he can keep killing their targets and eventually someone will tell him the truth, probably a deflector who was their first puppet and he kills them. Am I close?
Fernanda Dalai Camacho Gómez
what is this deadpool? 🤣💙 i'm kidding
ItsYaBoyRecords Month ago
This movie is absolutely amazing, you're just dumb saying its not. :)
Dandy Noble
Dandy Noble Month ago
It would've been good if the trailer didn't spoil... everything.
neil oyagami
neil oyagami Month ago
True the probpem i think is only the ending
v miller
v miller Month ago
nice sony..now no one will watch the whole movie..tnx for the trailer now iknow what will happened in the end.haha
Red D
Red D Month ago
Find better acting in naughty pool boy 3 also 6 inches is above average ask Reddit !
neoangelz Month ago
Seems good, the damn trailer shows too much.
Maylie Cunningham
Vin Diesel i LOVE you your MY fav fan EVER ans Ariana Grande MOSLY you I am your BIGGEST FAN EVER rember that
Df Month ago
John wick:Dog Bloodshot:Wife
Mr Arshath
Mr Arshath Month ago
Da inthula kudayum pombalaya thodama adukkamatingala da
nkosana khumalo
nkosana khumalo Month ago
No one got fired for this?
Sonam Mingyur
Sonam Mingyur Month ago
The kind of summary my teacher would appreciate it!!
Raghu Kashyap
Raghu Kashyap Month ago
Why the hell they always took a military man with good morals , can't they find a bad guy .
tea Town
tea Town Month ago
I'm just now watching this movie and it's getting 👍 good
sisir Month ago
I opened prime to see this movie. But something pulled me back and I tried to watch the trailer on prime. The video wasn't loading, so I came here to see the trailer and by the time the video loads, I checked the comments.
krishna prasad yeluri
Me too
sisir Month ago
@Nikhil Kar Jai jio janta!
Nikhil Kar
Nikhil Kar Month ago
Me too.. Man thats Crazy!!
Sebastin Sebastin
Tamil dubbed Hero voice very very very bad 😡😡😡😡😡😡
Sebastin Sebastin
Sorry all voice bad
Rishiraj Fasalkar
how very original!
Pooja Singh
Pooja Singh Month ago
Out standing movie Full of action Thanks vin diesel 😍
Damien Castillo
Damien Castillo Month ago
Sooo this is where dom gets his powers in fast and the furious 👁👄👁
ancora BR
ancora BR Month ago
Nirjhar Chakraborty
And initiate sequence
Wizzy Joe
Wizzy Joe Month ago
The past doesn't determine what you'll be..I felt that
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